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(   Arab and Muslim students at U.S. colleges fear going home for winter break because they may not be able to get back into the U.S   ( divider line
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2002-12-25 11:24:28 AM  
it is important to have tolerance for everything but other peoples opinins.
2002-12-25 11:25:20 AM  
fark em. At this point I suggest locking our borders down, cutting off all aid to everyone, and letting the rest of the world that wants to fight and give us nothing but a daily ration of shiat sandwich kill each other off. Say about 10 years from now we come back out of our shell, finish off the survivors, and institute the creation of the United States of Earth.
2002-12-25 11:25:44 AM  
That is bullshiat. There were numerous legitimate government scholars from Malaysia (approved and sponsored by the government) who were refused visas or had visas delayed to such an extent that they missed the beginning of their terms.

And Brassart, they contribute to your economy and universities. I guarantee you that if every single foreign student left your educational facilities, your economy would suffer.
2002-12-25 11:26:07 AM  
The US stole California from Mexico. They did this by kicking their ass in a war, then paying them 18 million olden days dollars for it.
2002-12-25 11:27:15 AM  
colleges need foreign students because they pay that non resident tuition.... lots o money to be made off them.
2002-12-25 11:29:25 AM  
Because your racist legislation singles out young males from Muslim countries, even if they are not Muslims themselves.
2002-12-25 11:29:27 AM  
The American Tribe one, we are the dominant power on earth, get with what we want, or face our wraith.

2002-12-25 11:30:11 AM  
12-25-02 11:02:35 AM Smokalotapotamus"Pakistani is a race now?"
look at the idiot speak.

I just asked a question. If you can't answer it. there is no reason to call yourself an idiot. Just admit you can't answer the question. We are here to edgeumucate you.
2002-12-25 11:30:52 AM  

/one //won
2002-12-25 11:31:00 AM  
That's a good point Vominator. We are the only country to reward aggressor countries for starting wars by rebuilding their shiat-ass countries after we kick their asses.
2002-12-25 11:33:51 AM  
Speaking of Orwell, everyone ignores the part of 1984 where he states that the very existence of contrary political thought and open criticism of the current regime are evidence that the people have plenty of liesure time and aren't terribly oppressed.
2002-12-25 11:36:06 AM  
Hey there Ho there Mr. Heathen, Merry farking Christmas.
Someone give me a sad tag for this whole thread
2002-12-25 11:38:48 AM  
there's the anti-muslim of any kind jackass people

and the u.s. is a free country they have to be allowed in jackass people

where's the people who don't really care?
2002-12-25 11:41:16 AM  
Hey you racist farks! Without Iran, we wouldn't have this:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-25 11:41:33 AM  

of course pakistani is not a race. that is why you are an idiot for even having to ask.
2002-12-25 11:43:07 AM  
As far as the USA goes, the masses just need someone to hate. Since the birth of this country, there's always been a particular ethnic/religious/political group (or gender) that needed scrutinizing. Native Americans, Irish, Blacks, Jews, Women, Japanese, Communists, etc. It's just history, and we'll pass the hate along sooner or later to a new group. In twenty years, the current "Anti-brown people" sentiment will be nothing more than a memory, as our disdain will be focused on a new class of people. And speaking of history, aren't we long overdue for a major war...?

BrassArt: good point, the ending was more or less, "huh?"
2002-12-25 11:44:10 AM  
The people who generalize all americans as assholes who don't care about the rest of the world, are even worse. Some americans need to take their heads out of their asses, but some people need to stop assuming all of us are like that.
2002-12-25 11:44:32 AM  
Main Entry: rac·ism
Pronunciation: 'rA-"si-z&m also -"shi-
Function: noun
Date: 1936
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

pakistani is not a race any more than american is. but this sentiment we are seeing is anti-arab and that is racism sir.
2002-12-25 11:45:52 AM  
some people need to stop assuming all of us are like that.

it's be a lot easier if that kind of beer drinking redneck SUV driving flag waving nationalist ideology weren't the majority.
2002-12-25 11:46:23 AM  
After the british defeated the french in the 1760s, the set asside all the land outside of the 13 colonies for the indians. After the revolutionary war, we stole that land.

(the brits actualy considered all the indeans to be subjects of the king, intitled to legal rights. Imagine that!)


In any event, all you America Firsters are jackasses. We are all a nation of immigrants, etc.
2002-12-25 11:48:20 AM  
By the way speaking of hate. How are those Irish Catholic's doing over there in the UK?
2002-12-25 11:48:45 AM  
but this sentiment we are seeing is anti-arab and that is racism sir.

Arab is a race?
2002-12-25 11:54:08 AM  
12-25-02 11:46:23 AM Autopr0n
After the british defeated the french in the 1760s, the set asside all the land outside of the 13 colonies for the indians. After the revolutionary war, we stole that land.

Funny... why did we make the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon in 1803? Hmmm and he was given the land by Spain? But Spain, the British gave that land to the Indians... (insert question mark here)...
2002-12-25 11:57:15 AM  
We're all a nation of immegrants, even those of us who were born here...and people in other countries...and Mars...
2002-12-25 12:02:14 PM  
Genocide is NOT terrorism.

