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(Some Guy)   Newcastle Ale wants you to win a trip to Vail   ( divider line
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1741 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2002 at 7:32 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-27 03:35:47 PM  
Just what I'm drinking tonight. Coincidence? I think not. I shall win this contest and conquer Vail.
2002-12-27 03:37:57 PM I wont. It's American. Your lucky, citizens of Vail..this time.
2002-12-27 07:40:35 PM  
No, they want to spam me. I'll pass
2002-12-27 07:43:18 PM  
Wow, and I want me to win a trip to Vail too. What a coincidence!
2002-12-27 07:47:03 PM  
"In compliance with state laws, residents of California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are ineligible for this Sweepstakes. Void where prohibited."

I'm really starting to dislike California.
2002-12-27 07:50:46 PM  
Wow, They really want ME to win! I'm touched!
2002-12-27 07:51:23 PM  
I place my bet on Martin Atkins.
2002-12-27 07:53:57 PM  
Again with the CA....

2002-12-27 08:03:43 PM  
What a coincidence. I want me to win a trip to Vail too.
wil [TotalFark]
2002-12-27 08:17:14 PM  
They want me to win, but I live in California,so I can't win.

2002-12-27 08:47:11 PM  
What's the dealio with Cali? Almost all of these alcohol-related contests are void in CA. Grey Davis sucks butt. Why oh why did I move here???! Oh yeah, the weather heheh.

Here's a decent contest CA residents can enter:

Win a seven night trip for 2 to New Zealand PLUS a 2003 Kia Sorento SUV. Yee haw!
2002-12-27 08:48:46 PM  
In California it is illegal for residents to enter contests hosted by a company that produces tasty sweet alcohol.

No beer contests.
No booze contests.
Listerine contests? Who knows, but it's good if you need a buzz.
2002-12-27 09:01:28 PM  
Newcastle .. ugh... you can drink the newcastle that is brewed in the states but don't drink the newcastle that is actually from newcastle..
2002-12-27 09:43:07 PM  
Ah yes....

Newcastle brown
It'll sure slap you down
a greasy whore, and a rollin dance floor
got your head spinnin round
2002-12-27 09:57:15 PM  
Darkmayo - bollocks
2002-12-27 10:03:59 PM  
"alcohol beverage wholesalers, retailers, and distributors ... are not eligible"

That eliminates me.
2002-12-27 11:48:38 PM  
Mmm, newcastle.

Unfortunately, working at a grocery store, I'm inelidgible.
2002-12-27 11:51:23 PM  
No California?? wtf Guess I'll just use my sisters address in Michigan. Always use a address when signing up for something like this.
2002-12-28 12:01:31 AM  
I drink a case of Newcastle every month yet I cant enter!?!
2002-12-28 12:11:15 AM  
No thanks...Vail sucks.

FYI, Vail has raised the price of one-day lift tickets to almost $80 this year. The mountain isn't THAT nice. It's filled with out-of-towners who snowplow down the entire hill.
2002-12-28 12:16:02 AM  
Vail is nice, but I really like Beaver Creek.

Actually a free trip is badass, but if you want to ski in Colorado cheap go to A Basin, its a small place but it has amazing terrain and a season pass is under 200 bucks. Plus its closer to Denver and it doesn't have the rich asshats who can't ski clogging up the slopes.
2002-12-28 12:17:37 AM  
I'll drink Guiness and ski at Mt Hood...

Fark em'.
2002-12-28 12:34:47 AM  
Scre the trip, I just want a
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-28 02:09:35 AM  
i won! i won!

no, ralph, this means you are failing english.

me fail english, that's unpossible.
2002-12-28 02:34:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-28 03:06:25 AM  
Damn, I drink Newcastle like it was water, and I snowboard...

But I too live in CA.
2002-12-28 08:29:27 AM  
Newcastle Ale wants you to win a trip to Vail
Just enter your address and we'll send you e-mail
We'll spam you and spam you without fail
Those inkjet ads will by comparison pale
The X-Cam pop-ups will seem tired and stale
This poem is lame, so I guess I'll bail
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