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(Reuters) NewsFlash CNN reports that AP heard my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Joe Biden pass out at 31 Flavors last night   ( divider line
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25128 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Aug 2008 at 1:11 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-08-23 01:10:12 AM  
I like this one. +1
2008-08-23 01:11:40 AM  
Apparently the admins did too.
2008-08-23 01:12:26 AM  
w00t! Insta-green!!!

2008-08-23 01:12:27 AM  
I'm going out now to spraypaint "Save Biden" on my local watertower.
2008-08-23 01:12:35 AM  
I heard it was at Ben and Jerry's.

Of course we wouldn't want to speculate or anything.
2008-08-23 01:12:45 AM  
Can anyone post Neo dodging all of the News Flash tags and other similar images? Seems appropriate.
2008-08-23 01:12:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2008-08-23 01:13:04 AM  
Bravo subby.

Glad to see Obama was able to find someone as clean and articulate as he is.
2008-08-23 01:13:13 AM  
Thanks, Simone.
2008-08-23 01:13:18 AM  
2008-08-23 01:13:21 AM  
Thank God it wasn't Hillary.
2008-08-23 01:13:43 AM  
If this got leaked before the text messages went out, that's a big booboo.
2008-08-23 01:13:45 AM  
I know I ALWAYS trust my unnamed sources. They never lie.

Or are made up.

2008-08-23 01:13:47 AM  
Nice one subby.

And Barack, too. He could've done worse.
2008-08-23 01:13:50 AM  
rumors are fun!
2008-08-23 01:13:55 AM  
I kind of thought it would be Biden. He fits in well with Obama's campaign despite being a Senate fixture: he, too, was a wunderkind who rose to prominence quickly, and is generally aligned with Obama on most issues.
2008-08-23 01:14:10 AM  
yea! +1 ferris
2008-08-23 01:14:14 AM  
So... Did anyone get their text yet?
2008-08-23 01:14:20 AM  

Client No. 9: Thank God it wasn't Hillary.


No texts yet, so I agree--boo on that.
2008-08-23 01:14:21 AM  
i need some popcorn on this one.
2008-08-23 01:14:22 AM  
Great. Now I can go back to not caring about politics until the first debate.
2008-08-23 01:14:26 AM  
He frowns on your shenanigans, subby.

80s.comView Full Size
2008-08-23 01:14:43 AM  
2008-08-23 01:14:44 AM  
Better headline than mine..+1

Now, onto November - and needed change..
2008-08-23 01:14:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2008-08-23 01:14:55 AM  
Crap. There goes sanity around here now.

//Wilmington, De resident.
2008-08-23 01:14:59 AM  
the republicans just lost the white house
2008-08-23 01:15:01 AM Full Size

Ok, some relevant links for people to educate themselves for support or troll'ery:

Wikipedia entry on Joseph Biden
(new window)
Joseph Biden homepage (new window)
Joseph Biden Senate page (new window)
Joseph Biden on the issues (new window)

Have fun!
2008-08-23 01:15:02 AM  

Obama & Biden Look'n 4 Laden '08

2008-08-23 01:15:03 AM  
Biden was the other guy I was watching closely amongst the Dems, so I'm cool with it.
2008-08-23 01:15:05 AM  
Sigh. Just hearsay, but one of the two (now that Edwards is gone) worst canidates he could have picked.
2008-08-23 01:15:11 AM  
NICE! I was watching the damn movie on TV today too!

///no email from the Obama campaign yet, btw
2008-08-23 01:15:14 AM  

markie_farkie: w00t! Insta-green!!!


Congratulations...awesome headline!
2008-08-23 01:15:19 AM  
Over/under on McCain/Palin '08?
2008-08-23 01:15:24 AM  
2008-08-23 01:15:30 AM  
Wow. Another pairing of northern, liberal democrats. When will the jackass party learn?
2008-08-23 01:15:31 AM  
2008-08-23 01:15:38 AM  

ToeNipples: So... Did anyone get their text yet?

CNN's article says they'll be sent out tomorrow morning.
2008-08-23 01:15:41 AM  

Suck it Repubs.
2008-08-23 01:15:55 AM  
Not Clark?

Not interested.

/Sigh, time to protest vote again...
2008-08-23 01:15:56 AM  
2008-08-23 01:16:11 AM  
Way to jump the gun earlier Fark.
2008-08-23 01:16:13 AM  
Well, at least it wasn't that weasel Clark. Biden is a solid choice.
2008-08-23 01:16:14 AM  
Obama Biden

Osama Bin Laden

Obama Biden

Osama Bin Laden

It's a conspiracy!

/got nothing
2008-08-23 01:16:21 AM  
Excellent choice. :)
2008-08-23 01:16:26 AM  
I was hoping they could pull the text message thing off without a leak.
2008-08-23 01:16:28 AM  
I hope you people stockpiled, because we're going to have a national shortage tomorrow.

img230.imageshack.usView Full Size
2008-08-23 01:16:32 AM  

JerseyTim: If this got leaked before the text messages went out, that's a big booboo.

Eh, it was pretty much known earlier tonight when Secret Service was sent to Biden. They won't text now with it being 1AM on the east coast.
2008-08-23 01:16:36 AM  
Time to see the shenanigans in american politics!!(If there wasn't enough before) I brought enough popcorn! Full Size
2008-08-23 01:16:43 AM  
Damn. I was hoping the quick submission without the funny would do it for me. Maybe if it wasn't 1 in the frikkin' morning. Good headline, submitter.

/first submitter
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