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10167 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2002 at 1:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-26 11:44:13 PM  
The article didn't mention that the husband spent the night on the digger.
2002-12-27 12:04:02 AM  
He should have promised her a "toy yoda".
2002-12-27 12:27:23 AM  
This guy will never, never get laid again.
2002-12-27 01:03:51 AM  
ha ha
2002-12-27 01:06:22 AM  
That guys not getting any till next Christmas. Man thats mean.
2002-12-27 01:09:01 AM  
It didn't mention that she was using it to dig his grave...
2002-12-27 01:09:57 AM  
Whoa! There was a Farker that posted in yesterday's forums that he just bought his wife a backhoe for Christmas, complete with image.

Is this the same guy?!

2002-12-27 01:10:03 AM  
Yo HO! That's....erm....really FUNNY. WOW. Laughing. And the article!... Man, that made me really feel the story. Especially the one sentence paragraphs!


That was...

Wow. Great journalism. And the prank! Oh, my. Humor.
2002-12-27 01:12:42 AM  
I can just imagine that woman's face as she goes on about what a "*grinding teeth into eerie smile* good joke" it was.

Yeah. That guy. What a sweetie.
2002-12-27 01:13:03 AM  
oh, those brits know how to put on a show
2002-12-27 01:13:54 AM  
where can she park it? probally anywhere she wants.
2002-12-27 01:14:00 AM  
Serves her right. biatch, get in the kitchen and make me some pie!!!!! /Cartman

This article was not funny at all.
2002-12-27 01:14:20 AM  
so she can better go for the gold?
2002-12-27 01:15:28 AM  
Let me see if I'm understanding this... he bought his wife a 'Christmas present' that was, in fact, something for use in his business?

What an asshole.
2002-12-27 01:15:33 AM  
He got her an Australian soldier?
2002-12-27 01:15:40 AM  
that woman is a guy's guy
2002-12-27 01:18:09 AM  
Sounds like grounds for divorce, if not justfiable homicide.
2002-12-27 01:18:51 AM  
Ho ho ho...
2002-12-27 01:19:38 AM  
Could we get a British -> US translation here?
2002-12-27 01:22:13 AM  
"He should have promised her a "toy yoda"."

Oh, what a feeling, Toy Yoda !

[image from too old to be available]

2002-12-27 01:24:20 AM  
Next Christmas give her a gun. So she can shoot you. To death. That wasn't cool. Ass.
2002-12-27 01:25:43 AM  
Mrs Guy?

Mr Woman?

Senior Senorita?

Pablo Picasso?
2002-12-27 01:26:42 AM  
My wife was expecting a Corvette, but instead I got her panties
2002-12-27 01:29:13 AM  
what an a$$hole.

raise your hand if you think this guy ought'a be dragged out into the street and shot...
2002-12-27 01:31:23 AM  
Dude, if she wanted my official monster truck, all she had to do was ask, brother!
2002-12-27 01:38:25 AM  
WTF is a JCB. What is with all these UK links? its like trying to decifer english. enough with the UK links already.
2002-12-27 01:40:32 AM  
In related news; Body found buried by digger identified as Steve Guy
2002-12-27 01:42:21 AM  
its like trying to decifer english.

Wow. That's all I can say.

2002-12-27 01:45:37 AM  
am i allowed to say gold-digger?
2002-12-27 01:48:26 AM  
Dbasement --

He's from New Jersey. They don't speak English there.
2002-12-27 01:49:10 AM  
12-27-02 01:38:25 AM Riomp300
WTF is a JCB. What is with all these UK links? its like trying to decifer english. enough with the UK links already.

You, sir, are drunk.
2002-12-27 01:49:38 AM  
I failed my journalism class so maybe I can't say much, but this article sucked and shouldn't have even been published in a small town newspaper.
2002-12-27 01:52:26 AM  
Skinink, I'm glad someone got the reference.
2002-12-27 01:54:57 AM  
Man... that dude doesn't have a sense of humor, he has a sense of ASS.
2002-12-27 01:56:49 AM  
McWilley, isn't that what I said?

/novelty of being first
2002-12-27 02:13:55 AM  
Is a digger is a back hoe or what? 'Digger' could be any of several different construction vehicles.
2002-12-27 02:35:52 AM  
I'm with Sqee. You guys should be waking up now - it's 0730 GMT right?
2002-12-27 02:42:18 AM  
She got my grandfather for christmas? I hope she remembers to keep his medication up ...
2002-12-27 03:12:42 AM  

Yes you said it first. So I'm agreeing with you.

/novelty of failing Journalism
2002-12-27 03:24:22 AM  

I made that comment already.

/novelty of being first for the second time
2002-12-27 03:25:24 AM  
I am a god.

/novelty of being First about something that doesn't relate to the post.
2002-12-27 04:03:44 AM  
Oh yeah, this happened to me last year.
2002-12-27 04:25:03 AM  
"She has been after a sports car for a while now and when it turned out to be a JCB I think she was a little disappointed."

No shiat, Sherlock.
2002-12-27 05:14:06 AM  
For those of you who seem to be confused by this, a JCB is one of these:

[image from too old to be available]

The name derives from the founder, Joseph Charles Bamford's initials.
2002-12-27 05:37:26 AM  
Weeeell ... it probably has more horsepower than a TT ... and way more torque ... maybe you can tilt the shovel to act as a spoiler (at 35 mph) ... and you can lift other vehicles out of the way when you want to park.

I see only advantages.
2002-12-27 06:41:22 AM  
Labberdasher Actually, they have surprisingly little in the way of horses (the one above has a rather pathetic 67hp). I guess the power is all in the hydraulics.
2002-12-27 06:42:39 AM  
Oh... it said digger. At first I thought she had a black gang bang fantasy like my wife.
2002-12-27 07:39:56 AM  
12-27-02 06:42:39 AM SomeCallMeTim
Oh... it said digger. At first I thought she had a black gang bang fantasy like my wife.

I just don't know what to say about that. Ummm, Thanks for sharing.
2002-12-27 07:48:04 AM  
RobW - feh. I want a TT after all, then. With a shovel :)
2002-12-27 07:54:11 AM  
This story reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer buys marge a bowling ball for her birthday....
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