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(CNN)   If you attended the University of Missouri between 1986 and 2001, you may be able to get your tuition refunded. Sweet   ( divider line
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2002-12-25 08:50:40 AM  
-- A judge has ruled that the University of Missouri broke the law for 15 years by charging thousands of instate undergraduates an estimated $450 million in illegal tuition.

St. Louis County Circuit Judge Kenneth Romines found that the state broke a 1939 law that required free tuition within the university system for all qualified Missouri youths over age 16.

Inly if you lived there and are ovre 16 sayd the drunken vampyre is he write or wrong who cares!?
2002-12-25 08:53:35 AM  
Sounds like the University will likely have to go out of business to settle the claim. I hope that is not what everyone wants.
2002-12-25 09:00:18 AM  
Yeah, I go to UM-Rolla. At first I was all for I just want to get through school before it shuts down if this thing goes through.

Another little factoid: Gov. Bob Holden for the FS2001-WS2002 school year whithheld 60% of our funding. More will be witheld again for the FS2002-WS2003.
....and yet, the damned St. Louis Cardinals get 12+ million to help build a stadium that the state voted on and said it didn't support funding of the stadium.

After I'm graduated, I'm outta here. Missouri is too messed up at the capitol.
2002-12-25 09:03:44 AM  
(without reading the actual article)

So the education was THAT bad that they're refunding eh?
2002-12-25 09:09:56 AM  
The proper pronunciation of Missouri is MISERY. Crappy state to begin with. Too bad those of us in Kansas have to deal with Missouri's constant whining to get bi-state taxing to pay for crappy sports teams in Kansas City.
2002-12-25 09:14:37 AM  
this is soooooooo last week.

merry christmas everyone
2002-12-25 09:20:01 AM  
It'll be a cold day in hell before I recognize the state of Missoura!

/abraham simpson
2002-12-25 10:19:18 AM  
12-25-02 10:00:33 AM Skwidd
So, where will quality education come from once it's "free"?

Guess you've never been to the UK. Up until recently they had free post secondary education.
2002-12-25 10:35:13 AM  
Theres a college in Missouri?
2002-12-25 10:45:08 AM  
FishBulb: How unusual, a Californian who doesn't know jack (or care) about the rest of the nation.

Maybe you can tell us how screwed up we are.
2002-12-25 10:46:55 AM  
i find this interesting because if:

-the school can afford to pay all these students back
-that means they have 450 million dollars
-which says to me
-what a screwey deal for a state university to have that kinda dough period.
2002-12-25 10:51:08 AM  
course there's colleges in misourah.

this guy went to college
2002-12-25 10:53:13 AM  
I went to UM-Rolla, too (obligatory 'sucky city, good school, sweet radio station' statement). While a refund would be nice and would allow me to pay off my student loans, this would definitely bankrupt an already hurting University of Missouri system. I went to school with the understanding that it cost money. I paid the money. I got a good education. I got a good job. Then I got into UCSB. Sure I'm still paying off the FIRST time I was in school but it's worth it.

/me thinks that the majority of people who jump on this bandwagon will be people who didn't finish school or people who couldn't get jobs after graduation. I'll let you figure out what their degrees were in.
2002-12-25 11:20:32 AM  
UM-Rolla is still trying to get me to repay a stafford loan that was repaid 8 years ago and two perkins loans i never received. My best friend's sister had to go to great lengths, legal action if i remember correctly, before they stopped pestering her about loans she never received. This article is the best news I've had all year
2002-12-25 11:51:11 AM  
Let's see, thats $57,000 for my wife (law school) and $12,000 for me (masters). I think I'll start holding my breath now.
2002-12-25 11:55:56 AM  
My Brightflight scholarship paid for my year at UMR, or at least the tuition part of it. Books, room, and board are another matter of course.

