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(ABC News)   Psychologist tells patient they would live forever if they would just clean her house - and other stories   ( divider line
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7402 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jan 2003 at 3:28 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-02 03:32:04 PM  
Do they have any evidence that the psychologist was lying?
2003-01-02 03:32:24 PM  
All of the other stories were better than the headline. Way better.

2003-01-02 03:33:09 PM  
Talk about giving psychology a bad name. I'm glad she lost her license, the jerkass.
2003-01-02 03:33:13 PM  
Wait for it...
2003-01-02 03:33:14 PM  
let me get this straight...I WON'T?
2003-01-02 03:33:44 PM  
Cleaning my house takes forever. So, as long as you keep at it...
2003-01-02 03:34:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The only therapy I ever needed i got from T.V.
2003-01-02 03:35:02 PM  
....if you take a look at my profile, youll see I benefited from it too....
2003-01-02 03:35:24 PM  
"Psychologist tells patient they would live forever if they would just clean his house"

Elizabeth DelPezzo permanently surrendered her license after the state Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs accused her of exploiting her relationship with clients.

2003-01-02 03:37:08 PM  
In other news, Mr. Miyagi detained for "Wax on, wax off" training sessions
2003-01-02 03:37:27 PM  
Sounds like a new religion is in the making. Move over Mormons and Scientologists.
2003-01-02 03:39:24 PM  
What a jerk. Everybody knows that you only live forever if you chop of Clancy Brown's head. And then Mario Van Peebles'
2003-01-02 03:40:07 PM  
"So he gives her 50 bucks and a can of paint and says 'Okay, paint my house'"
2003-01-02 03:40:42 PM  
Dr. Phil must be rolling in his grave!
2003-01-02 03:40:46 PM  
This is how the religion thing got started - people are idiots.

Also, nazis,astrology, voodoo, scientology, etc., etc.

"Clean my house and you'll live forever."

"Believe in me and you will go to heaven."

"Germans are the ubermensch."
2003-01-02 03:42:13 PM  
I'm not the messiah, piss off!
2003-01-02 03:42:49 PM  
Wha?? Since when is this unethical???

Damn liberals.
2003-01-02 03:43:12 PM  
her house
2003-01-02 03:44:48 PM  
The only way you can live forever is to invade Iraq so that your master Satan will be appeased.
2003-01-02 03:45:12 PM  
She reportedly told one client "Steven Spielberg & Jennifer Love Hewitt are part of satanic conspiracy to manipulate her body via 'cybertronic technology.'"
2003-01-02 03:45:25 PM  
If they are stupid enough to believe it, whats the problem? One person gets a clean house, and the patient thinks thier pathetic life has a purpose.

Move along, nothing to see here.
2003-01-02 03:45:29 PM  
"give me a blowjob biatch and thou shall live forever, for i am the messiah."
2003-01-02 03:45:41 PM  
There's a girl here at our work who just got her masters in psychology, and wants to be a therapist.

The other day, she stood in the middle of our lobby and cried cause she had a cold and wanted to go home.
Need I say more?

Happy New Year ProvenItchFighter!
2003-01-02 03:47:06 PM  
This sort of thing never worked for me. I once tried to tell a girl that spem was an excelent wrinkle prevention cream. For some reason, she didn't believe me.
2003-01-02 03:48:01 PM  
What the hell? No really...what the hell?
2003-01-02 03:48:08 PM  
Would that be some form of reverse psychology she's using?
2003-01-02 03:49:19 PM  
I'll take "The Rapists" for $200.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-02 03:49:26 PM  

"You will get your submitted links posted to if you give Drew a hummer."

One year later, and my links still aren't accepted. Must go talk to my Psychiatrist about that advice.

