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16625 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2002 at 4:19 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-30 01:37:06 PM  
I've never tried making out in any of the aforementioned. But, I can state unequivocally that Camaros and Trans Ams are not preferable to a Van for said purpose.
2002-12-30 01:52:05 PM  
Volkswagon Jetta

Worst car number

Sorry but this is a car that rich daddies buy for their little girls when they go to college.

What's the problem? That's exactly who I want to be making out with.
2002-12-30 02:33:51 PM  
While it may not be a recognized make-out car, I had a whole lot of fun last week in the front seat of my Honda Civic hatchback.

Camaros are definitely fun, though, if only for the nostalgia.
2002-12-30 02:50:20 PM  
JennyBean: That's quite an accomplishment. I remember having as much fun as can be had in a '79 280ZX once upon a time. It was tight *ahem*, even for a guy who lost his virginity in a treehouse.
2002-12-30 02:53:00 PM  
Shyster: The front seats go way way back so a taller person can stretch out. Plus, I'm tiny, so there was plenty of headroom for me ;-)
2002-12-30 03:01:05 PM  
Jennybean: I hope you at least had a sunroof.
2002-12-30 03:05:13 PM  
Nope, Shyster, didn't need one. I had at least two inches of clearance.
2002-12-30 03:21:19 PM  
JennyBean: Cool. Just don't tell HIM that.
2002-12-30 03:30:54 PM  
For three years I only dated guys with red Camaros.

Usually one must go to a bowling alley to meet a woman of her stature.
2002-12-30 04:22:17 PM  
1978 Black Coupe de Ville

More has backseat than J Lo
2002-12-30 04:22:31 PM  
I think this lovely lady is talking about the drivers of the cars, not necessarily actually making out in these cars. I guess comfort for her is not a factor.
2002-12-30 04:23:25 PM  
Hello (Trailor Trash) lady!
2002-12-30 04:23:25 PM  
I'm sorry, but is this the White Trash list of best make out cars? I didn't see that listed in the title, but it has to be, right?
2002-12-30 04:23:42 PM  
Damn, I refused to make out in cars anymore after I turned 18. I always felt like only cheap girls did that, I had to be taken somewhere indoors. Last time I did anything in a car was last year, but that was a spontaneous "let's pull the car over and go at it right now" thing with my fiance.
2002-12-30 04:24:07 PM  

Best car to make out in: any car that I have made out in.

Worst car to make out in: any car where I have to drive the girl home and drop her off because we did not hit it off.

2002-12-30 04:24:22 PM  
Camaros and Trans Ams? Oh, Nebraska, I missed that at first.

Vans - any kid who went to high school and his parents didn't have a van got robbed.
2002-12-30 04:25:27 PM  
A Nash.

Any old Farkers out there?
2002-12-30 04:25:49 PM  
Miata man-pussy to comment on how macho his car is....5...4...3...
2002-12-30 04:26:20 PM  
I've found that the back seat of my Expedition works great, also if I fold down the seats it can fit a double bed flat. Lots of good times with that truck.
2002-12-30 04:27:08 PM  
I'd like to make out with a busty, black haired Goth girl in the back of a hearse.
2002-12-30 04:27:08 PM  
You know, I have some rather fond memories of things that have happened in my truck. Maybe it's cause it was always the same person.
2002-12-30 04:27:09 PM  
bah. stupid list.
2002-12-30 04:27:23 PM  
hmmm... the '82 Colt is on neither list.
2002-12-30 04:27:32 PM  
Well, we can officially add "1985 Celica" to the list...


Also on the "best" list:
1985 Mazda 626
1980 Chevy Citation
1985 Dodge Ram Full-Size van
1982 Plymouth K-Car station wagon

good times...
2002-12-30 04:27:47 PM  
No way.. Camaros and Trans Ams are terrible to make out in. It's fine and well until you want to take it further, then it's like.. dammit. I wish I had a van. They usually have bucket seats in the back, so going at it in the back is no good. And now my Corvettes don't even have back seats.

