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(AP)   Priest countersues molestation victim   ( divider line
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7968 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2002 at 2:48 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-21 02:50:27 PM  
Maybe he's innocent.
2002-12-21 02:54:20 PM  
"Retired priest accuses of molestation sues alleged victim"

Grammar surrenders.
2002-12-21 02:54:24 PM  
"How dare you force me to molest you"
2002-12-21 02:55:41 PM  
This very well could be a bandwagoner looking to pick up some change. I'm not being against anybody here, but we really don't know what happened.
2002-12-21 02:57:00 PM  
Link is farked. 404 up in the hizzouse.
2002-12-21 02:58:10 PM  
all your altarboys are belong to us.
2002-12-21 02:58:43 PM  
It says right in the article what happened...The guy accepted an out of court settlement giving up all rights to sue the priest and then sued him. So the priest countersued. No brainer, the priest should win and everybody involved should be shot in the back of the head.
2002-12-21 02:59:05 PM  
The link appears very easily farked, it took me three tries to get it , so to save the reat of you the trouble.....

Waukesha, Wisconsin-AP -- A retired Wisconsin priest accused of sex abuse is turning the tables on one of his accusers.
Four brothers say the Reverend David Hanser molested them.

One of the brothers is suing Hanser.

So Hanser filed a countersuit -- saying his accuser is violating a confidential agreement.

Hanser's attorney told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the lawsuit against the retired priest is "frivolous" and he wants it tossed out of court.

Hanser's accuser, John Ramstack, and his wife received a 65-thousand-dollar out-of-court settlement in 1990 from Milwaukee's archdiocese.

Hanser's attorney says the settlement prevented the Ramstacks from suing the priest in the future or going public.

The settlement also required Hanser to keep away from kids. The Ramstacks say Hanser violated the settlement by working as a hospital chaplain.
2002-12-21 03:02:06 PM  
Not as asinine as the Fark headline makes it appear. Priest molests four brothers, years later at least one brother and his wife gets $65,000 settlement from diocese, but settlement requires that they keep quiet and don't sue in the future. More years later, guy sues priest (looking for a double-dip, no doubt) and goes public with the story, so priest counter-sues. Ok, molesting children is a very, very bad thing, but an adult agreeing to a settlement and breaking the agreement later is also a bad thing.
2002-12-21 03:02:15 PM  
Lizardking: Ah, but the 1990 agreement is being claimed to have been voided by the priest not working with kids. The hush money paid then required them both to live up to the agreement, and the priest has reneged on his end.
2002-12-21 03:03:14 PM  
It sounds like the family may have violated an out of court settlement, but if the preist was wrongfully accused then why did he settle? And why did agree to stay away from children?

The preist may have a legit claim, but I sure has hell don't feel sorry for the creep.
2002-12-21 03:03:45 PM  
What I'm fuzzy on is how the victims prove their case. I mean, realistically, you could just make a deal with 20 ppl and accuse some priest and split the loot. Is there some evidence involved or what?
2002-12-21 03:03:46 PM  
The priest, and I'm going by the alleged agreement made in 1990, actually does have a leg to stand on here. The accuser is violating a legally binding contract. I'm not saying it's ok for the priest to molest children, but since the victim already received compensation for the alleged acts, he can't sue the guy again.
2002-12-21 03:06:34 PM  
The 1990 agreement also said he couldn't work with children. He broke his end of the bargain first.
2002-12-21 03:07:29 PM  
when the church finally folds, ill buy a pew. everything must go
2002-12-21 03:07:59 PM  
why settle if he's innocent?
$65,000 wasn't a gift to the family. the guy violated the terms of his agreement to stay away from kids by working as a hospital chaplain.
Read the article before commenting. asspansie's
2002-12-21 03:15:14 PM  
I work with lawyers daily, and work on lawsuits daily. Settlements happen. Right or wrong has nothing to do with it when you look at the projected court costs even if you win, and realize that it's cheaper to settle. Principle is great, but when lawyers are involved, it rapidly become meaningless.
2002-12-21 03:15:27 PM  
Wild speculation, but this is fark:

The priest molested the guy when he was a kid. The guy wins a 65K judgement in 1990. The agreement says that the guy can't tell anybody or sue again. It also prohibits the priest from coming in contact with kids.

