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12788 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2002 at 10:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-29 12:51:23 AM  
Ed Stroligo proves he's an asshat, yet again.
2002-12-29 01:52:34 AM  
I wonder if he's ever even used a Mac.
2002-12-29 10:05:50 AM  
There is no Maklar. We need your names and addresses.
2002-12-29 10:06:27 AM  
Rogue "r" brings shame to family.
2002-12-29 10:06:37 AM  
(all at once) zoltan.
2002-12-29 10:06:57 AM  
"Image is much more important to the average Mac user than a PC user."

That's not true at all. Image at the cost of performance is very important to the average PC user. If you don't believe me, email them. All their email addresses end in
2002-12-29 10:07:25 AM  
Correct me if I'm wrong, FifthColumn, but wasn't it "Marklar?" Maybe we're thinking of different things, but when I see that I thought of the South Park episode with Starvin Marvin in space.
2002-12-29 10:07:49 AM  
People actually "use" Macs? I thought they just took up space in dorm rooms and university computer labs.

Seriously, before I get flamed, I do know people use macs. In fact at work our main gel imaging system is on a Mac. And several of our (oldest) data processing/browsing computers are Macs. But they don't get anywhere near the expensive toys, GC/MS, Biocad...
2002-12-29 10:09:36 AM  
Why would I want to use OSX on a slower platform?
2002-12-29 10:10:23 AM  
A slower platform? Try looking at some benchmarks that aren't based on photoshop filters...
2002-12-29 10:10:56 AM  
Yeah, you are correct. I misspelled it. :(
2002-12-29 10:12:05 AM  
Gonna have to agree with Sidi here. The average high end PC blows the average high end Mac out of the water in performance, aside from Photoshop.
2002-12-29 10:12:16 AM  

You mean Intel's "benchmarks?"

No, thanks.
2002-12-29 10:15:30 AM  
Heh heh, you trust Mac's benchmarks more?

I'm talking about independent groups testing Mac vs. PC side by side. It's been a while since I looked, but last I checked Mac was getting their ass kicked by both Intel and especially AMD in the same price class and "equivalent" power categories.
2002-12-29 10:18:29 AM  
Here, with just a tiny bit of searching. On a mac fan site no less...G4 500 running the same or worse than an Athlon 600 (looks like T-Bird model).
2002-12-29 10:21:16 AM  
BEos was the shiznit. Too bad it died.
2002-12-29 10:22:57 AM  
I agree, BeOS had the best potential of any OS. That kernel was simply amazing. Let's hope the efforts to save it succeed.
2002-12-29 10:30:02 AM  
I should say that, as much shiat as I give Macs, it's not really serious. They're good machines and I can understand the appeal.

But I'm a tech geek. I LIKE upgrading stuff to get 40 more FPS in my current favorite game. Speaking of that, I like games. I also have had lots of fun tracking down stupid Windows problems and fixing gives me a chance to learn about hidden settings I wouldn't know about otherwise and there's a feeling of satisfaction unbreaking something.
2002-12-29 10:30:47 AM  
In fact at work our main gel imaging system is on a Mac.

Is that one of those 3D modeling devices that uses a laser to harden gel?
2002-12-29 10:33:14 AM  
No, it's basically just a big box that has UV and white light and a video camera with software for taking stills. It's for printing out pictures of agarose/acrylamide gels in a biochem lab.
2002-12-29 10:33:43 AM  
FWIW: My 4 year old G4 runs OS X quite well
2002-12-29 10:35:34 AM  

too bad. Ouroborus' was much cooler.
2002-12-29 10:36:17 AM  
No, it's basically just a big box that has UV and white light and a video camera with software for taking stills.

Damn, here I was thinking you had some cool toys.
2002-12-29 10:38:37 AM  
We're biochemists...we don't make stuff, we break stuff down and figure out what's there. Sure, none of our expensive toys does something that gives a cool product, but when you can take a plant sample and easily identify hundreds of different compounds in it by both chromatography and mass/fragmentation...that's pretty damn cool.
2002-12-29 10:39:51 AM  
Man oh man.. THis article can be summed up in one word: JEALOUSY.

