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(Local6)   Salvation Army decides not to accept Lotto winner's $100,000 donation   ( divider line
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17567 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jan 2003 at 3:57 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-01 03:58:50 PM  
just think of all the whores you could buy....
2003-01-01 03:59:10 PM  
Guess this means that the bell ringers have to work overtime... again.
2003-01-01 03:59:32 PM  
I will gladly accept the money.
2003-01-01 04:01:41 PM  
The guy made a good point: If they counsel people on gambling issues, accepting the money would send a bad message. Nice to see any organization with principles out there.
2003-01-01 04:01:52 PM  
The key part is where he talks about families that were forced into poverty because the care-giver was an obsessive gambler. To accept money won by gambling would undermine his ability to say that gambling is wrong.

On average, you will always lose money gambling. Otherwise, the casinos and the governments holding lotteries would not make money off of their endeavors.
2003-01-01 04:04:18 PM  
more like: STUPID !!!
2003-01-01 04:04:29 PM  
Looks like the guy needs a good money laundry for his "dirty" money. He shouldn't have a hard time finding one in Florida.
2003-01-01 04:04:30 PM  
More like
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2003-01-01 04:04:44 PM  

A Tax on Stupidity
2003-01-01 04:06:48 PM  
"Marge....I...have...a feeling...we're going to win the LOTTERY!"
2003-01-01 04:07:14 PM  
I wonder if they have the same problems taking money/donations from people who sell cigarettes or booze for a living.
2003-01-01 04:07:35 PM  
Actually having principles... The Salvation Army is the charity I have the most respect for. They were giving out food and water to 9/11 rescue workers while the other charities were actually charging. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
2003-01-01 04:09:35 PM  
Following the SA's logic, gambling = bad. I risk dying in a fiery auto crash every day on my way to work. Since I am gambling to get my money, I can assume that they don't want it. Cool! I can keep my money now and still make it to heavan later!!
2003-01-01 04:10:20 PM  
Totally mislabelled. If you read the article - this is not "asinine" at all - if you work with gambling addicts you can't turn around & profit from gambling, whether its ultimately for a good cause or not.
2003-01-01 04:12:53 PM  
This is as dumb as banning slayerswine
2003-01-01 04:13:44 PM  
What's gonna happen to you?

I'll be sent to the missions.

Forget it, five grand; no problem, we'll have it for you in the morning. Let's go Elwood.

NO NO! I will not take your filthy stolen money.

Well then, I guess you're really up shiat creek.

The nun hits Jake on the hand with a ruler

I beg your pardon what did you say?

I offered to help you. You refused to take our money, then I said ``I guess you're really up shiat creek''.

She hit's him again

Christ Jake take it easy, man


She starts hitting them both as the language deteriorates

Ah you fat penguin!

The ruler breaks and the Nun reaches for a sword. Jake and Elwood go tumbling down the stairs.
2003-01-01 04:13:50 PM  
I'll host a luncheon if I can have that check...

2003-01-01 04:13:57 PM  
Just think of all of the gamblers they could counsel with the money.
2003-01-01 04:14:56 PM  
Ouch-- I have to agree with the Salvation Army on this one.
2003-01-01 04:15:24 PM  
We need a principles tag. Nah, it would fade from disuse.
2003-01-01 04:16:31 PM  
Religious charities always Suck. People need help, food, shelter, etc., and while they may get help, they also get empty Biblical lies forced upon them.

Boy, thanks for that.
2003-01-01 04:16:45 PM  
Just think of all the donations they would have lost if they accepted it.
2003-01-01 04:16:53 PM  
The lottery is to gambling as drinking a glass of wine with dinner is to alcoholism.
2003-01-01 04:17:58 PM  
I'll never put money in the kettle again...
2003-01-01 04:18:32 PM  
Aggrop, yeah, I guess you could stick with non-religious groups like the Red Cross, who never miss an opportunity to sell coffee and food to disaster victims in need.
2003-01-01 04:18:43 PM  
The guy claims the stock market is gambling. Would somebody please buy the guy a dictionary so he can look up the meaning of the word "gamble"?

And Aggrop- nice to see you don't paint with a broad bigoted brush.
2003-01-01 04:19:39 PM  
asinine does not apply on this one, It's amazing (and nice)that people like this still exist.
2003-01-01 04:20:01 PM  
The logic makes sense, it would be like a fire department turning down a donation from someone who made the money through arson.

