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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Chicago's "boot crews" to debut at Midway airport. Happy New Year   ( divider line
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2002-12-27 11:00:01 AM  
Here they just won't renew your licence until you pay. Seems simpler.
2002-12-27 02:59:07 PM  
Das Boot Crew

[image from too old to be available]

Oh come on, you knew someone was going to do it.
2002-12-27 02:59:19 PM  
hahahaha...boot an airplane....hahahahahaha

ok, I got nothin'...
2002-12-27 03:00:29 PM  
Homer Simpson joke in 3...2...1...
2002-12-27 03:01:58 PM  
Me crew?
2002-12-27 03:02:02 PM  
I thought these boots were made for walking...
cue Dave Mustaine... "are ya ready, boots?"
2002-12-27 03:02:40 PM  
Simple: Don't park like a dumbass (or at least pay the tickets when you get them), and you won't have these problems.

2002-12-27 03:03:48 PM  
Why did this get a "sad"? If ya can't park you deserve it.
2002-12-27 03:05:52 PM  
Another vote for sanity in paying off parking tickets. If you don't like 'em, either find a legit method of parking or move to nowheresville where they can afford real estate for your %#$@&! car.
2002-12-27 03:06:36 PM  
Yet another reason to keep a Black & Decker cordless grinder in your trunk.
2002-12-27 03:08:13 PM  
Abby - wait until you get an undeserved ticket.

I had fun fighting a parking ticket in the peoples republic of cambridge over the summer. they said I illegally parked my spider back in feb. 3 phone calls later someone (obvously one of the higher paid city employees) noticed the ticked was marked 90something honda - which is quite different than a 76 fiat.
2002-12-27 03:12:36 PM  
" the Daley administration is planning to bring the boot to the captive audience at Midway to bolster city revenues "

Nothing more needs to be said.
2002-12-27 03:12:48 PM  
They could have booted your fiat just on general principle.

I know I would have.
2002-12-27 03:15:11 PM  
2002-12-27 03:17:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-27 03:19:31 PM  

Abby - wait until you get an undeserved ticket.

That would involve me getting a car.

I did get one for parking a rented uhaul on my street over night, the ticket said I wasn't allowed to park a comercial vehicle on my strett. So I took photos of ever street sign on for 3 blocks and asked them to show me where that was posted. They dropped it.

Besides, they don't boot you for one parking ticket.

2002-12-27 03:23:34 PM  
This post should've had a HERO tag! Screw those who don't pay their parking fines. But if you are one of those losers (been there done that), and would still like to F-T-System even after getting a boot, might I suggest being prepared by learning how to PICK LOCKS!

Usually the boots are only secured with an easily picked padlock, but I have seen designs that also use the tougher tubelock. Also have a few extra tools handy incase they have tightned the clamp to hard with the boot wrench.
2002-12-27 03:25:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-27 03:27:41 PM  
This would work much better than a boot

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-27 03:28:36 PM  
This too

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-27 03:37:46 PM  
You know, if you bought 4 boots, and put them on all your tires whenever you parked illegally, could they really do anything to your car?
2002-12-27 03:38:46 PM  
Fark the C of C. Anyone who lives here and parks on the street knows how much of a pain in the ass having a car is. Have lived all over the city over the past six years (Rogers Park, Lakeview, Wicker, Wrigleyville and the Gold Coast), sold my car recently, NEVER been happier.

PS - Chicago cabs suck too.
2002-12-27 03:39:41 PM  
51, I give your 2nd one a difficulty score of 9.7! Good show!
2002-12-27 03:40:26 PM  
Rather, third. With the black cars...
2002-12-27 03:45:55 PM  
Yeah, I think they pour sugar in your gas tank and pour brake fluid on the hood
2002-12-27 03:47:03 PM  

90something honda - which is quite different than a 76 fiat.

How much crack had they been smoking? How could anyone make that mistake?

