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(Yahoo)   Patients less likely to believe fat doctors   ( divider line
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3731 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2003 at 12:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-04 12:58:19 PM  
so people aren't going to take advice on obesity fron obese people?

i never woulda thunk it...
2003-01-04 12:58:41 PM  
that's because fat people are liars.

they lie about life, ignoring the fact their lover, if they have one, wants better sex than flapping your belly on their nipples.
2003-01-04 01:00:00 PM  
wow, dirkvalentine, are you speaking from experince??
2003-01-04 01:01:00 PM  
when i was a teenager, I had a really hot doctor. I saw him all the time.....
2003-01-04 01:01:23 PM  
Well, of course this makes sense. In order to really start to convince someone of your opinion, you can't just be a gasbag and say "do as I say not as I do"... You have to set an example with your own life first, otherwise its just hot-air advice.
2003-01-04 01:05:30 PM  
"For some patients, the perceived health status and health behavior of the physician may be a factor in the readiness to accept advice and or counseling,"

Just like I wouldn't listen to someone with 7 fingers if they told me I could use a table saw with the safety guard off.... Am I missing something here? I thought this was pretty obvious...

Next Yahoo News Article: Sky is blue, Pres. Bush Clueless.
2003-01-04 01:06:04 PM  
LOL, Dirkvalentine.
2003-01-04 01:07:14 PM  
I would trust a "PHAT" doctor.
2003-01-04 01:08:50 PM  
Dr. FatAss: Lose some weight, you're to lumpy.

Patient: Dr. LardAss, wanna go to the Grease and Grime for a burger?

Dr. FatAss: Umm... grease...
2003-01-04 01:10:05 PM  
Most of the doctors I know have pretty unhealty habits.
2003-01-04 01:10:31 PM  

I'm with you on that one...

Dr. PHAT: "Testicleus, are you sure you need another physical?"

Me: "Dr. FAP, I don't think I cough right, could you hold my fellas and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Get a close look please."
2003-01-04 01:11:38 PM  
In general, I don't trust doctors. Most doctors never try to cure anything. They only try to alleviate symptoms. I had a doctor laugh at me when I suggested a vitamin might fix what was wrong with me "no,, take this prescription". He was a fat cigarette smoking a-hole.
The only doctor I have ever trusted was Dr. John Sarno from NYU. He cured me of a horrible case of scaitica that I had, after months of different treatments that did nothing, he fixed me just by talking to me.
2003-01-04 01:12:08 PM  
Like the doctor that gives you a scrip for Xyban and tells you to quit smoking,and when you wind your way out of the building,you see her outside having a smoke break.
2003-01-04 01:12:21 PM  
Don't feed the trolls.
2003-01-04 01:12:58 PM  
I don't trust sick doctors.
2003-01-04 01:13:05 PM  
i definitely am speaking from experience. i've been fat before, albeit when i was a teenager, and it takes some serious realizing you don't have what it takes to be porn star in the bedroom.
2003-01-04 01:13:47 PM  
*just likeSuburbanCowboy ;) *
2003-01-04 01:15:55 PM  
Suburban Cowboy I meant I shared the same experience,not the troll thing.
2003-01-04 01:24:14 PM  
Fat or not, my Dr. went to med school. I didn't.
2003-01-04 01:25:33 PM  
lol@Litespeed74! I also like my docs to be phunky phresh with some good bedsizzle manizzles.
2003-01-04 01:38:35 PM  
That should have an OBVIOUS tag...
2003-01-04 01:38:36 PM  
I'm still trying to understand how Squidfartz figured it that person was a chick, kind hard to tell, I think.
By the way, does anyone else have Macromedia trying to force itself on you when you read the comments threads.
whassup with dat?
2003-01-04 01:46:49 PM  
My above post - is/are, me like grammer

Kurmudgeon (what is that name?) - The Macroflash thing kept bugging me too, finally I said fine download it. It went away. Just like my copy of Kazaalite now, flashing an Kazaa update. What I have to endure for "shared" files.
2003-01-04 01:48:58 PM  
I always trust fat chefs.
2003-01-04 01:49:02 PM  
the phattest dr. of them all

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-04 01:50:01 PM  
... and The Pope, i believe he smokes.
2003-01-04 01:56:35 PM  
"Kurmudgeon (what is that name?)"

My nick is basically Curmudgeon with a K.

