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(Canoe)   Justin Timberlake compares 'N Sync to Nirvana   ( divider line
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4083 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Aug 2001 at 7:39 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-21 07:42:21 AM  
My god, the boy's retarded..
2001-08-21 07:48:57 AM  
Hah! N*STYNK has about as much in common with Nirvana as I do with Long Dong Silver
2001-08-21 07:51:04 AM  
"I think pop is whatever's popular, you know"...

Yeah, farkin POPular music, genius. Like pop culture is POPular culture. You're right DotComrade, that guy IS a retard.
2001-08-21 07:52:45 AM  
Well, he has got a point in that "pop" is short for "popular". So I propose a new labelling system:

"Good" for Nirvana and other creative groups, and "Wank" for N-Sync.
2001-08-21 07:52:52 AM  
No, Justin. Pop music is fake. It lasts as long as the buzz. Go ask the New Kids on the Block. The real way you tell what is pop, is time. The Doors - Not pop. The Romones - not Pop. Nirvana was definately Not.
2001-08-21 08:01:46 AM  
Ya know, I am normally against abortion.
But in Justin Timberlakes case...
2001-08-21 08:03:22 AM  
I want to stick my wang in his girlfriend
2001-08-21 08:10:15 AM  
This title should be "N Sync member goes crazy, to be committed."
2001-08-21 08:10:32 AM  
i love Nirvana's "Milk It"
i love N*STYNK's ....uhhhhhhhhhhh....ummmmmmmm..nevermind
2001-08-21 08:12:21 AM  
he must have been listening to that wierd al track, because he's never listened to nirvana
2001-08-21 08:16:29 AM  
Alrighty, since someone already commented on the gem of Justin's definition of "pop", I'll add this:

"There's different forms of rap that are pop. Nirvana was pop because they were popular. And so I think that's the whole concept behind the song itself."
What the hell is he talking about?! What song? "Pop"?

I can't believe this piece of dung. I don't see any of these boy bands/pop divas being driven insane and committing suicide because the bullshiat of fame got to them. Fark you, Justin Timberlake.
2001-08-21 08:24:29 AM  
Yeah. Lets see what N'Sync has in common with Nirvana.

They both play their own music...nope
They both started as garage bands...nope
They both drew a crowd that included people other than horny teenage girls...nope
2001-08-21 08:37:54 AM  
Stop... Gasping... Must ... Breath... Laughing... too ..... hard.... Gripping... Pain.... Heart... pounding.... So.... Funny.... Gonna.... Vomit!
Anyone got a wet-nap?
2001-08-21 08:39:50 AM  
OK, I know Mr. Timberlake won't be reading any of these comments, and I REALLY want him to understand how much I loathe his definition of pop, so I have a plan ... first, I shall pen a popular tune, then I shall hire four mimbos to sing it for me, then when it gets nominated for a Grammy, I go to the awards ceremony, I slip the planners a couple of bills to get me sitting near JT, and make sure he keeps getting complimentary bottled water while he is backstage after receiving his Award for Most Annoying Curly Hair/Girfriend/Outlook on Popular Music, and when he goes to the bathroom, I corner him and explain my contempt for his theories.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the bit where I buy a glock, steel capped boots, a car battery, two knitting needles and a can opener.
2001-08-21 08:44:23 AM  
Yes, and The Bay City Rollers are bigger than the Beatles.

(Hilarious Frksamor. Hilarious)
2001-08-21 08:47:25 AM  
What's really sad is that idiots of his ilk (and the morons who worship them) actually believe that they are indeed artists and musicians. I hear kids/teens extol the virtues of the musical talents of O-Town, 98 Degrees, Christine Aggrevation, etc. I really wonder where in the hell music (or the music scene) will be in 5 or 10 years.

