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2002-12-30 02:11:16 PM  
What they fail to mention is that you really shouldn't do the tricks wherein you get a free drink from someone unless that someone is your friend. I've seen a lot of fights start in bars when some smarmy little guy decides to "fool" someone else. Also, don't cheat at pool.
2002-12-30 03:17:13 PM  
Candypants:I agree, a cheap drink ain't worth a punch in the head.
2002-12-30 05:00:54 PM  
Some of these are pretty good, but most require the "victim" to be very WE TODD IT.
2002-12-30 06:08:42 PM  
What, no "stand the salt shaker on edge"? That's one of my favorite bar tricks. With practice you can stand anything on edge: salt shakers, beer bottles, glasses, hell one time I was able to balance a barstool on edge. That trick went over real well in Europe.
2002-12-30 06:41:09 PM  
'Mr. Boston; Official Bartender's and Party Guide' has better tricks, and they would less likely get you A. punched in the mouth, or B. arrested for catching the bar on fire.
2002-12-30 06:54:19 PM  
farked by the 6th post
2002-12-30 06:56:23 PM  
Not quite farked yet.. Just VERY slow.
2002-12-30 07:01:25 PM  
I can tie my penis into a knot using only my tongue.
2002-12-30 07:01:27 PM  
Weaps, so did your friend Edge get beaten up alot?
2002-12-30 07:07:19 PM  
This was more of a highschool cafeteria trick than a bar trick, but I'll bet it would still work.

Tell someone it's impossible to balance 2 full glasses of beer on the back of their hands. Show them how easy it is to balance one glass on the back of your hand. They'll follow suit. Then offer to put the second glass of the back of their other hand. They'll balance it. Look amazed, say wow, and then you and your friends pick up your drinks and leave this poor shmuck unable to move without upending the beer.

2002-12-30 07:08:49 PM  

I perfer clever bar tricks to ones that will piss people off.

Besides, being female I don't need to trick anyone in to giving me free drinks, they just give them to me.

2002-12-30 07:08:52 PM  
MsPentyuth of course not. He was always the life of the party! Got tired of getting stuff balanced on him though...I think he went on to be some kind of circus clown. I went on to balance other thing on other people, like coffee cups, and 55 inch wide screen TV's. All you need is a little salt...
2002-12-30 07:17:24 PM  
new years eve looks like a great time to try these (hick-up) again i tell you ( hick-up ) nixon was framed
2002-12-30 07:18:46 PM  
It's farked now.
2002-12-30 07:20:41 PM  
This one is kinda confusing and you need a second person next to you.

find someone to show this to at the bar. Put 5 coins in a X pattern on the table, coaster, or napken. Have the person you got pick one of the coins. Now, have the other person that is with you watch and put his drink on a coaster or a napken on the same place of the coin that was picked. Turn around, look at the drink, tell what coin...presto.
2002-12-30 07:26:21 PM  

I think you left out steps four through eight of your nine step trick.
2002-12-30 07:26:45 PM  
For all you who get a "farked" site....

Google Cache of the page
2002-12-30 07:37:20 PM  
It also takes hours to download it!!!
2002-12-30 07:45:12 PM  
2002-12-30 07:49:09 PM  

So few people know that trick, and it amazes everyone. I always used 9 quarters, but same premise. I laboriously arranged the quarters carefully, making sure all the heads were exactly right, etc. You could leave the table while they held their finger over the coin, and still pick it out. And you could stare intently at the coins, "are you sure you picked one? I am not seeing it." when they try to trick you by not picking one because the straight man keeps his drink in his hand.

And you just RUINED IT!
2002-12-30 07:51:03 PM  
This site is much more interesting:

I think I may have seen it linked on Fark before.
2002-12-30 07:57:13 PM  
best bar trick ever: removing a wine cork from inside the
bottle: use a cloth napkin, get the cork "involved" with it,
then pull it out. it really does work...

