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(AP)   FBI arrests 8 in McDonald's game piece scheme; ringleader was in charge of security for game   ( divider line
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2001-08-21 02:15:31 PM  
Yet the story on Yahoo says no employees were part of the scheeme?
2001-08-21 02:26:05 PM  
The only prize you get from eating at Mcshiattles is a big fat heart attack.
2001-08-21 02:30:58 PM  
No employees, the security company is an independant accounting firm.
2001-08-21 02:34:23 PM  
McDs has been doing this game for 10 years!?
2001-08-21 02:40:10 PM  
I heard that the Hamburglar was the ringleader, although the Fry Guys did the actual dirty work. It's part of a huge organized fast-food crime ring, whose reputed leader is known only as Ron "The Clown".
2001-08-21 02:41:07 PM  
Hamburgler remains at large. When asked to comment he told this reporter... "Robble Robble Robble"

When asked if Hamburgler was in fact a McDonnalds employee compnay spokesblob Grimace said "No, he did some work as Ronald's poolboy but did not work for the corporation"
2001-08-21 02:41:36 PM  
Preliminary police sketch of ringleader:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-21 02:42:10 PM  
damn, beat to the punch while looking for a pic... :(
2001-08-21 02:46:03 PM  
Caption for above photo: "Smell my finger? Robble Robble."
2001-08-21 02:48:35 PM  

Anyone remember that FARK post about the lady sueing McDonalds for $2 mil b/c they denied she actually had the winning ticket for $200,000?? Maybe this "security" company was involved!? They may have taken the real winning ticket and switched it out with a misprinted one! Anyone else catching this? Maybe this will help that lady's lawsuit, or is directly related!

I will get to the bottom of this.

I want to know:

What did they steal?
How did they steal it?
How was the gang formed?
How did they get the little winning ticket pieces?
Did they steal the winning pieces when they were sent in by the real winners? (very relevant here)

I'm sorry, but this article leaves my craving for the details.
2001-08-21 02:53:09 PM  
OK...I found the article she won a million and is suing for $20 mil. McDonalds claims the game piece was damaged? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ahhhhaaaaaaa...I think I need to call her lawyer about this.

Heres the original article, sorry about that.​l_standa rd.xsl?/base/cuyahoga/9962262091275730.xml
2001-08-21 02:58:53 PM  
Facking Eh! Who wants to join the FARK crime fighters?
2001-08-21 03:00:54 PM  
Do I get to wear a cape?
2001-08-21 03:19:16 PM  
In a minor twist, one of the jerks comes from Fair Play, NC. Heh.
2001-08-21 03:28:26 PM  
Sounds somewhat like a company I used to work for. They had a program where if you sent in a money-saving idea that they used, you'd get 10% of the 1st year's savings. Great idea right? They announced one I sent in saved over $100K 1st year. Hot damn! When I tried to claim it, it seems one of the admins for my group received credit. Hmmm, he was the one it had to go thru at the beginning. Let's think about this. After a little investigation it seems not a single person in the field was credited with anything but several admins in HQ were. For some strange reason, all field suggestions suddenly stopped coming in and the program died because there were no new ideas.
2001-08-21 03:53:26 PM  
2001-08-21 03:55:52 PM  
My assumtions that it is impossible game to win were correct. Hot damn do I win a french fry?
2001-08-21 04:06:49 PM  
Who would have ever guessed any of those games were fixed?? (Sarcasim) Please No normal person ever wins that stuff it's always some 80 year old man dying of cancer or a white trash scum that is going to buy a classic '75 trans am to pickup chicks(his cousins)...
2001-08-21 04:15:32 PM  
"Besides Jacobson, those arrested included: Linda L. Baker, 49, of Westminster, S.C.; Noah D. ``Dwight'' Baker, 49, of Westminster, S.C.; John F. Davis, 44, of Granbury, Texas; Andrew M. Glomb, 58, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Michael L. Hoover, 56, of Westerly, R.I.; Ronald E. Hughey, 56, of Anderson, S.C.; and Brenda S. Phenis, 50, of Fair Play, S.C."

So much for that retirement plan, eh?