I beg to differ. killing of nonmilitant personel is terrorism. as was scalping, which btw was not created by the indians but rather by whites. killing off the buffalo for the express purposes of starving the indians was also another example of the terrorism and atrocities committed by this country's "great" forefathers.

now on the other hand we have these brown people here to learn at our schools who are committing no crime and causing no trouble. they are helping the USA achieve medical breakthroughs and many will end up working for american companies as american citizens yet I still see plenty of hate for them.

why is that?
2002-12-25 12:02:47 PM  
Does anyone remember an old SNL sketch with John Goodman and Rob Scheinder?

Rob played the owner of a convenience store, and was of some Middle-Eastern descent (possibly Pakistani?). Anyway, it progressed through terrorist events of the 1980's and early 1990's, such as the Pan Am bombing, the hostage crisis, various hijackings, etc. Each time one of these events occured, John Goodman, playing the "average" American, would hurl a brick through the shopkeepers window and yell "Go back to (insert offending countries name)." What's the point? The people who are close-minded enough to believe in this bigotry aren't intelligent enough to identify people on the basis of nationality. They see a turban, they think terrorist, and that is far from the truth. Oh, you're from India, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates? Well, you're still brown, and thus a threat to my country.
2002-12-25 12:04:44 PM  
Members of my family tree have fought in the Revolutionary war, the War between the states, the Spanish-American "War" the Mexican Expeditionary "Conflict", WW1, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. Yea, I DO farking think in my heart and mind that America comes first. If you don't feel the same way that's fine. We all have the right of free speech. Just remember that next time you voice your opinion and don't give someone a ration of shiat for not agreeing with you. The folks of Arabic and or Muslim descent that I have personally met struck me as snobbish asswipes. Part of that though is the fact that they do feel that they are held to a different standard because of who they are.

BTW, I am a redneck and proud of who I am. Maybe I will even grow a mullet just to tick some elitist snobs off even more.
2002-12-25 12:09:20 PM  
Wave bye-bye...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-25 12:09:36 PM  
thanks for that enlightening bit of bullshiat CB.

anyone else care to cavort about and brag on their faults?
2002-12-25 12:13:24 PM  
Yes, Arabs are a race, insofar as they are a distict (though huge and varied) ethnic group, spread across many nations. "Race" does not mean "skin tone" (except to a few small minded people.) There is no "white race" as such either -- there are only broad loosely grouped categories that people may belong to. In other words, the "white" European race really consists of separate "tribes", such as Slavs, Germanic, Italics, Iberian, and there has of course been quite a lot of blending so that none are "pure" (whatever that means.) Arabs are generally a Semetic people, and considered distinct from both "black" Africans and "white" Europeans, which is why you can be somewhat justified by calling Arabs a "race." Though of course all extant humans share 99.9% DNA and may ultimately trace back to a small group of about 5 maternal ancestors, so ultimately it's a tomato/tomahto debate.

By the way, the Arabic language does not share significant linguistic roots with any European (or African or Asia) language -- it is a Semetic language and has more in common with old Hebrew and the language of ancient Egypt. Moreover, Persian / Farsi (the language of the Iranian people) *is* an Indo-European language, and "those crazy Iranian middle-easterners" are more closely related (lingusitically) to Greeks than Arabs.
2002-12-25 12:14:22 PM  
It's all about the philosophy. The United States was founded on the concept of human Liberty as a basic right and requirement for a happy life.

It is not about any collectivist bullshiat like race or nation. These just cloud the issue.

fark your race. fark your nationality. fark you if you are a relative moralist.

The United States must defend its people at all cost. It is a moral imperative. Absolutely no country that is not a Rights based Republic has any moral hand hold on us.

We can crush any of them whether they are a threat or not.

We can do it to protect ourselves now. We can do it to protect ourselves in the future. We can do it to free their people. We can do to appropriate their resources as long as we bring them into our system.

Those of you that are having conniption fits and can't understand the morality of the situation really don't belong here.
2002-12-25 12:15:16 PM  
So since you don't agree with me I have faults and all I post is BS? Shame on you. I enjoy your posts and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New New. I hope you enjoy them while living in a third-word country wishing you were in America.
2002-12-25 12:17:33 PM  
I am in america. I was born here. and I'm ashamed of the majority of americans.

my apologies for being so crass. this sort of intolerant attitude agravates me as it only makes us more enemies and further jeapordises our nation's security.
2002-12-25 12:19:06 PM  
Arab is a race, yes. As are Persians, so don't get the two confused. If you call a Persian an Arab he'll probably punch you in the face.

Pakistani is an ethnicity (sub-race, kinda).

Pretty much every sociology book will tell you the same thing.

IMO for Middle-Easterners, their ethnicities are more separated by language for their identification than skin tone or genetic traits.
2002-12-25 12:19:59 PM  
so ultimately it's a tomato/tomahto debate.

tomato is a race?
2002-12-25 12:20:09 PM  
Now see, that wasn't so hard, to agree to disagree. I'm not happy with much of the policicies beng pushed by America either. I try to work to change them were I can and protest them when I can't.
2002-12-25 12:23:02 PM  

I'm on the defensive when I see people saying "get the hell out of our country" and I often lose my cool in that sort of conversation.