With all the recent hubbub about priests molesting little boys, the guy thinks that he settled too low and looks for a way to get this case reopened.

Meanwhile the priest is working in a hospital, so the guy jumps on this and says that the priest violated his end of the bargain. Reopen the case and gimme some more cash.
2002-12-21 03:16:55 PM  
sounds good to me Gargoyle
2002-12-21 03:19:30 PM  
Moonduck "Principle is great, but when lawyers are involved, it rapidly become meaningless."

Daym are you right.

The settlement has nothing to do with the truth and it has nothing to do with justice. It's just a deal and sometimes it's an extortionate deal.

2002-12-21 03:22:44 PM  
I'm with CommieSquirrel - how are these things decided? Where I come from (the boonies), you would tell your male relatives, and that's a body that would never be found. But in a court of law, how is it proven?

I remember something about several hundred molestation lawsuits being filed in Boston hours after the Shanley settlement - no doubt many were real, but many were from "me, too!" guys who wanted a piece of that pot. As CS said - you could conceivably just get several 20-something guys together whose parents forced them to go to mass when they didn't want to, have them claim molestation, and split the loot. Anyone know how the court system avoids those?

BTW - the priest is an asshat. He broke the settlement, though he will try to get out of it by saying the settlement says he can't be a practicing priest, no mention of hospital chaplain. Courts will be bought by whomever has more loot (defined in this sense as better media, political connections, money, or any other things of value to the judge). Society loses all around.
2002-12-21 03:45:55 PM  
I thought God would sort all this out.
2002-12-21 03:58:01 PM  
Yet another reason why organized religion should not exist.
2002-12-21 04:07:44 PM  
What kind of lube did the priest use?
2002-12-21 04:13:19 PM  
If organized religion didn't exist we'd be in a utopia by now. Nobody would molest kids, or harm anyone else. And the Unicorn would come out from hiding and he would dance around to pan flute music.
2002-12-21 04:19:17 PM  
"And the Unicorn would come out from hiding and he would dance around to pan flute music."

That happens to me every Saturday...hey wait a minute. Today is Saturday! Im late!
2002-12-21 04:19:20 PM  
As CS said - you could conceivably just get several 20-something guys together whose parents forced them to go to mass when they didn't want to, have them claim molestation, and split the loot. Anyone know how the court system avoids those?

Let's evaluate this situation from another prospective. You're sitting on a jury watching the trial of a priest. You watch 20 testimonies from a group of aquainted people who only went to church once. Their story is inconsistant, they tell it poorly, revealing it's rehearsed nature, and it's implossible to begin with. Later, one of these witnesses breaks down and recants because of his immense guilt.

Would you fall for it?

Also, there is some risk to blatantly lieing to a court. It is a crime and you can go to jail for it.
2002-12-21 04:23:41 PM  
as a catholic, i believe any priest who is found to have ANY sexual contact while being actively a priest should be asked nicely to resign the cloth, and if he doesn't resign should be forced out (he broke his vow of chastity. i may not agree with the vow of chastity, but it was his choice to make). and if he did anything illegal like molest a child (which is still a sexual act, so he should be asked to leave in the first place), then the church should turn the evidence over to the proper authorities and just let them handle it. the church does a *lot* of investigating in these matters, they don't settle or offer hush money unless they found evidence. the bottom line is there are child molesters and bad people in every group of people, priests are no different, but the fact that some diocese try to cover it up like they're perfect, that's hubris and we're now paying for it.

*sigh* sick of all the (very founded lately) catholic bashing.
2002-12-21 04:33:36 PM  
In $0v |et Ru $$\a, molesters sue you!

2002-12-21 04:57:14 PM  
Bluesxgirl - Don't worry, most reasonable people don't blame the catholic religion or catholics in general. It is just a few messed up priests, and some messed up leaders who put up with it too much. Who knows why this many priests have become sex offenders, maybe because of repressing their sexuality. But there are tons of good priests out there too.
The only thing it proves is that people should be careful with ANYBODY, and not just trust someone cause they are a priest.
Most of the people on fark who are blaming the catholic religion or organized religion in general just have bad self esteem and have to critisize others to feel better. Whoever would come to the conclusion that all this means religion is bad, isn't really thinking. Its wrong to judge a whole group of people by the actions of so few.
2002-12-21 05:09:23 PM  
Elsewhere - dentist gasses and molests child, claims that the Catholic Church is to blame.
2002-12-21 05:38:42 PM  
prior to all this priest stuff, it used to be catholic-bashing sounded like the ravings of a maladjusted few. that has changed.

anybody, priest or no, who messes with a kid, or covers up for it, should be executed, slowly, on pay per view.

sorry if that's not "nuanced" enough. i'm sick of nuance. there is such a thing as absolute right and absolute wrong.
2002-12-21 05:47:48 PM  
Commie Squirrel and Cora1

Accusations are investigated thoroughly by people who do it for a living. Fake ones are usually, if not invariably caught, even though damage has been done simply by the stigma of being accused.