Main Entry: cur·mud·geon
Pronunciation: (")k&r-'m&-j&n
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1577
1 archaic : MISER
2 : a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man
also: An ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions.
I'm not especially resentful or ill-tempered, but have been known to be crusty and have stubborn notions.
One of my stubborn notions is to NEVER download Macroflash,
I hate things shoved onto me that I never wanted in the first place.
2003-01-04 01:58:03 PM  
I must be board at work cause i actualy read this artical but i see i am not the only one
2003-01-04 02:05:45 PM  
Let me guess... you're a proof-reader for The New Yorker?
2003-01-04 02:07:44 PM  
Diabolik: how did you know ????????????
2003-01-04 02:09:56 PM  
Kurmudgeon: It's pretty hard to surf the web these days w/o Flash. You should probably just submit to downloading it. Whenever I set up a machine, it's usually one of the first things I do so I don't have the user bothered by it, and I've never seen any ill effects. Flash is integrated into so many sites -- from animations to just plain old buttons -- that it's hard to go without. If I'm wrong someone please speak up.

Oh, and to keep this post semi on-topic, when I was a kid our family doctor was a jolly looking santa-type figure. He was the best doctor I've visited. Personally I don't trust the scrawny weasley looking ones.
2003-01-04 02:10:07 PM  
Did an image search on GOOGLE for PHAT + DOCTOR and this is what it came up with:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-04 02:14:24 PM  
Ha, Testicleus, Snoop to the D-0-Double G's bone!
2003-01-04 02:43:17 PM  
Fat Doctors:

1. fat cells clogging their brains, preventing them from thinking properly

2. fat cells clogging their throats, preventing them from articulating properly

3. if they have a choice of studying your e-rays or spending the time at Tony Roma's, which choice do you think they make?

4. the greatest doctors are thin, the crappy and evil ones are pudgy mofo's. The pudgier they are, the worse they are.


Dr J - slim- - the best
Dr Johnny Fever - in pretty good shape - good
Dr Detroit - pudgy - sucked
Dr Moreau - obese - pure evil

I rest my case.
2003-01-04 02:45:19 PM  
It's a logical fallacy to not heed good advice just because it comes from a hypocrite. People are illogical.
2003-01-04 02:53:37 PM  
Fat doctor = bad

Fat & bald captain = good


[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-04 03:13:13 PM  
well, duh.
2003-01-04 03:19:21 PM  
It looks like the splattered person pic (another Farker's post) and my comments on suicide have been deleted. The pic I understand, but my comments, simply childsplay? What gives?
2003-01-04 03:21:40 PM  
Is it like a Men In Black thing, where it "never happened"

now my post:

01-04-03 01:46:49 PM Productiveslacker
My above post - is/are, me like grammer

doesn't make sense. Should I call Fox Mulder?
2003-01-04 03:28:08 PM  
"To investigate, Hash and his colleagues"
Dr. K, Dr. Coke, and Nurse Ecstacy
2003-01-04 03:30:48 PM  
OMG!! i think i'm a Curmudgeon! i'm 45 yrs. old. so young to come down with this affliction.
2003-01-04 03:31:55 PM  
We don't believe fat doctors? No sh*t.

Now, how about cloners with bad teeth?
2003-01-04 03:33:33 PM  
Veritron: Valid point, but how do you know that the advice is actually good? Not heeding ANY good advice would be illogical, but sorting the good from the bad (which is itself a subjective process) is where the issue lies. Most people are going to initialize that process by examining its source.... human nature.... and all humans are stupid anyways, so blah.
2003-01-04 03:35:02 PM  

For some reason I looked at that picture and thought of this...

Now look Jim, these aren't a mess of hairy pocket pu**ies so don't go getting any ideas. Remember what happened on Talos 7!
2003-01-04 03:38:01 PM  
trusting a fat doctor is like trusting a bald hair stylist or better yet, a homeless real estate agent.
2003-01-04 03:47:37 PM  
Variable: Or a suicidal therapist, or an illiterate teacher.... etc. :)
2003-01-04 04:15:13 PM  
It's true! :P

A few years back a doc I went to for a physical was telling me I should lose a few lbs - but his nurse was easily 200lbs bigger than me. That wasn't even the doctor that was that big.
2003-01-04 04:26:19 PM  
Whenever I have a medical question, I just come to Fark.

By the way, why does it burn when I urinate?
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-01-04 04:45:40 PM  
I had a fat doctor when I was younger, he told my I had lymes, put me on all of this medication. I refused to take it though, and when my mom said I had to I said "I don't even think I have lymes, plus, he's fat!"

Yea, that's right.
2003-01-04 05:09:13 PM  
Hey - I have lymes disease. It's horrible - it killed my stamina because the medicine made me allergic to sunlight so I had to drop off the sports team, and it also is known to damage cells in the brain responsible for short-term memory. It robs your stamina, and though you probably aren't going to die from it, I know someone else in my school who went BLIND because of it. Hell, in my case it wasn't diagnosed early enough so I have it permanently - it flares up every couple of years, no matter how strong the anti-biotics are. A doctor is a doctor, even if he is fat. Hell, the doctor made it through med school - you didn't. End of story.
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