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36649 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Dec 2002 at 2:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-22 12:32:11 AM  
Wow. I tell you, wow.
This is somebody who needs a "constrict anus 100 times a day" book.
2002-12-22 02:04:30 AM  
someone actually typed that whole thing out

i feal bad for them.
2002-12-22 02:04:59 AM  
The first time I told this story in a class room 60% of the children looked "spooked"

Yep - so do I after reading that...
2002-12-22 02:05:04 AM  
wow...just... wow.
2002-12-22 02:05:04 AM  
I was almost tempted to not post in this thread. Almost.
2002-12-22 02:05:05 AM  
that's some farked up shiatt right there
2002-12-22 02:05:39 AM  
You know I'm starting to think I missed my calling in life... do you thing these guys make any money?
2002-12-22 02:06:22 AM  
B to the I to the Z to the Z to the A to the R to the E, yo
2002-12-22 02:07:31 AM  
Will someone tell me why the authors of that believe it is a ' very funny story'??
2002-12-22 02:07:43 AM  
"Even after the fisherman paddles his canoe off the top of the lakes water, grabs a cold brew out of his ice chest' and while he takes a few gulps down, he doesn't notice his fishing line coming out of the side of the water - with many fish trying to get back into the wall of water that had followed a fish stuck on a lure from the end of his line. Then the "fisherman is trying to paddle back to the water - Screaming Bloody-Murder!" "Help me brother!!" "I seem to be stuck out in the middle of something I cannot explain."

Inexplicable. Reminds me of that crap movie "Volcano" or whatever it was called, where the boat is dissolving in the lava. Guffaw
2002-12-22 02:07:47 AM  
I got nothing. Wow.
2002-12-22 02:07:54 AM  
wake the f ck up
2002-12-22 02:08:15 AM  
It's very important to take your medication every single day.
2002-12-22 02:08:30 AM  
laughing at Pogue...
2002-12-22 02:09:08 AM  
Sounds like something L. Ron Hubbard wrote.
2002-12-22 02:09:24 AM  
Hmm...I had a few days like this. I had just had major surgery, and was living on ice cream and morphine, both of which were administered to me by a nurse that looked just like Drew Barrymore. And there was a 24 hour Tex Avery marathon on the TV. This link more or less reproduces my state of mind exactly.

2002-12-22 02:09:33 AM  
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
I might just spring the 2.50 just to see what this.

Could you imagine the "Follow Up" link on fark after someone buys this?
2002-12-22 02:09:54 AM  
I see good ole Charlie Manson is up to his tricks again.
2002-12-22 02:10:51 AM  
Um....these people must be really stupid.
2002-12-22 02:11:01 AM  
what kind of medication is that guy on?
2002-12-22 02:11:48 AM  
"An with air pockets trapped still on continent pieces now breaking up and floating apart"
2002-12-22 02:11:58 AM  
this is a test auction.
2002-12-22 02:12:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-22 02:12:08 AM  
Time Cube makes more sense than this
2002-12-22 02:12:11 AM  
Somebody get the Cliff Notes to this and explain to me what's it's all about.
2002-12-22 02:12:33 AM  
"And this story goes "on and on and on and on" as if this story never ends with "Fun & Laughs" for everyone!"

I like how they put fun & laughs in quotes.
2002-12-22 02:12:52 AM  
Holy quotation marks. Anyone look at the other items they were selling? Even better. This is what's coming out of Salt Lake City?
2002-12-22 02:13:15 AM  
My thoughts are that if there is an 'asteroid' 3 times the size of Earth, it wouldnt be called an asteroid. But that might just be the Dr Pepper talking
2002-12-22 02:13:19 AM  
I'm sueing everyone, I wrote that screenplay one night after some Olde English and Vicodin.
2002-12-22 02:13:29 AM  

""Guaranteed to make you laugh your heads off Forever" So be prepared!"

Well I certainly love it when i have fun and interesting stories to list too. So when I bid and buy and I stop laughing my head off, instead of me laughing forever, do I get my money back?
2002-12-22 02:13:50 AM  

That is the funniest thing I've read all day.

I could almost imagine the spittle spewing from his mouth as he read the passages.
2002-12-22 02:14:31 AM  
Creepy thing is, this isn't the first time he's sold stuff like this.​950031
2002-12-22 02:14:40 AM  
Did I just dream that article or did you guys see it too?
2002-12-22 02:15:41 AM  
Same person:

This information is 180 minutes long on two audio cassettes.

This story will make you realize what you're hearing is the absolute truth about:


This story will make you feel really good about life around you. And it will help you and your children in away that will be spellbinding and powerful lifting that you will want to hear it "over and over" again and again. !!?~"READY"~?!! This story on audio cassette will program your mental genes in away that your DNA Molecular & Cellular Cells will be enhanced with new tools that you & your children will enjoy for a Life Time!

The Story is mainly about how your God was Created and how his powers actually work' (with a mind of their own). And how the Red Sea was truly divided by his powers, including how everything was created along with: Our senses, feelings, nerves, eye sight, sense of taste & smell, hearing, and where we all truly came from-out of nothing! "From the beginning to the end' You'll soon wonder how I came up with this knowledge." Then your family and friends will wonder as well!"

Then read Mathew in the New Testament if you don't believe."

Of course some of you may feel these informational tapes maybe a danger to us and our world, because Mathew does mention that: "If we were to find out about who God is and how his powers work - and we tried to kill him. He would destroy the world!" Except I don't give that information away in on these tapes.

The Creator of Super Genes is Mr. Aaron Amyx."
2002-12-22 02:16:37 AM  
This is ten pounds of farked up in a five pound bag.

Spooner - God is cornered as a queer.
2002-12-22 02:17:01 AM  
Somebody needs to have this one submitted to bidboy, if it hasn't ben already.

Farking Ebay... Internet garage sale for the clinically insane!
2002-12-22 02:17:23 AM  
Amazingly, this whacko doesn't seem to have a website (at least, not an easily found one).

This man is depriving some village of an idiot.
2002-12-22 02:18:11 AM  
Am I the only one who got 'Zero Gravity' out of all that shiat?

2002-12-22 02:18:35 AM  
2002-12-22 02:18:50 AM  
just when you think stupidity has a limit . . .
2002-12-22 02:18:59 AM  
Should you be on medication sir?
2002-12-22 02:19:32 AM  
this is a test auction
Sure, but we're having fun here.
2002-12-22 02:19:57 AM  
Educators are "damn liars", and most evil of all animals. They do not deny the charge of being evil word bastards.
2002-12-22 02:20:29 AM  
It's a test auction? Did I pass?
2002-12-22 02:21:30 AM  
Seriously though, I actually thought about that whole school bus thing. Should I seek some kind of counseling?
2002-12-22 02:21:46 AM  
get a load of his feedback... he buys a lot of golf clubs and graphing calculators
2002-12-22 02:21:53 AM  

*sniff sniff*

There must be an open tube of airplane glue in here...

*flip take*
2002-12-22 02:22:48 AM  
Obviously a urine test.
2002-12-22 02:22:51 AM  
Why the hell is he reading this to little kids? I guess i would, but I'm a sick freak that likes to experiment on children.
2002-12-22 02:23:06 AM  
Who the fark gave Charles Manson access to the Internet?
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