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(   Russell Crowe has band called 30-Odd Foot of Grunts, they suck, (unless you love Crowe)   ( divider line
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2001-08-23 02:20:57 PM  
I love Russell Crowe..nyah
2001-08-23 02:28:02 PM  
Of course, we would have never heard of this garage band if it wasn't for Maximus the frontman. Even the band's name sucks. They played here in Chicago - the audience was described as "98% estrogen and 2% insecure husbands and boyfriends".

Crowe was great in "L.A. Confidential" and "Romper Stomper". "Gladiator" was above-average but not great; I suspect he's headed for the steady downhill from here.
2001-08-23 02:33:01 PM  
He was such a humorless fark at the Oscars, that I just can't stand him anymore.
2001-08-23 02:33:48 PM  
I saw his band's performance on "The Tonight Show" last week.

It was, er.... well let's just say he should stick to acting.
2001-08-23 02:38:31 PM  
Hisey: How did I know you'd have the Boobies here?

I finally just saw LA Confidential. Crowe was awesome in that movie.
2001-08-23 02:47:40 PM  
This guy needs to stick to baning the hollywood sluts and stay outta my garage.
2001-08-23 02:52:52 PM  
last saturday he played here in austin at stubbs and i had the, er, pleasure to bartend the show. from my vantage point, IT WAS FARKING EMBARRASSING!

the best part of the show was when they opened the gates and all the cattle kneed and elbowed each other to try to get to the front. these farking women had been camped out since the night before. the temp the day he played was 102. they sat out in the farking sun all day to watch this semi talented jerkoff perform.

the people in australia should be pissed. how can he bring this crap to the musical table when there is a nick cave. or even FARKING AC/DC? or the cosmic psychos? hell, even men at work were better and that was his farking opening music.

he also had two texas ranger bodygaurds that he had hired for 10 grand a day. and after soundcheck he rode his big crotchrocket harley past all of the pigs in line so they could squeal and rut. people paid fuggin 60 bux for tickets.....ugh.....
2001-08-23 03:20:49 PM  
When the tour bus pulled in, Crowe waved and the lineup collectively swooned. Except for those behind the lineup, who promptly wretched and left steaming piles of lunch in precarious positions throughout the area.

Pete Townsend should be offended by this as well, and empty his colostomy bag on Crowe's head.
2001-08-23 03:21:41 PM  
So. The only reason he's doing this is for the groupies. Who'da thunk.
2001-08-23 03:53:12 PM  
That {quot} write should be {quot} shot {quot}

2001-08-23 06:59:01 PM  
Australia should surrender. They give us Crowe to remind us of Air Supply. I still have nightmares of the day they won the album of the year over "Back in Black."

Yahoo Serious could take Crowe anyday.
2001-08-23 07:16:09 PM  
I'm Australian, I adore Russell Crowe, was given the CD, and use it as a coaster.
2001-08-23 09:42:45 PM  
He opened his latest tour in the states here in Austin
and I wish I had the gig he does.The women packed the
venue and the funny part was that a lot of these women
flew in from other cities just to see him.
2001-08-23 09:51:47 PM  
they wehere on Leno last week... they sang then Crowe went and talked to Jay about movies & Nicole Kidman...... Only had the band cause Crowe prob made them be included in the deal.

oh, and THEY SUCKED!
2001-08-23 10:07:39 PM  
I actually saw these guys play one night in a club out in Boulder, Colorado and.........oh who am I kidding. No I didn't.
2001-08-23 10:26:23 PM  
What sucks is Crowe's singing, but the rest of the band is not bad. And apparently Crowe writes a lot of the lyrics and music, which aren't that bad either. It's not my cup of tea, but it's gotta be better than the "music" produced by people who actually call themselves professional musicians. These guys all have day jobs.
2001-08-23 10:28:38 PM  
Bacon Brothers!!
2001-08-24 01:48:39 AM  
You do NOT want to meet Crowe in person- this guy is a real piece of work... He turns up in the local pubs here in Sydney when he's in town. Then he proceeds to abuse the barstaff (especially if they're women) and generally act in a very un-Australian manner. What a slice of dick.
2001-08-24 03:57:54 AM  
Paul, abusing barstaff? Sounds very Australian to me...
2001-08-24 03:58:22 AM  
I'm sorry, but the scene-stealer in LA Confidential was Kevin Spacey.

As far as I'm concerned, the major cutie down under (for me) is Hugh Jackman. I don't know if he's an ass or anything, I just think he's much better looking than Crowe.
2001-08-24 12:06:36 PM  
Dennis Quaid's in a band too, I think they should have a Battle Of The Bands style competition for the hand of that chick out of Sleepless In Seattle. Not Meg Ryan, her chubby friend with the ball breakin' attitude.

Dogstar could judge who the winner would be.
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