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9091 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2003 at 3:21 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-02 11:56:29 PM  
But I'm getting ahead of myself. See, I'm a big Star Wars fan...

oops, well i stopped reading at this point.
2003-01-03 03:27:22 AM  
Heh. 48mb download? Multiply that times, oh, 2000 times...

Looks like we'll have another guy beggin' for bandwidth money.
2003-01-03 03:28:23 AM  
That's.... creeepy. I don't know, it just gives me the heebie jeebies.
2003-01-03 03:29:03 AM  
Yeah, I should probably get that before it dies, but oh well. Farked within 15 comments, I'll guess.
2003-01-03 03:29:11 AM  
OMG... this is going to be farked before anyone person can DL it... I'm getting it at a whopping 2.2k/s! Only 6 and half hours left!
2003-01-03 03:29:22 AM  
Howard the Duck was the best movie EVER.
2003-01-03 03:31:03 AM  
2003-01-03 03:34:09 AM  
2003-01-03 03:35:39 AM  
Do not underestimate the power of the fark!
2003-01-03 03:36:57 AM  
This guy's gonna produce his own Willhelm when he gets his bandwidth bill.
2003-01-03 03:36:57 AM  
NOoooooo, Howard the Duck was a perfectly good comic, before they farked it totally by making it into a bad film with the ubiquitous Jeffrey Jones. NOT the best movie ever.
2003-01-03 03:40:49 AM  
1.6k/second. I love my T1 line when nobody is on campus.....

This IS interesting, because I have noticed this frequently. Another 'Willhelm' is another 'agonizing death' sound featured originally (I think) in the first COmmand and Conquer. It's been in several computer games since....
2003-01-03 03:44:44 AM  
down to 3KB on my DSL
2003-01-03 03:45:51 AM  

officially farked
2003-01-03 03:46:11 AM  
NOoooooo, Howard the Duck was a perfectly good comic, before they farked it totally by making it into a bad film with the ubiquitous Jeffrey Jones. NOT the best movie ever.

I'm impressed you said that without using the word "fowl". It was one of those "so bad it's good" movies, where you keep saying "no, your're kidding, he isn't about to ..." and he always does.
2003-01-03 03:51:32 AM  
Is it the weekend again already???

Who posted this link?
"Wilhelm"? How about a "Gertrude"...the exasperated sigh of total boredom.
2003-01-03 03:53:04 AM  
You'll hear this scream on a lot of movies. Heck, it was even in The Two Towers.
2003-01-03 04:00:51 AM  
Hey, that's weird. I must've downloaded this half a year ago. Still funny though... it gets downright ridiculous at some points.
2003-01-03 04:02:25 AM  
Kind of reminds me of that sound clip in Operation Mindcrime from Queensryche. "Dr. David, telephone please Dr. David, telephone please Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J. Hamilton". I've heard it in many different shows and whatnot. I even read somewhere that a lot of hospitals play that it over the P.A. Something about trying to "sound busy" LOL.
2003-01-03 04:08:16 AM  
damn, and i was expecting a willhelm reich article... (read "the new inquisition" by R.A. Wilson)
2003-01-03 04:12:03 AM  
I believe if you check, Edward Woodward does a much better job of the scream in Wickerman.

You know, speaking of StarWars, I could swear I saw two of the robots from Silent Running in ...ahem...Episode III. (cough)
2003-01-03 04:14:32 AM  

actually, me too. I've always wanted to build an orgone accumulator. Just can't be arsed to, I guess.
2003-01-03 04:16:38 AM  
my choices for dowloading are 48 MB and 27 MB? "hmmm, should i choose 'eternity' or 'eternity-21'?"

i notice that they (they, who is they?) use some of the same laugh tracks from old shows like I Love Lucy in newer ones as well. Billions of dollars made a year off of merchandising, selling airtime for commercials and such and Hollywood can't afford to create new laughtracks/other assorted sound effects? sheesh.
2003-01-03 04:21:39 AM  
i remember a screaming sound from starcraft that ive heard in numerous other movies, i wonder if its the same one...kinda creepy
2003-01-03 04:26:44 AM  
I'm a pretty observant fellow, but you guys are making me a bit nervous. It's like making sure a chip doesn't look like someone before eating it.
2003-01-03 04:27:58 AM  
"We was always wondering about his collection of little shoes."
2003-01-03 04:30:51 AM  
I had seen a special on the Wilhelm on A&E a few years ago, and it is a very odd story. Apparently no one really knows what movie this sound comes from, since apparently its use in 1953 came from a different movie entirely (ca. 1930). It has become a sort of competition to see who could fit this sound in the most bizarre places--the winner so far did the sound for 1954's A Star Is Born starring Judy Garland. Right in the middle of a dance number there's silence, then suddenly Wilhelm. It's sort of spooky.
What's strange is that it's actually more fruitful to look for a movie that doesn't have the Wilhelm instead of those that do. You will be very surprised.
2003-01-03 04:32:08 AM  
All I got was the Quick Time Logo. I just ran a check earlier, I'm downloading at 2.8mb/s. I think the server's farked.
2003-01-03 04:36:47 AM  
I suck at HTML. Here's a cut&paste link with a pretty extensive list of movies with the Wilhelm.
2003-01-03 04:37:23 AM  
Ha, 4.75 kb/sec. Take that hosers :P
2003-01-03 04:39:14 AM  
Ok, now its at 770/bytes a sec. Hmmm, I will still muscle my way past all of you for this pointless gem.
2003-01-03 04:43:32 AM  
I always thought the scream in Command & Conquer *was* the Wilhelm - I started hearing it everywhere after I played that game.