Brenda Phenis..bwahahaha
2001-08-21 04:15:39 PM  
I remember about 15-20 years ago McDonalds had a contest and would accept "reasonable facsimilies" for the entry form. Some dude prited up like 16 million forms (delivered by a semi truck) and took home 8 of the 10 top prizes. You don't see reasonable facsimilies accepted in contests anymore.
2001-08-21 04:28:53 PM  
DrDave: Wasn't that also Lazlo's plan in Real Genius?
2001-08-21 04:29:32 PM  
08-21-01 02:58:53 PM Albert
Facking Eh! Who wants to join the FARK crime fighters?

may I pass out stickers, Mr. Albert?
2001-08-21 04:34:20 PM  
Never saw the movie. But I remeber the McDonalds thing.
2001-08-21 04:39:43 PM  
I always wondered how the top prizes always seem to be awarded. How come the winning piece didn't get thrown away, or ignored like some of the "prize" pieces that I collected.
Why did the top prizes always get awarded if there was just one piece printed on the side of a greasy fry carton?
2001-08-21 04:53:44 PM  
Dr. Dave: Sounds like the Democrats' "vote reform."
2001-08-21 05:10:32 PM  
so, now that McDonald's has recovered ~$13Million. Are we going to get a massive prize contest from McD's?
2001-08-21 05:16:45 PM  
Im suing McDonalds because I didn't have a fair chance of winning since the last 10 years the contest was fixed.

Class action suit anyone?
2001-08-21 05:17:32 PM  
Flash_NYC: they never do. Think about it people; how many million of these game pieces are printed up for the contests with McDonald's....Monopoly, Millionaire....How many of you out there actually collect them thinking you're going to win $1 million, let alone anything. I would say 90%-95% of people throw them away, if not more. Especially since you usually have to get more than one "easy" game piece and just one "hard" one....and there's only one or 2 made.

They did say, however, that the only two $1 million tickets in the game had already been redeemed.

"We actually love giving out the million dollars," said company spokesman Joe Woods. "All of our game pieces are redeemable. They have to be verified by the redemption center. We redeem all winning game pieces."

yeah, bullshiat....complete bullshiat

Eat Snacky S'mores.
2001-08-21 05:58:41 PM  
Am I the only one (as it appears) who can't get to this story? The link gives me a choice of geographically arranged AP wire customers from which to select. No story.

I'm a loser baby....
2001-08-21 06:04:28 PM  
Choose a link and check the US news - it's way at the bottom on the one I'm looking at.
2001-08-21 06:05:48 PM  
You are probably just the first to admit it, I never upgraded past netscape 4.6 for security reasons, I can't find the damn thing either.
Good reason to go home and get drunk.
2001-08-21 06:06:21 PM  
This comes as no shock. I always knew it had to be rigged. I'm surprised only because Mickey D's itself wasn't doing the rigging - or was it???
2001-08-21 06:07:00 PM  
bigphilly I am a loser too...
2001-08-21 06:09:13 PM  
"Who wants to join the FARK crime fighters?"

Only if there's a groovy, psychedelic van and some sort of ridiculous talking animal. (Monkeyman?) I'll be the tragicomic hippie/druggie.
2001-08-21 06:16:25 PM  
I am a fark crime fighter.
2001-08-21 06:49:14 PM  
I'll commit the crime!
2001-08-21 07:55:26 PM  
Can I be the guy that invents stuff for the Fark Crime Fighters? Like beer grenades?
2001-08-21 08:41:45 PM  
To the eight, Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00, go directly to jail.

Oh, and why is the FBI investigating prize games anyway, id like to see the FBI budget of its task force on the nations fastfood restuarants. This must have been the "emergency get out of jail free card" for the FBI's countless blackeye's recently.
2001-08-21 08:44:43 PM  
jebediah... beer grenades??? what a horrible waste of scarce and immeasurably valuable resources. try finding a use for beached-whale meat, tho such an endeavor may cause pricey, 15-35 cents a slab, and hot damn it's going fast.
2001-08-21 10:57:03 PM  
What if by beer grenades he meant a large canister that explodes, and instead of sharpnel it shoots out full cans of beer, which land (unharmed I might add) and can be then drunk?
2001-08-22 12:15:04 AM  
Yea, these guys sure are smart..
2001-08-22 12:15:49 AM  
WALKEN??? farkin' Cool!!!!
2001-08-22 04:16:01 AM  
go to jail. go directly to jail. do not pass go, do not collect two million dollars.
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