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(NYPost)   Mattel introduces "Lingerie Barbie" complete with black or pink garters, silk stockings, and stiletto heels (with pic)   ( divider line
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20453 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Dec 2002 at 5:47 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-23 11:45:25 AM  
I'd hit it
2002-12-23 12:23:56 PM  
Cooooool. Are they going to do a matching pimp Ken?
2002-12-23 01:50:36 PM  
So this just confirms what we always knew. Barbie is a ho. And what's up with the 50's style hair?
2002-12-23 05:48:54 PM  
2002-12-23 05:49:27 PM  
Barbie's career is starting to flag. She'll be doing Playboy any day now.
2002-12-23 05:49:36 PM  
Cool, now I can realy spice up my ActionMan porn set diorama
2002-12-23 05:49:52 PM  
Ummmm this seams familiar somehow?
2002-12-23 05:49:55 PM  
Thigh-highs always do it for me.
2002-12-23 05:50:15 PM  
I guess pimp Ken is coming. If I remember correctly, "Pimp Ken" was in some issue of Mad some years ago as part of a parody Toys R Us ad..
2002-12-23 05:50:36 PM  
But can it match realdoll?
2002-12-23 05:51:11 PM  
Ken is a pussy, I have a Mr-t figure that would beat the snot out of ken
2002-12-23 05:51:14 PM  
I've always made fun of my 20-something friends buying the collectible barbies. But I want this one. I like her hair.
2002-12-23 05:51:17 PM  
Barbies a real doll.

Ha ha ha ermmmm...
2002-12-23 05:51:17 PM  
Sheez, some of us submit stuff like crazy, but they don't make it here. Just repeats about dolls. Furries to follow.
2002-12-23 05:51:47 PM  
Yeah... Repeat... but this one has a picture, so it could be considered a followup.
2002-12-23 05:51:51 PM  
...and now, intorducing Child Porn Skipper!
2002-12-23 05:54:48 PM  
Just to continue the whining...

Mattel introduced this about 3 years ago.

LAst night I submitted a story about a rock, paper scisorrs contest in Toronto with pics of the winner...its a little frustrating to see folks with 40 or 50 articles it that I haven't donated enough money or that I dont know the secret squirrel handshake.

Either way I'll keep of averages says one or two will eventualy make it

2002-12-23 05:54:51 PM  
I'd buy that for a dollar.
2002-12-23 05:55:46 PM  
Does the pole and the drunken japanese business men come as extras?
2002-12-23 05:56:06 PM  
"other saucy accessories" interesting....
2002-12-23 05:56:37 PM  

Those are weird. It would be like shagging a cadaver or something.
2002-12-23 05:57:00 PM  
Yes Midian! great line from a crappy movie!
2002-12-23 05:58:44 PM  
Time to photoshop that thing.
2002-12-23 05:58:59 PM  
"...its a little frustrating to see folks with 40 or 50 articles submitted...

Try submitting repeats.
2002-12-23 06:00:03 PM  
"...its a little frustrating to see folks with 40 or 50 articles submitted...

Try submitting repeats.
2002-12-23 06:00:09 PM  
Waiting for Farkettes to comment on just how many Farkers this might be suitably sized for...
2002-12-23 06:00:25 PM  
It appears Barbie is getting back to her roots.
2002-12-23 06:00:51 PM  
No, it just doesn't feel right, MorePeasPlease.
2002-12-23 06:01:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Barbie's career is starting to flag. She'll be doing Playboy any day now.

Actually, it wasn't Playboy, it was Perfect 10.
2002-12-23 06:02:46 PM  
I think you don't know the secret handshake. I've noticed that the regulars tend to have a high number of submitted articles. It's a clique, but at least it gets good submissions. Your rock, paper, scissors thing wasn't as cool as skanky barbie, anyway.
2002-12-23 06:02:46 PM  
Mmmmm... it felt right to me, P.G.
2002-12-23 06:03:51 PM  
If that Barbie came to life, she would be the perfect girlfriend for my penis.
2002-12-23 06:04:18 PM  
Alton: Not just the hair, her whole head looks like they revamped the 50's model.
/feeling a little too much like Wayland Smithers
2002-12-23 06:04:24 PM  
I'm waiting for "Fark me in the ass Barbie"
2002-12-23 06:06:21 PM  
I'm waiting for "Fark me in the ass Barbie"

That will be a test of my GIS abilities.
2002-12-23 06:06:56 PM  
You meant:

I'm waiting for "Fark me in the ass, Barbie."
2002-12-23 06:07:26 PM  
I_Can't_Believe_It's_Not_Smegma: You poor fellow, your little friend must be miniscule!
2002-12-23 06:07:49 PM  
for $45 !?! shoo for $25 i can get the boomfreaka barbie!
2002-12-23 06:09:36 PM  
Ladies & Gents....the world's most expensive buttplug!
2002-12-23 06:12:23 PM  
I caught my middle daughter with one barbie dismembered, while another barbie stood over her holding a toothpick. She said the whole barbie was a doctor and was reattaching limbs on the gimp barbie. I didn't know whether to be happy or disturbed at such creative play from a 5 year old. Any thoughts, farkers?
2002-12-23 06:13:58 PM  
She got that nightie because she's dumped that poofter Ken and is now after GI Joe. "I like his Kung-Fu grip."

Joe's comment?
"Now I'm more than anatomically correct. More."
2002-12-23 06:14:26 PM  
Re: my "little friend"
Well, it's not much thicker than a beer can but the damn thing is long..
2002-12-23 06:14:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ladies & Gents....the world's most expensive buttplug!

No. This is.
2002-12-23 06:23:14 PM  
Well at least she doesnt have bimbo blonde hair this time.
2002-12-23 06:27:22 PM  
Perfect for adolescent boys.
2002-12-23 06:36:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"We'd hit it!"
2002-12-23 06:38:36 PM  
I'd strike it.
2002-12-23 06:43:52 PM  
AcornMan: niiiiiiiice.

I_Can't_Believe_It's_Not_Smegma: Best. Name. Evar.
2002-12-23 06:47:56 PM a few days ago, people were biatching about there being a pregnant Barbie. Now, there's this lingere Barbie complete with stilleto heals, a bottle of chianti and a leather riding crop and people can't get enough? What the fark is that?
2002-12-23 06:48:11 PM  
Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete fell off. Who's left?

/ someone had to do it...
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