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(WMVX)   German playboy seeks women to kill him with sex   ( divider line
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6768 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2002 at 9:14 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-27 09:17:35 AM  
Killing him softly with her song?
2002-12-27 09:19:16 AM  
not to be an ass, but isn't this a repost?
2002-12-27 09:19:21 AM  
Ummm...I'll give a pretty lady one MILLION dollars to hump me to death. Payable only upon death of course.
2002-12-27 09:19:23 AM  
I think that Fark needs to have "Repeat" day where they repost stories and boobie links from the past. Today is starting to look like that.
2002-12-27 09:19:48 AM  
Indeed, a repost it is... or at the very least old news.
2002-12-27 09:20:47 AM  
"My real desire is to die on a lady, while making love"
and for this she gets $125,000? seems like such an attractive offer...
2002-12-27 09:21:25 AM  
Should make for an interesting "Caption this guy's headstone" thread....
2002-12-27 09:21:27 AM  
Its a total repeat. Damn. I need to be entertained at work and today, Fark just is not cutting it.
2002-12-27 09:22:54 AM  
This is either the third or the fourth time this article has been posted.
2002-12-27 09:23:40 AM  
Is he a feces freak?
2002-12-27 09:30:54 AM  
So, this guy hasn't found any takers yet?
2002-12-27 09:38:01 AM  
Emilykp: I know what you mean. Nothing to do here at work and nobody to talk to. And then this repeat happens. What is this world coming to?
2002-12-27 09:41:19 AM  
Damn repeats. I'm with Emilykp and Serpico on this one, why doesn't anything interesting happen on holiday weeks when I'm at work? *yawn*
2002-12-27 09:42:10 AM  
Please - I'm here all day. New posts....please.
2002-12-27 09:43:44 AM  
HumbleGod: Huntsville? At least your a little warmer than here in Cleveland.
2002-12-27 09:43:57 AM  
12-27-02 09:19:16 AM Diadem
not to be an ass, but isn't this a repost?

Yup, sure is. Maybe even the third or fourth time.
2002-12-27 09:44:44 AM  
So what if it's a repost? There still must be some unused Anna Nicole Smith jokes
2002-12-27 09:45:04 AM  
Hasn't this been tried before?? Still, must be a nice way to go... I just feel sorry for the girl...
2002-12-27 09:48:34 AM  
I just quit this job and am trying to kill this next week and I NEED Fark to help me. Please, do not make me do work. Entertain me! Is that to much to ask?
2002-12-27 09:52:14 AM  
Emily, you've got the TF...there's gotta be something in there to keep you occupied.
2002-12-27 09:55:26 AM  
I actually have been trying to find some stuff to post on Fark. Sadly, I think it is a slow news day all over the place.
2002-12-27 09:57:21 AM  
2002-12-27 10:04:55 AM  
C'mon Jeff, make us some news!!!! You can do it!!
2002-12-27 10:06:40 AM  
Here's an idea:
Save repeats for the weekend.
Most of the folks who are on Fark all work week aren't here on the weekends, and vice versa, know.

I'm just sayin' is all.
2002-12-27 10:07:27 AM  
Please: Unfortunately, this basically is the weekend.
2002-12-27 10:07:28 AM  
I know this is soooo yesterday but, how often do you guys review articles that were submitted?
2002-12-27 10:11:03 AM  
HAhahahahah...repeat jokes.

I get jokes!
2002-12-27 10:13:17 AM  
Wait, this is a repeat?
2002-12-27 10:14:28 AM  
A repost is a glitch in the Matrix; it happens when they change something....
2002-12-27 10:19:21 AM  
2002-12-27 10:25:24 AM  
2002-12-27 10:30:13 AM  
shoulda gotten the "hero" tag
2002-12-27 10:35:43 AM  
repeat - but $125,000 for farking an old nazi? I think that's missing a zero for my ho's.
2002-12-27 10:51:51 AM  
2002-12-27 10:56:18 AM  
Definitely a Three-peat. Man...and I can't get my funny stuff posted. (There I covered whining on both counts).

Where's my Frookie?
2002-12-27 10:57:00 AM  
Quick question: You click on a link that's a repeat. Why don't you then realize, "Oh, this is a repeat. I guess I'll find something else to read"? Why do you click on the comments and fill the space with complaints about how it's a repeat?
2002-12-27 10:57:02 AM  
Jeff, just post this repeat continously over the next 24 hours. The same story on Fark for a day. It will weed out the weak Farkers. Eventually they will get tired of saying it's a repeat.
2002-12-27 10:58:05 AM  
Good call Alton. I will stand strong.
2002-12-27 11:00:53 AM  
Now, on topic, I would really like to know what sort of response this man has gotten. $125,000 isn't enough in my opinion. Not to mention that it's like playing the lottery to win it, what are the odds that he actually kicks it while you are "making love" to him?
2002-12-27 11:14:19 AM  
2002-12-27 11:30:31 AM  
How many more times am I going to see this on fark?
2002-12-27 11:34:47 AM  
Hell, this is a friggin' threepeat. Are we getting a taste of Total Fark?
2002-12-27 11:37:04 AM  
German playboy seeks women to kill him with sex

Who doesn't?
2002-12-27 11:59:40 AM  
Repeat. Sigh.
2002-12-27 12:22:42 PM  
I think I saw this 2 or 3 times already perhaps from a different source though
2002-12-27 12:26:59 PM  
If anyone can think of a better way to go, I'd like to hear!
2002-12-27 12:29:51 PM  
it is a tough call between dying on my 200th birthday or dying on my sixty-ninth in the middle of some sweet hot lovin...
2002-12-27 12:33:17 PM  
Is this a differnt guy from last week, or is this a re-post?
I think rich guys have been doing this for years. It only ought to be news if he's successful.
2002-12-27 12:54:49 PM  
This would constitute the term "Killed in Action". Not a bad way to go though...
2002-12-27 01:09:49 PM  
The sad thing is, this hasn't just been posted once, but I believe it's been posted at a minimum of twice before this. Crikey, the mods can't pick any of my previous links, but they can keep picking this one, over and over.

(And no, I won't get TotalFark just to see more duplicates or my own posts.)
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