also: slowest page ever....
2002-12-30 08:04:44 PM  

Have to try that next time. Not just a cool trick, but quite practical, I think. I hate it when a cork prefers going in to coming out. Makes it hard to pour.
2002-12-30 08:08:21 PM  
Trick #6 needs to be done when the weather is just right. Thats just silly
2002-12-30 08:13:46 PM  
Those people have too much time on their hands. *runs off to practice*
2002-12-30 08:16:56 PM  
Involved with it? You mean they start going out and stuff?
2002-12-30 08:27:09 PM  
Wow. I usually buy drinks for people who tolerate my bad jokes, insted of making them buy _me_ drinks.
2002-12-30 08:39:11 PM  
Ugh. I can't believe I wasted my time reading those physics lesson, i mean drinking tricks. Here's a funny trick called chinese numbers. This has to be done at a sushi bar or out camping. If you're at a sushi bar, grab some chop sticks. If camping, grab some sticks. Someone else has to be in on the trick. This person is going to magically read your chinese numbers while you lay down the sticks randomly on top of each other. Act like you know what you are doing and 'make' a chinese number. Then lay your fingers down on the table. Place 3 fingers on the table if you want the number to be 3. If 10 then put both hands, all fingers down, etc. The person that is in on the trick knows to look for the number of fingers on the table and they whisper it to a random person as proof that they know how to read chinese numbers. So. Everyone guesses the number. You let everyone know what it was(which was determined by the number of fingers on the table) and everyone thinks your friend can read your 'numbers.' Anywho - kids and drunk people eat this thing up especially when one person picks up on your fingers and 'learns' how to read chinese numbers and will not tell the rest of the crowd.
2002-12-30 08:48:21 PM  
Okay, so you have these sticks.. And then you say a number.. No wait, you signal to the other person with your fingers.. Uhh, I'll go have a beer instead.
2002-12-30 08:50:02 PM  
Wow, my profile says "1 article posted". Does that mean that particular article was on fark? I wish I knew which one.
2002-12-30 08:55:03 PM  
My best guess is that most of these would get you a cheap/free drink and an ass kicking to boot.
2002-12-30 08:55:14 PM  
Just dont do it when your with someone from fark...or only do it when they are drunk.
2002-12-30 09:10:05 PM  

First, world domination will come to you sooner, if you learn to spell domination correctly. I know this from past experience.

Nobody knows this trick. Tell nobody else. Keep it small. It's a cool trick, and amazes everybody. Farkers will forget.

And try it with 9 coins, instead of 5. It is far more impressive. But don't tell the secret.
2002-12-30 09:11:08 PM  
An old one that still works frequently.

Bet someone that they can't spell the word "Whiskey." No matter how they spell,it you can prove them wrong.

If they spell it "Whisky," show them a bottle of Jack Daniel's or Bushmill's (where it is spelled "Whiskey").

If they spell it "Whiskey," show them Maker's Mark or Glenfiddich (where it is spelled "Whisky").
2002-12-30 09:12:37 PM  
I used to get free drink at the local college bars by opening beer bottles with my teeth, like the non twist off ones and tying cherry stems with my tongue. Like a certain amount per minute. There were a couple of bar tricks too. Wasn't a bad way to pass the night.
2002-12-30 09:20:34 PM  
I'd like to see the bar trick where an Active Server Page site actually loads faster than snails farking. Is it just my admittedly slow connection or do .asp pages almost always suck? Slow slow slow, why do people insist on that garbage? Yeeargh! It just took 19 minutes for one stinking little 101x20 bullet point image to load, forget it.
2002-12-30 09:34:19 PM  
for some reason, Netscape loads the page *much* faster than IE...
2002-12-30 09:47:16 PM  
This whole post is "we todd it"
2002-12-30 09:48:49 PM  

I'll bet you $20 you can't fit this cue ball inside your mouth...

...the trick is getting it out. ;)

2002-12-30 11:04:13 PM  
#10 is wrong. forget the matchbook and the quarters. I just put my face in the ashtray and suck out the water and spit it in the glass
2002-12-31 12:09:02 AM  
Oh, yeah, bar tricks! Because all the ladies love the guys who pull these tricks out of their hats.
2002-12-31 12:35:37 AM  
Here's a way to get free drinks - tell the we todd that you will correct all his spelling. "Cheep drink" - what, it contains a canary? Sheesh.
2002-12-31 01:56:06 AM  
My dad always said, "Son, if a man wants to bet you he can do something, don't doubt him. Odds are he can do it."

Sure saved me a lot of money watching fun bar tricks. Sure won me a lot too.
2002-12-31 02:03:15 AM  
Anybody that trys one of these on me is getting an ass kicking.
2002-12-31 06:44:29 PM  
Am I stupid or is this not a serif font?
2002-12-31 07:27:12 PM  
I'm stupid. Somehow I'm typing like Times New Roman, but comments display as Arial. Must be web settings.

I don't have the droids you're looking for.
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