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(MSNBC)   Alabama Governor says to pierced boys, "If God had wanted you to wear earrings, he'd have made you a girl."   ( divider line
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2001-08-23 12:16:03 AM  
Note to Alabama Govenor.
shut the fark up!!!
2001-08-23 12:17:27 AM  
This is an outrage. Please, PLEASE send a letter to the Governor and tell him how you feel about his degrading, old-fashioned, closed-minded statements!

2001-08-23 12:20:31 AM  
holy hell...this link's only a few minutes old and theres already 3 posts...well, two relevant ones. This ought to be a big thread.

2001-08-23 12:22:21 AM  
screw the middle east peace talks, talk about an unbridgable impasse. The parents offered to cover the earing with a band aid, and the school counteroffered with allowing the student to wear the earring for a few minutes while eating lunch alone in the principal's office. Does peace have a chance?

Are these people on the same planet as us?
2001-08-23 12:23:11 AM  
Well, this is Alabama. I'm surprised that the Governor got away from farking his sister to issue a statement.
2001-08-23 12:30:42 AM  


2001-08-23 12:37:58 AM  
i'm glad the separation of church and state is properly enforced in alabama.
2001-08-23 12:42:02 AM  
I knew Alabama was a few decades behind, but for crying out loud.
Exactly where in the Bible does it define what is men's fashion and what is women's fashion?
To women: "Thou shalt wear long skirts, turtlenecks, and earrings."
To men: "Thou shalt wear pants and no earrings, lest ye look a fool."
2001-08-23 12:42:09 AM  
Oh please

the gov of Alabama has done stuff like this for years, anybody besides me remeber when he brough back the chain gang,

he put the 10 commandments back up, he'll say stuff like that, wake me when he tries to pass a bill banning men from getting piercings... then I'll worry

but for a comment... naah
2001-08-23 12:53:48 AM  
I must have missed that part of the Bible where it says guys can't wear earrings. Maybe it is in the Special Education Alabama Edition.
2001-08-23 01:00:16 AM  
I don't think this one is biblical I think it's just he's a strict strict strict "aliens visited me" fundimentalsit type

he thinks men shouldn't have earrings and he said it in public.

now this actually doesn't disturb me because
1) we know where he stands
2) at least he's not your typical let's kiss ass politican

Say what you want, you always know where you stand with the bastard....
2001-08-23 01:03:20 AM  
I always wondered how the sex of a child was determined. So God looks at the child 15-20 years from then, and if it looks good with earrings says, "This one's a girl," if not, "It's a boy." Gosh it all makes so much sense now!
2001-08-23 01:06:23 AM  
I hardly even notice mine anymore-- until I go home to Kentucky.

Then we gots problems.
2001-08-23 01:12:43 AM  
"Thou shalt wear a short skirt withe a long jacket"
2001-08-23 01:15:32 AM  
Gotta love Alabama...
I live in Georgia and if it weren't for Alabama we would have nobody to make fun of.
2001-08-23 01:17:19 AM  
Put all the people in the world like him in an air tight box and release anthrax on 'em. A bit 'o flesh eating virus would also be nice.
2001-08-23 01:20:43 AM  
As long as people are free to move where ever they want, I can't really feel sorry for people suffering Alabama.
2001-08-23 01:23:36 AM  
It's not like a third grader has much choice about where he lives. Hopefully his parents will get the hell out. A shame; I hear it's a beautiful state.
2001-08-23 01:25:04 AM  
Just send them to prison for a while...that'll teach them...

Oh wait, they'll be turned into girls (literally) if that happens. Never mind.
2001-08-23 01:27:52 AM  
What about nose rings? What gender does that make you?
2001-08-23 01:31:44 AM  
God hasn't gotten round to putting that in writing yet. Have patience my son.
2001-08-23 01:38:27 AM  
Heh Heh...gotta love living in Alabama.

I actually live 2 miles from Hoover, and I used to go to church with Jack Farr's daughter (she was a cutie).

I went to school here at a neighboring suburb of Vestavia(I graduated in 1990). We had a tighter dress code than this--shirtails tucked in, hair couldn't touch collar, etc. And to be honest, looking back I think it made HS a better learning experience. High schools in this area are some of the best in the nation, and a good part of that is because of the standards.

But the REAL CRIME here is that the parents are keeping the kid out of school while this is going on. They won't just take the earing out until the mess is cleared up. Real good for the kid.
2001-08-23 01:40:06 AM  
Oh yeah, and Alabama IS a great place to live.....
2001-08-23 01:40:48 AM  
As a resident of Alabama, I would just like to apologize for our governor. The only thing not depressing about Alabama politics is the gainful employment it gives to editorial cartoonists.
2001-08-23 01:41:44 AM  
Ummmmmm the Goveror is SO wrong about this. How stupid can a man be?! For the love of... If God had wanted you to wear earring, he would have made you with holes in your ears"

2001-08-23 01:51:41 AM  
If God had wanted you to have piercings, he would have made pointy objects!
2001-08-23 01:57:01 AM  
what a shiatbrick...

