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(USA Today)   USA Today seems to think Mexico, USA, and Canada are separated by an ocean   ( divider line
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5458 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Aug 2001 at 9:07 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-23 09:14:32 AM  
Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!
2001-08-23 09:15:38 AM  
leave it to the americans to not know any geography outside of their country. they can name every single state n capital but yet seem to think that canada and mexico are seperate from them by a mass of water! haha way to go USA.
2001-08-23 09:16:06 AM  
conclusive proof that the USA Today's staff is made up of complete dumshiats!
2001-08-23 09:19:42 AM  
Ah, excellent bashing Blah_. You would've been more correct in saying that us 'Americans' don't even know the state capitals.

But, I must say that USA Today's staff does present our intelligence well.
2001-08-23 09:20:36 AM  
Actually, Blah_, that line of reasoning is generally limited to the staff of the USA Today. As Badger notes, those who work there really aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

Most everyone in the USA knows that we are separated from Canada and Mexico by a ring of active volcanos, a 14' electric fence, and a 74-year-old shotgun weilding Montana native named Chester McManus with a nasty case of herpes and a bad attitude.
2001-08-23 09:21:40 AM  
Chester has herpes!? Damn, I didn't realize...
2001-08-23 09:27:31 AM  
*blah* takes a bow

thank you, thank you all.

my bashing skills have been honed over the years of meeting dumbass americans (yes yes i know there are smart ones around but close to all of the ones i have ran into are not too bright).
2001-08-23 09:27:40 AM  
Yes, and I'd keep that quiet unless you want to upset Mrs. McManus.
2001-08-23 09:29:03 AM  
Blah_: Being American, I can support your claim by stating that close to all of the ones I have run into are not too bright.

Almost proved myself right by leaving in tons of typos...
2001-08-23 09:39:21 AM  
McPaper strikes again.
2001-08-23 09:41:36 AM  
The really frightening thing is that more people are actually visiting France...
2001-08-23 09:51:21 AM  
Maybe their hoping that France will...I don't know...surrender.
2001-08-23 09:51:28 AM  
At least we are civilized enough to not use racist jelly jar labels

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-23 10:01:39 AM  
i don't think that USA Today is expecting anybody more intelligent than their editors to read the rag.
2001-08-23 10:02:10 AM  
I suppose we could give them the benefit of the doubt on Canada and assume they were confused by the Great Lakes. But come on folks. Even a two year old could figure out that the Rio Grande is not an ocean.
2001-08-23 10:16:50 AM  
They forgot Hawaii...
2001-08-23 10:22:26 AM  
Must find intelligent life ... brain cells .. dieing ... mind .. numbing ...
2001-08-23 10:24:23 AM  
USA Today = McNews
2001-08-23 10:27:54 AM  
What percentage of Mexicans actually visit the U.S.?
2001-08-23 10:28:01 AM  
What morons. Everybody knows it's a SEA, not an OCEAN. There's a difference.
2001-08-23 10:32:41 AM  
France gets 75 million visitors per year. USA gets 51 million. USA doesn't surrender. They enter contest late and claim to have won it singlehandedly.
2001-08-23 10:33:26 AM  
Proof of dumbassness in the US:

The people who think New Mexico is part of Mexico.

A girl I knew about 10 years ago who insisted that there were 51 states and wouldn't accept an atlas as proof of only 50.

Any other offhand examples?
2001-08-23 10:37:17 AM  
Quite a few Americans actually asked me how our Bundeskanzler Hitler was doing when I was over there the last time...
2001-08-23 10:40:04 AM  
What are you people talking about? Americans are the smartest people in the world. Why do you think that everyone else is so poor? ;)
2001-08-23 10:41:32 AM  
The 14.6 million visitors from Canada is a complete wash compared to the millions of repeat beer runs over the Detroit-Windsor border by Michigans teens.
2001-08-23 10:47:54 AM  
AJ: Yeah, no crap. Next time I go over there, I'll be "going overseas". To get drunk.
2001-08-23 10:56:40 AM  
Hell I knew a lot of girls from Jersey at the University Of Deleware who thought that Deleware was in New Jersey.
2001-08-23 11:00:22 AM  
Er, no...USA Today are actually correct. Mexico, Canada and the US are 3 different countries, no matter if they're landlocked - it's still an international trip if you're hopping over the border.
2001-08-23 11:08:05 AM  

Yes, you are correct that you cross an international border, BUT McPaper includes Mexico and Canada as "overseas." So USA Today "are" not correct. And neither are you
2001-08-23 11:08:48 AM  
Kyfe, they didn't say international, they said "Overseas"
2001-08-23 11:12:18 AM  
If you head south ALL the way around the world ... or East/West all the way around and head just a tad north you COULD get to Canda going over SEA's...

