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(The San Diego Channel)   Disabled access dispute could halt Super Bowl   ( divider line
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5118 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2003 at 5:21 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-03 05:22:48 PM  
Never gonna happen.
2003-01-03 05:23:53 PM  
Wheelchair Football. I'd pay to see that.

The championship game could be called the Super Roll.
2003-01-03 05:24:27 PM  
Chastain86 is right - nothing can stop the Super Bowl.
2003-01-03 05:25:40 PM  
I'm sure, in this case, the city will roll right over them.

Hell, here I come.
2003-01-03 05:25:57 PM  
Why did the city approve plans that didn't conform? Some plan reviewer is going to lose his $25,000 a year job.
2003-01-03 05:26:29 PM  
Better not block the game. I have tickets.
2003-01-03 05:27:12 PM  
Plans did conform, the city just hasen't gotten around to implementing them yet.
2003-01-03 05:28:24 PM  
How did they pass inspections, etc. if the work wasn't done then?
2003-01-03 05:28:35 PM  
They will hang them from a rope and drop them in their seats by helicopter before they cancel the damn thing. You gotta pee? Cover yoursdelf with a coat and piss in a beer cup like half the other farkers do.
2003-01-03 05:28:53 PM  
Yeah, right. They're paying, what, $50 mil for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl. Oh, yeah, that'll be cancelled. The NFL will move that out of San Diego so fast it'll make your head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
2003-01-03 05:28:56 PM  
Like this guy could really stop the superbowl from being on that date, some people need a grip on reality, even if it's unfair to them.
2003-01-03 05:29:57 PM  
I wonder how they've managed to operate even THIS long without protest from the ACLU and the like.

Of course, there would have to be people actually ATTENDING Chargers games for there to be much stink made.
2003-01-03 05:31:02 PM  
Ok, all the rights for everyone shiat has officially gone to far.

That activist needs to take a long roll off a short pier.
2003-01-03 05:32:23 PM  
Even Jeff Sagarin thinks so!

[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-03 05:33:18 PM  
It will be a repeat by the Pats!!!

2003-01-03 05:33:35 PM  
My "disability" is I can't afford tickets. Stop the game until they let me in!

Seriously, the ADA exists for a darn good reason, but I'm amazed that we are such a "ME-ME-ME" society that someone would actually try to stop the Superbowl(TM) JUST TO MAKE A POINT.
2003-01-03 05:34:15 PM  
01-03-03 05:28:56 PM Jowaldo
Like this guy could really stop the superbowl from being on that date, some people need a grip on reality, even if it's unfair to them.

Read more carefully, this "guy" is a woman.
2003-01-03 05:35:02 PM  
Imagine if the superbowl was canceled. This guy would be dead within a week (hour?).
2003-01-03 05:35:16 PM  
Screw you Raiders! You came to LA and thought hey, this town is aight. Now you left and said fark you people in LA.

2003-01-03 05:35:20 PM  
Not only a woman, but the advocate for the disabled is ironically named "Walker."
2003-01-03 05:35:26 PM  
You know, it's sad enough that they can't contribute to society in a meaningful way because they're crippled, now they have to go and ruin it for everyone else.

Crippled. Farkers. Suck.
2003-01-03 05:36:22 PM  
Dr.Fey: You beat me to the punch on that one by about 45 seconds.
2003-01-03 05:37:21 PM  
They (seem to) have a point about the stadium not complying with teh Disabilities Act. Calling "season-ticket holders" the "general public" doesn't seem like it will hold water though.
2003-01-03 05:38:10 PM  
Say hello to Jeffrey Dahmer and Hitler when you see them Kpar90
2003-01-03 05:38:39 PM  
I have taken a friend in a wheel chair to Qualcom stadium, on more than one occasion. It seems to me that there are more than adequate amenities for such people. What exactly is this assholes problem?
2003-01-03 05:38:39 PM  
I have no problem with disabled people, until they start whining.

Here's an idea.. if you don't like stairs, maybe you should make sure a board is strapped on somewhere onto your wheelchair.
2003-01-03 05:38:54 PM  
2003-01-03 05:39:08 PM  
I was just walking my dog and the temperature dropped from 68 to 49 in fifteen minutes. I'm freezing my balls of. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. My balls....

Seriously, I was hit with a lawsuit on this same issue. I have no problem bringing my property up to code. I do have a problem with the way the suit was brought. Seems an able bodied person came in to use the bathroom with a digital camera. He took pictures of the "violations", went straight to his shady attorney, 200 miles away, and filed suit. I had to settle with a man in a wheelchair (who never came into my office) for $2500. I also had to spend $8,000 to bring it up to code. I was blind sided.
2003-01-03 05:41:29 PM  
I was joking. For pete's sake it was a joke.
2003-01-03 05:43:01 PM  
the ADA is a wee bit beyond the city of San Diego's ability to circumvent or ignore. That is sort of like Berkeley, Ca. declaring itself a nuke free zone, nice in spirit but impossible to enforce. What it did ensure was that the Feds just stopped telling the city officials about shipments. ADA compliance failure will result in a fine and a compliance date set. The Chargers, the city San Diego, and the NFL will pay the fines, ensure a work-around is in place, hell even a attendant for every single handicapped person at the game would be LOTS cheaper than the disaster any delay or construction would cause. I bet they just ensure that anyone who meets the ADA requirements gets to sit in the front row, as a publicity issue, just like they do at the Shark Tank. A wheelchair gets you floor level ice side seats. I am just jealous as I watch from my 2nd deck seats through the DAMN NET....
2003-01-03 05:44:20 PM  
As an old WWII vet I knew in a wheelchair once said: "Take all that farking money you're pissing away on ramps and build me some frigging robot legs"
2003-01-03 05:48:08 PM  
As an old WWII vet I knew in a wheelchair once said: "Take all that farking money you're pissing away on ramps and build me some frigging robot legs"