It's funny how subliminal sound is compared to sight. It's easy to recall an image you've seen before, but hearing a familiar sound is somewhat creepy if you're not expecting it.
2003-01-03 04:45:57 AM  
Sheilanagig: Thanks for the link. it saved me alot of time, as I already have the wav. file. It would be alot faster if They would convert it to MP3.
2003-01-03 04:59:01 AM  
heres a wav, only 172k

2003-01-03 04:59:55 AM  
go read about much more than just the wilhelm here also do A google for the wilhelm and you find othere sites for the vid, funny.
2003-01-03 05:19:00 AM  
Kekko: I'm winning -- I'm getting 300k/s. Then again, I'm getting it from here...

2003-01-03 05:19:17 AM  
There's also a door opening sound that I've been hearing ever since XCOM: Terror from the deep.
2003-01-03 05:28:19 AM  
Man, you guys are all a bunch of farking noobs.


Christ, the electronic music community has been doing this for decades: taking samples, ideas, and even entire riffs from past songs to make new soungs.

For a clearcut example in music, take the 1980 Disco hit "The Glow of Love" by Change. It's got probably one of the most memorable piano riffs in dance/house music, and is used in literally DOZENS of today's songs. Janet Jackson uses it in her track "All For You", Kylie Minogue uses it in her track "Love at First Site", and also disco house artists like Phats n Small used it in "Turn Around", and The PJs used it in "Happy Days". And there's many others.

And that's just a simple piano riff. If you look around, you'll find that nearly all music and movies use classic samples. Take the piano riff from the Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" and the high-pitched synth from Ohio Player's Club's "Funky Worm", put them together and add a couple of prebubescent rappers and you have Kriss Kross "Jump". There are litterally HUNDREDS of jungle and/or breaks tracks that steal the drum line from James Brown's "Funky Drummer" and The Winston's "Amen Brother". That's 90% of breakbeat music right there.

Usually how this starts is a electronics manufacturer will come out with a popular machine (either synth, or drum machine, or sampler or anything used in audio recording and/or engineering), and this machine will always have a built-in preset samplebank of sounds with which to work immediately with, right out of the box.

It's kind of like seeing a Flash movie use those default Flash sounds that come bundled with the program. Because everyone has access to those sounds, everyone uses them. And they become popular (and also cliched) as a result.

I remember playing Doom so much back in highschool, that I literally have every sound effect in that game etched into my brain, so I can often detect them in other games and when I hear it I go "cool, it's the Imp death sound effect from Doom". Of course, they probably got it from somewhere else. And also miscellaneous things like the sqealing pig from Warcraft II is used in The Tick episode with Pigleg. Stuff like that.

There's a whole culture on the internet devoted to trainspotting (music), freeze-frame fun (television), and easter eggs (movies). It's not exclusive to Wilhelm. When you get into it, you'll find that pop culture is really just one horrendous feedback loop, constantly recycling the same tricks and techniques and reselling them back to itself.

That's how things become public domain.
2003-01-03 05:34:14 AM  
I can be an anorak if I want to, so there.
2003-01-03 05:44:54 AM  
oh thats what trainspotting is I always wondered since that movie came out but i never asked anyone because i didnt want to look dumb.

Any way here is some more info on the wilhelm

go there and listen to the clip .
2003-01-03 06:02:07 AM  
Gawd. This is older than the internet. How about something new and exciting? :)
2003-01-03 06:03:52 AM  
if not being a noob means i have to pay way too much attention to miniscule crap a la ishkur i'll take n00b anyday.

and good work Chakalakasp. 3 minutes done...
2003-01-03 06:14:35 AM  
It's not paying attention way too much, it's simply paying attention. If you don't go through life in a heady daze like some highschool sophmore who's too cool for school, you'd be amazed what you pick up here and there. Just by looking, listening, learning.

When people claim deja vu, it's probably not; they really have seen/heard it before, they just can't remember where. Society is rife with these incidences; trainspotters are merely putting forth the evidence that it's not a coincidence at all.
2003-01-03 06:26:28 AM  
I did a google search of trainspotting and now Sheilanagig comment makes sense:)

Ishkur I have heard recycled sounds and whatnot in music movies and such. I just never took it to the level you have. I never really gave it a whole lot of thought. Some day if I am lucky I will acheive the level of all knowing wisdom you are at. Hopefully if that day comes I wont be as pretentious about it as you.
2003-01-03 06:28:41 AM  
for example i know some of the voices in starcraft were takin from the movie Starship Troopers.
2003-01-03 06:34:23 AM  
Ishkur takes this seriously.
2003-01-03 07:04:57 AM  
anything used in audio recording and/or engineering

gee, i didnt know mixers, midi leads and monitors had
"preset samplebanks" in them.
2003-01-03 07:15:13 AM  
This isn't a very good conspiracy at all.

For a start it doesn't have any nazis, aliens, presidents, moon landings, popes, lizardmen, timecubes or russian royalty in it. He really needs to take more lessons in SpEcIAL CApitALISaTIoN and big flashy gifs as well, how does he expect anyone to take him seriously without them. But the worst bit is that it is actually provable. This man ought to be ashamed of himself. (I live with my mom for effort).
2003-01-03 07:37:27 AM  
OK, Sho here we are. Broadcashting from the bashement of the schience building...
2003-01-03 07:57:26 AM  
Is this the same scream that's used in the title credits of "AARGH! REAL MONSTERS!" and can also be found in Serial Mom after the mom has killed the woman with white shoes after labor day?
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