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(Some Unlucky Guy)   Powerball hits $280 million. What would you do with all that cashola? (with voting)   ( divider line
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4530 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Dec 2002 at 8:20 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-22 08:25:40 AM  
Keep half and give the other half to the Republican National Committee.
2002-12-22 08:27:45 AM  
could someone please give me the #s. the filter here at work won't let me look at any gambling sites 8-)
2002-12-22 08:28:03 AM  
Two chicks at once, dude...
2002-12-22 08:28:50 AM  
Not your decision; the IRS will tell you where the money is going to go.

2002-12-22 08:29:37 AM  
I would buy the Casino Royale Casino in LAs Vegas. And the Montreal Expos.
2002-12-22 08:29:46 AM  
HappyDaddy, the Republican National Committee earns far more than that by lying to people every year saying low taxes are good, remember?
2002-12-22 08:30:35 AM  
I seem to be unable to stop masturbating to this article. $280 million, mmmmmmmmmm...
2002-12-22 08:30:44 AM  
Buy France would never surrender again.
2002-12-22 08:31:00 AM  
come to amsterdamn and settle there.
2002-12-22 08:33:17 AM  
Screw sacred cow, then buy 1 convenience store in US for as many of my countrymen as possible! then screw sacred cow again!
2002-12-22 08:34:55 AM  
I would get a totalfark account...
2002-12-22 08:35:01 AM  
I would buy you a K-car; a nice, Reliant automobile.
2002-12-22 08:35:31 AM  
Lessee...concrete dome houses for the family, new cars all around, college for my children and my sister's, quite a bit to charity, and then...Florence.
2002-12-22 08:37:04 AM  
Put it towards one of my childrens' college, and then start making children.
2002-12-22 08:37:16 AM  
i would buy 280 million lottery tickets
2002-12-22 08:37:48 AM  
I would do nothing, nothing at all.
2002-12-22 08:38:03 AM  
Dijon Ketchups!
2002-12-22 08:39:18 AM  
Buy AOL and kick off the losers.
2002-12-22 08:40:17 AM  
I would donate it all to ... cause i've been up allnight watching infomercials, and there is alot of poverty and children going hungry in America .... *checks left ... checks right* heh, ya.

I don't think i'd do two chics the same time... I'd do 560 chics at the same time, baby
2002-12-22 08:40:49 AM  
5 - 22 - 34 - 39 - 52 - Powerball: 30 - Power Play: 5
2002-12-22 08:41:40 AM that is ... if anyone really cares
2002-12-22 08:41:54 AM  
Not exactly original, but I'd buy a small island nation and declare myself God.
2002-12-22 08:42:28 AM  
Half to PETA, half to the Cattlemen's association. Just imagine the fun!
2002-12-22 08:42:31 AM  
Would have my exwife killed, pay off the judges and cops, then have a massive fark party, paying for everyones plane tickets... Then go to Wendy's and get a burger...
2002-12-22 08:43:05 AM  
I'd build a rambling stilt house on the north carolina outer banks, then I'd buy a TriBeCa loft condo, then I'd re-create Taliesin west on the california coast with easy driving access to mountain skiing and beach surfing, then I'd get an airstream to spend the time driving between these three destinations.

I'd also send everyone on FARK a dollar, buy Drew a bar (something on the scale of Archie Bunker's Place), and make sure my kids get a free ride to college wherever they want, even if I have to pay to build a sports dome there.
2002-12-22 08:43:17 AM  
An island.
2002-12-22 08:43:32 AM  
Buy an Abrams tank and see how good Bills' security is. ;)
2002-12-22 08:44:45 AM  
Payoff my bookie and buy a hamburger with the rest...

Seriously tho...just imagine the taxes on this amount of money. If you take it over 30 years, that's roughly 10 mil/year minus taxes. If you take it as one payment, its a much lower amount (estimate $120 million), minus a huge hunk as taxes. Not that we all couldn't live off 70 mil, but it's not the massive amount they tell us in order for us to go buy tickets. A million here, a million there, it takes a while before you're actually talking about real money.

For $5, I managed to match 2 numbers (both on the same line, but still worth squat). I'll throw another 5 bucks away this time too.
2002-12-22 08:45:45 AM  
Get a cheap hooker.

On second thought, get ALOT of cheap hookers.

I could also use a new pair of socks.
2002-12-22 08:46:23 AM  
12-22-02 08:39:18 AM Mrobvious
Buy AOL and kick off the losers.

Hey! I resemble that remark! :P
2002-12-22 08:46:55 AM  
I'd pay someone to kick Steve Dulin's ass. Old Farkers should know what I mean.
2002-12-22 08:47:38 AM  
Buy an Abrams tank and see how good Bills' security is. ;)
(now with voting)
2002-12-22 08:48:17 AM  
#1 - Pay off all debt.
#2 - Pay off all my parents and brothers' debt.
#3 - Buy a Cribs-worthy house.
#4 - Get Sergio Garcia to teach me how to play golf
#5 - Buy France and then turn it into an amusement park.
2002-12-22 08:48:47 AM  
That's it? If you had a million dollars, you'd do two chicks at the same time?
2002-12-22 08:49:07 AM  
Madpoet LMAO!!! You win!
2002-12-22 08:49:09 AM  
I know it's not amusing, but my wife and I would quit our jobs and take golf lessons for however long it took for us to get good. Then I'd open up a camp where inner city kids can go and learn to play golf.

I'd even buy their clubs.
2002-12-22 08:50:22 AM  
A house (small), a boat (large), couple cars and a Winston Cup team.
2002-12-22 08:51:51 AM  
Tomo12144: That is perhaps the strangest thing I have ever heard.
2002-12-22 08:54:59 AM  
1,120,000,000 two-bit whores :)
2002-12-22 08:55:00 AM  
Revenge upon my enemies. Sweet, sweet revenge.
2002-12-22 08:55:40 AM  
Whanks Rhiannon. The plaid knickers are going to have to be BYO though. I can't stomach that.
2002-12-22 08:56:12 AM  
On a strictly serious note, with the winnings I'd get.... Gauge. 70,000 times. Or as many times as possible until one of us died.
2002-12-22 08:57:07 AM  
I'd give everyone that votes for me 5 bucks!
2002-12-22 09:00:41 AM  
dear boss:
fark u!
2002-12-22 09:00:59 AM  
1. Pay off all my and family's debt.
2. A house on teh Battery in Charleston, SC
3. A summer house on Nantucket.
4. Just about any goddamn thiung I want...
2002-12-22 09:01:22 AM  
Build a robot army and travel the world on a rebuilt oil tanker righting wrongs...or buy the Bunny Ranch in Nevada
2002-12-22 09:02:39 AM  
A $6 Cheeseburger from Hardee's, a new car (nice, fast, but not too flashy), a decent home in a private, fenced community somewhere in California or Colorado, pay off my student loans and the student loans of all my close relatives, pay off my aunts' and uncles' mortgages, and buy my mom a new car. And with the rest I would purchase a sizable chunk of the Philadelphia Phillies.
2002-12-22 09:02:42 AM  
Only a few things I'd buy:

1. Dig-Dug, PacMan, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Juinor, and Burger Time arcades (cabinets).

2. A Skeeball Machine

3. A website for my cartoon, "Happy and Nausous."
2002-12-22 09:02:51 AM  
AC COBRA.......!
2002-12-22 09:02:54 AM  
P.S. website I posted very NSFW, duh?
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