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4600 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2002 at 5:22 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-30 01:36:48 PM  
Someone needs to change [image from too old to be available] to [image from too old to be available]

2002-12-30 02:06:42 PM  
-insert vague Airplane! reference-
2002-12-30 05:24:59 PM  
[i don't read articles]

2002-12-30 05:26:28 PM  
aka Patient Zero
2002-12-30 05:27:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available] Man Donates Blood 300 Times, Dies.
2002-12-30 05:28:14 PM  
I agree. Hero tag appropriate. I gave blood once, and almost passed out before they stuck the needle in me. They had to lie me down and put cold rags on my head and neck. Then the blood started rushing from my head, then it started getting sucked back up from out of the bag...oh and it took the nurse three tries on each arm. I am such a wuss though. Better than getting in a car accident and having my arm severed or something like the people who'll need it.
2002-12-30 05:28:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd like to thank the academy.
2002-12-30 05:29:42 PM  

Reminds me of a joke I just heard the other day, and of course take it with a grain of salt.

"Men can never trust women. You can never trust something that bleeds three days in a row, and doesn't die."

2002-12-30 05:30:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd like to thank the academy.*

* Now with not-farking-up the dimensions action!
2002-12-30 05:30:29 PM  
this definately deserves the hero tag. what a guy.
2002-12-30 05:30:48 PM  
The red cross is nominating him for the Guiness book of world!
HERO....more appropriate.
2002-12-30 05:31:11 PM  
All at once?
2002-12-30 05:31:56 PM  
The weird thing is that it's not his blood. He just shows up once a week with a bucketful.
2002-12-30 05:32:29 PM  
Best. Hero. Ever.
2002-12-30 05:32:59 PM  
i second the [image from too old to be available]
2002-12-30 05:33:06 PM  
2002-12-30 05:33:18 PM  
He's a hero.

I'd still be giving blood if it weren't for that Mad Cow Disease I picked up in Europe.
2002-12-30 05:33:24 PM  
I just took my hepititus test. I got an A, 2 B's and a C.

Here's a dilema;

A man can't buy hepititus medicine unless he sells his blood...that man can't sell blood because he has hepititus...

Go Figure
2002-12-30 05:35:23 PM  
This guy is a poser. By the time I am 80 I will have done this around 650 times. Unfortunately because of the FDA, they can't use my blood. They just throw it away.

If you would like to know more about the wonderful world of hemochromatosis, which based on probability about 50 farkers have and don't know it, visit here:
2002-12-30 05:35:36 PM  
12-30-02 05:32:29 PM Damon_ryde
Best. Hero. Ever.

That's unlikely. Yeah, the guy definitely kicks ass for his kindness, but I don't think he's in the running for the Best Hero Ever award 2003. Sorry.
2002-12-30 05:36:04 PM  
I have never given blood, but I would like to. Circumstances always come up. Now I have to wait two years because of a surgery I just had. Also does anyone know how long you are supposed to wait after getting a tattoo? I thought I had read somewhere it was a year.
2002-12-30 05:36:44 PM  
you all say hero now but next week when it turns out the blood had AIDS, where will your hero tag be?

on a related note, if a man donated sperm 300 times, would he get praised as a hero? makes you think, doesnt it...
2002-12-30 05:36:56 PM  
He is a retired engineer that now works in a circus side show as "the human pincushion".
2002-12-30 05:39:42 PM  
The first time I gave blood, I was in high school and I was in phenomenal shape as a wrestler. The blood drained out in a couple of minutes and I, stupidly, hopped up off the table like "no big deal, I'm outa here!". I passed out and fell flat on my face.

I've been a big wuss about giving blood ever since.
2002-12-30 05:40:03 PM  
Unless they change the Fark cue, you'll get this story as a repeat with the [image from too old to be available] tag ya'll long for ;-)
2002-12-30 05:40:13 PM  
FlameGirl - no, I was talking about the guy who just hacked the RIAA. Histerical, check it out.
2002-12-30 05:40:21 PM  
I think it's great that someone could be this dedicated in their kindness.
2002-12-30 05:41:21 PM  
2002-12-30 05:43:54 PM  
There is so many restrictions to donating blood....
I am very small...I only weigh 105 lbs...
They will not let anyone donate blood until they weigh a minumum of 110 lbs...
I'm 27 and have not been able to donate blood...EVER!
They guy is a hero....
2002-12-30 05:44:39 PM  
No, Freak, it doesn't.

But it makes me wonder where the caps, commas, ?s and apostrophes went when they left your keyboard.
2002-12-30 05:44:48 PM  
Intrestingly enough, the 80 year old man is appx. 120 lbs overweight. He states that plethora of orange juice and cookies has caused him gain so much weight over the last 60 years that it has shorten his life span.

