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(BlackVampyr)   Women of Fark (and men too) (someone mirror this before it gets Farked -Drew)   ( divider line
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11224 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Aug 2001 at 12:13 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-23 11:28:23 AM  
BraveLittleToaster - Let's see some pics of you. We've got kat on there, how's about yourself?

Oh, and I'm going home for lunch, gonna post about 10 people while I'm there. site might be slow while I download my zip file
2001-08-23 11:28:58 AM  
Oh, and I'm interested to hear if anyone is having major problems getting to the site. Please let me know that.
2001-08-23 11:31:42 AM  

Awesome job! Is this a good thing? I dunno, now I have to
visualize the faces when I read the comments...

Hey... no [image from too old to be available] for men... I've got one somewhere of me, mebbe I'll dig it up. mebbe, I think wifey has it somewhere.

If anyone cares, she bowled a 297 friday night.

2001-08-23 11:37:04 AM  
Farking-loving-it = How-could-you-not
2001-08-23 11:37:37 AM  
Excessive Force: That chick is really hot! Is that your girlfriend?
2001-08-23 11:39:48 AM  
Why aren't my pics showing up?? Is photoisland not working?
2001-08-23 11:45:48 AM  
ImABraveLittleToaster: <blush> thanks
post a pic!
2001-08-23 11:55:19 AM  
oh, and for the record: I'm a geek, but not an asshole
2001-08-23 11:56:45 AM  
ummmm how do i post my pic????? i guess i'm not a big enuff geek
2001-08-23 11:57:49 AM  
i'm sure this wont work but...

nope, it didn't LMAO
2001-08-23 11:57:56 AM  
Ok, update is posted - we have like 8 new guys, and 3 new girls, including one nsfw.

Will post more later tonight. If everyone continues to send me emails with pics, I'll be able to perform another update almost immediately after getting home, and then one other one later that night
2001-08-23 11:58:58 AM  
"Farking Luv It" is my new "dream" ...
Heh Heh Heh
That didn't sound sick, did it?
Unless, of course, she likes that sort of thing!
Just don't tell my wife!!
2001-08-23 12:12:03 PM  
Hehe, It's preserved forever Mme!

Seriously though, if anyone doesn't want their pix shown, let Blackvampyr or I know, and I guess we'll pass the word around to anyone else hosting a mirror...

(hosting providers who offer unlimited bandwidth are a good thing)
2001-08-23 12:17:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Me as a boy.
2001-08-23 12:22:27 PM  
For farks sake people! If you are going to put a pic here at least TRY to trim it down below 100k. This thread is barely started(compared to the last one) and the page is pushing 1 MEG already.
2001-08-23 12:22:40 PM  
Feel free to add my ugly mug.

[image from too old to be available]

ph34r. kekeke.
2001-08-23 12:30:16 PM  
Posting this one for JODIBUG:


2001-08-23 12:30:55 PM  
GAWD, what a dumbass...

[image from too old to be available]

2001-08-23 12:36:05 PM  
Whew. I didn't make the list.
2001-08-23 12:39:36 PM  
awe, ty georgebrett. can't see much of me though. LOL i'm in the middle between a couple of good friends. will have to dig around when i get home and look for some more pics :)
2001-08-23 12:44:08 PM  
Yes, I'm proud to say she is.
2001-08-23 12:48:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Better late then never right? lol
2001-08-23 12:51:58 PM  
One more try...

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-23 12:53:16 PM  
Werent you in Grnage Hill or something similar comedic
I know that face but cant quite place it .........
2001-08-23 12:59:49 PM  
so many hot guys, i want you all!
2001-08-23 01:03:34 PM  
thanks straightedge. if only you could see my ass.
2001-08-23 01:04:09 PM  
Straightedgehotchic - Believe me the feeling is very mutual :)
2001-08-23 01:06:25 PM  
DalePickle... why not just post a pic?

OK... forget the fark party.... when and where is the fark orgy??? i am so there!
2001-08-23 01:06:27 PM  
I have longer hair now. The Army was fun!
This is the only picture that exists of me, the CIA destroyed all the others because of that little mishap in Afgahnistan

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-23 01:07:23 PM  
I don't have a picture of my ass handy unfortunately :(
2001-08-23 01:11:17 PM  
Grnage hill?
I have no idea what that is.
A short bio may come in handy? I _highly_ doubt you know me.

I'm 16 and I live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
My name is Jay, and blah blah blah.

Maybe that clarifies the fact that you don't know me?

2001-08-23 01:11:21 PM  
this mirror has been updated to the latest stuff: or
here for clickers among you.
2001-08-23 01:11:46 PM  

I believe a FARKORGY would be best somewhere in the MIDDLE of the country...

don't you agree??

2001-08-23 01:13:02 PM  
DalePickle.... need a photographer?
2001-08-23 01:13:35 PM  
Everone who's sending me emails, keep 'em coming. Expect another update by about 6:30 pm tonight. It would be sooner, but work has just jumped in the way (the nerve of work, getting in the way like that).
2001-08-23 01:14:40 PM  
GeorgeBrett.... hmmm.... possibly Missouri??? ;)
2001-08-23 01:14:50 PM  
I dont want anybody masturbating to my boyfriends picture, please. I know he is hot and all, but that creeps me out. Thank you.
2001-08-23 01:15:08 PM  
Jodibug: Sure ... and bring along your friend on the left
2001-08-23 01:16:08 PM  
My picture is A-OK for masturbation though. Go nuts ladies.
2001-08-23 01:16:09 PM  
St. Louis sounds fantastic!
2001-08-23 01:16:34 PM  
Ermmm...Can we still masturbate to your picture Mrs. Max Load?

2001-08-23 01:34:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

hardy har har
2001-08-23 01:34:51 PM  
Put that face on a mug and they'll see like hotcakes.
2001-08-23 01:35:14 PM has been updated to reflect Ciphero's additions.

2001-08-23 01:35:21 PM  
Sell dammit.
2001-08-23 01:38:13 PM  
well Mrs Max Load... do you have one of you posted for us then??? :P

DalePickle: can do :P have some other friends too. LOL
2001-08-23 01:40:37 PM  
Ok. I think everyone needs to keep it thier pants
2001-08-23 01:44:04 PM  
hmmm, bad pic of good looking guy by pool table... i'll try and resist
2001-08-23 01:46:35 PM  
two days at work and I miss the fun. :(

Hey BlackVamp would you mind adding me to the page? Ask Melinka , I'm legit. :)
2001-08-23 01:47:52 PM  
keep what in their pants? *blinks innocently*
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