Thank God for jazz and blues.
2001-08-21 08:48:24 AM  
Please forgive him, for he knows not what he says.
He is a product of the record companies.
He was auditioned, he was told how to dance, he was told what to sing, what to eat, what to wear, where to play, when to play, what to say. His career-life expectancy is 2-3 years or as long as it takes pre-pubesent girls to out grow them. Like thier dolls.
2001-08-21 08:48:57 AM  
Bigpeeler: don't even joke about that... Oasis thought they were bigger than the fab four! And I think they were serious!
2001-08-21 08:50:05 AM  
grr... cant him in britney just get in a ferrari and drive off a cliff already.
2001-08-21 08:52:26 AM  
if it means that justin is going to blow his brains out with a shotgun, then I support his comparison.
2001-08-21 08:53:47 AM  
Did anyone else notice the content to crap ratio on that page? One short paragraph (admittedly, also crap) of story and absolute shiatloads of adverts, boards and whatnot. We're throug the looking glass here people... 8-D
2001-08-21 08:55:34 AM  
Aren't N'Sync responsible for BREAKING MUSIC? Gods this boy needs to become a politician, so deluded is his tiny brain.

Mind you, Nirvana weren't all that. They just had a lead singer that all the girlies fancied, and an attitude that all the boys wanted to copy.

2001-08-21 08:55:36 AM  
Kurt is spinning in his grave, and Courtney is taking the credit for it.
2001-08-21 08:56:10 AM  
A member of Boyzone (crappy Irish boyband - in case you were lucky enough and they didn't cross the pond) tried this one on a year or so back, comparing their popularity and record sales to the Beatles and Stones, saying he doesn't think they get the respect they deserve.
Oh, how we laughed.
The sooner these people realise they are just whores, plain and simple, to their record companies and fark off and die the better.
2001-08-21 09:02:07 AM  
Dido: Oasis was serious. I saw them open for the Black Crowes and they even started covering a Beatles song. I dunno what song, I ran and hid before I was scarred for life.
2001-08-21 09:03:58 AM  
'dragged into the street and beaten to death' should follow the headline.
2001-08-21 09:05:48 AM  
Clutch/Dido: No, they weren't. It was a scant hype-tactic that did exactly what they wanted - made people have opinions about them. Ignore them and they will go away. Otherwise you are still feeding them.
2001-08-21 09:17:58 AM  
Perhaps Justin could meet the same fate as Kurt. I'd be happy then!
2001-08-21 09:21:23 AM  
Nirvana ranks as one of the Top Ten Over-rated Bands of All Time. N'Sync was never really rated highly by anyone except teeny-boppers, so there's really no comparison in that respect.
2001-08-21 09:36:01 AM  
I am with you Grav8e. Both bands suck ass. N'Sync would have to win the competition though. I am no fan of pop music, but I am an admirer of business and marketability. They have proved that. Nirvana on the other hand couldn't handle a thing. Their only legacy is a cliche'.

Now if N'Sync tried to play some instruments, or committed suicide, the ultimate pussy move, then we could group them with Nirvana. But until they leave, we just have to deal with it.
2001-08-21 09:36:06 AM  
there is nothing overrated about nirvana.
2001-08-21 09:36:13 AM  
Nirvana and The Doors are worse than NSync for pretending to be what they were not: profound. The only good thing to come out of Nirvana was the Foo Fighters.

Oasis is slavishly imitating the Beatles and have made no secret of it. Their comment about being bigger than the Beatles is no doubt inspired by John Lennon's famous line about the Beatles being bigger than Jesus. They do lots of Beatles covers and lift lots of Beatles licks for their songs so that should not be a shock to anyone.
2001-08-21 09:40:11 AM  
I know of nobody who says their life was saved by an N'Stink song. I have three friends I can think of off-hand who have said a Nirvana song saved their life. Nirvana did have emotions and messgaes in their songs. Nothing I've heard by N'Stink has even come close to that.
2001-08-21 09:42:48 AM  
While you may think they are "Over-rated", their impact on music and popular culture was monumental and cannot be denied.