Lawsuit pending.
2002-12-30 05:44:51 PM  
Serious commitment here.

The Red Cross only lets you donate blood every 8 weeks. Or a maximum of 6.5 times/year.

300/6.5 -> he's been doing this for at least 46 years.
2002-12-30 05:46:10 PM  
I donated blood three hundred times, once.
But, I got the hell out of Florida the next day.
2002-12-30 05:47:22 PM  
I have given blood a couple of times. They keep calling me and asking me to do it again. I am too much a of pussy to tell them I don't want to so I end up doing like 4 times a year.
2002-12-30 05:49:03 PM  
Mr_crash_davis:i was laughing my ass off.
2002-12-30 05:50:20 PM  
2002-12-30 05:50:36 PM  
I have my 8 gallons pin somewhere. (64 donations) I used to give every 6 - 8 weeks because one of my retired elementary school teachers was a volunteer on the recruiting line and she'd always make it a special point to call me. Even 20 years later it was hard to say "no" to Mrs. Pressley!

Finally she stopped calling - I think she died but the Red Cross people weren't sure - so I stopped going in so regularly. Lately they've been rejecting my blood because the iron count's too low...just the opposite of hemochromatosis, I guess.

Note to those trying to lose weight: a pint of blood weighs just about a pound. Used to time my donations to give just before I weighed in at Weight Watchers, heh.
2002-12-30 05:50:36 PM  
Lets see... I got a blood question... anyone who has seen Shriek! if you know what i did last halloween... you'll know this one...

If you took a WHOLE bottle of viagra, and your heart stopped, would the muscular movement in your wang be enough to keep you alive and kickin????

Just something I considered after seeing it.
2002-12-30 06:00:42 PM  
that is a question to ponder Calgary859....
but a sick question for sure...
I just got a BAD image of my grandfather....
I'm going to hell....
2002-12-30 06:01:16 PM  
I second Freakemart's comment. Let us never give blood because we could have aids. It's not like we have procedures that check for that kind of thing.
2002-12-30 06:08:21 PM  
a sort of related side-story... my friend's family gives blood alot. When her little brother was shot and in the hospital and needed blood they happened to notice it in their records. They didn't charge them for the blood he needed. I am in Georgia and they are needing to toss out alot of blood because it may be infected with West Nile. I really need to get down there and give. I am O-positive so I get letters alot.
2002-12-30 06:09:22 PM  
i didnt realize that fark was such a serious site now. i guess being a little sarcastic about something isnt cool anymore.

and cardinal, if i offended your standards of grammar in any way then i'm truly sorry. i only hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
2002-12-30 06:11:43 PM  
I wonder, have any of you other guys ever donated your special sauce and actually gotten money for it?
2002-12-30 06:30:51 PM  

I work at the red cross, and I have to second the Hero tag! Oddly enough, I had submitted a link about giving blood this morning that never got posted.

I went to give platelets today, but my iron level was too low. :-p But I can try again in a few days.

It's not that big a deal, the needle is a little scary at first, but it's really not so bad. I feel really good about doing it.

Besides, it's a free STD test, and they give you juice and cookies!

2002-12-30 06:36:04 PM  
Hero, yes.

Poster who labelled him "Weird"? Asshat
2002-12-30 06:39:03 PM  
I chaired my Fraternity's blood drive back in the eighties-
the blood drive took place around halloween, so I dressed
up as a vampire. I think we recruited something close to
700 pints in two days, not a bad yield at all. My arms are
the phlebotomist's dream- my phlebotomist girlfriend said
2002-12-30 06:43:59 PM  
When I was in Korea in '99, I took malaria pills. One of the things the doctor told me was to ensure that I did not donate blood for 6 years after taking them.

The next year I was at Ft. Campbell and we were told that if everyone in our platoon donated blood we could get the day off. When I explained my situation, I was berated the rest of the day by my platoon sergeant for "screwing the platoon out of a day off." Never mind the guy that I might have killed had I donated.
2002-12-30 06:57:48 PM  
Same story, different source
I found this link to have more of a story.
2002-12-30 07:17:57 PM  
Freak--Nah, it was your lame post that gave offense; the lousy grammar only confirmed its authenticity.

Nice use of the apostrophe in paragraph 2 (contrast paragraph 1), however. Maybe there's hope for the new year!

--Yer friendly local grammar nazi.
2002-12-30 07:37:30 PM  
Hey Cardinal, if you're going to be an anal retentive grammar Nazi, perhaps you shouldn't use words such as "nah" or "yer". Also, please try capitalizing the word "Nazi".

---Your not so friendly local grammar Nazi.
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