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(Chron)   Pepsi chooses Beyonce over Britney after a blind taste test   ( divider line
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17656 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Dec 2002 at 12:22 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-18 10:04:09 AM  
Good. This means she is one step closer to porn.
2002-12-18 11:16:12 AM  
Same annoying biatch. Different skin color.
2002-12-18 11:31:01 AM  
I'd still like to have a taste test.
2002-12-18 11:48:34 AM  
What kind of a name is Beyonce anyway? It sounds like something the FARK filter has got at.
2002-12-18 12:16:28 PM  
I've got a blind taste test for Beyonce'
2002-12-18 12:24:41 PM  
Was this a titty taste test?
2002-12-18 12:25:26 PM  
I hate both girls, and I hate Pepsi. Coincidence? I think not.
2002-12-18 12:25:34 PM  
Tastes like chicken?
2002-12-18 12:26:26 PM  
Beyonce. Sounds like the sound her tits make when she jogs nakid
2002-12-18 12:26:53 PM  
I'd love to beyonce her on my lap
2002-12-18 12:26:58 PM  
mmmmmm pepsilicious
2002-12-18 12:27:04 PM  
"Pepsi likes to be in business with rising stars," said Marla Matzer Rose, marketing reporter

...not marginally talented hose-beasts whose 15 minutes are winding down, ultimately ending in a bad PLayboy shoot and cocaine overdoese....(She was heard to mutter under her breath)_
2002-12-18 12:27:29 PM  
I don't give a fark about Beyiaonece or whatever or Britney, they are not nekkid in the ads anyways. Second, I don't drink Pepsi. Third, why are the chicks not nekkid?
2002-12-18 12:28:07 PM  
Pepsi - the price of a new generation.

I like how merged everything's getting now - you can't sell music if you don't have a video - you can't sell a drink if you don't have a celebrity, you can't sell a film if you don't have a star.

Everything's just so post-modern it's ironic. Actually.
2002-12-18 12:28:19 PM  
Funniest headline in a long time! Who even needs to read the story!?! Well played...well played!!!
2002-12-18 12:29:09 PM  
First Michael Jackson
Second Britney Speers
Third Bob Dole
Now Beyonce

Does anyone see the downward spiral here? Next they'll have Marylin Manson (sp) pushing Pepsi. Do you think their ads will be banned in Malaysia?
2002-12-18 12:29:22 PM  
Britney Spears fell off pretty hard. Its funny how she was the biggest thing for two years and now u dont hear shiat about her. Seriously, I cant stand these pop stars who are basically figure heads for corporations to pimp their products. They dont even write their own songs.
2002-12-18 12:29:49 PM  
What would you rather have? This Britney here or this other Beyonce with extra "lettuce"
2002-12-18 12:29:50 PM  
Well there goes her credibility as a serious artist.
2002-12-18 12:31:16 PM  
Key phrase "blind taste."
2002-12-18 12:31:29 PM  
I wonder if the disabled guy from the previous article was on his way to this one to do the blind taste test? They must have got someone else in to do it, I suppose - maybe Stevie Wonder, David Blunkett or Helen Keller or someone.
2002-12-18 12:31:30 PM  
They used Michael Jackson to attract the attention of teenage boys, who will then attract the attention of Michael Jackson, who will attract....

repeat for-e-ver
2002-12-18 12:34:49 PM  
"Beyonce Knowles" sounds like "Beyond knowledge" to me.
I got nothing else.
2002-12-18 12:35:20 PM  
Last year was Britney, this year is Beyonce, next year will be Chistina Pepsi is just running the race game
2002-12-18 12:36:07 PM  
What happened to Shakira? They had her for a month or two.

Coulda been worse, coulda been Ricki Martin.
2002-12-18 12:36:46 PM  
What about all of the other Destiny's Child girls? How do they feel about this?
2002-12-18 12:38:40 PM  
So this is what passes for news these days?
2002-12-18 12:39:09 PM  
Spike Lee: Pepsi cola salesman.
2002-12-18 12:40:26 PM  
brought to you by the same company that produces delicious Dr.Pepper.

