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(CNN)   FAA announces flight restrictions for New Year's   ( divider line
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2002-12-25 08:14:49 AM  
Merry Christmas
2002-12-25 08:17:15 AM  
Imagine the panic in Times Square if a 767 flew overhead, really low. I hope they catch that on camera.
2002-12-25 08:26:37 AM  
Basicallu, you cqn't fly low over NYC for fear of creating mass panix that something int h sict is getting vmobed!!! makes [erfect sense to me. and I'm too farking l;azt to fix my tyopes.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2002-12-25 08:33:55 AM  
"Osama, the Americans have outwitted us. If I crash into the crowd in Times Square I will be breaking the law!"

2,000 feet does not give enough warning to react to terrorists. The ten mile radius around nuclear power plants gives one or two minutes warning from crossing the line to impact. Unless the reactor guards have missiles, all you can do is hit the SCRAM button and duck under the desk.
2002-12-25 08:46:26 AM  
Zaz, if a 767 is flying with maxed throttles, itis going to cover that 10 miles in a little under 30 seconds.

Alla Achabar!
2002-12-25 08:46:47 AM  
OK, someone needs to make someone clear to the american public. NOONE is gonna hijack another plane, unles hes the only mutherfarker on board. Anyoje gets up at the front of the plane and says htis is a hijacking, will probalby get teh first couple of passengers. THe next fify of them will all get a piece of him, literally. Im still amazed that that guy with the C4 in his shoes made it to the ground alive and relatively uninjured.
2002-12-25 09:10:36 AM  
"There was an even broader flight restriction for midtown Manhattan for a number of months after September 11."

Ya think ???
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doesn't come close.
2002-12-25 09:12:49 AM  
It's clear to most people, as in normal non-influencial non-paranoid non-politician people. Was there a thread about british flights earlier?

They've decided to have armed guards onboard.. like, nevermind the fact that they have weapons and enough people can overpower them and well, do the math :)
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2002-12-25 09:52:01 AM  
No subsonic airplane can travel ten miles in half a minute.
At high altitude an airliner can fly close to ten miles per minute, 600 MPH. It can't go that fast at sea level, not while remaining intact and controllable.

A hijacker crashed a medium size jet plane into the ground about ten years ago. He shot the crew and dove straight down at full throttle. The plane may have exceeded the speed of sound. It may also have broke up before impact.
2002-12-25 10:14:09 AM  
Well, that covers New York and Pasadena, guess the rest of us farkers are on our own.
Unknown is right, I flew home for a visit the Monday after 9/11. Folks were narrow eyed and very grim. If someone had announced that they were hijacking the plane, we'd have beat them to death with a goddamned airphone.
2002-12-25 10:17:29 AM  
The new limits affect all pilots, whether commercial or private, the spokesman said. Pilots who fly into restricted air space face a range of penalties, but generally the pilot's license is suspended for a certain period.

Yeah... the physical license is suspended in mid-air for several minutes after the missiles hit.
2002-12-25 10:30:17 AM  
Why asnine? These restrictions make perfect sense and have always been in place around New Years. I mean, if you were at a football game would you want low-flying planes disrupting your game-viewing pleasure? Also, this won't affect most people, so I really don't see what the big deal is.
2002-12-25 10:53:19 AM  
This is normal stuff... why the big deal?

You can't fly over the Masters, Daytona, Indy, Super Bowl, Rose Bowl etc etc etc. Anytime there is a crowd and the powers that be don't want any noise.

People like putting that "security" label on stuff because then it sounds important and also like they're doing someting important.
2002-12-25 11:27:10 AM  

You may feel differnetly, but I think that the hijackers don't really care if the plane hits their target in one piece or a few, as long as it gets there. Right?
2002-12-25 12:23:34 PM  

he was just saying that commercial jets would not travel at 1200 mph, he wasn't making any comment on the number of pieces that hijackers wanted the plane to hit in.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2002-12-25 12:24:20 PM  
To hit a point target, a nuclear reactor, LNG tank, building, etc., you need to keep the wings on until very close to impact. Otherwise the plane will go out of control and veer from its course.
2002-12-25 12:26:43 PM  
You can't fly over the Masters, Daytona, Indy, Super Bowl, Rose Bowl etc etc etc. Anytime there is a crowd and the powers that be don't want any noise.

Good one, espically at Daytona and Indy the cars would make much more noise than any aircraft would to *gasp* disturb the crowd. ;)
2002-12-25 01:01:04 PM  
America soon to outlaw going outside.

2002-12-25 03:05:52 PM  
Pilots who fly into restricted air space face a range of penalties...

A polite way of saying you may get an air-to-air missile stuck up your butt. A lot of my old Air National Guard buddies are doing a week of their annual active duty next week. They're going to that big Air Force base in Delaware or maybe it was New Jersey. Close enough to NYC in any case.
2002-12-25 10:29:43 PM  
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm an Air Traffic Controller at Newark International Airport. We have a position in the Tower that controls the airspace up and down the Hudson river (Statue of Liberty), and the airspace over most of lower Manhattan (Lincoln Tunnel, on down to the Veranzano Bridge) from 1100 feet AGL up to 2000 feet AGL. Basically we just baby sit the helocopters and VFR bug smashers and try to keep them out of the way. Anyways, would you like to know how long it'd take an airplane of any size, shape, or speed, to go from being outside of this pathetic restricted airspace, to firmly embedded in something actually IN the restricted airspace?

Rest assured, not enough time that we could actually do a damned thing about it.

Just food for thought.
2002-12-26 03:45:16 AM  
UNDflickertail~I think Edmo meant a different kind of noise, not decibel-level noise. I'm pretty sure he just meant commotion.
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