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(Washington Post)   Iraq says ready to answer U.S., British questions , no really....for sure this time...seriously   ( divider line
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2002-12-23 11:26:33 AM  
Sigh, do we have to rehash this again?? Go ahead Bush, bomb Iraq. Get it out of your system. Lord knows you won't shut up about it till you do.
2002-12-23 12:31:49 PM  
Alton You know the rules. He has to pretend he doesn't want war long enough to convince everone that war is necessary, so there will be overwhelming public opinion to force him to take up arms. He has no intention of bombing Iraq unless it is absolutely necessary; about late Jan.
2002-12-23 12:45:03 PM  
"ah got secret info-mation, and he tried to kill mah daddy".

I thought Bush said he was not going to play any games...Saddam is playing games...
2002-12-23 12:45:26 PM  
Gee, that's swell.
2002-12-23 12:46:11 PM  
We are still about 6 weeks out from war. CNN needs a little more time to get the remote news cams set up and test the satelite feeds.
2002-12-23 12:46:19 PM  
It's an interesting Catch-22 isn't it?

If they report having nukes, we gotta go in and disarm them immediately through force.
If they deny having nukes, we gotta go in and disarm them immediately through force, because they're clearly lying.

Not much room for diplomacy there, eh?
2002-12-23 12:47:29 PM  
Noway! it's too late! He's killed our umanned flying thingy for chrisake.

:( I'll miss you flying thingy.
2002-12-23 12:48:36 PM  
I think it's kind of inevitable that we'll go to war with Iraq.

Personally, i think it's because dubya wants to ride around in his own personal tank.

Either that or his dog has been subliminally demanding a bigger sandbox to poop in.
2002-12-23 12:48:49 PM  
Dubya-"Where are the weapons of mass destruction?"

Saddam-"Right here, in the boxes marked Made in the USA, we got them from your dad."

2002-12-23 12:49:37 PM  
MetaPhyzix - love that book. Notice that Catch-22 situations always revolved around the military...
2002-12-23 12:50:24 PM  
Meanwhile, North Korea is saying:

Yoo hooo! Over here! Hey Bush, we got nukes, and we want to build more! Hey there! Hear us George? We're North Korea, and we just luuuuv nukes, yes we do!

Yoo hoo! George?
2002-12-23 12:50:55 PM  
This is getting really tiring.
2002-12-23 12:51:02 PM  
We all know that whatever they report won't make a difference in Bush II's intended outcome.
2002-12-23 12:51:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Like, seriously?
2002-12-23 12:52:11 PM  
Personally, I'm glad Bush is finally finishing the war and eliminating the WMD. It's about time.
Ant [TotalFark]
2002-12-23 12:54:09 PM  
Anyone who truly thinks that Iraq doesn't have WMD and is going to tell the truth about them is pathetically naive.
2002-12-23 12:54:18 PM  

Yeah. Now they offer to let us look at it... now that they've had time to hide and play bait and switch with us again.

They have a very bad track record. They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. That's not very reassuring on our end. Can you blame us for not trusting him? Hell.. no one trusts him when it gets down to it -- not even Iraq's neighbors. Majority of people are under this stupid delusion that this can be solved diplomatically. I wish it were the case. My husband is going to Kuwait on Jan 2. So there's bound to be a shiat storm to happen. Just a matter of when.

2002-12-23 12:59:08 PM  
What other things could WMD stand for?

Women menstruating daily
Wookie mime druggies

Anyone else?
2002-12-23 01:00:07 PM  
CIA is already there. And yes, the CIA wants you to be tired of this subject matter and feel a positive sense of relief when all Hell breaks loose on the world.
2002-12-23 01:00:16 PM  
I wish this Iraq crap would get resolved soon. It seems to be the biggest drag on any economic recovery as Greenspan said last week.

As far as WMD are concerned, our "friends" India, Pakistan, China, and probably North Korea have them. When are we going after them? In the meantime, where the hell is Bin Laden and the rest of those nuts?
2002-12-23 01:00:34 PM  
Wet Man Diapers
2002-12-23 01:00:42 PM  
"[...]U.S., British questions[...]"

