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(The Sun)   Working with idiots can kill you   ( divider line
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9818 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jan 2003 at 11:53 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-01 11:54:41 AM  
Try working at Staples... I think we only hire idiots...
2003-01-01 11:54:48 AM  
I know. I work for myself!
2003-01-01 11:55:13 AM  
2003-01-01 11:56:16 AM  
Despite this coming from the Weekly World News, I believe it!
2003-01-01 11:56:48 AM  
Then I'm already dead.
2003-01-01 11:57:01 AM  
2003-01-01 11:57:29 AM  
PSA!? This needs an OBVIOUS tag.
2003-01-01 11:58:06 AM  
So why do the smart ones either quit or get fired?
2003-01-01 12:00:59 PM  
I'm playing it safe...I haven't worked in three months. ;)
2003-01-01 12:01:01 PM  
Alas, sad but true. I work with incarcerated juveniles, and it really CAN kill you if your coworkers don't have your back.
2003-01-01 12:01:57 PM  
Ahhhgg, I don't like the new font size.
And ps, it's not the Sun, it's WWN championshiperlecruz.
2003-01-01 12:02:36 PM  
I appreciate the fact that my office is at home more and more every day. But I do miss messing with the idiots heads.
2003-01-01 12:02:36 PM  
If working with idiots can kill me, then I guess my days are numbered.
2003-01-01 12:02:52 PM  
"One poor woman spent a week rebuilding client records because a clerk put them all in the 'recycle bin' of her computer and then emptied it..."

I remember once seeing someone who used the "Trash" bin on an old Apple like the way you use the "My Documents" folder. I always thought that was an accident waiting to happen.
2003-01-01 12:06:04 PM  
I had a great laugh at the fact that The Sun was running an old WWN story. Then I clicked the link. Shame.

I guess it's good to know I'm getting away with murder.
2003-01-01 12:06:41 PM  

In other news, the sky may be blue, Tupac Shakur may in fact be dead, and Microsoft is a monopoly.

Stupid lUser quote: "But whenever I put something in the recycle bin it gets backed up automatically, right?"

I hate my life.

2003-01-01 12:06:42 PM  
LeroyB, try reading The Dilbert Principal by Scott Adams. That has your answer.
2003-01-01 12:09:16 PM  
After working with the general public for 10 years in a setting where drinking is almost a rule (casino's), I have found the best stress for dealing with idiot's is to use your wit and let them know they are an idiot in a way that makes them think "Did they just call me an idiot?". (this also protects your job usually)

Also, a few of us have 2 names to call people. We then act like we think this is the persons real name and no matter how many times they tell us "My name is Fred!", we continue calling them by our 'chosen' name. :)

Have a nice day. Dumbass.
2003-01-01 12:10:10 PM  
Changes that need to occur this New Year.

1) Fark people who post smarter.

That is all.
2003-01-01 12:12:02 PM  
One poor woman spent a week rebuilding client records because a clerk put them all in the 'recycle bin' of her computer and then emptied it -- she thought it meant the records would be recycled and used again."


the study is supposed to be swedish... the recycle bin is called "papperskorgen" (waste basket) in the swedish version of windows
2003-01-01 12:13:46 PM  
They say a person is more likely to die shortly after retirement. Its tough deciding between the two evils.
2003-01-01 12:18:17 PM  
Being an idiot will also kill you. Eventually.
2003-01-01 12:20:34 PM  
Many on Fark are in IS in some service capacity, Help Desk, Tech Support, etc. so y'all know the coping skills to survive these murderous idiots - black humor, riducle, derision etc. - preferably when the customer is NOT on the phone.

It is very useful to know how to correctly use the mute-button so when you yell across the cube farm "Hey Harry - I've got a real live one - listen to this..." the user isn't doesn't hear this. Although, sometimes I've been tempted to let them hear what a total twit we think they are... but I actually like my job :-)

Happy New Year farkheads...
2003-01-01 12:20:51 PM  
In a related story, living with an idiot may not kill you, but it sure as fark can make you wish one of you were dead.
2003-01-01 12:21:00 PM  

that's true but in the english version it's recyle bin and it's probaly the 1 which most people would relate to
2003-01-01 12:22:42 PM  
It is the truth!
2003-01-01 12:22:57 PM  
No no... working with idiots makes you homicidal.
2003-01-01 12:34:13 PM  
Just ask Frank Grimes.
2003-01-01 12:38:35 PM  
It's not the idiots really. It's the drinking, your eventual refuge, that gets you.
2003-01-01 12:50:42 PM  