He, are we getting ad money out of those farks yet?
2002-12-18 12:40:54 PM  
More Beyonce per ounce
2002-12-18 12:41:00 PM  
Britney Spears fell off pretty hard. Its funny how she was the biggest thing for two years and now u dont hear shiat about her.
I wonder if there's any correlation to the fact that she's taking a break from the music business right now.
2002-12-18 12:41:30 PM  
Knowle's manager, her father, Mathew Knowles, said in early January she will shoot her first Pepsi commercial to be directed by Spike Lee.

I imagine it will go something like this:

Hooper: Check this shiat. You got cracker farm boy Luke Skywalker, Nazi poster boy, blond hair, blue eyes. And then you got Darth Vader, the blackest brother in the galaxy, Nubian god!
Banky: What's a Nubian?
Hooper: Shut the fark up!
2002-12-18 12:42:10 PM  
Britney has about 1 year left before she hits the pages of Playboy...

Beyonce is a stupid name.

I'm sure Pepsi will sign Lance Bance pretty soon too..
2002-12-18 12:44:58 PM  
Don't worry about them. I hear they are survivors.

(get it? They have a song called that!)
2002-12-18 12:45:16 PM  
'Cuz you're gonna go to the record store,
You're gonna give them all your money.
The radio plays what they want you to hear,
They tell me it's cool. I just don't believe it.
2002-12-18 12:45:23 PM  
"Last year was Britney, this year is Beyonce, next year will be Chistina ..."
ARE YOU KIDDING ? About the only thing Christina "Don't worry about the scabs, just hit it "Aguilerra is worthy to endorse is KY Jelly and butt plugs.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-12-18 12:45:40 PM  
They said the same thing about Tiffany, Boot. Playboy has a bad record as of late when it comes to pop stars. All we get anymore is MILF this and geriatric that.

Although that Tiffany spread was hot.
2002-12-18 12:46:08 PM  
thank god! beyonce rocked in austin powers.
2002-12-18 12:46:58 PM  
Hmm, blindfolded and tasting B & B. Sounds like my kind of Saturday night!
2002-12-18 12:49:29 PM  
That Aguilera pic reminds me of this little quote:

"It's never what you know, it's who you're knowin'"

Beyonce has a daddy that knows people. She's talentless.
2002-12-18 12:49:43 PM  
I just realized that this had the Cool tag. Yuck! This is not cool. And, WindyCityGrrl, I almost didn't see the last Austin Powers movie simply because of her. I hope you were kidding.

Actually, WindyCityGrrl, I can't fault you. You are allowed to have your own tastes. Mine just run away, very fast and very far, from Beyonce.
2002-12-18 12:49:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-18 12:50:39 PM  
What about Scatman John?
2002-12-18 12:51:07 PM  
*Screams in Terror*

Wow! WTF is up with Christina A . (aka Slutty Britney)?
Man, she looks like a cross between a NY ho and a poodle in terrible need of a bath.
2002-12-18 12:53:32 PM  
She is just taking the route of Julia Stiles and exploiting a sub-culture. No biggie.
2002-12-18 12:55:03 PM  
Britney? Beyonce? My nuts? who cares...
2002-12-18 12:56:03 PM  
Britney = White Sugar
Beyonce = Brown Sugar

See, the Stones were right!

2002-12-18 12:56:13 PM  
En Union Soviétique, P3PS1 drink you

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-18 12:56:28 PM  
Big Deal. Trade one no-talent biatch du jour for another. What kind of frickin' name is Beyonce anyway? Isn't that one of those things kids jump around in at birthday parties?
2002-12-18 12:56:36 PM  
Just like RandyJohnson said... this is good news since this will put her one step closer to porn. I think I might drink a pepsi today just to say thank you. Only one pepsi though. Yuck.
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