A children's sex abuse prevention organization would probably turn down money from a prostitute or pr0n star, because accepting the money could be seen by some (religious types mostly) as being contradictory to the mission of the organization. If the Salvation Army accepted the money, it would be like they were saying gambling is acceptable if you win and give the money away to charity. To the average person it sounds "asinine" because the Salvation Army is always requesting donations, but if they accepted gambling winnings they could lose other donations and credibility. The sad thing is that the Salvation Army loses pretty much either way in this situation.
2003-01-01 04:21:08 PM  
Ironic how they preach tolerance, and practice racism homophobia, etc.

Like so many...
2003-01-01 04:21:27 PM  
I think it is asinine.. that money could certainly have helped a lot of people. The state lotto may be gambling, but in such a watered down form so as to be near unrecognizable. You can almost see a lotto ticket as being a donation to the state education fund, with a very slight chance you might get some money back.
2003-01-01 04:22:25 PM  
Should cops not use the money made (and then seized) from drug profits?
2003-01-01 04:23:14 PM  
If the SA is so well-financed to turn down $100k that could be used for a number of "good" purposes, including the funding of addiction counseling, can they please get rid of those annoying bellringers too?
2003-01-01 04:23:39 PM  
Beggars shouldn't pick and choose.
2003-01-01 04:26:56 PM  
God I hate those incessant annoyingly pitched never-ending damn bells.
2003-01-01 04:27:06 PM  
Aggrop, I think you're wearing the religious equiv to a tin foil hat here...
2003-01-01 04:30:06 PM  

2003-01-01 04:30:55 PM  
they shouldnt care if the money came from a legal source. I think I remember the Salvation Army is the charity that turned down a donation from hooters. Stupid in my opinion, I bet the people that would benifit from this money could care less where it came from.
2003-01-01 04:32:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-01 04:34:03 PM  
They have more moral character than I will ever have. Good for them.


You're so right, they should stop helping people! They're so corrupt with their sneaky propaganda pamphlets. I bet the poor would rather starve than read that terrorist propaganda!
I'm sure those pamphlets deliver such messages, "BURN THE fagZ" and "CHINKZ DIE!".
2003-01-01 04:39:26 PM  
crazy stuff.
2003-01-01 04:41:08 PM  
Salvation Army = Noble
Aggrop = No Bells (go read the eunuch article)

What kind of sociopath bashes the Salvation Army?
2003-01-01 04:42:52 PM  
I was talking to SLAYERSWINE on ICQ, and he told me not to visit fark on 1/2/03. I wonder what that means...

/I'm Jus' Kidding!
2003-01-01 04:46:20 PM  
If this is the same guy, he also gave 10% of his winnings to 3 churches. That could fall under the heading of paying tithes. If the churches accepted the money ( don't know if they did), then I fail to see the problem with the SA accepting the bucks.
2003-01-01 04:46:37 PM  

You're closer than you might think to the offical line-

Many people accuse them of racism, and they certainly discriminate against sexual preference:

It sucks when people use religion to cover their own hate. Don't you think people deserve the same amount of help regardless of sexual orientation? After all, God made us all, right?
2003-01-01 04:48:00 PM  
Here's a logical extension:

Should the cops not seize (and use) money made from drug sales?
2003-01-01 04:48:36 PM  

Hmmm...Loser said the same thing....

2003-01-01 04:49:26 PM  

Fark rocks. The filter changed _j_E_L_L_O_B_O_Y_ to "loser"!

2003-01-01 04:56:58 PM  
that is the dumbest thing i've ever read.
2003-01-01 04:57:26 PM  
Theflyingdutchman:The logic makes sense, it would be like a fire department turning down a donation from someone who made the money through arson.

Not sure that's the same thing. Arson can hurt a lot of people. Gambling is usually an individual problem, and if the guy has a problem, it's his business. I'm all for maintaining your principles but if the money can be used for a greater good, why not?

Now if he were an arsonist, gave the money to Habitat for Humanity and then burned down the homes they built, that might be an issue. Or I'm just being a smartass.
2003-01-01 05:02:03 PM  
Like any organisation, the Salvation Army can be picked on for what it doesn't/does do. However, at the end of the day they do a lot more with people in need in a week than most of us on this board will ever do in our lives. Don't mock people who are at least trying to practice what they preach. We are always crying out for principles and standards in this world, and here is a bunch of people sticking to them.
I have no faith but it seems they do a lot more good than harm.
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