Also, most, if not all perps, are repeat offenders. When investigators start looking, they find more victims, and that starts to make for a credible prosecution. When faced with past victims breaking their silence, many of the perps confess just to get the sordid affair over with.
2002-12-21 06:44:38 PM  
Bluesxgirl: Welcome to Fark, the home of anti-Catholicism. I've yet to see one topic on the faith that doesn't degenerate into the usual one liners and general uneducated mumblings from the teen-angst/bitter ex-catholics easily fooled by the fundamentalists.

Agreed with everything you said, btw ;)
2002-12-21 07:12:40 PM  
I never paid hush money.
2002-12-21 07:26:45 PM  
The priest has a good case and should be compensated for damage to his reputation. The judge will need some tin snips to cut the penny in half.
2002-12-21 08:38:34 PM  
catholicism is a huge cancerous grownth on humanity, what does being a good person have to do with wearing silken robes and not having sex?
2002-12-21 09:02:56 PM  
or having sex with boys, in this case.
2002-12-21 09:06:01 PM  
Once you strip away the supernatural hocus pocus, you will find all religions are about power.
2002-12-21 09:34:51 PM  
Not my religion! Its Taoism. Though its not really a religion, u don't pray or sacrifice anything or go to church. Its actually about the opposite of trying to get power.
2002-12-21 09:55:17 PM  
I just don't know why people feel the need to attach themselves to an organization that was responsible for so many injustices. If you're into jesus and want to emulate him, that's cool. But he has very little to do with a bunch of cretins in Italy who live in luxury off the back of the poorest people on earth. And your leader is a 200 year old polish guy who's to old to support the wheight of his gigantic rhinestone hat.
2002-12-21 10:19:53 PM  
heh, rhinestone
2002-12-22 12:48:25 AM  
What, and some of these molestation accusations aren't total bullshiat dreamed up by people who want to squeeze some bucks out of an easy target?

Let the man defend himself.
2002-12-22 12:49:36 AM  
Oldskool: I'm sure Lao Tzu would object to "taoism" appearing in the same sentence as "religion."
2002-12-22 01:45:08 AM  
not all these molestation issues are true. im a catholic, i have a good friendship with the youth minister at my church, who was recently accused of sexual abuse by a kid. trouble is, the kid just has a big grudge against the guy, and is smart enough to realize that in todays church, any accusation, real or made up, has a very good chance of being believed. thats the problem, "there's no right, there's no wrong, there's only popular opinion."

\end rant
(credit to 12 Monkeys for the quote)
2002-12-22 02:03:29 AM other news: scientists have started to use lawyers instead of lab rats. There are more of them and there are some things rats just won't do.
2002-12-22 06:51:46 AM  
did you note that the main problem is homosexuality?

Priests are male/celebate...

With few exceptions, priests in question are homosexuals who subscribe to NAMBLA.

"It's a trap"

See what happens when you 'turn the other cheek' The queers take over.
2002-12-22 10:11:25 AM  
But isn't "youth minister" a synonym for pedophile?
2002-12-22 10:13:49 AM  
as much as i hate to admit it, the priest is right. thats not how it should have been handled the first time but they agreed so they cant do anything
2002-12-22 12:34:17 PM  
Is the priest actively seeking to work with children or are they just a sub-section of this job? Is he a pediatric hospital chaplain or just a regular one? Do you realize how frickin' hard it is to totally avoid children? Parents take those little buggers everywhere!

I try to stay away from kids as much as possible...not for any sick desires but because I think they're noisy and smelly.

As annoying as it may be, the law is has to work for scumbags too, or it doesn't work for anyone. He's right to countersue if he's not actively seeking to work with children.

I need more info to become properly enraged.
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