So why was it only for 15 years that they broke the law? It didn't say, but said that the law was much older than that. My father and uncle went in the 60's, nothing back for them?
2002-12-25 12:17:18 PM  
I had bright flight too, they want me to pay that back as well, despite the fact that it's a scholarship
2002-12-25 01:43:14 PM  
Shut it down and give SMSU the money. My tuition goes up every single year. Normal I know, but it is because MU gets all the state funds.
2002-12-25 01:56:28 PM  
Explain to me Skwidd, after looking at this, where you get the idea that Britons pay THAT much more than Americans in taxation to their government??
2002-12-25 02:07:14 PM  
The school doesn't have any money. Over the summer their budget gave out. It was so bad they couldn't afford to have the grass cut so I'd imagine they probably can't afford to pay a settlement. Maybe they'll hand out free phd's instead....
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2002-12-25 04:38:55 PM  
The statute of limitations is probably 3-6 years. Any money you paid before the mid-1990s is gone forever.

On the other hand, student loans are forever. They can come after you for money you owe from the 1980s, but you can't recover money you overpaid.
2002-12-25 08:00:14 PM  
Wow lots of people here from UMR, I go to school there too, started in 1998 (graduate in may)so I guess I could technically get some money too. But I don't see this happening at all... I don't think the courts are just going to say "students win - screw the universities", the entire state of missouri would lose so much money because they no longer get out of state students for the UM schools, and the people that would have gone to UM schools might now leave the state and go to a school somewhere else.
(now I guess they could go to SMSU, CMSU, Truman, and then all the other little schools...) but not everyone is going to settle for an engineering degree from SMSU when they would have just got their engineering degree from UMR. They'd rather go to Colorado School of Mines or somewhere else with good undergrad engineering.
2002-12-25 08:02:12 PM  
I think there's also a limit on how much you can sue the state for. They'll never have to repay the whole amount, probably only $250k, which will work out to about $10 per person. Hey, it's a six pack at least.

The voucher thing would at least be something. I don't have any kids or are planning on taking any classes but my sister still has 2.5 years left.
2002-12-25 08:38:00 PM  
Did I read that wrong or did it say "qualified"? That doesn't mean EVERYONE that went just the ones that would fall under those giudlines that were not present in the article
2002-12-25 11:08:42 PM  
As an MU alum and coontil very recently) resident of Columbia, I've been following this with interest. The thing is, this only applies to in-state students. There's plenty of us who, like me, went to MU during the time period and paid the ass-ramming out-of-state tuition fees (last time I checked it was over 3 times the in-state rate), but even if this settlement goes through we'll never see a dime.

Considering my undergradute degree has gotten me $25K in student loan debt, a year of unemployment, and two years at a crappy, poorly-paying job, I'd sure like a chunk of that refund action...I know _I_ sure as hell didn't get my money's worth. Rah rah Mizzou.
2002-12-25 11:50:47 PM  
GRRR! Damn you Fark_Maniac for sending me this link. Stuff like this idiotic law suit pisses me off to a degree to which no one wants to truly witness. Normally, I would not touch a subject like this with a 10 ft pole., but as a student of the UM system (UMR), I feel obligated to make my point and to point out this utterly disgusting display of stupidity.

From what I understand, the law that was violated states that the state of Missouri cannot charge YOUTH residents tuition to attend the state funded universities. Now I always thought that in the eyes of the law, one ceases to be a "youth" at the age of 18. Apparently the term youth can be applied to anyone, sigh!

If I ever meet one of these morons who started this lawsuit, I will beat the person with the hammer I just got in a tool set for Christmas, until they gain enough common sense to realize how stupid they are. Imagine that, common sense found in 20 some odd ounces of tool steel. And don't get me started about that damn judge.
2002-12-25 11:58:12 PM  
More like
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I think Agent_Q said it best (BTW, I'm a DJ at KMNR). You go to college, you pay money.

I bet the "student representation" that filed the lawsuit went to MU. Everyone that graduated from UMR is too busy working.

Subigo Shut it down and give SMSU the money. My tuition goes up every single year. Normal I know, but it is because MU gets all the state funds.

Umm...they're different school systems.
2002-12-25 11:58:21 PM  
2002-12-26 08:49:49 AM  
I almost went to UMKC, due to a coont ex-fiancee...

...and how the state of Misery would've settled my claim, along with the other 7 graduates of its "University" system is beyond me. I quit trading in pork ears long ago!

flim springfield
2002-12-26 11:29:31 PM  
Damn. I was a Rolla undergrad and a Mizzou grad during those years. I missed the boat twice.
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