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(AGEHR)   Come join the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers   ( divider line
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2002-12-23 01:56:50 PM  
This is worse then "The Barbarian Wine and Cheese Society"

Who is posting these?
2002-12-23 01:58:05 PM  
Ding Dong... Ding Ding Ding.. Dong... DING DING ... DONG!!
2002-12-23 01:58:46 PM  
Ring my beh-eh-el. Ring my bell.

/dinga-linga, dinga-linga-ling
2002-12-23 01:59:09 PM  
"Techniques of handbell ringing,"
I know how to make my handbell ring!
2002-12-23 02:00:39 PM  
2002-12-23 02:01:38 PM  
You are the weakest link!
2002-12-23 02:01:42 PM  
Methinks that the AGEHR has TMTOT (Too Much Time On Their Hands)
2002-12-23 02:01:43 PM  
"Copper clappers".
2002-12-23 02:04:16 PM  
Umm, lemmie think. No.
2002-12-23 02:04:34 PM  
All right, I just submitted a link to doilies. If it gets posted, I am outta here!
2002-12-23 02:05:52 PM  
Before even think about signing up, someone has to let me know what kind of lube they use.....
2002-12-23 02:06:01 PM  
Best link yet today. Except for maybe the "The Barbarian Wine and Cheese Society". Whoever is posting these keep up the good work.
2002-12-23 02:07:39 PM  
What's wrong with doilies? I make doilies! They make great xmas gifts!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-23 02:08:04 PM  
ROFL!! I can't believe these people exist and even have a web page! Hilarious!
2002-12-23 02:09:22 PM  
The only good thing about the posts today is all the spam links I've been signing my boss up for.
2002-12-23 02:09:47 PM  
These guys know how to party. They flat out drink the bong water.
2002-12-23 02:11:14 PM  
America has 1 English Handbell Guild, Canada has 5:

Alberta Guild of English Handbell Ringers
British Columbia Guild of English Handbell Ringers
Manitoba Guild of English Handbell Ringers
Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers
Saskatchewan Guild of English Handbell Ringers

Do they have that many bell ringers up there?
2002-12-23 02:12:21 PM  
Screw bells, EAT BRAINS!!
2002-12-23 02:12:38 PM  
AbbyNormal the one on the left is giving me a seizure.
2002-12-23 02:13:01 PM  
My wife was a member of the Raleigh Ringers about 10 years ago. I'm not a huge fan but they did some cool stuff. They used to go on WRDU 106.1 in Raleigh and play rock songs during Christmas. Over the years they've played "Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California, Dream On, Boheimian Rhapsody", and others. Gotta give credit to them, they have a talent.

(Not one that will make them sucessful in business, but talent nonetheless...)

You can hear them play "Pinball Wizard" here.
2002-12-23 02:13:41 PM  

A bell ringer ?

The only kind I'd want to be is the kind who said," Bring out your dead ! Bring out your dead !"
CUSTOMER: "Here's one."
CART MASTER: "Ninepence."
DEAD PERSON: "I'm not dead!"
CUSTOMER: "Nothing. Here's your ninepence."
DEAD PERSON: "I'm not dead!"

2002-12-23 02:14:42 PM  
hehe, damn my epilepsy.
2002-12-23 02:25:46 PM  
That headline is kinky.
2002-12-23 02:30:45 PM  
12-23-02 02:25:46 PM Diogenes
That headline is kinky.

It got me hot...........
2002-12-23 02:39:27 PM  
I've played in a handbell choir, a pretty good one, too. You know, as far as that kind of thing goes. I played the bass bells, 8 of them, c3-g3. The bottom few were so damn big it took two hands to ring them. It took me a couple of months just to develop enough wrist and forearm strength to pull off some of the really fast runs.

None of you care, do you?
2002-12-23 02:57:07 PM  

It took me a couple of months just to develop enough wrist and forearm strength

Oh, nevermind, it's too easy....

2002-12-23 03:04:05 PM  
"Uniting People through a Musical Art."

Shouldn't this be, "Uniting People through strengthing wrist and arm strength for a more powerful stroke of the bell in a group setting."
2002-12-23 03:05:04 PM  
American guild of English handbell ringers? Do they turn away people of Italian or French heritage?
2002-12-23 03:19:26 PM  
Abby--is that a condom on the ground by the rainbow one?
2002-12-23 03:32:12 PM  
Ok, I'll bite...

I've played handbells now for about 14 years (lose track sometimes). Started in 3rd grade, still play to this day. Alto_reed, I definitely feel your pain (literally) - I usually play bass bells because I'm about the only one in the choir who's strong enough to do decent runs with them :P It helps that I play piano and percussion though.

As far as why anyone would want to join this group, I can see some good reasons. One of them being that it's notoriously hard to find new handbell compositions/arrangements, and this could be a somewhat direct link to the writers, cutting out some of the publishers. I realize they DO help a lot, but for someone like me who actually WRITES handbell music, it'd be a good way for me to get some of my work out there and played. I don't care about the money, I just want it to be enjoyed.

Oh screw it, I'm just a hopeless geek/musician...AND I'M PROUD OF IT!!!
2002-12-23 03:59:40 PM  
2002-12-23 04:01:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

OMG! hE oWnz joo!

Oh, wait. Nevermind. He is teh suxors.
2002-12-23 05:17:02 PM  

Abby--is that a condom on the ground by the rainbow one?

Um, no. That's a green spot on my desk. It's what happens when you leave a quarter on your desk, then a cat pees on your desk. Even after prying the quarter up, cleaning the desk of and kicking the cat the spot remains.

2002-12-23 06:23:43 PM  
What a bunch of ding-a-lings.

Just kidding, bell music can be fine stuff.
2002-12-23 06:31:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-23 11:34:57 PM  
2002-12-24 09:28:22 AM  
I have played handbells for about 12 years now, started in junior high and I love it! I played in group ringing, quartets, and I have done a lot of solo ringing. Got a large scholarship for it from my college even, and then they paid me and 3 others to play on the weekends to advertise our school.
I agree with Alto, those bass bells are damn heavy!! And somehow (I'm only 5' tall) I always get stuck playing the entire bottom table, usually C3-A4 or B4, depending upon who is on the next table and if they can get those bells or not. But my favorite is the top table, give me 10 little bells that I have to play four-in-hand, the faster the better, and I'm a happy girl!!
Twilight, I agree that it's a great group. My director is Jessup, and she's an affiliate and most of teachings are through AGEHR. And my other director is Geisler, and he writes a lot of handbells music. The best was his version of "In the Mood," a bluesy piece that was a great!
Anyways, I guess I'm a handbell geek, too :-)
2002-12-24 10:01:07 AM  
Beware the dangers of TINTINNABULATION!
2002-12-24 10:42:19 AM  
Badger - The Raleigh Ringers are an awesome group! I've got their CD with Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California... on it. They play stuff you would never think to play on bells, and it sounds really cool!

I've played bells for almost 19 years. Some of that was playing Whitechapels (The C3 Whitechapel bell weighs over 11 pounds) 4-in-hand is fun too, but starts to get hard when you get down to mid 4's. It's possible, but not as fun.

I used to be in one of the touring groups. (If you really want to know who, my e-mail address will give it away) We would play a number of concerts over the year, and then go on a 2 week or so concert tour in the summer. We would usually go somewhere in the USA, but they have gone to England and Japan. (I went to England twice with them, since they are "English Handbells")

I haven't played for a year now, and I miss it. Hopefully when my little girl gets older, I'll start playing again. (She's 3 months old right now)
Guess that shows I'm another geek who played (wants to play again) handbells.
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