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(ABC News)   Hurricane Ike called "costliest natural disaster in state history" as it causes $500 million in damage to ... Ohio?   ( divider line
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2008-09-28 12:52:03 AM  

EL_FABREZ: Our power was out for only 4 hours. I was going crazy with boredom. I now realize that I'd be dead meat or go crazy if there was an indefinite natural disaster or zombie invasion.

You were a Ritalin child, weren't you?
2008-09-28 01:42:04 AM  
It was one of the weirdest things I've ever experienced. I live in Columbus, too. Went to the movies that day and it was a normal, calm late-Sunday morning. By the way, Burn After Reading is HORRIBLE. Avoid it. 2nd time in my life I've ever walked out of a movie before it was over.

We went outside and the wind was blowing about 70mph. Fresh mulch from the little "islands" in the parking lot where they plant trees for aesthetics was pelting us in the face. It was collecting in swirling angry pools wherever the air currents were disrupted.

The power was still on at this point, but the wind was blowing faster and faster. We decided to go back to my house and watch Twister. :) I was stopped over the freeway on a bridge and watched a street sign get ripped out of the ground and sailed over the trees along the road. Then the power went out to the traffic lights. They teach you about the four-way stop in driver's ed, but apparently 98% of people completely forget about it.

Made it through about 80% of Twister, and the power went out. Listened to branches falling in my back yard, on my deck, but thankfully not on the house. One branch is 30 feet long and about a foot in diameter at its base. It broke off one of my silver maples and fell about 15 feet, then got stuck in the tree next to it. If it had fallen to the ground, it would've destroyed part of my fence, the neighbor's fence, and some of her enclosed patio. It's still hanging up there. Haven't called a tree service yet but it's stuck fast.

All in all, I lost power for 11 hours. People 5 minutes away from me didn't get it back for four or five days. Some traffic lights were out for three days. Saw an enormous oak tree uprooted and laying against a guy's house, as if some giant hand had just pushed it over. Leaves and branches EVERYWHERE. Everything was absolutely carpeted with them.

The wind lasted for about 7 hours straight, sustained at 60-70mph, gusting up to 80. Then, it just stopped in a matter of minutes. Very surreal.
2008-09-28 01:46:32 AM  

tbernot: EL_FABREZ: Our power was out for only 4 hours. I was going crazy with boredom. I now realize that I'd be dead meat or go crazy if there was an indefinite natural disaster or zombie invasion.

You were a Ritalin child, weren't you?

No, I had no flashlights candles, no radio, totally unprepared, and it was pitch black out. I find that commen I wonder what's on TV now.
2008-09-28 02:21:49 AM  
i live on the WEST SIIIDE of Columbus and my power stayed on but my sister who lives 10 mins away from me lost power for a week. My Ike story goes like dis. I was sitting on my couch watching tv with my cuzzin when we heard a crack outside my apartment window. I said "Daaaaaaaamn!". Got the bong from the floor took a nice long hit and watched tv. Eventually I got up off my arse to look outside and the tree out front was missing a side. The side was in the parking lot just narrowly missing a car. I work at Flyers pizza and they were busy busy busy that week. I worked the morning shift there and I made $80 in tips in 4 hours. My cuzzin's boyfriend worked a night and said it was slammin all day.
2008-09-28 03:38:32 AM  
$600 in damages here... (right on border) and still waiting to see if the power company is going to charge me for repairing the electrical line from the pole to my house.
2008-09-28 04:27:37 AM  
My friends and I went to the park and played Frisbee. For about a minute. Switched to softball.

Luckily we all parked our cars away from the trees; a couple fell right in the parking lot.

/stupid, I know.
// but what else ya gonna do when the power's out?
2008-09-28 06:27:23 AM  
I didn't know it was that bad in Ohio. I guess we were lucky in MO. It just rained, a helluvalot. I think it was like 6 inches in 24 hours, the rivers near me flooded. Wind was never an issue.
2008-09-28 09:32:21 AM  

CtrlAltDelete: It was a sh*tty day to work in media and be on call.

I was all relaxed and watching The Simpsons. It was a nice evening.

Then my editor calls me with "WE NEED ART OF THE DAMAGE!"
-"Damage? What damage?"
"WIND! Trees down!"
-"Alrighty, where do you want me to go?"


We had 9-10 trees down on our block alone (8-10) houses. Several persons lost the roofs to their homes and for some power was out for a week. Good times!
2008-09-28 09:51:53 AM  
East of Cleveland Farker checking in. My house lost power, but I had to get back to school anyway. That was a disaster. Every major road out of my small town was closed due to trees being down. Finally I found a minor road out that had a tree down, but no cop around to make sure you didn't drive around the tree.

Didn't have class on Monday due to power outage. Some friends of mine in Columbus didn't have university classes for almost an entire week.

Two days later I drove the normal route I take between school and home. There were no less than 5 places that the road would have been impassible because of trees down.
2008-09-28 09:57:16 AM  

rostit: I wasnt aware that Ohio had electricity.

Are the roads paved too?

Ohio was actually the first state to have all public roads paved.

/don't you hate it when a slam goes bad?
2008-09-28 10:08:18 AM  
I'm in Oakwood/Dayton and the weirdest part was the aftermath. My power was off for only 5 or 6 hours that day, but the houses across the street were off for over a week. There were quite a few streets in Oakwood like that - one side on, other side off...some even had extension cords snaked across the street.
2008-09-28 10:29:45 AM  
i was on my way back to cleveland from chicago, where they got a record amount of rain for a single day... from chicago to toledo was totally flooded, then past toledo it was all wind damage. trees and power lines down everywhere... no rain though. i know some people who were without power for a week...
2008-09-28 10:34:41 AM  
I got lucky in Dayton. I live on the same grid as a fire AND police station, so our power got restored almost immediately. Most of the people I work with though were out of power for at least a few days.