I say somebody pierces his sack and hangs an anvil from it.
2001-08-23 02:11:13 AM  
And all these years I thought you weren't suppose to mark your body (piercing or otherwise) because you are to maintain your body in the image that God intended.... Nice to see that his selective thinking now makes women seperate from that rule.
2001-08-23 02:31:17 AM  
Yeah - the fact that he doesn't blindly follow laws written in a book that doesn't even make sense anymore - that's exactly what makes this so funny.

Geez, why does someone always have to thrust religion into matters like these. Religion is probably the reason this misguided person thinks the way he does in the first place.
2001-08-23 02:59:50 AM  
I cannot beleive what a world of faggots we live in.

I dont follow the bible, but this bloke is correct, males should not have peircings.
I can honestly say to any males out there reading this who have peircings, you look like complete and utter fools.
(just letting you know)
2001-08-23 03:24:48 AM  
I think piercing is stupid an unnatural regardless of your gender
just say no kids
2001-08-23 04:52:19 AM  

Can I put my penis on your shoulder? You farkTard!
2001-08-23 05:43:33 AM  
What would the world be without dress codes? When I was a little farker, girls weren't even allowed to wear pants to school.
2001-08-23 05:44:20 AM  
Oh, yeah. Dresses and skirts were all right.
2001-08-23 06:11:26 AM  
Most of you are missing the key point here

"a dispute over earrings worn by third-grader"

A farken 3rd grade boy wants to wear ear rings. I mean, sure, if he wants to wear one out of school and look like a little faggot.. then sure. But in school? Why does he need a ear ring in school?. This is not some high school I hate my parents and life thing, this is a 3rd grader wanting to do something he doesn't yet understand. And here we are again with parents that are willing to let thier kid do anything. What is that telling the kid?.. if you don't get something your way, get mommy and daddy to sue whom ever?..

2001-08-23 06:13:55 AM  
The Governor then went on to say: "If God had wanted girls to goto school, he would have made them boys"
2001-08-23 06:14:15 AM  
Well, Getfarked is an aussie. They are even more hung about being maschismo (sp?) than up here.

Like Disgruntled said, at least you know where he stands.

"I don't think guys ought to be wearing earrings. I think kids who put metal in their tongues are idiots. Parents ought to be there talking to their kids and saying, 'You know what kind of fool you look like with an earring? If God had wanted you to wear earrings, he'd have made you a girl"

I bet if you called this guy a girly man, his face would go red and he'd start cursing and he's take off his shirt and say "NO I AM NOT A GIRLY MAN!" and then attempt to flex any muscle he has.
2001-08-23 06:19:24 AM  
Did anyone bother to remind the governer that had God wanted his opinion, he would have given him a brain?
2001-08-23 06:40:32 AM  
I'd like to see him say that to a big giant samoan guy.

"You know, that earring makes you look like a little girl. You take it up the ass or something?"

Seconds later the guards are try to remove a big giant fist from the middle of his face.

Funny how he can say that to little kids, but soon as someone bigger than him confronts him on it, he'll cave.

You know, as I read the article, I found it pretty damn funny. I can't say I disagree with the govenor, but I know that some males can pull it off and some can't.
Mr. T... he's cool with earrings.
Richard Simmons... well, no need to explore that.

But a 3rd grader wanting earrings? I was probably still shiatting my pants at that age. Kinda makes you wonder about his parents.
2001-08-23 07:02:10 AM  
Frksamor: Laff!
2001-08-23 07:23:31 AM  
It's amusing to see you Americans getting all upset about this. I'm surprised you bother. The guy is clearly a dick, but why get so uppity? At least he hasn't shot his pregnant wife and run off with his kid yet.

Anyway, it's attitudes like that that stop school shootings happening. I don't see what the problem is.
2001-08-23 07:37:39 AM  
Christians need to realize once and for all that there is no such thing as god, the whole theory doesn't hold water, and the product of this human myth is stupid people like this guy. His punishment should be a "prince albert". Get this old fart out of the way, generation X comming through!

Pass the pipe!!!
2001-08-23 07:49:31 AM  
I'm just going to guess that he's a Rebuplican
2001-08-23 07:52:27 AM  
I can't agree with the govenor's reasoning but I agree that 8 year olds should leave the ear rings at home.
There should be school uniforms in public school.
Yes, I said it. The number one priority of schools, parents, and kids should be learning. period.
All this crap about earings, Polo shirts, shorts, Tommy Hilfiger, Air Jordans. ITS ALL DISTRACTING.
Uniforms are cheaper, Give the kids a sense of unity, and less distracting.
2001-08-23 07:52:48 AM  
Somebody should make this guy attend Rev. Jim Rose's Circus, he would have a coronary.
2001-08-23 07:53:09 AM  
If God didn't want people to be taxed, he wouldn't have gave them money!
2001-08-23 07:53:50 AM  
Good one Warp!
2001-08-23 07:59:22 AM  
Actually, the bible does specify at least one time when men should wear earrings.

Exodus, 21:6
Then his master shall bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul; and he shall serve him for ever.
2001-08-23 08:04:04 AM  
To: Govener of Alabama

If god wante you to have a brain you would have been born in another state.
2001-08-23 08:12:24 AM  
Fark! 3 Bad Kitties in 5 minutes!

Just wanted to get that off my chest.
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