I know many foreigners and few if any are snobbish at all. most are very polite and friendly just as you and I should be if we visit another country.
2002-12-25 12:25:06 PM  
Bidness, excellent points.

Us 'white' people are actually a very varied group of tribes and peoples. You got your fair-skinned, thin, green-eyed, red-haired Irish people. You got your dark-haired, crooked teeth British, you got your hairy, big nosed Italians, your blond, blue-eyed Swedes, your blond-haired, square faced Slavs, etc etc. There are often large genetic differences among each of the 'white' peoples and the same for each 'race'. Most of the African Americans in the US today came from the Kenya/Ghana area in Northern Africa.
2002-12-25 12:29:38 PM  
"The Crusaders had the right idea, they just stopped too soon."

You have something against Israel?
2002-12-25 12:33:01 PM  
As Voltaire said, "The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity."
2002-12-25 12:35:28 PM  
I never said anyone should "get the hell out of the country". My post about the folk I have personally met is bona-fide. I teach English to foreign students as a prerequisite to any other college courses. The folks of Arabic or Muslim descent are given a ration of hard time by everyone. I don't blame them for attitude, I simply commented that it existed. I posted in another thread that I would like to see the US close immigration expert for people we really want here. Cut off all aid and quit being the worlds mommy for maybe ten years. Then come out of the isolationist shell, mop up the survivors if there are any and institute the United States of Earth. Get on with making sure everyone has enough to eat, a decent education, and the right to pray to the blue hairy thunderer if they want to. At that point we could be building Lagrange habitats and getting our race (THE HUMAN RACE'S) eggs all out of one basket, namely Earth.
2002-12-25 12:36:35 PM  
Typical troll news article (not the person who posted it here, but the news organizations).

Yet another fine example of the "Garage Door Openers That Kill" type of journalism. Or can we say another fine example of a Coke and potato chip diet practiced by the media?
2002-12-25 12:38:08 PM  
Why don't they just cross the the US borders from Mexico and Canada like all the rest of the illegal?
2002-12-25 12:52:46 PM  

You're knocking garage door openers? Hey, they open our garage doors.

You better not start knocking air conditioners either-- they keep us cool in the summer.

(insert other random Simpsons allusions)
2002-12-25 12:54:44 PM  
Everyone above this is retarded.

They don't come to the US to get educated, then leave. They get jobs. Go to intel, ibm, lucent, cisco, etc. Tell me the % of people that a "foreigners". If you remove these people, you are removing the company.

What a bunch of american asswipes in this post.
2002-12-25 12:56:27 PM  
Note to the wise (and dumb, like these sh*t heads): I am what you'd call an "American" (like an asshole), but I'd call myself a US Resident. US != America... asswipes.
2002-12-25 12:57:52 PM  
How many times have you wiped your ass, Epistax?
2002-12-25 12:58:52 PM  

A good number of posts have made this point (mine even had a pun!), so step playa'.

And now you're knocking asswipes??
2002-12-25 12:59:35 PM  
I didn't say that you had used the "get the hell out" argument. I was mentioning that because many of the other choads here have that sort of attitude and it effects my ability to debate because I lose my temper as I did with you.

I agree wholeheartedly with you on getting those eggs out of the basket as soon as possible as well as the temporary isolationist idea.

less interaction, less manipulation, less killing of other peoples. we need to depend on ourselves for energy, not the arabs.
2002-12-25 01:00:10 PM  
Heh, this, as usual, has turned into an interesting thread..

My views: As long as they're paying for their education (since when is Yale a public school?), and they have better merits than you do, then I think the argument over who deserves it more is null and void. If you got better grades than the visiting student and got culled due to some sort of quota, then I would be on your side in such a dispute. I'm against quotas (and I'm not aware of any foreign student quotas out there, though I could be wrong).

Diversity is strength, we agree, so to disparage an entire people because for whatever reason you don't like them is a threat to diversity. Perhaps you weren't meaning to imply as much, but that's how I read it - "they're foreign, ergo, they're not as good". I disagree with that sentiment.

As for coming here and reaping our bounty (I liked your christman present analogy.. hehe), I agree that it should be a two way street - and I believe it is, considering our foreign investments all over the world. We're not a world power because we talk big and boast a mighty military - we're heavily ingrained in every industry on Earth, owing to treaties and agreements allowing such cooperation between governments. Sharing our knowledge with these countries is a benevolent way of giving back to these countries in a manor that allows them to improve their own internal infrastructures without requiring as many handouts.

As to such foreigners benifiting from us and then slandering us, I ask "says who?". I don't know what these people's personal feelings are or how they perceive our nation. I presume them to be human beings, sympathetic to the human condition and troubled by acts of violence and hate as much as any other person.

If I happened to get enough money to leave the country, I would - happily moving to Mexico... buying a little villa on the Gulf... but I'd still call myself an American and sport an American flag on my property - much like many Peurto Ricans do in the states to show pride in their heritage.
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