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(Reuters)   Look out Mike! Now they're trying to ban roller coasters   ( divider line
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2001-08-25 12:16:03 AM  
I got my dain bramage from a coaster.
2001-08-25 12:16:54 AM  
misleading headline.
2001-08-25 12:20:17 AM  
But.. I love roller coasters. They're orgasmic.
2001-08-25 12:25:54 AM  
bill's right. course, they should make "you must be this wide" signs regulatory. there's a ride in six flags in chicago where it's easy to meet the height requirements, but you could still literally come out of the seats if you were too thin, cuz I almost did. Same with the ride "Octupus" (swiveling booths on spinning arms that lower and raise).
2001-08-25 12:25:57 AM  
Yes. Let's declare roller coasters unsafe because 2 people out of (pulling a number out of air) several million died from something that would've probably killed them somewhere anyway. It just so happens that it happened on a roller coaster. They have those head/neck/back/pregnancy warnings on the front of the lines or in a repeated tape, that should be enough.
2001-08-25 12:37:37 AM  
If there's no risk at all they couldn't call them thrill rides, now could they? If you want a perfectly safe existence, you need to seek an alternate universe, 'cause this one seems loaded with potential dangers. Live with it, but live a little.
2001-08-25 12:40:16 AM  
At the Six Flags in St. Louis the stand-up roller coaster was taken down after less than a year due to a rider who was a little too big and wide was flung off the ride because the strap wouldn't buckle right and died. So they moved the roller coaster to Chicago instead. I guess Chicago just has skinner people. But hell, St Louisans are bigger and can sit on you!
2001-08-25 12:58:20 AM  
No direct connection between the rides and the injuries was proved by coroners or state safety officials in any of the cases and the amusement park industry has staunchly defended the safety of such rides.


MBK [TotalFark]
2001-08-25 01:01:13 AM  
Iron Wolf? That ride kicks ass! And theres this ride, Viper, that all the drops make you lift off your seat, i.e. making the strap loosen up. I coulda sworn i was gonna fly off, but its fun... the raging bull is still the best coaster out there...its i think 22 stories high, smooth as hell, no side walls :) the first drop is like, 90 degrees and it goes underground
2001-08-25 01:20:19 AM  
God, where do these assholes that want to take all the fun out of life come from? Do they breed them specially or what?
2001-08-25 02:11:34 AM  
Iron wolf! that's it. but i'm not talking about "thinking i was gonna fly off" I'm talking about pulling the strap tighter with one hand and bracing myself with the other cuz my tiny butt was not staying within the bounds of "this is all part of the thrill".
2001-08-25 02:11:38 AM  
OK, I'll do devil's advocate for a second here -- Here's a site on amusement ride accidents. It includes non-coaster rides and non-injury accidents too. Yeah, there's a lot of accidents overall. Relative to the number of riders, though, it's teeny.

Average fatalities per year at parks in the USA: FIVE. That's it. You're much more likely to get food poisoning at a park than get serious injured. :)

Markey's a fsckin idiot with absolutely no grasp on basic physics. He's just a political opportunist. He's been spouting this crap for 3 years and nobody's been listening. He's talking about height restrictions and shiat like that, as if making a coaster bigger automatically makes the G-forces larger and the ride more dangerous. Well, it makes it faster, but that's it. Everyone designs coasters for a max of about 3 to 5 G's (usually 4) and you only even get that for a fraction of a second most of the time. (Cedar Point trivia: the Wildcat has much higher G's than Millennium Force. No kidding.)

I won't bore you with any more stats, you can look 'em up if you really care...
2001-08-25 02:15:35 AM  
I really have to get up to Chicago to ride Raging Bull, dammit. And all the other B&M Speedcoasters for that matter (Nitro, Apollo's Chariot...)
2001-08-25 02:23:20 AM  
or American Eagle. that things freaking huge. just up for six minutes and straight down for 3 seconds
2001-08-25 02:23:58 AM  
Welcome to America...the land where we ban things if less than 1% of the population that uses it dies.

Talk about knee jerk reaction. I mean in some of the roller coaster you are going to pull more or the same amount of + and - Gs as a fighter pilot doing combat maneuvers. You would think that for an average person riding a roller coaster this would not be the healthiest thing to do. People do not ride roller coaster for their health they ride them for the thrill and part of that thrill comes from the fact of the sense of danger.

Although I do believe the title is a little misleading due to the fact I did not see anything in the article stating that this study they are going to do is going to be used as the bases for banning roller coasters.
2001-08-25 02:29:06 AM  
The Brain Injury Association said on Thursday it will study the safety of rollercoaster rides in what is thought to be the first in-depth look at whether the quest for extreme thrills can seriously damage your health.

Skydiving hasn't bramaged my drain! It sure drains the wallet though...
2001-08-25 04:28:01 AM  
1)Viper - awesome
2)Screaming Eagle - much better than the American Eagle
2001-08-25 01:26:05 PM  
natural selection
2001-08-25 01:43:46 PM  
The closest amusement park to my house is a little place called Idlewild Park. None of the rides are anything you wouldn't see at a county fair (double negative, too bad), but there's this one ride called the Trinado. It's a combination of a Scrambler and a Round-Up (spinny thing that you stand up on), but every time it goes up, I feel like I'm gonna fall out. It's the greatest feeling in the world, once your pants dry off. Rides can be safer, but they shouldn't feel safer.
2001-08-25 01:46:27 PM  
What? Why? I had a cool picture from rotten_com. Ah, just go there and click on daily rotten. You'll see it.
2001-08-25 03:07:36 PM  
Disneyland now has signs that says "This ride may not be appropriate for all body types"
2001-08-25 03:59:35 PM  
2001-08-25 04:00:59 PM  
Delete my last post. What I meant to say was: Dailyrotten_com
2001-08-25 04:01:44 PM  
Why does it turn a "." into a "_"? Ah, screw it; delete them all.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-25 05:39:39 PM  
there's nothing i love more then a roller coaster. And i have plenty of brain cells to throw away every once and a while.

that feeling of weightlessness is what i live for. That, and flying five inches off the seat so i "have"to hold on for dear life. (dramatic sigh).
2001-08-26 01:29:29 AM  
Maybe they should do a study to find out if these accidents happened due to being in California.
2001-08-27 12:33:12 AM  
Hurray an article of mine gets posted! Coasters kick ass and fark the high sheriffs that want to take away our thrills. Next thing they'll want to ban is pizza because it might cause one to die eventually. Remember without eternal vigillance it can happen here.
2001-08-27 03:08:09 AM  
Wonder how the risks stack up to oh... say bicycling? We see alot of injuries come in with that... or those Razors... Another example of brain death in DC.
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