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(   Well, now we know where the smell in Jersey is coming from   ( divider line
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19094 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Oct 2008 at 9:51 PM (8 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-10-28 01:00:15 AM  
Hopping onto the Garden State from Turnpike South at exit 11, I swear to god the whole place smells like good weed.
2008-10-28 01:39:24 AM  

FrancoFile: CygnusDarius: dreadlocksFTW: I still think it's the guidos

It could be a combination of both.

Maybe they make their tanning oil with bug juice.

When the tanning oil and hair gel combine, the pretentious vodka acts as a catalyst, and that's when you get the smell.

I'd even daresay that it's not vodak, but zima.
2008-10-28 02:08:34 AM

can't be the first
2008-10-28 02:20:09 AM  
drove through new jersey the other day. prior to that, i always thought the stink was a myth. myth confirmed!
2008-10-28 03:58:55 AM  

siva: SwingingJohnson: siva: Those bugs are in Monmouth county, someone please tell me where the smell between exit 14 and 15 on the turnpike comes from.

The smell due to the oil refineries and industrial area north of Exit 11, specifically around exits 12 (Carteret - Rahway) and 13 (Elizabeth).

The main reason NJ usually has the cheapest gas.

I paid $2.09 a gallon in Rutheford on Sunday. Amazing!

nah, the smell is past the refineries. I'm talking closer to the Newark Bay, right before exit 15E. Everyday, every single day I smell poop.

A little further north, it's the Meadowlands, what's left of them. Seriously. The microbes living in the muck under the cattails generate the methane that causes the stink. Driving past in the summertime is always a treat.

Down around Newark Bay it's also microbes producing methane, but frankly there is also a lot of industrial crap dumped in some parts of the bay that enhances the smell. Be happy it's more of the poop smell that you detect.
2008-10-28 04:13:24 AM  


Take her to NEW JERSEY!!

/Gilbert Godfried joke
//if know the comedian, you understand the all caps

I'd rather not have ever heard that joke if I had to hear Gilbert Godfried say it. The guy's voice makes me want to kill puppies. But kudos to you for crediting it correctly. Glad I read it here instead.
2008-10-28 05:22:33 AM  
2008-10-28 06:35:45 AM  
Does it have anything to do with Jim Bergerac?
2008-10-28 09:27:01 AM  

harrich: Governer McGreevy's cock?

Nice one. The chickens here in Oklahoma smell bad as well.
2008-10-28 10:03:18 AM  
Wow...all this time I thought it was the dead bodies.
2008-10-28 10:15:06 AM  
Friggin' stink bugs!

They were introduced in the mid-Atlantic about five years ago. Suffice it to say, this invasion of stink bugs is not going to end any time soon.
2008-10-28 10:46:27 AM  
What exit? yo from JOISY I am from Exit 160 way up north in the sticks
2008-10-28 10:59:34 AM  
The sudden explosion of these bugs came to PA starting this year, I hope it's not a permanent infestation.
2008-10-28 11:12:45 AM  
i live off exit 13 so im not getting a kick outta these replies
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