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(Washington Post)   Lucky first baby of new year gets to be surrounded by lesbians all the time   ( divider line
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2003-01-02 12:35:28 PM  
ah. premiere article on premiere birth has 2 postings.

and what the hell was wrong with the bill of non-rights? that coulda gotten good.
2003-01-02 12:35:34 PM  
Wow, the same article in two diffrent sites all posted on fark at the same time, who would have guessed...
2003-01-02 12:36:09 PM  
Heh, 2 submissions, one for each mother!
2003-01-02 12:36:21 PM  
Correct me if wrong, but I thought fark doesn't like to like to sites that need registration...
2003-01-02 12:37:25 PM  
now it's also the first double post of 2003.
2003-01-02 12:37:34 PM  
Wouldn't you know it? The first time I get an article posted to Fark, and the same story gets posted by someone else, too, thus tainting this magical moment for me.

I blame Trent Lott for this.
2003-01-02 12:38:50 PM  
Photos were taken both ways. hehehehe
2003-01-02 12:38:53 PM  
we have to fight to make sure this thread is longer than the other one. it's a matter of principle
2003-01-02 12:39:41 PM  
This article is better. I guess the other one tasted like chicken.
2003-01-02 12:39:52 PM  
Who's yo Daddy!
2003-01-02 12:40:03 PM  
Is the story really worth it?
2003-01-02 12:40:09 PM  
It's the first baby in Washington in the new year, not the first baby in the new year.

Also, wanna bet the baby was born shortly before midnight but they held off on declaring a time until midnight struck?
2003-01-02 12:40:31 PM  
TCTW, quite right.

A vote for me is a vote not in this thread, since voting is rightfully not enabled here.
2003-01-02 12:40:56 PM  
How come they never report on the first stillborn baby of 2003?
2003-01-02 12:41:14 PM  
now when the moms break up, this "family friend" will be screwed over and pay child support. Don't you love our justice system?
2003-01-02 12:41:29 PM  
Double posting of Lesbian articles proves: Sex Sells ! I'll take odds that there will be a third article about another lesbo couple who had a baby on the same night , in the same town ? Who'll take it ?
2003-01-02 12:41:44 PM  
Other thread is farked already. Fb-'s name must have something to do with it.
2003-01-02 12:41:52 PM  
TotallyFarkedDude Calm down and collect Yourself son. You're beginning to stutter.
2003-01-02 12:41:59 PM  
Well, it looks like keeping this thread longer than the other shouldn't be too hard anymore, eh?
2003-01-02 12:42:09 PM  
Wow, double article post removed quickly. That must be a record.

Decker12. That is sick. Hilarious, but sick.
2003-01-02 12:42:18 PM  
I guess this thread wins! ... I guess...
2003-01-02 12:42:19 PM  
Seems that the other article has been removed. Let's give some credit where it is due, thank you Admin. I hope that this continues in the future.
2003-01-02 12:42:37 PM  
This thread is TEH W!NN3R!!!
2003-01-02 12:43:05 PM  
Now I guess all the posts about double posts will seem a bit awkward to those who see this later.
2003-01-02 12:43:13 PM  
Are these hot nubile lesobos or big hairy lumberjack types?
2003-01-02 12:43:17 PM  
Nice tagline.
2003-01-02 12:43:55 PM  
So what happened to the Chick Tract article? I was anxious to see the forum for that one. :(
2003-01-02 12:43:57 PM  
And now the other version of the article is gone. I win!

2003 is gonna be my year, I can feel it!

2003-01-02 12:43:58 PM  
The problem with most repeat links is that they're repeats from days earlier... Side by side like that has to make it easier to give the yoink...
2003-01-02 12:44:01 PM  
Ugh.. yeah, real lucky kid. Nothing beats grade school like PTA meetings with your two butchy moms. So when do men become extinct?
2003-01-02 12:44:42 PM  
awwww... now i can't complain about the mods doing a bad job...
2003-01-02 12:45:58 PM  
Here's a link to the other article posted on, which doesn't require registration.

2003-01-02 12:47:00 PM  
The pics on the washingtonpost say they're somewhere in between. Not attractive, but not scary.
2003-01-02 12:47:23 PM  
Uhhhh...what happened to the Thai breast enhancing dance troupe?!?!
It is a puzzlement!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-02 12:47:35 PM  
This is quite obviously a ploy for the vast lesbian conspiracy to garner press coverage and insinuate into the minds of God-fearing, normal, heterosexual couples that this is an acceptable lifestyle.

Seriously, though, the kid only has one mommy. And a donor father. The other "mommy" has no biological connection to the kid. I'm all for homosexual adoption, but can we use accurate terms here?
2003-01-02 12:48:03 PM  
Are these....big hairy lumberjack types?

As in big arms, work out all the time, could move a log with their tongue?
2003-01-02 12:48:32 PM  
Bin_jammin, yah I got a kick out of: Photos were taken both ways.

And as they should... But these are old, ugly dykes, so I really don't want to see those photos.
2003-01-02 12:48:36 PM  
Lucky first baby of new year gets to be surrounded by lesbians all the time

Correction: Butch lesbians. I'd rather not hang round them if its all the same. Why couldn't they be big busted blonde haired beauties ?
2003-01-02 12:49:13 PM  
So what you're saying Citizen, is that if a hetero couple adopts a child, that they aren't the "mommy and daddy" because they aren't biological parents? Fark-wad
2003-01-02 12:50:07 PM  

My money says that their tongues have never touched a log...
2003-01-02 12:50:42 PM  
The article has two mother threads on Fark...
2003-01-02 12:51:02 PM  
The lesbians of my fantasies look like Mariah Carey.
The lesbians in reality look like Drew Carey.
2003-01-02 12:51:47 PM  
MayoBoy -

Got me there!
2003-01-02 12:52:01 PM  
Maybe this is the clone baby!
2003-01-02 12:52:16 PM  
First the bill of non-rights gets removed, then the Chick tract, now the double post- everytime I refresh it's a newer, fresher Fark!

/end voices in head.
2003-01-02 12:52:26 PM  
Imagine when their daughter reaches her teen years.
"Hey Mommy One and Mommy Two, this is my new boyfriend."

Should make for a fun conversation with the parents.
2003-01-02 12:52:26 PM  
The lesbians in question...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-02 12:52:57 PM  
You know, I think if I were that baby, lesbian porn would be completely ruined for me...
2003-01-02 12:53:06 PM  
Ah, that poor child will have the luck of ridicule regardless of the name chosen. Most kids have to let the parents give the a name like Scout or Deliah before getting beat up on the playground. Oh joy.
2003-01-02 12:53:17 PM  
News Flash: Indigo Girls Give Birth!
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