Sure, Macs look a hell of a lot better than PCs, sure PCs can be overclocked and modified and upgraded and whatnot. Its apples and oranges, and theres nothing that PC nerds like to do more than to bash macs and their users, often for all the wrong reasons.

I own two Macs - I do a lot of video work so its the obvious platform for me. I like them a lot better than PCs because yes, they're more stable and yes, they perform better for what I want to do with computers.

There have been a few times I wished I had the flexibility of a PC (Motorola RSS doesn't run on macs, hell it doesn't even run in Windows, and there are games that I wish worked on Macs) but it really is apples and oranges.

I'm a devoted Macophile, but I'm mature enough to realize that there are places for both. Neither Macs or PCs 'suck', but each have their niche.

To the writer of this article and everyone else who has and will start the Macs vs PC flamewar, grow up.
2002-12-29 10:40:09 AM  
I think this would be cool. Any alternative to MS on the pc is welcome. Stir up some competition. Plus it'd just be neat. If only BeOs came to fruition. Hmmph.

(not quite full blown linux zealot talking, go figure)
2002-12-29 10:41:30 AM  
Here's the thing - argue all you want over benchmarking procedures and operations per whatchuwannameasureitby, just compare PCs and Macs in the same price class and look at their other components. Almost invariably the PC has twice as much memory (and nothing suchs more than a mac without a lot of memory), large HDs, better sound/video cards, and probably a printer and scanner and larger monitor to boot. Macs cost more because Apple is a hardware company first and foremost, and they have a monopoly on that hardware. Everything else is academic.
Frankly, I think more people should have Macs. My grandma should've gone with an iMac instead of that Compaq piece of steaming crap she has now. But geeks and gamers and technical people, a group of which I am part, will tell you in a second that Macs aren't even in the picture when it comes to choosing a personal machine (or building one, of course.) That'd be like a cardiologist coming home and eating pork rinds every night.
2002-12-29 10:42:54 AM  
Just for fun, I'd love to set up a dual Athlon machine running OSx86 and see what it will do. Too bad it's not likely to happen.
2002-12-29 10:43:28 AM  
Mass Fragmentation?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-29 10:44:02 AM  
I love defrag software out there.
2002-12-29 10:45:06 AM  

I also have had lots of fun tracking down stupid Windows problems and fixing them...

We have those too on the Mac, just not as quite as many (in my experience, anyway), which is to be expected I suppose with more standardized hardware. However, that fact, and the very strong Mac community, often make it easier to track down problems and solve them when you just don't have time to play around with your computer.

There is plenty of opportunity to play around with stuff, though. I have seven Macs and not one is stock. Much fun can be had trying to get stuff to work than shouldn't (IE free junk stuff people give you, like weird server hard drives and such). OS X also give an infinte amount of opportunity to hack, change, and otherwise screw up your system.
2002-12-29 10:45:39 AM  
Imagine a Beowulf cluster of those... Oh wait. Wrong site...
2002-12-29 10:46:19 AM  
Like Sidi said :)
Good machines, better for the "get stuff done at work" crowd (unless you're a sysadmin or something).
Just not the box of choice for those of us who have a thing for screwdrivers and dip switches :D

One little beef though - I've seen people claim that Macs are so much more stable than PCs... What on earth is this based on? True, you'll never see an illegal operation error dialogue come up on a Mac, but then I've had more Macs freeze on me than I can count. I'm thinking it's bad memory management, but I'm not a Mac expert in that regard. I can tellya that I've had no fewer technical snafus with Macs than I have with PCs... It's just that I can FIX PCs :P
2002-12-29 10:46:43 AM  
Sidi- biochemist? I thought you made shoes...
2002-12-29 10:47:29 AM  
Yeah, I think OS X is Apple's best move in the past decade, at least. It's a good OS both for linux-type geeks and for even the most casual user.
2002-12-29 10:49:01 AM  
Biochemist? Hey, can you score me some ergotamine tartrate? :)
2002-12-29 10:49:18 AM one ever realizes there's a shoe company of the same name. Guess that's because they're catering to the people who actually know what clipless pedals are and have way too much cash.