2003-01-02 03:50:02 PM  
It is kinda funny that most religions offer eternal life in exchange for tithing.
2003-01-02 03:50:44 PM  
What's the point of being a Psychologist if you can't take advantage of the crazies?
2003-01-02 03:51:32 PM  
You mean my mom and dad did't throw rocks at Jesus??
2003-01-02 03:51:39 PM  
If they are stupid enough to believe it, whats the problem

Well if they're a paranoid schizophrenic the problem is that you may end up triggering an aggressive psychotic episode resulting in several murders. On the plus side, clean house.
2003-01-02 03:52:07 PM  
So is this the big difference between what men and women find important?
Man finds a way to manipulate patients and works his way into sex.
Woman Shrink just wants a clean house....
2003-01-02 03:52:18 PM  
Tigger hi-larious
2003-01-02 03:53:42 PM  
Better file the 302 papers.

(For everyone else on Fark who is completely unfamiliar with Pennsylvania law, 302 is the statute for involuntary inpatient commitment.)
2003-01-02 03:54:34 PM  
"In other news, Mr. Miyagi detained for "Wax on, wax off" training sessions"

2003-01-02 03:57:50 PM  
Great, so now in addition to people posting comments w/o reading the articles, apparently the people posting the actual articles aren't reading them either.
2003-01-02 04:01:20 PM  
"DelPezzo promised one of those clients "everlasting life" if she helped DelPezzo. She told the client that the client's parents were the Roman soldiers who cast stones at Jesus Christ."

How old is this client? Or her parents?

"Your mom and dad made baby Jesus cry.
2003-01-02 04:07:54 PM  
I don't see anything wrong with this. It's called perks. Or bartering.

And if she's cute, I'd like to make an appointment.
2003-01-02 04:19:50 PM  
Maveno...Hey, thanks, right back at 'ya if you're out there. How's the cold? Didn't hear you cryin' about it.
2003-01-02 04:20:05 PM  
I have no idea what's going on.

Roman soldiers? Throwing rocks? Cleaning someone's house?
People over 2000 years old? I am so confused.
2003-01-02 04:26:33 PM  
What a jerk. Everybody knows that you only live forever if you chop of Clancy Brown's head. And then Mario Van Peebles'

That has to be the most amusing use of a proper name as a verb I that have ever seen.
2003-01-02 04:26:46 PM  
I initially thought that the shrink said the patient would live forever by cleaning the *patient's* house. It was actually the *shrink's* house that was to be clean, which makes for somewhat of a conflict of interest.
2003-01-02 04:27:04 PM  
Astetiks-Awesome... simply classic
2003-01-02 04:37:21 PM  

Can you guys clean my house?

I can't promise you everlasting life, but I can give you two bucks and a cookie.
2003-01-02 04:38:52 PM  
I am going to open a practice pretty soon. Getting my degree from the Sally Struthers learn at home "skewl of sikitree". I am going to specialize in nymphomaniacs. Get them to come over to my house and clean something else all day.
2003-01-02 04:41:22 PM  
Next story:

Deceptive Priests and Ministers Fool gullible Folk into Believing They will have Everlasting Life If They Worship Imaginary Being
2003-01-02 04:45:41 PM  
My cousin is in a long term lesbian relationship with a really hot chick (I already asked, they wont let me put up pics of them on the internet). If her and her partner were to adopt a child, I know they would make awesome parents. I don't even think twice about it when they babysit my other relatives' children. What about the father figure you ask? Here's how I see it. My family accepts the fact that shes gay (as does the families of the couple in the article). That said, the "masculine role model" comes from many sources. In my family, it was my cousins, uncles, my grandfather, and friends. In fact, not living with my father since early childhood, they were my only source of "masculine influence". Ironically, the events that led up to me not living with my father was because my mom died. So you could say that my female cousins, aunties, friends, and my grandmother were my only source of "feminine influence"
2003-01-02 04:47:06 PM  
Now you may be wondering what that has to do with a psycologist making people clean her house.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I posted to the wrong thread....But let this serve as a warning for all you kids thinking of waking and baking....Weeners...bake later.
2003-01-02 06:12:55 PM  
But let this serve as a warning for all you kids thinking of waking and baking....Weeners...bake later.

shiat, I think I'll just give up baking. Yea, I know, damn filter.
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