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(Citrus County Chronicle)   Girls upset after topless photos they e-mailed to friends end up on website   ( divider line
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35129 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jan 2003 at 2:19 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-02 11:04:24 AM  
i need friends like those girls.
2003-01-02 11:12:40 AM  
what, no pics?
2003-01-02 12:36:18 PM  
"The pictures you send out could easily fall into the wrong hands," Baute said.

And the guys at Fark cheered and shouted, "Send US the pictures, we'll take good care of them!"
2003-01-02 12:37:06 PM  
Damn, what a bunch of perverts. Now, does anyone have a Google cache of the site?
2003-01-02 12:51:50 PM  
Too bad this would probably be considered k1dd13 pr0n

2003-01-02 01:15:37 PM  
Duh. If you don't want pictures like that of you on the web, DON'T EMAIL THEM TO OTHER PEOPLE. Obviously if some high school boy gets them, he is going to forward them to his friends, then they will, etc. They are bound to get all over the web.
2003-01-02 01:17:25 PM  
I never understood people who did stuff like this and THEN wonder "why are my tits on the internet".

I knew this woman, one time she told me about how she made a vid with her BF (them getting it on) and they couldn't find it -- and they think the left it at a friends house.

2003-01-02 01:29:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-02 01:56:27 PM  
Once those pictures are sent and posted you are not getting rid of them. It's like taking pee out of the ocean.
2003-01-02 02:07:13 PM grandmother did the same thing to me. She was like "Hey, check out these nude photos of me and my friends from the Bridge club". I later posted them on the web and all hell breaks loose. What gives?...
2003-01-02 02:21:44 PM  
2003-01-02 02:22:05 PM  
That's just classic.
2003-01-02 02:22:18 PM  
If anyone has taken a naked pic of you, for any reason, at any point in the not be surprised if it shows up on the internet!!
2003-01-02 02:23:15 PM  
Personally, I get tired of girls sending me boobie pics.
2003-01-02 02:23:36 PM  
Monkeyknife:Well, You know how some people are. The least little thing upsets them.
2003-01-02 02:23:47 PM  
(because it will!)
2003-01-02 02:24:22 PM  
mmmm MonkeyKnife's Granny.

2003-01-02 02:24:29 PM  
if you dont want them posted everywhere, dont let the funbags out of thier containers.
2003-01-02 02:25:45 PM  
The only way to prevent having other people posting pics of you naked on the internet?

Do it yourself.

2003-01-02 02:26:40 PM  
Shoot! No pages for "girls from Inverness"
2003-01-02 02:27:12 PM  
Captain Louis Renault: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!"
2003-01-02 02:27:15 PM  
Quick Cheif O'hara! Turn on the Google_Cache signal!
2003-01-02 02:27:18 PM  
Well I know for a fact my ex bf has naked photos of me, but I also know that one of his friends asked him for copies and my ex refused to share them. I know because the friend came to me after he asked and grumbled about my ex's selfishness!

They're pretty crappy, tbh.
2003-01-02 02:27:31 PM  
Forward to me/Grivas and we'll review/add them to the floridatitties site...hehe
2003-01-02 02:28:58 PM  
Couper: I had the same Idea and none of the results from google had the pics :(
2003-01-02 02:29:03 PM  
Scratch that.
Sounds like Bat-underdeveloped boobs, and Bat-jailbait.
2003-01-02 02:30:36 PM  
Ah, the many uses of a digital camera, e-mail and the internet. Since the girls lied about not sending the photos to anyone, they should be charged.
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-01-02 02:31:31 PM  
bah, these girls just sent them to the wrong guys.

I do wonder what kind of girls these were though, I only know a few friends that would EVER do anything like that with other girls, or by themselves. I don't think I know ANY that would send them to a person they didn't trust, either.
2003-01-02 02:33:01 PM  
"This is simply a case of kids being kids"

...with lovely boobs that the world needs to see.
2003-01-02 02:33:42 PM  
Riddle me this Batman: When a child-pornographer also a crime victim?
2003-01-02 02:34:33 PM  
heh ... funny
2003-01-02 02:34:33 PM  
I hate to say that I jsut searched google too.... :(
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-01-02 02:35:41 PM  
I've wondered that too Tanqueray. Could a minor being charged of producing child porn if it was pictures of them that they took? And if they're only sending them to other minors, shouldn't that be legal?
2003-01-02 02:35:53 PM  
Was it Judge Multon declaring it a case of boys will be boys??
2003-01-02 02:37:42 PM  
Sounds like the Computer Science teacher needs to have a special class on why we say "no pictures". This happened a couple of years ago where I used to live. Some cheerleader posed for her boyfriend, and the boyfriend emailed them to the kid who lived next door to me. But he printed them and sold them to his buddies for $5, then posted them to a web site. Hilarity ensued.
2003-01-02 02:39:10 PM  
Kat, thinking to when I was 17, I would've found it very hard not to giggle with glee and send the pictures to 4 or 5 close friends, unless I happened to be dating one of the girls. And you know one of my friends (probably all of them) would email them around to a bunch of other people. Then it would turn into the day after the video email thing from American Pie.
2003-01-02 02:39:25 PM  
Most girls nowadays get whats coming to them. These girls got what was coming to them.

I mean you can't expect to flash a camera in this day and age and not expect your perky twins to show up on or something. I mean someone should buy these girls a clue.

Besides, if you're trampy you'll eventually pay the price. Everyone will either only recognize you by the position of a particular mole near your naughty bits or will already know what you look like naked and won't bother with the small talk since they already know what they're after.

The power of sex...
2003-01-02 02:41:44 PM  
This was local news a couple of weeks ago. Keep in mind, these girls took pictures of themselves, then sent them out onto the web. No adult was involved in the creation of these pictures, just an 18 year old female posting them.
2003-01-02 02:42:00 PM  
Don't waste the time searching fellas...(and ladies...)

"The Web site was taken down shortly after Baute began his investigation in mid-December. The site, which referred in its address to "girls from Inverness," featured photographs of seven girls, most from Citrus High School. Some of the girls were clothed and some were nude from the waist up. "

Kinda bummed about it myself :)
2003-01-02 02:42:10 PM  
TOO much tease, NOT enough content.
2003-01-02 02:42:40 PM  
God bless the internet.
2003-01-02 02:42:53 PM  
Where were all the girls willing to send naked photos to their friends when I was a teenager? I don't seem to recall this phenomenon back then.

Is the immediacy of digital cameras, email and the Internet to blame? Would people have done this before, except they had time to think about how stupid it was while they were writing the address on the envelope or waiting for photos to develop?
2003-01-02 02:43:50 PM  
Kind of makes me wonder if the cleavage shot of me is out there somewhere.
2003-01-02 02:46:04 PM  
This IS old news.

I saw the site and the only "nudes" were naked hands on boobies. The girls were not even good looking.

Poor excuse for pR0n....

2003-01-02 02:46:49 PM  
Show us the picture, TX_Attitude. Surely someone will tell you if it is out there.
2003-01-02 02:46:56 PM  
This deserves both the florida tag and the dumbass tag.
2003-01-02 02:47:24 PM  
The most distrubing thing about this article was the addition of the extra "e" in "judg(e)ment.
2003-01-02 02:48:21 PM  
Scanner, Forsythe, Scanner.
2003-01-02 02:48:21 PM  

Wouldn't google-cache have it then?
2003-01-02 02:48:22 PM  
Maybe that's why they aren't charging anyone. It's not really nudity if there's a pair of hands clutching those boobs. Janet Jackson did that, what, ten years ago?
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