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55761 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2002 at 11:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-28 11:03:02 AM  
2002-12-28 11:03:19 AM  
I'd bet THEY would support a decriminalization of the weed!
Oh yeah!
2002-12-28 11:05:10 AM  
I support a decriminalization of weed!
2002-12-28 11:08:29 AM  
Press release photos?...bummer
2002-12-28 11:11:33 AM  
Feh....naked is better...Lani Todd

2002-12-28 11:13:13 AM  
Boobies-less boobies post.
2002-12-28 11:14:27 AM  
For a minute there, I thought they had sports programming on Playboy TV in the USA.
2002-12-28 11:14:45 AM  
Melissa Stark wins. Goddamn she is hot.
2002-12-28 11:17:47 AM  
9th?? with cheekbones like THAT?? People got NO taste..

[image from too old to be available]

2002-12-28 11:21:40 AM  
errr... 6th.. I'm still distraught.
2002-12-28 11:23:34 AM  
What's this? FOX, going for looks over substance? Say it isn't so? ;)
2002-12-28 11:29:54 AM  
hmmmm Boobies
2002-12-28 11:36:23 AM  
Jill Arington....oreo?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-28 11:38:24 AM  
Mmmm, Jillain is quite the hottie too.
[image from too old to be available]

Yet another fine example of a SFW boobies post.
2002-12-28 11:39:02 AM  
WTF? these are FACES not BOOBIES. I suppose I could just shoot it in her eye.

//kills 3 kittens just for shiats and giggles
2002-12-28 11:42:07 AM  
Dammit clothes. I so wanted to see Melissa Stark in the nude.
2002-12-28 11:46:26 AM  
I suppose I could just shoot it in her eye

I'm quite sure that affirmation will help her through the day.

Made me laugh almost as hard as when the Daily Show refers to the ladies who do the financial reports on tv as "Money Bunnies."
2002-12-28 11:47:41 AM  

Yep...Jillian would be the one for me.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-12-28 11:48:09 AM  
lamest. boobies. ever. How about some actual naked boobs next time!
2002-12-28 11:54:14 AM  
3 down, 9 to go...

//gently massages wrist to ease muscle tension
2002-12-28 11:54:18 AM  
I can't stand women sportscasters, I don't care how hot they are.
The only time chicks should be on the field is as a cheerleader and they sure as fark should NOT be allowed in the locker rooms.
While I'm at it, how come they only show like 4 seconds of the cheerleaders the whole farkin' game.
I'm looking forward to some good NFL action this weekend.
2002-12-28 12:09:05 PM  
Tag should be "Faces!"
2002-12-28 12:16:02 PM  
I am all about Melissa Stark.

She makes me all tingly in my private areas.
2002-12-28 12:17:55 PM  
No Suze Kolber!! There is no justice. BTW, Barberie is such a nasty looking skank. I don't see the appeal.
2002-12-28 12:19:08 PM  
:\ Lame boobies.

Proper tag would be Facials. ;) Surely we can get a nice PS'ed one here soon.
2002-12-28 12:26:45 PM  
fark Sportscasters, Rudi Bakhtiar wins.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-28 12:32:59 PM  
Jillian is as nice as hell too. Great looks and great personality.
2002-12-28 12:42:21 PM  
what? no links to galleries of Jillian or L. Guererro naked?

2002-12-28 01:11:56 PM  
Farking SFW!
2002-12-28 01:19:18 PM  
"Sanders was a swimming commentator at the Sydney summer games, and she drove the boys wild whenever she mentioned the breaststroke."

2002-12-28 01:27:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd Hit It! and then to on the safe side I'd Hit It AGAIN!
2002-12-28 01:44:18 PM  
HellRaiserandBeerDrinker: Did you forget to take your pills today or something? :-)
2002-12-28 01:46:59 PM  

On what planet is she hot?
[image from too old to be available]

Or is this one of those "In the land of the blind" deals?

2002-12-28 01:54:40 PM  
AbbyNormal there are only so many female sportscasters, they had to throw a few in there just to take up space ;)
2002-12-28 01:56:01 PM  
They didn't get my favorite.

She's cute, she's an actual journalist, and she knows more about football than 95% of men.

I give you Andrea Kremer, ESPN.
2002-12-28 02:16:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-28 03:09:56 PM  
WHY, oh WHY did this have a BOOBIES tag on it???
wil [TotalFark]
2002-12-28 03:13:21 PM  
2002-12-28 03:43:49 PM  
I vote for Ann Werner (ESPN). Can anyone find a picture of her? I am having no luck.
2002-12-28 03:55:31 PM  
Jillian Barberi=0wnz
I dunno how she didn't place first.
2002-12-28 04:16:18 PM  
C'mon guys, how about posting a SFW? You trying to get a guy fired?

If you're not careful, Wil is going to start reacting all over the place and we wouldn't want that to happen.
2002-12-28 04:58:00 PM  
What about Suzy Kolber?????? The humanity!!!!
2002-12-28 06:05:59 PM  
From the "winner" page:
" Unfortunately, Arrington declined an offer to pose for Although she wasn't immediately available to explain the rebuff, she may reveal to her reason for rejection in the not-too-distant future."

Cause shes a man baaby...yeah....

Or not.
2002-12-28 06:37:08 PM  
Where's the love?

Looking up Suzy Kolber on, came up with 2 pics - one was Melissa Starks.
2002-12-28 07:45:40 PM  
Hmmm, rather an old article...In the text Dennis Miller is still part of MNF.....I guess Miss Arlington never decided to tell why she wouldn't show her boobies to the masses....
2002-12-28 09:45:36 PM  
This is at least a year old. It was a lot more exciting when we could hope that at least one of these women would say yes (Playboy probably asked them all). I still can't believe Playboy couldn't provide more then headshots.

And Jillian Barberie, while a hottie, is so annoying. peI used to watch Good Day LA a lot when I was in HS (No early classes), and she was a lot hotter (and showed more cleavage) then. Now she spends too much time talking about dogs from the shelter or all the other shows she does.
2002-12-28 09:54:22 PM  
Old article, but interesting. I'd hit Stark and Guererro.
2002-12-28 11:25:55 PM  
Yo, X-Chip:

Damn straight. Inga RULES.

And Mattjarrells:

Mmmm. Ann Werner. She's a damn fine reporter, and damn fine, if you get me.
2002-12-29 12:31:15 AM  
Jillian Barberie isn't married anymore. She's back on the market. She's annoying as hell, though.

Inga Hammond is worth the trip.

Jill Arrington went to U of Miami, so she's automatically disqualified.
2002-12-29 12:35:36 AM  
If Jillian Barbieri were only 1/4 as hot as she thinks she is, she might get my vote. However, that'll never be the case. Anyway, since I tend to like women with a little substance between the ears, she's out.

Bonnie Bernstein - hottie with a brain - what more could you want?
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