Prompted me to revise my disaster plan, actually, so it's a good thing.
2008-09-28 10:47:24 AM  
Sidney, Ohio, here. That day was the weirdest day of weather I'd ever experienced. Dead calm, then suddenly all that gusting wind and no rain. We're in the boonies and the house is surrounded by woods, we had no room in the garage for the two cars, and the basement has a sump-pump, so we were understandably nervous.

Incredibly, branches fell all around the cars but not actually on any, the power only went out for about five seconds that night, there was no roof damage despite branches constantly dropping on it, and the only real damage was one of our pear trees being knocked down. There were leaves and branches all over the yard, of course. I had stayed home an extra night from college and slept in the living room that night just in case Mom needed help with powering up the generator for the sump pump if the power went out. The next day, it was dead calm again, and the wind gusts kept waking me up. Stores in town lost power and people all around us didn't have power for over a week.
2008-09-28 11:24:25 AM  

VideoGamePlaya: Got the bong from the floor took a nice long hit and watched tv.

West Siiiiide! LOL!!

/I like the cut of your jib, VGP.
// Puff puff pass
2008-09-28 05:28:03 PM  
I live in a suburb east of Columbus, Ohio and have a weather station. I was clocking sustained winds of 75 with gust to 87 mph.
We lost power for a week. The generator broke the first day and there wasn't a generator to be found within Ohio and all the surrounding states. I was told that they sent them all to Texas and Louisiana.
Stores sold out of batteries, flashlights, battery operated radios, battery back ups for computers, ice, and a lot of other stuff.
A lot of grocery stores were closed because they had no electricity. Gas became hard to find in some areas because they didn't have any electricity where they loaded the tankers that supplied the stations. Also, a lot of stations didn't have power either.
We borrowed a generator from my husband's office and ran it for a week to keep the freezer foods from spoiling. I had just put up a lot of tomatoes, green beams, corn and fruit and I was desperate not to loose all of it.
I had to fill a blood pressure prescription and the pharmacy didn't have the medicine and couldn't order it because their supplier didn't have any electricity and most of the other stores were closed.
Luckily, we did not lose any trees. It still took a week to clean up all the branches down in the yard.
2008-09-28 06:00:17 PM  

Furia: The next day, it was dead calm again, and the wind gusts kept waking me up.

Uh, switch those two around. Hard to be woken up by wind gusts in a dead calm.
2008-09-28 08:39:53 PM  
I live on the south side of the Ohio River in northern Kentucky, and we were out of power for three and a half days. We relocated from NC just a couple of months ago, and thought we'd seen the last of hurricane-related bad weather.

Apparently not.

We lost all of our frozen and refrigerated food, and learned that MREs really are crappy. Other than losing some shingles and having a yard littered with big branches from the old trees around our house, we did pretty well, though, all things considered.

Compared to the folks who dealt with sustained winds of 70+ mph, I have little to complain about.
2008-09-28 10:23:30 PM  
I agree about Ohio and guns. Even the staunchest liberals here own guns and join the NRA. People who can't agree on Obama, McCain, abortion, death penalty, Iraq, nothing...they all agree on guns. As far as guns are concerned, Ohio is to Texas what Alaska is to the United States.

Our family was very lucky. We only lost power for about an hour or two the day of the storm. Students were actually showering and sleeping at Cincinnati State which never lost power either and was one of the few schools in the area to stay open (UC, Miami, Xavier, all closed).

I didn't understand how bad everything was until I tried to go to Kroger which also had a gas station and was one of the few stores/ stations open anywhere. All the younger cops were on traffic duty directing people where to get in line and so people didn't just bogart in front of other they had made a maze out of shopping carts so there was only one line.

According to this article (new window) as of this past Friday it seems some folks still didn't have power!
2008-09-28 10:38:16 PM  

rostit: I wasnt aware that Ohio had electricity.

Are the roads paved too?

Oh yeah and we gots us soma them fancy book learnin types!

/fark you, PA is just as bad, if not worse than OH
2008-09-29 02:14:17 AM  

flsammyfm: As a native Floridian, I'm now amused that the rest of the country is 'coping' with 'hurricane force' winds of (oh my god) 78mph.

I'm sure my counterparts on the Texas side of the Gulf would be amused, if they had power to actually read this thread, but they were actually hit with real 'hurricane force' winds.

78 mph is barely a hurricane, and if those are just gusts, welcome to a weak tropical storm.

We live through this every year. And we plan for it.

Guess how we plan for it? We watch the Weather Channel, which is pretty accurate, being as how most tropical storms actually move at a snail's pace. You have to be a complete moron not to realize one is coming, and it's really not difficult to cope with. If you're not a moron.

Maybe next time you could try planning ahead?

On the other hand, on the rare occasion that it actually does get cold here, people do tend to freak out. I'm actually relieved Global Warming will prevent any snowfall here.fark you, douche bag. I live in Ohio, and we normally don't get that kind of weather. But hey, maybe I should plan ahead. I mean I don't live in Iraq, but maybe an unruly Iraqi insurgent could come to my house in the middle of nowhere and try to kill me. So now I'll always wear body armor and carry an M4 and an M9. FAIL.

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