What colour is it? My dad has a red one, I love driving it. I grew up with Fiats, I just love them.

Did they drop the ticket? Here in NYC they'd have too. We got a parking ticket on a Triumph Adventurer (motorcycle), but in the space for the make they wrote "Adventurer" Instead of "Triumph" so they had to drop the ticket.

2002-12-27 03:57:10 PM  
We have lots of government resources to waste here, so what they do is suspend your license which means you are arrested within days since the police force is a roaming illegal search and seizure squad running license plate numbers all day long, then your car is impounded.

I'd much rather risk the boot if I forget to pay a parking ticket.
2002-12-27 04:07:39 PM  
Abby - wait until you get an undeserved ticket.

They don't boot for an undeserved ticket, they boot for 3 or more unpaid tickets.

If you have 3 or more unpaid, undeserved parking tickets, you need to have you karma checked, because you are dang unlucky.
2002-12-27 04:10:55 PM  
abby - yes they dropped the ticket, but it did take 3 phone calls until they realized the mistake.

... and my fiat is also red :-)
hey, in less than 5 months I can back it outta the garage again wheeeeeee
2002-12-27 04:16:35 PM  
The shiatty thing is that they're booting your car in airport parking.

If you don't have the money to pay, you get stuck with an extra 10-15 bucks/day fine until you can afford to get your car out.

I have no problem with booting people's cars for not paying their tickets, but to boot them in a place where they're going to be charged even more money for every day they can't pay seems pretty shiatty.
2002-12-27 04:17:28 PM  
Looks like I picked a bad time to steal license plates. again.
2002-12-27 04:19:40 PM  
I thought it said "boob crew". feh.
wil [TotalFark]
2002-12-27 04:20:30 PM  
I had this really funny idea.

I was going to post an image from that Simpsons episode where Bart has to get the booting, when they're down in Austraila.

I went to Google Images to search for it, and instead I found this.

I think this is much better than a booting.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-27 04:23:03 PM  
Ok, to hell with the Page 3 girls........Who's THIS chick??
2002-12-27 04:24:50 PM  
I agree. Liz Hurley is fantastic.
2002-12-27 04:26:38 PM  
Wil... Um, exactly what were your search terms?

Oh, and the title of this article made me think they were bringing jackbooted nazi thugs to do 'security' and 'searches' of 'suspicious persons' at the airport, which actually didn't surprise me at all.
2002-12-27 04:26:48 PM  
THAT'S Liz Hurley??

She looks different, for some reason.........

Maybe I'm just a little loopy today.
2002-12-27 04:28:38 PM  
Wil: I think this is much better than a booting.

For what? For discouraging such scofflawery, i don't think she'd be all that effective. Would you be less apt to park illegally if there were a chance she'd show up? :)
Now, maybe she could be used for increasing city revenue, but I think that's illegal.
2002-12-27 04:44:08 PM  
New essentials for trunk emergency kit: bolt cutters, portable grinder, safety glasses. Optional: 1 meter of 100 grain det cord.
2002-12-27 05:24:24 PM  
Thats true dildo. in the case of the padlock, a sharp pair of boltcutters would be the easiest option.
2002-12-27 05:56:45 PM  
Mr. Simpson, hush. Disparaging the boot is a bootable offence!"
2002-12-27 08:12:20 PM  
yetti: I wouldnt have a car either if I didn't work in the poopy suburbs (Deerfield)
2002-12-27 11:11:53 PM  
I had no idea what the headline meant. I had visions of shoe inspectors. Then I had visions of army training camps. Then I had visions of naval battles in the Pacific fought with airplanes.
2002-12-28 10:40:58 AM  
I've never undstood these devices. A simple pair of bolt cutters can release it. Also, what's to stop you from throwing a dolly under the thing and just taking it to a garage? Any mechanic I know would overlook any "illegality" of removing it for a few bucks...
2002-12-28 03:06:08 PM  
thanks WIL ! Nice eye candy.
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