From Florida over the Gulf of Mexico : P....

The great Michigan Sea... Sea Erie... Hehe...

Yeah I guess the editor is getting REEMed for that one..
2001-08-23 11:28:37 AM  
They are just copy cats. A while back Britney said she went overseas to Canada.
2001-08-23 11:32:34 AM  
Walkman - I've heard of people who asked if they needed a passport to got to Vermont since it's in Canada.
2001-08-23 11:48:24 AM  
I'm annoyed. I live in New England, the smartest part of America, and yet every America-basher acts as if the whole damn country is comprised of Southern states and conveniently forgets us.
I'm taking a stand! I say New England splits off from America and forms its own country! Steven Tyler can be our king or something.
2001-08-23 12:02:08 PM  
Looks like they fixed it, because I see no mention of the word "overseas" on that page now.
2001-08-23 12:05:35 PM  
And what would we call our new country? New America?
2001-08-23 12:18:58 PM  
It says:

A record 51 million international visitors came to the USA in 2000, the second-most visited country in the world behind France's 75 million foreign tourists; Canada and Mexico continue to provide about half the USA's visitors.

2001-08-23 12:21:40 PM  

Don't forget to take New Jersey with you, I'm convinced that the entire state is on crack (Kevin Smith excluded)
2001-08-23 12:24:52 PM  
Steven Tyler would be fine for king. Just don't let him sing your national anthem.
2001-08-23 12:25:18 PM  
Malinois: No!
2001-08-23 12:26:20 PM  
Please? ;)

PS: Nice work with Animutation!
2001-08-23 12:26:41 PM  
AChimp: Not quite, they couldn't change the URL:
2001-08-23 12:30:46 PM  
Screw New England. New England gave us William F. Buckley, chowder, Emily Dickinson, and the Patriots. New England is perpetual commuters with permanent hemorrhoids, overrated degrees, overcomplicated tax returns, and delusions of cul-CHAH. You can tell us how smart New Englanders are while you're busting the ice dams off your overpriced 1930s farmhouse.

Sure, you can split off from the rest of the country. You can even have Emeril back. Now that he's spent some time in Louisiana, he can teach y'all how to cook.
2001-08-23 12:32:03 PM  
Oops, did I type that out loud?
2001-08-23 12:39:21 PM  
I was working at a restaurant when I received some American tourists for customers. They asked my what a Poutine was and then told me about how "neat" our money looked. I simply let that speak for itself.
2001-08-23 12:41:47 PM  
All this over the URL? Man, I don't like McNews either, but don't you think harping on the URL is a bit [image from too old to be available] itself?
2001-08-23 12:43:47 PM  
I met a dumba$$ almost wanting to start a fight over the # of US States. He was American, and was convinced there were 52! (Alaska and Hawaii, right?) I told him to count the *%$%#@# stars on his own #*%$&^@ flag! Boy did he get pissed! (I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that he was from rural Montana)......
2001-08-23 12:45:04 PM  
Hahahaha.. the dumb farks changed the graphics!! Haha! I busted usa today!
2001-08-23 12:51:49 PM  
It was stupid and rude of those American tourists to call your money "neat." "Cute" is more like it.

Man, when foreigners start dissing the Stars and Stripes, I'm like, why don't we just step aside and let Fidel Castro take over the world? Then you'd all be singing a different kettle of fish.
2001-08-23 12:56:41 PM  
BTW, the OED defines overseas as: Foreign parts; abroad. So maybe it doesn't have to literally mean "over the sea." Still, if it embarrases USA Today, it has to be good.
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