Bush: Have you been naughty?
Blair: Yeah, have you?
Bush: Have you got weapons o' mass destruction?
Blair: Well?
Saddam: Nope.
Bush: Are you lying?
Blair: Yeah, are you lying?
Saddam: Shut up Tony.
Blair: Waah, tell him George. Tell him not to pick on me.
Bush: Shut up, biatch. Make me a sandwich.
Saddam: Ho ho ho. (launches nuke with a flag saying "boom" that pops out when it's supposed to explode)
2002-12-23 01:01:04 PM  
I say we stop calling Bush 'president', and start calling him
the 'Lord Protectorate'.
2002-12-23 01:01:25 PM  
Wacko, Maniacal Dictator?
2002-12-23 01:01:40 PM  
Hey, this whole arm-your-enemies-with-outmoded-technology-then-call-them-a-threat thing worked for the Romans. Can't blame W and his goons for using a tried and true tactic.
2002-12-23 01:02:19 PM  
WMD= World Man Day; Wide Mouth Deposits...(only gets worse...)
2002-12-23 01:02:26 PM  
Wicked Masturbation Dependancy
2002-12-23 01:02:36 PM  
why isn't he using my idea? I sent him an email to build a giant plastic dome over the whole middle east and seal it off for 2000 years. let's get goin' on that!
2002-12-23 01:03:25 PM  
Oh, good one, Animataard.
2002-12-23 01:03:35 PM  
How much longer until GWB declares FOX the "State-run news agency" and starts referring to himself in the 3rd person and as "el Presidente"?
2002-12-23 01:05:17 PM  
Roook... did you remember to ask 'em to vacuum seal the dome? I hear stuff lasts longer if you vacuum pack it.
2002-12-23 01:05:58 PM  
you know the south park episode where token comes out of his house after seeing 'the lord of the rings' and exclaims "im not playing any more", "i don't know, i don't care, im out" thats kinda how i feel with the world right now, korea, iraq, america. fark none of these leaders have any business with a weapon that could kill a rodent.
2002-12-23 01:06:08 PM  
wild men dance
2002-12-23 01:06:22 PM  
Where the hell is Osama bin Laden? Bush better find his sorry
ass, or resign and let someone else do the job.
2002-12-23 01:07:11 PM  
WMD= We Mostly Duck
2002-12-23 01:07:21 PM  
Can we get this over with so we can start smacking North Korea around, please?
2002-12-23 01:10:13 PM  
ThirdRail - Windows Media Device ?
2002-12-23 01:11:02 PM  
Women Make Dinner
2002-12-23 01:11:20 PM  
Why is everyone assuming we're going to war. They shoot down a drone in the no-fly zone and we say it doesn't constitute an escalation. They lie about their weapons and we don't consider that an escalation. I don't get this whole attitude about Bush being a war monger. Seems to me he's had plenty of opportunities to justify taking this asshat out and hasn't.
2002-12-23 01:12:01 PM  
Meanwhile Osama is saying:

Yoo-hooo, Georgie!! I'm hiding in Pakistan! Hey Georgie boy, your Saudi Arabian pals support me with money, material and new wild-eyed America haters!!! Oh Geooorge!!

George? You there?
2002-12-23 01:12:05 PM  
Why Me Dead?
2002-12-23 01:12:18 PM  
This whole Iraq thing reminds me of the TV show Twin Peaks. You know, you can only milk it so long before your target demographicgets bored and changes the channel.

It should be more like survivor, where they change locations each season to keep it fresh.
2002-12-23 01:12:45 PM  
Wrecked My Drawers
2002-12-23 01:13:35 PM  

Nice try Ironbar. Bush knows Osama is ded courtesy of some timely Afghan village bombing. This is why he turned his attn to Hussein. Need to remove anti-american, plotting to kill american asshats one at a time.
2002-12-23 01:13:40 PM  
Whose my daddy?

Er, idunno.
2002-12-23 01:14:16 PM  

Exactly, Saddam's in a pretty shiatty position. We've made it so that no matter what he says, we're going to bomb the fark out of him. The only way for him to save himself now is to buy some nukes from N. Korea, and then say "these are the only ones I have, I'm so sorry, please don't nuke me, I'll give you free oil for a week", ect. Maybe that would work....maybe.
2002-12-23 01:14:27 PM  
It's gonna happen. Odds are very good that it will be quick. His army will not die for him, mass surrenders will begin almost immediately. 80% of his citizens want his head on a pike. He has zero allies in the Arab world. Weather and terrain are to our advantage. Our firepower, intelligence and esprit de corps are at peak levels. All our high command have been there before.

It's certainly an opportune moment, militarily speaking. We will be going in full strength, failure will not be an option. The dictator will be removed.
2002-12-23 01:14:37 PM  
Who, me? D'oh!
2002-12-23 01:14:38 PM  
Wanking My Dingle
Ant [TotalFark]
2002-12-23 01:15:17 PM  
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