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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Eunuchs in India demanding affirmative action. It took cajones to stand up for their rights like that   ( divider line
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2003-01-01 03:31:51 PM  
They still have their cajones... in a jar
2003-01-01 03:33:06 PM  
hey, thanks for the job I don't deserve.

2003-01-01 03:35:36 PM  
Actually, most (if not all) of these people are this way by their own choice. It's an insult to REALLY physically handicapped people to give them free jobs.
2003-01-01 03:36:09 PM  
...How do you deny a eunuch a job?

"I'm sorry, sir, but you don't have the balls for this line of work..."
2003-01-01 03:36:20 PM  
at least they dont eat them like some mothers eat their after-births.

2003-01-01 03:39:33 PM  
It's about time that old and venerable operating system took up for itself.
2003-01-01 03:39:42 PM  
Why do they castrate them at birth?? WTF??
2003-01-01 03:44:38 PM  
Hogulus, I was thinking the same thing, untill I read this:

Most of the country's eunuchs are castrated as babies, though a few are born without male genitalia.

Still think it's their own fault?
2003-01-01 03:44:48 PM  
01-01-03 03:35:36 PM Hogulus
Actually, most (if not all) of these people are this way by their own choice.

The article says that most of them have it done as babies. Which of course, is DEFINATELY a stick your parents in a home offense. One of those homes that you see on 20/20.
2003-01-01 03:45:22 PM  
This new font rules too.
2003-01-01 03:46:28 PM  
Atleast there won't be any sex scandals.
2003-01-01 03:47:17 PM  
Pretty ballsy move IMO.
2003-01-01 03:47:29 PM  
When someone gets castrated, do they just take the beans or does the frank get lopped off as well?
Either way, these "guys" won't be participating in any bukkake anytime soon. Oh, wait, this is India. Wrong country.
2003-01-01 03:50:44 PM  
I always thought it was just the beans.. if they took the frank it'd probably add a lot of complications. What I wonder though.. is does this make them impotent? Or just sterile? I know it sounds like an obvious question.. but I'm not sure..
2003-01-01 03:52:05 PM  
No ballz = no pooja.

Do they cut off the Lingam during castration?
2003-01-01 03:53:15 PM  
no pooja = firing blanks
2003-01-01 03:53:21 PM  
So, are these guys going to move to Californina and wait for the mothership if they don't get what they want?
2003-01-01 03:54:20 PM  
Naw.. they already missed the meteor InternetSecurityGuard.. thats why they need to apply for AA
2003-01-01 03:55:15 PM  
2003-01-01 03:55:18 PM  
Alcoholics Anonymous?
2003-01-01 03:57:34 PM  
You'd be a drinker too if your wang was taken just after birth..
2003-01-01 04:07:01 PM  
Possible Eunuch name: "M. T. Sac"
2003-01-01 04:19:07 PM  
Just because you make a joke about it that would be kind of ironic doesn't mean the situation is actually ironic.
2003-01-01 04:23:48 PM  
I think taking the beans just makes you sterile
2003-01-01 04:28:43 PM  
I know a guy that told me he was born beanless. He doesn't exactly act beanless, but I think I belive him. Although if you are looking for a way to make a girl want to take your pants off, curiosity is pretty effective. I'm just dying to know if it's true or not.
2003-01-01 04:42:19 PM  
So if Eunuchs are descrimatated against, why would their parents castrate them at birth? There must be some advantage to them the article doesn't mention, or they have really stupid parents!
2003-01-01 05:11:45 PM  
...I have no idea what to say to this. I thought this practice went out with the fall of the castrati. Guess I'm the tool here.
/bad pun
2003-01-01 05:14:43 PM  
weird culture, weird people, whats that smell???
2003-01-01 05:45:44 PM  
''Winning elections gives us the platform to raise our voices,'' Devi said.
Ok...made me snicker.
2003-01-01 05:49:16 PM  
I have no clue if this is accurate, but it's info.
2003-01-01 05:51:25 PM  
Thank you, Girly. You have successfully frightened my beans.
2003-01-01 07:42:36 PM  
I believe that castration may have been a tool of control used on men who the government wished to control. These men did not have a choice. There should be information out there for anyone interested in researching this. This subject was covered briefly in one of Oprah's book club books "A Fine Balance".
2003-01-01 11:06:28 PM  
An excellent book called "Neither Male nor Female" describes the life of the transsexual eunuchs. However, it makes no mention of the boys who are kidnapped and castrated by members of the eunuch community. This is one of two bad aspects of the hijras.

2003-01-02 12:10:48 AM  
What's so weird? George did the same thing with Dubya when he was born, and that worked out great for the world.

And, as it turns out, even with Dubya turning in a goose egg, the Bush-Cheney ticket still had more than an average amount of Dick, if you catch my drift.
2003-01-02 04:45:27 AM  
Eunuchs are often discriminated against in education and barred from government and other high-level jobs. Most are illiterate.

I think the bolded part is all that needs to be known.
2003-01-02 04:35:18 PM  
"Cajones" is 'boxes.' You mean "cojones."
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