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(Some Guy)   Shop owner tricks thief into posing for picture   ( divider line
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13031 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Dec 2002 at 12:25 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-23 12:27:38 AM  
"he fled" -guilty next case-
2002-12-23 12:28:06 AM  
Judge JOOdy up there ^^
2002-12-23 12:29:07 AM  
what lazy-ass lame submitter put the "misc" tag, as opposed to "dumbass", or .. anything remotely relevant?

not that the tags matter that much or anything.. but.. still.. lameass! :-)
2002-12-23 12:29:13 AM  
thank you but i prefer dr. laura
2002-12-23 12:30:04 AM  
On the next "Stupid Criminals!"
2002-12-23 12:30:40 AM  
poster may be illeagal.
well that's bloody typical, try and protect your own and your fellow countrymen from a guy ripping you off and the innocent are then told they are committing criminal acts.
bah! makes me wanna spit =/
2002-12-23 12:31:46 AM  
She said: "I picked up the camera, told him I didn't think it was working and could I try it out on him. He posed while I took his picture. Then I told him I recognised him and was calling police. His face was a picture as he fled."

Rather benign crime spree over there in NewSouthWales. Over here our dumb criminals would beat us senceless with the cash register they forgot to unplug as they made their way out the door.
2002-12-23 12:32:04 AM  
Your stupidity is my job security

2002-12-23 12:34:53 AM  
It's folks like this that keep me in business.
2002-12-23 12:38:19 AM  
South Wales police say Kay's poster could be illegal. what a bunch of bullshiat. farking cops can't protect the innocent, they're protecting the asshole.

see, killer tigers are more efficient than donut-eating-asshole-pigs.
2002-12-23 12:40:52 AM  
MohicansGalore: don't think it happened in new south wales
not that it matters =)
2002-12-23 12:47:43 AM  
winona ryder gets around
2002-12-23 12:48:44 AM  
Well, where's the picture?
2002-12-23 12:59:29 AM  
He'll get 6 months
She'll get a few years.

Actually, she made the whole thing up. It's a pic of her ex who paid for the jewlery for her but never did give it to her since he caught her foolin around. But there's a twist. He has pics of her, which he will post, and will be a featured boobies. And then HE will be facing serving decades, but will get off free, since the Judge is a farker and will enjoy the pics so much.
2002-12-23 01:05:27 AM  
Tricked? Sounds more like she just asked to me. Where's the trickery?
2002-12-23 01:10:05 AM  
South Wales police say Kay's poster could be illegal.

Britain is now a police state, and George Orwell is a prophet.

I'm thinking about becoming a fundamentalist luddite. And I got free Kool-Aid for everyone that follows me.
2002-12-23 01:27:08 AM  
From "The Supercomputing Institute"

"Luddite n 1: any opponent of technological progress 2: one of the 19th century English workman who destroyed labor-saving machinery that they thought would cause unemployment."

And I thought Luddite's were either cave dwellers or followers of Michael Valentine-Smith.
2002-12-23 01:45:22 AM  
I think its pretty obvious what happened. The guy for some reason didnt steal the right thing, so he had to return and try again. The Woman recognized him and thought "I'll trick the bastard, il tell him my camera wasnt working right and ask to test it on him, he will either agree or get the fark out".

The guy probably got real nervous when he saw her approaching, but then was relieved when she started saying something about a broken camera (this is the part where I would have left if I was him). In an attempt to "act natural" he agreed to pose for the camera. After he learned her true agenda, he got the hell out of there.

You see MsPentyuth, had she said "Can I take a picture of you with my camera?", I would agree with you. But she threw in the 'broken' (which for reasons beyond me worked on this guy), and she damn well knew that the camera was not broken. I believe deception counts as a trick.
2002-12-23 01:52:06 AM  
I always wonder at these articles that focus on a picture taken or a video of something that happened...and they show no picture, nor link to a video. I mean, why in the hell would you write an article about an (alleged) criminal who had his picture taken and turned into a wanted poster and then not show the wanted picture?
2002-12-23 02:22:40 AM  
I don't think the law is intending to protect the a-hole in this case, but libel is a crime too (at least here), and as far as what's been proven in a court of law, this is just another guy, he hasn't been proven guilty of anything, so I'd say he has a decent chance at getting a libel-type thing going for him. He'd be rolling in the money in the U.S. for sure unless she could prove he stole things.
2002-12-23 09:17:11 AM  
And what would Dr. Phil say...?
2002-12-23 09:50:20 AM  
It is always easier fo rthe police to find something to harrass the victim about then to go out and find the criminal. Got to keep their numbers up some how.

Instead of buying a camera, the woman shoudl have bought a .45 and when he came back in, put two to the chest and one to the head, arrange scene accordingly.

(Oh, wait, GB, people are not allowed the right of self defense...)
2002-12-23 10:29:46 AM  
Cokemonkey, as Mushi056 noted, the shopkeeper may well be guilty of libel for posting the picture of the guy. The Web site would probably also be guilty if they showed a picture of the poster -- and the Web site probably has deeper pockets than the storekeeper. It's all about CYA.
2002-12-23 10:33:55 AM  
Oh, and where was Admiral Ackbar when this guy needed him?
2002-12-23 03:20:09 PM  
Who's dumber--the guy who poses for a photo in the shop he is stealing from, or the shopkeeper who says, "now wait right here while I call for the cops to come here and arrest you"?
2002-12-23 10:43:50 PM  
What would Dr. Lauras mom say..
Prolly nothing...shes dead.
I got nothing.
2002-12-24 04:18:36 AM  
2002-12-24 04:19:23 AM  
2002-12-24 09:43:10 PM  

Merry Christmas Osama!

from Mom

[image from too old to be available]

and Dad!

[image from too old to be available]

Apologies to the dog and the pig!
2002-12-25 12:33:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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