2003-01-03 05:48:20 PM  
Archfeld: It seems to me that if the stadium was non-compliant with the ADA, it would not have held any games at all this year. Something tells me this is a joke.
2003-01-03 05:50:17 PM  
The superbowl is more important than the rights of some disabled people. It's a harsh thing to say but it's true. Peope have way too much invested in this football game to let anything go wrong.
2003-01-03 05:51:11 PM  
Dean Kamen is all over that like a fat kid on a smartie.

He's got this freaky wheelchair that can climb stairs and balance on 2 wheels, like a segway.

Good attitude on that veteran, though.
2003-01-03 05:51:37 PM  
Cripple Fight!!!
2003-01-03 05:52:23 PM  
what an asshat
2003-01-03 05:53:35 PM  
And from the "I have nothing bettter to do with my time" file......
2003-01-03 05:53:45 PM  
Aipaloovik Wanted to know what this person's problem is. If you read the article, you would find that Qualcomm is not in compliance with some standards but Qualcomm argues that it ias made a good faith effort to comply.

I think the real problem this person has is that the stadium agreed to leave 1000 seats open for disabled people in any event open to the general public. What is under discussion is whether ths SP is open to the general public.'
2003-01-03 05:54:45 PM  
She could always watch the lifetime marathon of movies that day.
2003-01-03 05:55:18 PM  
Make that SB. My B / P dyslexia is showing again.
2003-01-03 05:56:52 PM  

The person I took has CP. He has been in an electric wheelchair all his life. When we went to the stadium there were plentiful ramps and elevators and the aisles and restrooms were more than adequate to accommodate him. In fact I just talked to him about this and his only complaint about the stadium was the price of the beer.
2003-01-03 05:59:24 PM  
The agreement also called for 1,000 seats at Qualcomm Stadium to be held for disabled fans at any event in which seats are sold to the general public.

You could make a killing by scalping the tickets you get dibs on by being in a wheelchair...
2003-01-03 06:00:55 PM  
I completely misread your post. I read it as "Aipaloovik, I wanted to know what this person's problem is" referring to you asking me what the problem with my friend in a wheel chair is.

Ah, the pleasure of having a CA public school education. There is nothing like being an adult with 2nd grade reading comprehension skills.
2003-01-03 06:01:03 PM  
easy way out:
change the name of the stadium.
2003-01-03 06:01:41 PM  
They should stop the game if the disabled aren't given access. I mean, the Bears have the same right to buy tickets as anyone else.


/disappointed Bears fan
2003-01-03 06:01:58 PM  
Jebus. I'm disabled (way bad car wreck several years ago) and I find this particular issue questionable. Yes, it is inconvenient for me to use a regular toilet. No, I don't complain if there isn't a handicapped toilet. As for handicapped parking, the one thing I can do is move from point A to point B. Therefore I don't need the handicapped plates that my doctor tells me I'm entitled to. C'mon folks, a little less whining here?

Unless, of course, there is something sensible about this that I missed because I didn't read all of the comments before I posted mine :)
2003-01-03 06:02:53 PM  
The agreement also called for 1,000 seats at Qualcomm Stadium to be held for disabled fans at any event in which seats are sold to the general public.

Are there really 1,000 disabled fans for any given event?
2003-01-03 06:04:46 PM  
A bit off the specific topic but the ADA is one of the most draconian/nazi/pc bits of legislation to emerge in recent years. It fails to offer equal protection, only special specific protection.

Sucks to be in a wheelchair (I thought being on crutches blew) but does that give you special rights? I think not, but under ADA yes.
2003-01-03 06:05:35 PM  
Must say my bit... I don't like whining about things, but...

I'm disabled myself, and use a wheelchair when out and about. The vast majority of places I go are fine. If they aren't fine, then usually people will make an effort to help me. For example, I like seeing live bands, and if I can't see (or am getting crushed) I usually just ask and people (other fans, stewards at the venue, whatever) will help me out. That's great. No worries.

But this Superbowl venue was built in 1997. Sheesh, I mean... it's not as if it's a 100 years or anything. I'd be pissed at that. But I wouldn't sue or anything. People like that piss me off. The give all the rest of us disabled people a bad name.

AhGodUSmellThat: That's harsh, dude. I think you get much better results by politely asking for help (with the steps or whatever, not help with... uh, never mind, you know what I mean!). 99% of people are more than willing to make an effort.

Anyway, rant over. Go back to making cripple jokes!
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