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10056 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2002 at 1:16 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-26 03:22:05 PM  
I used to talk to the trees, then I went nuts and started barking and running in rings till I had a fall and had to leave before I turned all different colors. Now I'm back to my roots and as sappy as ever.
2002-12-26 03:40:36 PM  
-Read The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl...
2002-12-26 03:53:37 PM  
Moonbeam: Remove that nail, butcher!
Dave: What's your deal?
Moonbeam: I just heard that tree shriek. How'd you like it if I nailed a sign into a layer of your fat? Save the planet! Peace.

--PCU (1994)
2002-12-26 04:03:24 PM  
Heheh. PCU was pretty funny.
2002-12-26 04:06:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-26 04:20:49 PM  
Two Towers Spoiler! Don't read any further! Skip to the next post! You've been warned.

I'm with Falken on this one. I don't like the way the Ents were rendered in TT. They were described as being humanoid with tree-like aspects to their appearance. They didn't have branches coming out of their heads.

Although I did kinda expect Pippin's doubletake when he climbed Treebeard.
2002-12-26 04:30:29 PM  
This woman is an idiot. The only thing communicating with her is the voices in her head. But let's not be too harsh on her. A lot of Christians, after all, have a "personal relationship with Jeebus". Which is weirder?

On the other hand, trees can communicate with each other.

A biologist introduced a tree-toxin on the edge of a large, old growth forest. The reaction of the trees nearby was to produce a certain chemical into the soil. They also checked the soil on the other side of the forest and found those trees also producing the same chemical in the soil and all trees in between. They hadn't produced it before the toxin was introduced and no toxin was found anywhere near the remote trees.
2002-12-26 04:49:25 PM  
My tree told me to burn things.
2002-12-26 04:52:08 PM  

Great trees! I hope we end up with a great movie when it finally comes out.
2002-12-26 04:59:33 PM  
Vrax: Agreed :) I haven't heard anything recently other than lots of pre-production talk, I hope the project's picking up some steam...
2002-12-26 05:00:16 PM  
The lady talks to trees, next story.
2002-12-26 06:16:41 PM  
It ain't the trees throwing things- it's the squirrels.
every midsummer all the pines have big green cones on
them- they're spiky and weigh two to five pounds apeice.
Mr. Squirrel gnaws them off for a tasty snack but doesn't
always keep control of them. so you're standing on the ground and WHAM! right next to you. got a dent on the
cab of my pickup where the bastards hit me. swear to god
the squirrels have slingshots too.
2002-12-26 06:31:28 PM  
Rochelle Shapiro says she only began speaking to trees after she was offended by her toilet. "I used to have all sorts of conversations with my favorite bathroom fixture", Ms. Shapiro recalled. She continued, "but I started letting [my toilet] watch the Sopranos with me; now it has such a potty-mouth and everything is 'f'-this and 'f'-that."

I got nothing.
2002-12-26 07:01:08 PM  
Charmlessman: What's my deal? What's YOUR deal?
2002-12-26 07:55:39 PM  
Rochelle Shapiro from Great Neck, New York, says she's been talking with trees since she was a child

Rochelle Shapiro from Great Neck, New York, is a lonely, lonely woman.
2002-12-26 09:40:48 PM  
I read somewhere that all the aspens in Colorado are connected underground; they're actually one giant organism. And I believe that this organism has a central brain, and that one day it will drag itself out of the ground and walk. In fact, I think I'll start a religion based on this. Starting now. Send me money.
2002-12-26 11:24:36 PM  

There, I put your full name in, so you won't think I'm calling you stupid :P

And I believe that this organism has a central brain, and that one day it will drag itself out of the ground and walk.

And vent its rage upong Isengard. Or Denver. Or maybe it'll just apply for social insurance.
2002-12-26 11:31:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Kat [TotalFark]
2002-12-27 12:06:36 AM  
fark, I just saw the Two Towers. I orgasmed THREE TIMES. Like actually started panting in the movie theater.

1st time-- legolas running his fingers over the arrows feathers, swooooooon.

2nd time-- legolas smacking the dude in the face with his elbow from behind, swooon more.

3rd time-- legolas taking out probably 80 people in with one farking arrow. DOUBLE FRIGGIN SWOON.

I want to have his children.
2002-12-27 12:08:26 AM  
pass me whatever this biatch is smokin
2002-12-27 12:19:22 AM  

Yes! it will be like the trapper keeper south park episode, except not involving a trapper keeper. Even better, maybe the aspens will smash Aspen.
2002-12-27 01:41:18 AM  
LMAO @ Whorbal!

Shades of "When Harry Met Sally"...
2002-12-27 01:53:09 AM  
I want to have his children.

Just in case he's not available, I'm available and willing to step in as a substitute.
Login: Legolemming
pass: fark

Keep in mind the camera adds 10-20% ugly.
2002-12-27 04:14:22 AM  
12-27-02 12:06:36 AM Kat
fark, I just saw the Two Towers. I orgasmed THREE TIMES. Like actually started panting in the movie theater...

I want to have his children.

I want to go to the movies with Kat.
2002-12-27 04:21:18 AM  
I want to go to the movies with Kat.

I saw her first :P
2002-12-27 03:19:06 PM  
Why didn't somebody tell me how old Kat was *before* I posted that? *twitch*
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