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(   Taiwanese somehow figure out that eating mouse testicles increases fertility   ( divider line 54
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2003-01-04 01:56:50 AM  
I refuse to click on this

"just say no"
2003-01-04 01:57:04 AM  
Sing it: "Here I come to save the day!!"
2003-01-04 01:57:07 AM  
2003-01-04 01:57:59 AM  
I heard the same is true of mountain oysters.
2003-01-04 01:58:21 AM  
Not for mice.......
2003-01-04 01:58:51 AM  
I am Mouse, hear me Roar!
2003-01-04 02:00:57 AM  
"Taiwanese somehow figure out that eating mouse testicles increases fertility"

Yes, but your offspring will forever have a craving for cheese...

Fun with Nigerian scammers
2003-01-04 02:01:01 AM  
Clearly the Tiawanese will eat absolutely anything.
2003-01-04 02:03:55 AM  
Just how many sackfuls of mouse balls does it take to make 6 kg?
2003-01-04 02:04:17 AM  
Mouse balls?

2003-01-04 02:04:18 AM  
The most horrifying sentence I have ever read
They then bought six kg of raw mouse testicles/b> at the restaurant, which became part of their daily meals

For the love of god.. why can you buy raw mouse testicle by the kilo? What is wrong with this planet???
2003-01-04 02:04:42 AM  
People will also eat horse and/or bull testicles. They're called prarie oysters or mountain oysters. Deeesgusting!
2003-01-04 02:04:54 AM  
Seems like just about everything is considered some kind of sexual/fertility aid in Asia. From bull testicles to tiger bones, bear gallstones to elephant tusks. You wouldn't think Asians would have that many sexual problems considering how many there are. Fertility!? Wasn't aware low birthrates were a problem for the Chinese!
2003-01-04 02:06:35 AM  
01-04-03 02:04:18 AM HulkingMenace
The most horrifying sentence I have ever read
They then bought six kg of raw mouse testicles/b> at the restaurant, which became part of their daily meals

For the love of god.. why can you buy raw mouse testicle by the kilo? What is wrong with this planet???

Tiawan, that's what's wrong.
2003-01-04 02:07:04 AM  
So that's why I have so many kids.
2003-01-04 02:07:39 AM  
Having a male heir means everything in Asia. Plus, there's a tendency for really old guys to marry young girls.
2003-01-04 02:09:18 AM  
Every time I look at that Sports by Brooks animated GIF I feel sad.
2003-01-04 02:09:42 AM  
Thank You! I've been trying to tell this to my wife for years but she doesn't listen, now some hard evidence to back me up.

For once something 'Made in Taiwan' really works and at the fraction of the cost of American mouse balls.
2003-01-04 02:12:32 AM  
I like the original title better

Childless turn to meals of testicles
2003-01-04 02:13:10 AM  
the fark squirrel must be getting nervous
2003-01-04 02:19:24 AM  
2003-01-04 02:20:06 AM  
What this thread needs is a Testicle Festival.
2003-01-04 02:24:06 AM  
Rightmindx, how about the mary jane ad.
2003-01-04 02:24:52 AM  
Has anyone talked to the mice to see how they feel about this?
Also, I can't see how any mouse's fertility would increase by losing their testicles.
2003-01-04 02:25:18 AM  
Somehow, this reminds me of the Trident Gum commercial.
"Chew On This!!!!"
/no thanks
2003-01-04 02:26:14 AM  

Preese to be eating mice testicur.

2003-01-04 02:38:29 AM  
I suppose Gerald had better find himself a house and lock himself in it.

(Obscure reference)
2003-01-04 02:41:42 AM (NSFW !!!)
2003-01-04 02:47:27 AM  
LOL, I have a co-worker that actually went to this. He took his camcorder, and brought back the best damn video we ever saw. It started out as a wet T-Shirt contest, but soon turned into just plain ol' naked women onstage. Then, it cut to some drunk gal in the parking lot holding a beer, that just up and dropped her knickers to show her beaver to him. I should go there sometime........
2003-01-04 02:51:21 AM  
Hmm.. still, mouse semen. Not worth it.
2003-01-04 03:07:07 AM  
Eunuch mice server you well for happy time!

2003-01-04 03:20:43 AM  
I'm IN Taiwan. These people will and do eat anything. If the sun shines on an animal's back, the Taiwanese will eat it; everything with four legs except the table. Hard workers...just don't hire one as zookeeper. It's testament to the crafty and wily nature of dogs that there are so many strays - in some places, street dogs = wild game.
I haven't seen mouse testicles - either by the kilo or in individual pairs - yet. However, I'm now wondering what those glutinous little pellets in the milk tea REALLY are.
You really have to wonder about the cuisine in a country that makes one THANKFUL McDonald's is international.
2003-01-04 03:23:36 AM  
Is PETA getting involved in this? Has Mickey Mouse gone into hiding yet?
2003-01-04 04:31:15 AM  
And here i am eating cats testicals hoping to increase my fertility, man i feel stupid, boy is my face red!
2003-01-04 04:38:13 AM  
2003-01-04 06:33:05 AM  
2003-01-04 08:52:38 AM  
Maybe I can make a fortune exporting Kangaroo testes to these omniverous Taiwanese webfooted little bastards? I can make like they are the GIANT mouse testes that will give them a bedflute jolt like you wouldn't believe.
2003-01-04 09:12:34 AM  
I think I would just adopt.
2003-01-04 10:39:26 AM  
01-04-03 02:38:29 AM L337LiekJeffK
I suppose Gerald had better find himself a house and lock himself in it.

He could probably hide out at Grimble Grumble's place for now.
2003-01-04 11:22:25 AM  
Okay, the average weight of a mouse is 20g

Lets say the percentage of that weight that consists of testicles is 5%

Average weight of mouse testicles (pair) = 1g

Number of grams in a kilo = 1000

Number of grams in 6 kilos = 6000

Number of mice testicles (pair) per 6 kg = 6000 or 12,000 individual testicles

So there are 6,000 castrated mice because of these people!

Also, who has the job of castratng these mice? (yes I would assume dead but still you have the separate the nuts from the berries)

What would you put on your business card?

Mouse de-nutter?

For all your Mouse Info, please consult the ">
Mouse Genome Informatics Website
2003-01-04 11:24:35 AM

2003-01-04 11:29:52 AM  
[que homer simpson]

Mmmmmmmmmmmm..... nuts.

[/que homer simpson]
2003-01-04 12:31:29 PM  
Mouse Marbles Makes You A Man.
2003-01-04 01:57:18 PM  
old and busted:

New hotness:

2003-01-04 02:50:29 PM  
Yeah, you'd have to find placebo mice testicles to do this scientifically. Hmm..
2003-01-04 02:56:06 PM  
This news just in!

Forget expensive kilos of mouse testicles. Your wives can become fertile just by SUCKING my testicles and/or penis, so don't delay, get to the airport and head for Walljasper's place. First served, first come.
2003-01-04 03:14:25 PM  
How do people discover this stuff????

Is it like 'You got mouse nuts in my viagra; You got viagra in my mouse nuts' or some shiat like that?
2003-01-04 03:27:42 PM
2003-01-04 03:31:43 PM  
Sorry Guys, I figured it would translate my image code and put in img tags, I guess not.

2003-01-04 03:52:06 PM  
This is why we need to protect Taiwan. Could You imagine if China got a hold of this technology??
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