'But when Nevermind came out two years later, this time on a major label, it inadvertently lighted the match that blew up everything around it. It was the perfect embodiment of punk attitude, classic rock, and pop melody -- the combination of which had never been embraced, or heard, before. With the strength of a major label marketing team, the album exploded onto the scene, led by "Smells Like Teen Spirit," the '90s best rock song bar none, and supported by inflammatory tracks like "Come as You Are," "Lithium," and "In Bloom."'
2001-08-21 09:43:24 AM  
Nirvana was a landmark group.
The real deal. They actually hated the fact that
they got popular. They hated seeing the popular-types of kids (N'Synk types) coming to thier shows. They were quoted as saying the follow-up album to Nevermind would be so "hard-core" that only thier true fans would by it.
2001-08-21 09:43:50 AM  
BFD. Lots of kids killed themselves after the deaths of Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain too. Doubtful that anyone would ever do that if an NSync member died. ;) Shallow, gullible people can find meaning in just about anything it would seem. It is all popular music, people, packaged and served up for you. Don't put your life in its hands.
2001-08-21 09:47:23 AM  
God, what a farking TOOL this guy is...... he must believe every word that his record company's A&R man has told them, and every word of the "hype" about themselves....

He's going to be confused and alone in a couple years, going "but I'm popular! Why won't anyone buy my solo album? I don't understand! Where is everyone? I'm so alooooooonnnnnne....."

2001-08-21 09:48:17 AM  
If he wants to compare them to a washed up suicidal no guitar playing flash in the pan hack like Nirvana, so be it.
2001-08-21 09:51:30 AM  
its difficult to believe that people really dont like nirvana. how is that possible?
2001-08-21 09:53:34 AM  
Superiorstudio, Have you ever heard "Rape Me" from Nirvana?
Definately not Pop. Not Prepackaged. There was nothing fake about Nirvana (At that time). If you are saying, don't buy everything the record companies produce. I agree. Its like everything these days. Manipulative. Don't bag on Nirvana.
2001-08-21 10:04:55 AM  
Say what you want about Nirvana, but leave the Doors the hell alone. Even if they were pretending to be profound, Morrison had more charisma and talent in his little toe than any band to ever come out in the last 15 years. There hasn't been a decent band out in at least that long.

I'm tired of hearing about all these 'indie' bands that 'aren't commercial' and therefore, aren't supposed to suck, but talk about f*ckin pretentious-- "We're art rock"... Art Rock my ass. It always sounds like these guys need to learn to play their instrument,just like overrated Radiohead. Most indie bands suck, and I've heard a lot (ever listen to Brave New Waves on CBC Radio 2?).

It doesn't matter how commercial you are, I want to hear a song that...well...doesn't make me want to set my radio (and CD player) ablaze. N*stink sucks, Nirvana wasn't the best. To even mention these two in the same breath as the Beatles or the Doors is sacrilage. (And please, I've heard the whining about the Doors being a watered-down blues-pop band, quit it already, okay? The pretentiousness there is just so...precious)
2001-08-21 10:07:34 AM  
Grv8: Nirvana overrated? LOL. You huffing paint?
2001-08-21 10:10:29 AM  
2001-08-21 10:18:09 AM  
"Today producers estimated the show drew the biggest crowd ever for their concert series, with fans waiting as early as last week in Rockefeller Plaza for a prime spot."

.....the prime spot being close enough to throw heavey objects, while far from the bodyguards and bouncers, and ideally, the music itself.
2001-08-21 10:22:05 AM  
MME: lol
I'm all for First Amendment and all but damn, sometimes I wonder if that freedom of speech thing should not apply to everybody.
2001-08-21 10:26:44 AM  
I'm surprised the A&R man took his cock out of Justin's mouth long enough to allow him to speak.
2001-08-21 10:32:12 AM  
That's it. I call for a jihad or fatwa or whatever the hell it is on these guys.
2001-08-21 10:33:50 AM  
BUG!! you have found out how i got my name!!!

anyone who says Nirvana sucks should have balls removed.
2001-08-21 10:40:44 AM  
Best concert I ever saw was Roger Waters "The Wall" over in Berlin ('91). It was awesome, very crazy, but awesome.
2001-08-21 10:43:28 AM  
It's Justin Timberlake...come on, what does he know about music...why don't we ask him to explain Special Relativity to us?

And by the way, N'Sync is actually Prefabricated Bubblegum and without Nirvana they would be Glam Rockers or off-broadway dancers.
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