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(Local6)   The most over-exposed stars of 2002   ( divider line
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20657 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jan 2003 at 7:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-02 12:12:54 AM  
VinDiesel sucks! every line delivered in the monotone of a sweetly retarded boy...

"I live life a mile at a time"

whatta motard
2003-01-02 01:06:42 AM  
The worst part about these people is that they really think that they're artists, and that their careers thrive because of their talent, not their sex-appeal. Actually, the worst part is that consumers make them millionaires.
2003-01-02 02:23:08 AM  
I'm just waiting for SOMEBODY to quote "make this breaking news or the terrorists win" line and go "Man, the author stole this from FARK!"
2003-01-02 03:13:28 AM  
woohoo! i made a hot chick laugh!
2003-01-02 05:47:54 AM  
Most overexposed star of the year:

[image from too old to be available]

RA: 22.00:8.00:14.00
DEC: -46.00:57.00:39.59
Magnitude: 1.74
Exposure: 273 days, 11 hours, 12 minutes, 30 seconds
Aperature: F2.8
Canon EOS-3 with Sigma 500mm 2.8 & 1.6X lens doubler
2003-01-02 07:08:26 AM  
2003-01-02 07:17:59 AM  
I wasn't implying they're the intellectual elite either. I just meant you could probably off the whole lot of them and three months later we'd all wake up and realize we're mostly better for it.

In the span of about three hours I saw a preview for that kangaroo movie and was subjected to Reign of Fire, a movie that seemed very much like the sort of story I might've thought up at sixteen and still known better than to actually write.
2003-01-02 08:36:54 AM  
Without even looking, I've gotta wager that J-lo is #1. Has she ever done anything noteworthy to deserve the attention she gets? She's a lousy actress, a lousy singer, apparently a lousy wife, but she keeps showing up as some sort of amazing talent.

WTF? She's famous for being famous or else she's developed the ability to cloud people's minds and make them believe that she's talented.
2003-01-02 09:30:17 AM  
Ozzy gets five points for being the singer of a band who would defined (and virtually started) dark metal.

But he loses three for starting a trend of "let's obsess over celebrity lives even more!" TV shows.

And another one for "ending" the series like he "ended" his career:
"Oh, tha's it. Ah'm done. Waiwaiwaiwait...naa. Ah think ah'll giv' it jus' one moh go. Yeah. Next time ah'll drop it."

...I like the old Ozzy better, dammit. I don't care about if he gets a poodle or adopts a poor, fuzzy little hobo. Or kitten.
2003-01-02 02:52:38 PM  

"ithout even looking, I've gotta wager that J-lo is #1.
WTF? She's famous for being famous or else she's developed the ability to cloud people's minds and make them believe that she's talented."

You nailed the criteria, but "J-Lo" is the worst misspelling of "Supreme Chancellor Palpatine" that I've ever seen. Heh.

2003-01-02 04:30:55 PM  
Here is a link to the Michael Jackson baby-toss game:

There may be a pop-up or two associated with it, and it is no work of art, but it is pretty funny seeing him chucking the babies, and challenging after the first 20 seconds or so.
2003-01-02 05:37:02 PM  
I thought this was about the hockey streaker
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