Anyway, I've got to go ski. Bye all.
2002-12-29 10:50:26 AM  
MAC is FASTER than PC? Are you fckin kiddin me? In what?
2002-12-29 10:50:27 AM  

I come from a disasterous pair of computers that, while running Windows 95, would give me the BSoD at least three-four times a day, doing operations as mundane as surfing the web and printing from Word.

Sure my mac freezes now and then - but compared to what I went through with my PCs, its as stable as a farking stone bridge.
2002-12-29 10:50:51 AM  
No...but Sigma sells crystal meth (both + and - enantiomers) for really damn cheap.
2002-12-29 10:51:27 AM  
Hear Hear, Sidi. My friend nearly talked me into buying a Mac when X came out. Genius move on their part.
What'd be really interesting to see is MS building an OS with *nix underpinnings, but I think I'll go catch a SwineAir flight to my ski chateau in Hell before that happens.
2002-12-29 10:52:01 AM  
They fixed the freezes with OSX, for the record. I've only had the whole system crash once (kernel panic) on one of my three OS X machines, and it was caused by a buggy open-source wireless card driver.

From what I've seem, XP and 2000 hardly ever BSOD. Thus, I personally am willing to stop bringing that up if windows people stop about Macs freezing.

I do not speak on behalf of the entire mac community, though I sometimes wish I did. :)
2002-12-29 10:53:23 AM  
"No...but Sigma sells crystal meth (both + and - enantiomers) for really damn cheap."

Naa, only natural stimulants for me. I like my teeth.
2002-12-29 10:54:22 AM  
Heterodyne - That's good to know. It's always hard to tell, because depending on what software you run and how often and together with what else during what phase of the moon - every computer acts differently. I know my dad's PC crashes a whole lot more than mine, and it's newer and has the same OS. But yeah that's why I prefer to compare Macs and PCs in terms of hardware, price, and features, because stuff like speed and stability can be a little hard to quantify.
2002-12-29 10:55:10 AM  
Oh btw, my PC running XP havent CRASH for 3 months now. Better yet, i can't remember the last time it crashed.
2002-12-29 10:56:21 AM  

That's nothing- I have OS X (10.1.5) running on an 8600 from 1996! (it does have a G3 upgrade, but it ran even without it) It's mostly useable, but not what I would call "quick". Makes a dandy web server.
2002-12-29 10:57:05 AM  
crap. That's what I get for staying up all night to watch the staidum get impoded.
2002-12-29 10:58:01 AM  

No, you're right. The PC people are always so quick to start speaking of "benchmarks", "My penis is bigger than yours", etc. fark it all - its all a matter of use.

Saying a PC is better than a Mac is like saying that table saws suck at pounding nails into wood when compared to a hammer.

Its not PC-types that are guilty of that... THere are several Mac-snobs that are quick to turn their nose up at PCs and their users. They're just as bad.

If PCs gave me what Macs gave me, I'd use one in a second. But until then, I'll stick with the fruit.
2002-12-29 10:59:30 AM  
Its not JUST PC-types that are guilty of snobbery.. damn typos...
2002-12-29 11:01:22 AM  
MrCharlie: Hehehe, agreed :)
Yeah, all the memory management problems seem to be completely obliterated in OS X, and 2000/XP are much more fault tolerant now (when things crash they don't bring down the OS).
How bout another compromise? MS can make the windows operating system purdier if Apple agrees to stop selling iMacs that look like mutant sea creatures :)

And the inevitable:
[image from too old to be available]
"Plug and Play" :)
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