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(IMDB)   Hollywood is out of ideas: "Friends:The Movie"   ( divider line
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8975 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jan 2003 at 1:42 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-01 01:44:44 PM  
Um, yeah.
2003-01-01 01:46:20 PM  
UGH...that show SUCKS!!!
2003-01-01 01:46:44 PM  
Unless it involves a six way orgy,
I'm not interested.
2003-01-01 01:46:51 PM  
Call me crazy, but I don't see this happening.
2003-01-01 01:47:23 PM  
There may still be a legitimate use for weapons of mass destruction.
2003-01-01 01:47:27 PM  
Im still waiting for TJ Hooker: The Movie. Heather and Adrian need the work.

Will there be any black people in it? Doubtful.
2003-01-01 01:49:09 PM  
All T.V. sucks so why would they ever want to make a movie about something that has been on the tube?
2003-01-01 01:49:49 PM  
Make it NC-17, throw in a lesbian 3-way, and I'm there!
2003-01-01 01:51:28 PM  
Good God NO!
2003-01-01 01:52:08 PM  
-Hollywood isn't out of ideas, their being fed new ones by Satan...
2003-01-01 01:53:18 PM  
Courtney Cox will be about 60 by the time it comes out.
2003-01-01 01:53:28 PM  
BTW, 'Hollywood is out of ideas' should made the list of tired cliches, shouldn't it?
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-01-01 01:54:10 PM  
I stopped liking the show years ago. Wake me up if the movie involves Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow naked together.

The promised nudity and lack of censorship sounds good. Too bad the only nudity mentioned is male.
2003-01-01 01:54:27 PM  
BTW, 'Hollywood is out of ideas' should made the list of tired cliches, shouldn't it?

I'd say it's fitting....
2003-01-01 01:54:59 PM  
I used to think that my career as a screenwriter was going to end up at a dead end. After hearing this news, and seeing commercials for Kangaroo Jack and Maid in Manhattan, I have renewed hope.
2003-01-01 01:56:17 PM  
Any movie with Matt LeBlanc needs a monkey. I just don't see them bringing Marcel back.
2003-01-01 01:57:03 PM  
If David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry disappear and it's a hardcore lesbo 3-way with Jen Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow for all of the movie, I just might see it.
2003-01-01 01:57:37 PM  
That's exactly what I want to see -- a bunch of 40-year-olds nakedly cavorting. If I want that I'll just booty call my ex-gf.

Then again, if Jennifer Aniston goes topless, I'm there.
2003-01-01 02:00:11 PM  
Sure, the hardcore lesbian scenes would be nice, but I wouldn't mind having Chandler be there for a little comic relief every now and then.

"Could there BE any more boobies?"
2003-01-01 02:02:28 PM  
2003-01-01 02:02:50 PM  

You mean a bunch of 40 year olds playing 25 year olds.
2003-01-01 02:05:56 PM  
"They're being paid $9 million each for the film, plus a percentage of the profits and since it will likely be a major hit, they stand to walk away with a fortune."

9 million each plus a percentage? Jesus H. Farking Christ on a Crutch. Granted, there's no need for special effects so otherwise the production will be pretty cheap. But for the love of God, people, please don't go see this movie.
2003-01-01 02:09:24 PM  
Uh didn't we see this posted already.
2003-01-01 02:10:59 PM  
Name one movie that a Friends cast member has been in that HASN'T bombed at the box office.

They just.don't.learn.
2003-01-01 02:15:33 PM  
Rudezombie, its the potent alchemical combination of all of the friends cast that will make this movie a success.
2003-01-01 02:16:35 PM  
Never mind the nudity and adult themes, how about 2 hrs of the Friends beating the fark out of each other?
2003-01-01 02:17:15 PM  

ace ventura
(but that was pre-friends)
scream2 wait that tanked I think..
Analyze this
The Good Girl
I liked the Aniston movie where she lived with her gay friend.

Apparently it's all about the women, and no these are not exeptional films by any means. But they were successful.
2003-01-01 02:17:59 PM  
Never in my life have I wanted six fictional characters to suffer as immensley as I wish those Friends idiots would.
2003-01-01 02:22:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-01 02:22:07 PM  
"Name one movie that a Friends cast member has been in that HASN'T bombed at the box office."

How about the Scream trilogy? They all did pretty well at the box office from what I remember.
2003-01-01 02:23:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-01 02:25:15 PM  
ATTENTION! The gates of Hell are now open.....
2003-01-01 02:26:12 PM  
Don't worry, the only "Friends" movie will be the retro big-screen remake in 20 years a la Charlie's Angels. Hayley Joel Osment will play Chandler.
2003-01-01 02:30:53 PM  
Has everybody alreadly forgotten Matt LeBlanc's "surprise-sleeper-hit" movie?

The groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, major award winning, and often imitated independetly made art film epic LOST IN SPACE?

C'mon people, movie magic!
2003-01-01 02:31:58 PM  
The Whole Nine Yards... maybe on the shoulders of Bruce but it was still a hit.
2003-01-01 02:32:27 PM  
Oh God and Jesus!
Oh God and Baby Jesus!
2003-01-01 02:32:34 PM  
I just don't think I could ever get into watching a movie with a laugh track... I think they will need one for this movie.
2003-01-01 02:32:37 PM  
Also "The Whole Nine Yards" was pretty good with Matthew Perry
2003-01-01 02:33:11 PM  
dont forget office space.
2003-01-01 02:33:38 PM  
i dont know how it did at the box office, but IMO it made up for that "fools rush in" farce
2003-01-01 02:36:34 PM  
Matthew Perry was also fairly entertaining in that movie he did with the fat guy from SNL and Eugene Levy. But Fools Rush In? I don't even need to see that movie to know that it's a piece of shiat
2003-01-01 02:38:29 PM  
Lisa Kudrow was in The Opposite of Sex. That was a good flick. She wasn't the major character, but still a good flick.
2003-01-01 02:47:15 PM  
I am saving my money for "Friends" the Broadway musical.
2003-01-01 02:47:41 PM  
Oh, I bet they'll film "Friends: The Movie", and before it even hits the screen after months of mad Hollywood hype, they'll already be working on something so fearsome, I hardly dare say it's name.

Yes, I'm talking about "Friends: The Movie II"
2003-01-01 02:51:46 PM  
Hey, working at a coffee shop will net you enough cash to live comfortable in a cush apartment on the upper west side... that's what I learned from Friends.

Somebody must die for this outrage.
2003-01-01 03:00:26 PM  
*shoots self*
2003-01-01 03:00:56 PM  
Don't forget "Leprechaun" (pre-Friends and pre-nose job, I believe).
2003-01-01 03:07:14 PM  
Tentative movie title: "Friends: Single Life in the Nursing Home"
2003-01-01 03:22:23 PM  
That whole writeup sounded like bad satire. I'm skeptical.
2003-01-01 03:38:02 PM  
They should film it in Israel. At a coffee house. One that has had mysterious Palastinians casing it lately.....
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