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(TechTV)   Martin Sargent interview with founder and spiritual leader of the Raelians Claude Vorilhon tonight (w/ video)   ( divider line
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2155 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2003 at 8:58 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-03 03:31:42 PM  
The obvious question now is who is the bigger fruitcake?
2003-01-03 03:44:37 PM  
2003-01-03 09:01:08 PM  
Martin Sargent. God I hate that guy
2003-01-03 09:03:07 PM  
Wow video bow chick a bow dow...

aw dang thot it was a porno...I heard them Raelians like to PARTAY!!!

2003-01-03 09:07:32 PM  
Martin Sargent. God I hate that guy

I doubt your hate of Martin outweighs his love of self.
2003-01-03 09:08:13 PM  
>>>he himself is the special byproduct of a human/alien affair.

childhood is rough enough with out such shocking discoveries. . . . ;)

2003-01-03 09:08:38 PM  
That Raelian dude is like a living, breathing Weekly World News article.
2003-01-03 09:09:50 PM  
diddly / squat = still unintersting

And PLEASE don't mention Raelin porno again... have you seen that #^%$*!@ tranvestite (the blond one, not the one in the dress and the beard - er well, never mind - both).
2003-01-03 09:10:53 PM  
Vorilhon... Reminds me of an old Sierra game - Space Quest 2: Vorhauls Revenge. Wonder if it's the same guy, back from the dead, and wearing a disguise.

It could happen.
2003-01-03 09:11:13 PM  
All HAIL the Raelians!!!!

Klaatu borada nikto
2003-01-03 09:12:18 PM  

I doubt your hate of Martin outweighs his love of self.

One can only assume.
2003-01-03 09:13:44 PM  
I'm going to buy one of those cloning kits from Rael website, and then clone myself an army of storm troopers! When not causing mayhem throughout the galaxy, they will enjoy playing Galaxy and reading Megatokyo.
2003-01-03 09:37:13 PM  
Is Necronomicon capped?
2003-01-03 09:44:35 PM  
Ralian's a big fan of computer gamming he said, he wants to take all the fun out of respawning doh
2003-01-03 09:49:25 PM  
Martin Sargent is my God. Damn ya'll for the mean things you say of him! Damn ya'll to hell!!

Long Live Martin!!!
2003-01-03 09:53:47 PM  
"Once science has reached this stage, Vorilhon explains, we will be able to "download all of our memories" into this new body, ensuring eternal life and everlasting health."
I wonder if this will be done via USB 2.0, Firewire, or ethernet? Will you be able to back your self up on tape or DVD?
2003-01-03 09:58:30 PM  
Martin seems like a good guy, even if he's a Naderite. Everyone is entitled to one looney idea.
2003-01-03 10:05:16 PM  
Personally, I liked it afterwards when Pat Norton destroyed that answering machine
2003-01-03 10:12:21 PM  
that rael guy is retard.

"aliens pregnated my mother because i was different from the other kids when i was growing up"

this guy needs some friends.
2003-01-03 10:14:36 PM  
"Welcome to do you say....ah yes.....SHOW."

Name that quote!!!
2003-01-03 10:41:03 PM  
Wait. You can buy this on their web site?

Embryonic cell fusion redefined: The new RMX2010

[image from too old to be available]

A new cell fusion device specialized in embryonic cell fusion. Developed by the Clonaidâ„¢ scientific team

RMX 2010’s main features are:
• Generation of clear and stable pulses enabling direct fusion; something unseen in competitors' devices
• A highly precise square wave is applied to the cell or embryo through a chamber or needles
• Operating range: 5 â€" 200 Volts, 10 â€" 990 Âus, 1 â€" 10 repetitions with 1 â€" 990 ms period)
• A memory function enabling the storage of up to 4 fusion settings
• A foot switch allowing both of your hands to be available for operating other equipment

With this new and revolutionary device you will achieve significantly lower lysis rates and much higher fusion rates !

Oh gotta get one of these!! /sarcasm

~ Pinky ~
2003-01-03 10:48:26 PM  
Beefmoney: The Antonio Banderas Show from SNL.
2003-01-03 10:51:08 PM  
Whattya spect frum a cummercschull???
2003-01-03 11:30:35 PM  
Embryonic cell fusion redefined: The new RMX2010

Damn, I can't believe they have the nerve to charge 6 to 9 grand for an unsophisticated function generator.
2003-01-03 11:36:20 PM  
I knew this guy was French from the very first moment I saw him.
2003-01-03 11:40:58 PM  
Ok......I'll watch it.
2003-01-03 11:56:47 PM  
Martin is funny.

Patrick is OK.

Leo is like my manager, thinks she knows everything, but knows nothing.

Megan, was the main reason why I watch the show, but being she's knocked up...might change.

Morgan, the only reason they let her stay on is so I can stare at her knockers.
2003-01-04 12:05:14 AM  
Yahmean wrote:
Martin is funny.

Patrick is OK.

Leo is like my manager, thinks she knows everything, but knows nothing.

Megan, was the main reason why I watch the show, but being she's knocked up...might change.

Morgan, the only reason they let her stay on is so I can stare at her knockers.

LMAO My thoughts, exactly!!!
2003-01-04 12:20:21 AM  
Martin has the potential to be funny.
But one of the few times I watched the show, that jay leno chinned bastard Leo scolded Martin for a joke that was actually pretty funny.
2003-01-04 12:46:14 AM  
podycheck:"Personally, I liked it afterwards when Pat Norton destroyed that answering machine"

personally i liked when pat cut leo's book in half
and said thats for all of the plugging!
2003-01-04 01:29:49 AM  
While I didn't interview Claude Vorilhon himself, I've interviewed some of his high-level flunkies for the university student newspaper a few years back. Talking to them is every bit as hilarious as you might think it would be. I mean, the insanity that you see on TV and in the news is just a mere fraction of the nuttiness encapsulated in this religion, folks. If you look into it, there's this bad sci-fi B movie plot to the thing, about nukes and power rays and Biblical revisionism and everything.

If you want a great read, actually go ahead and buy one of their books. Sure, it's wacky, but anything that tells you that facial hair lets you be a telepath and that "angels" are really just aliens with jetpacks can't be ALL bad. Hee-larious stuff.
2003-01-04 02:01:34 AM  
By "Hee-larious", do you mean like church of scientology hee-larious? No thanks - we got one out back already. But I may take one of those nifty battery charges posted above.
2003-01-04 02:34:01 AM  
I thought it was talking about her for a second.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-04 02:45:11 AM  
Megan is so farking annoying. She giggles like a little 5 year old every time she's on camera. Please make her go away.

Martin, however, is the man. He should be a regular host. No need for Leo anymore.
2003-01-04 02:50:53 AM  

When you get right down to it, the Raelians are like the psychedelic, hippie counterparts of the Church of Scientology.

The only difference is that, unlike the bulk of his followers, Claude Vorilhon (or Rael, if you prefer) has kinda stopped believing his own hype and like most "alternative" religious leaders, has really wisened up in the financial department. In fact, when he's not stumping for the believers, he's a race-car driver. Really.
2003-01-04 02:52:04 AM  
Ah yes, speaking of the racing side-line, here we go.

Taken from the Raelians' own website,

Rael is the "World's fastest prophet."

As I said...hee-larious.
2003-01-05 12:05:50 AM  
The fact that anyone (People mag. Tech Tv, CNN etc.) gives this cult airtime, is really disturbing to me, is this news, these people are seriously farked up! i can't imagine how they even believe their own BS
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