But later I realize that I was just kidding when I said I wish I had a van, because that would farking suck.
2002-12-30 04:28:49 PM  
1969 AMC Javelin with reclining seats (almost into a bed). Between ages 16-18 I got my "education" and wouldn't have traded it for the world. Many, many........many great memories. :)))))
2002-12-30 04:28:55 PM  
Oh Boy oh boy oh boy Yep. Nash Ambassador. Bench seat in front, three on the tree. Literally a motel on wheels.....
Hi there Kpar90.
2002-12-30 04:29:06 PM  
full size van, no windows,
2002-12-30 04:29:29 PM  
Am I the only one in North America who actually likes the Anna Nicole show?
2002-12-30 04:30:03 PM  
Holy Pop-ups Batman! I think I'll wait on that story. tho, my 72 Nova worked pretty good while I was in high school ;-)
2002-12-30 04:30:09 PM  
emilykp: seriously

what is the deal with the trans am being on the list -- do they realize that this car has not been made for years and years? the picture of the jetta is also really old... maybe they don't get many new cars out there. - the site that makes fun of: cars that are newer than 1985, boys who don't buy ford or chevy, and those prissy city folk who i reckon do prissy things like brush their teeth.‚
2002-12-30 04:30:33 PM  
Yeah, it's unpossible in the back of my Lotus and Porsche, and I wouldn't even think of staining my Ferrari.
2002-12-30 04:30:35 PM  
Pretty good in a Jeep Cherokee too! (As close to a Van as you can get if you let the seats down.)
2002-12-30 04:30:36 PM  
'77 Pacer stationwagon. Front buckets fold forward for a slight angle upwards, rear seat folds forward flat. Rear side console holds beer.
2002-12-30 04:30:39 PM  
The Jetta is fine, so long as you have the hatchback. Not so good in the winter though.
2002-12-30 04:31:29 PM  
could someone refresh my memory.. what's the difference between a firebird and a camaro? I thought the big chicken on the hood was the only difference..

this was like an old white trailer trash "best of list".. the Jetta is the only curve in there.. that belongs on the "he's probably gay" list, along with Miatas and the new Beetle's...
2002-12-30 04:31:32 PM  
He said he was going to screw her in an uncomfortable place.

What, like the back of a Volkswagen?
2002-12-30 04:32:11 PM  
A word of warning about hatchbacks: the long stretch of tilted glass above may present slight showers and rain below. Its a limp distraction, butt a funny one when it happens.
2002-12-30 04:32:19 PM  

"what is the deal with the trans am being on the list -- do they realize that this car has not been made for years and years?"

Check your facts. Unless you consider 2002 "years and years ago", that is.
2002-12-30 04:32:24 PM  
Hmmm... I didn't notice my 2002 Hyundai Elantra (red/cranberry/whatever) on the list.

I will now accept applications for rigorous testing from any Farkettes.
2002-12-30 04:32:26 PM  
I like to give her the organ in my Morgan.
2002-12-30 04:34:03 PM  

Make that a 2000 Elantra, and add:

2002-12-30 04:34:11 PM  
Personal Experience:

Best Car: 86' Blazer= Back seats folded down providing the truly lucky to put a twin matress in the back for added comfort. I'm 6 ft and liked my room to stretch out and enjoy what nature had to provide.

Worst Car: 89' Mazda RX-7= Why the hell did I even try? Flexibility and patience were key.
2002-12-30 04:34:38 PM  
Best: Winnebago with a double bed
Worst: Ford Focus
2002-12-30 04:34:44 PM  
Two words...1970 Buick Centurion. Ok, so thats like five words, the point still stands.
2002-12-30 04:34:48 PM  
Most Firebird's don't have the screaming chickens on the hood. Only the Trans Am's did, and they were the minority of Firebird.

Between 71 and 81, the only real difference was the front end clip and the rear tail lights. Between 82 and 92 it was questionable, but since 93'ish though, they've been entirely seperate cars.
2002-12-30 04:34:56 PM  
When making up this list, I guess they did not consider the size (height) of the participants. My ex was 6'1" and I am 5'11". When we were forced to do things in a car, neither one of us had a car that we could use comfortably. Of course, as we got older, and had more cash, and were able to buy bigger cars, there was no need to make out in the car. We were adults and had apartments.
2002-12-30 04:35:25 PM  
Bumping uglies in the backseat of a '67 Camaro gave me leg cramps that wouldn't go away for a week.

Bad choice.
2002-12-30 04:35:47 PM  
The title should have read:

"Best & Worst cars to make out in, by a grain-fed heifer."

I like this part best "All the looks I got from jealous girls whenever we drove around Council Bluffs were priceless."

It must really suck to live in Council Bluffs. Also, isn't that the place that inspired Footloose?
2002-12-30 04:35:49 PM  
Inthe80s: Pontiac = Firebird
Camaro = Chevy.

OldGringo: They don't know what they're missing. I'm pretty young for them, and it was my grand-dad's Nash. Years later my dad told me a story about getting laid in the saqme car about 40 years before.
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