My point was that the clerks behaviour makes no sense if this actually took place in sweden. You dont recycle in a waste basket.
2003-01-01 12:53:49 PM  
Sprint is full of idiots
2003-01-01 12:56:12 PM  
I'm not too worried about heart attacks anymore. I work with explosives, and ALL WE CAN FIND are idiots.
Somebody please take care of my cat.
2003-01-01 12:58:57 PM  
And yet, killing idiots doesn't seem to be a viable career choice. Go figure.
2003-01-01 12:59:35 PM  
Postal workers have the best way of eleminating idiots that you work with. One way or another it's idiot elemintation
2003-01-01 01:04:40 PM  
Happy New Year

Anyone else drinking yet?
2003-01-01 01:05:16 PM  
I don't care how stoopid my co-workers are, just as long as my boss never grows more than 2 brain cells... she can be an
pain in the arse sometimes, but I can get away with anything!
2003-01-01 01:09:05 PM  
I've worked customer service for most of my job years (waiter, ice delivery, retail, golf reservationist) and I've wanted to strangle many an asshat. Its great to talk shiat after these numbnuts leave. I hate the day after New Years.......
2003-01-01 01:10:57 PM  

I don't understand why users put email in the trash and then get really upset when they launch the mail program the next day to find it gone. If it was so important why was it in the trash?

I know we don't have to have the trash empty on shutdown, but users almost never empty the trash or delete anything. And since we use imap the mail piles of on the server.

Then they call and want to know why they can't get their email. And Im not allowed to kill them!

2003-01-01 01:12:14 PM  
Obvious. This is why I'm going to college, so that the idiot rate goes down when I'm employed by the FBI.
2003-01-01 01:19:09 PM  
My school is full of idiots and retards (not literally). Could that kill me? (physically, that is. It kills me inside every weekday from 8:00 to 3:30)
2003-01-01 01:21:50 PM  

01-01-03 12:02:52 PM B0rg9

I remember once seeing someone who used the "Trash" bin on an old Apple like the way you use the "My Documents" folder. I always thought that was an accident waiting to happen.

I had someone do that. And on the way logging out I just emtpied it right in front of him because I deleted some stuff. He blew up 'What did you do that for?!' Took me a few seconds to relise wtf he was talking about. He had been using it for file storage.
2003-01-01 01:41:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Frank "Grimey" Grimes comes to mind.
2003-01-01 01:50:27 PM  
I can't believe no one has mentioned the military yet. The idiots stay in and get promoted (otherwise the retention rate would fall too low). The smart ones get sick of their senior enlisted/officers being dumb as a rock and leave. The worst scenario is when an idiot is senior to you, knows he's an idiot and punishes you for being smart. I went through 2.5 years of frustration hell and constant low proficiency marks because of 1 idiot who couldn't program a for loop after 7 years with the same language (but of course I was the one with the bad attitude).
2003-01-01 01:51:22 PM  
Zzeuss: Ouch. I'll do that as habit as well. Did you have to do any recovery or did he not lose anything crucial? Hopefully he doesn't store stuff like that anymore, although someone like that probably has other poor file mgt. habits as well.
2003-01-01 03:22:33 PM  
I worked for one company that was suffering from idiot managers. It was a family run company and the father of the owners was something over 70. I was speaking to him one Friday afternoon about what was wrong with the company and he was getting all red faced and angry at what I was telling him about the managers.

The next day he had a stroke that brought him down to the functioning level of a three year old.

I wondered if I helped bring that about.
2003-01-01 03:49:03 PM  
"...(casino's) ... idiot's"

Apparently you're no genius yourself.
2003-01-01 05:29:56 PM  
Oh, boy, ain't that the truth!

Why do you think I had all those heart attacks?
2003-01-01 07:32:43 PM  
So can playing with idiots.

We have levels of idiots in the military where I'm at.
There's the ones in charge, who make one entire platoon look the stupidest of the entire battery.
Of the entire Battalion for that matter.

There's the ones who assist in that, who manage to screw off, and somehow manage to pile it up on that one platoon.

Then there's the normal private idiots who may be the smartest in the platoon, but then do stupid shiat between work time, and come off as total idiots to those in charge.
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