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(Village Voice)   The 2002 Wacko Awards   ( divider line
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15664 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2002 at 3:42 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-26 03:47:00 PM  
2002-12-26 03:47:00 PM  
Goes to BobbyQ for being annoying
2002-12-26 03:47:26 PM  
I don't know who most of these clowns are.
2002-12-26 03:47:43 PM  
Where's dubbya?
2002-12-26 03:47:52 PM  
Ass_Master beat me to it. Michael Jackson should be the number 1 weirdo on the list.
2002-12-26 03:49:36 PM  
As hosted by Whacko, Yacko, and yes.... Dot
2002-12-26 03:50:18 PM  
I didn't find them that wacky.

2002-12-26 03:50:55 PM  
2002-12-26 03:52:07 PM  
damn, floyd beat me.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-26 03:52:51 PM  
The picture was worth it though
2002-12-26 03:52:56 PM  
Call me a moron, but I couldn't understand half of what he was talking about. If you're going to call somebody wacko, at least do it in smaller syllables so we wackos can understand it.
2002-12-26 03:53:49 PM  
2002-12-26 03:53:54 PM  
The "Soot Yourself In The Foot With Your Mouth" award goes to Mississippi Senator Trent Lott.
2002-12-26 03:54:34 PM  
Soot = Shoot
2002-12-26 03:55:56 PM  
I vot for BobbyQ and his goddamn "Where is Dubya?"
2002-12-26 03:56:49 PM  
2002-12-26 03:56:53 PM  
Hmmm...when does The Voice published its "Top Ten Gloryholes of 2002" list?
2002-12-26 04:01:27 PM  
Yawn. I found that article very hard to... Sing along to.
2002-12-26 04:02:01 PM  
Does it take THAT many words to say nothing?
2002-12-26 04:02:40 PM  
I nominate PANDA! Panda should have won something. Or maybe Sandwich. I like Sandwiches. They're yummy and should win the "Robot Fighting Award" at this Wacko Awards thing.
2002-12-26 04:05:14 PM  
A little New York-centric, don't you think?
2002-12-26 04:17:30 PM  
I've found stranger stuff in my breakfast cerial. / zaphod off
2002-12-26 04:19:29 PM  
My cat's breath smells like cat food.

What the hell is dude talking about!?!
2002-12-26 04:41:56 PM  
Haven't you heard? The only cultural or politically important happenings of ALL TIME AND HISTORY occur only in NYC! To include items from the other lesser places of the world in a 2002 recap is wholly unnecessary.

2002-12-26 04:58:16 PM  
I agree with those of you from flyover territory. How dare this publication be so New York focused?!?!? Damn that East Coast media bias!!!!

Never mind that it's called the "Village Voice" (as in Greenwich Village), that it's edited and printed in New York City. and that its distribution is focused almost exclusively on the five boroughs. Also ignore that the column in question is entitled "Citystate". Those damned arrogant New Yorkers, thinking that they're entitled to their own local alternative news weekly!!! Why can't it include commentary on the goings-on in every podunk burg west of the Hudson River? It's an outrage!!
2002-12-26 05:20:54 PM  
Political humor or foot fungus...which is funnier?
2002-12-26 05:47:47 PM  
WTF is that paragraph on Giuliani being kindapped in Mexico City for 10 days? Maybe this some kind of New York insider satire that I don't get, but I don't get it.

"Mexico City's Rudy Giuliani walks away with the O. Henry "Ransom of Red Chief" Award, given periodically to any unrequited kidnap victim. The Voice has learned that Giuliani was secretly snatched from a cigar bar in the outskirts of the city he's being paid $4 million to defend, with his 20-man NYPD detail temporarily blinded by the smoke. But he was located 10 days later by a quality-of-life Mexico City cop when caught jaywalking in a dazed condition. The kidnappers dumped him after even Denny Young, just like everyone in the O. Henry saga, refused to pay a ransom. Threatening notes to Judi Nathan were returned addressee unknown. Press Secretary Sunny Mindel treated her ransom letter as if it were a freedom of information request."
2002-12-26 06:08:20 PM  
How can it be a truly complete list without mention of Lizzie Grubman?
2002-12-26 06:15:04 PM  
The Voice actually publishes a lot articles of national interest, but this particular one looks as if the Farking gods just looked at the headline and posted it with out reading it.

This is mostly insider crap that 3/4 of New Yorkers don't even get or find amusing, let alone the fly-overs.
If you want to read something good on the Voice, check out horrifying holiday sex stories or best prOn stars of 2002.
2002-12-26 06:30:03 PM  
That one puzzled the shiat of me too. I haven't exactly been into the news lately, but I'm pretty damn sure something like that wouldn't have shot over my head.

2002-12-26 06:51:33 PM  
They fogot the Evil Empire Wannabe award to the Village Voice for bullying other publications who dare use the name "Voice."
The Times is not amused.
2002-12-26 07:10:30 PM  
I guess you gotta be from Nyawk to understand this article.
2002-12-26 07:17:17 PM  
that article sucked and was a total let-down.

On the other hand i loved the link supplied by Herbert_van_Biatch.
2002-12-26 08:02:35 PM  

Trust me, if the NY Times had the foresight to trademark "Times" back in the 1800s, they would be fighting everyone too, and gladly.

It's an unpopular stance for sure, but if you own a trademark you are obligated to fight unauthorized use of it...otherwise you lose it.
2002-12-26 08:36:20 PM  
The selection of this article by the fark gods, which is only about insider NY political BS, is rivaled in idocy only by IWouldhitit's defense of it. The article should have been billed "2002 Wacko awards that only the 1/26th of the US population at most could even possibly care about."

The Village Voice can run whatever the hell it wants. But it's irrelevant to the rest of the world and shouldn't be presented as though it is.
2002-12-26 09:05:26 PM  

Actually, Iwouldhitit's defense is dead-on, because he was responding to your inane complaint that the piece was too NY-centric. He wasn't making the argument that Fark should have a link to it.

It's not the Voice's fault the link is on Fark.
2002-12-26 09:09:33 PM  
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