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(NewsMax)   Shark Attacks due to Divers attracting Sharks to see them feed   ( divider line
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1085 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Aug 2001 at 7:39 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-20 08:34:34 AM  
shouldn't that be labeled 'OBVIOUS'?
2001-08-20 08:47:14 AM  
That should indeed be labelled [image from too old to be available]
2001-08-20 09:05:34 AM  
Are they sure it wasn't Clintons fault? Man, that guy just can't stay out of the news, can he?
2001-08-20 09:07:39 AM  
Ermm..they don't use "live bait", it would just swim away when it hit the water. They use "sharksicles", bits of fish chop up and frozen.

They also do it a considerable distance from shore,(often times a mile or more).

I'd be looking at the morons who fish off of public beaches by chumming the water. Guess it's not enough to accidentally hook a swimmer, need to use 'em as bait too...

2001-08-20 09:30:27 AM  
Did anyone else see the Newsmax add on FOX?
2001-08-20 09:41:40 AM  
I thought that according to Newsmax increased shark attacks were the federal government's fault. There goes the idea that at least they're consistent.
2001-08-20 09:59:44 AM  
any one notice all of the shark specials on Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC? no excuse for ignorance.

here's a bit of semi useless info: many alleged shark attacks are actually schools of bluefish in a feeding frenzy. blues are such voracious eaters that once their stomachs are full, they regurgitate in order to continue feeding; they also feed undaunted by hapless swimmers in the area..
2001-08-20 10:08:06 AM  
Newsmax can suck my balls.
2001-08-20 10:08:11 AM  
I wish the world would just understand, biting is the only way for sharks to great people, they don't have hands like you and me.

So the next time a shark takes a bite out of your leg, say to yourself, oh wow that shark is just trying to be friendly and shake hands.
2001-08-20 10:36:22 AM  
the attacks in the past year are average, no more then usual. the farking media with it's, milk the terror from the shark bite storys, is what is going up in the numbers. NKosika that is some funny stuff.
2001-08-20 11:09:58 AM  
NKosika- Isn't that from Bill Cosby? But he was talking about snakes.
2001-08-20 11:37:31 AM  
Did anyone see the CNN poll today? It asks if you would cancel your trip to the beach because of reported shark attacks. 39% of people said yes. Do they really think sharks just now started biting people. The media hypes something, and the people just bah back like the stupid sheep that they are.
2001-08-20 12:30:31 PM  
It most be the fault of those damn communistic liberals!

Bless you Newsmax!
2001-08-20 01:22:22 PM  
WorldCitizen, you're right. The thing that worries me is that the media succeeds in whipping the public into a frenzy and all of a sudden you've got some politician vowing to "do something about it" in a sound bite on our local news. I've participated in one of these shark dives and while I'm not convinced that they're harmless (more to the sharks than to humans) the last thing we need is some half-assed legislation being pushed through. The idea that scuba fish feeding promotes shark attacks is a ludicrous leap in logic.
2001-08-20 01:36:46 PM  
Particle Man- As a fellow diver I have to disagree. In college I did a research paper on this topic. And even though there is no direct evidence that shark dives increase shark attacks, it does change the inherant behaivor of a shark. they associate motor noises with feeding. and if they become dependant on those shark dives as a source of food, what happens when no dives occurs that day? By depleting their food source (with fishing) and assiciating humans as a provider for food, some harm has to come out of that. You can't fark with mother nature and not expect it to bite back.
2001-08-20 02:23:19 PM  
Slacky, you misunderstood my post. I say that I don't think that they're harmless. I believe that they are harmful to the sharks who grow to depend on the free food. However, I don't believe that these feedings in any way encourage shark attacks on humans. I have very mixed feelings about shark feedings and I don't believe that I'd participate in another one more for the fact that they are potentially hazardous to sharks than for the idea that shark feedings contribute to increased attacks on humans. I
2001-08-20 02:32:11 PM  
Particle AMn- I too have mixed feelings shark dives. Diving off of Maryland's coast, the larget breeding ground of tiger sharks, I've seen my fare share of sharks. they have never bothered me in the least bit. Marylans also does not allow shark dives, as in Florida and Caribbean. The two places that have had the most recent amount of shark attacks on humans. I'm all for conservattion of sharks and the protection of such a beautiful creature. And i agree with you that no shark should be dependent on a human for food. But anyome who enters the ocean is at risk of something happening to them, ie shark bite, stung by a ray, or stepping on a crab. all this media hype about sharks is driving me crazy, most people don't understand a shark's life, and in my life i've come to expect that what humans don't know or care to learn scares them most.

I apologize for my rant.
2001-08-20 03:40:01 PM  
Did you guys happen to catch the Discovery channel special yesterday about "Air Jaws," with the friggin Great Whites leaping their full body length out of the water to catch seals?

Holy farkin snit. Awesome.

2001-08-20 06:56:37 PM  
I just got back from Grand Cayman, where they've got this dive called "Stingray City". It's in a shallow bay just inside the reef where fishermen used to clean their catch. Then some divers started taking bits of squid to feed the rays. Now you can guide a 5' long stingray by holding a bit of shrimp in your fist and lead it around like a kitten behind a bit of yarn.

Once you show up, the rays start moving in. They are now conditioned to associate boats and divers with food.

Sharks and rays come from the same evolutionary branch. A number of shore fishermen will chum water to attract fish. It's not a stretch to say that these guys are 'trained' to find food on the beaches, and to not be driven off by human activity.

Incidentally, the prime reason for the sightings of sharks massing off Florida? Really clear water this year.
2001-08-20 10:04:31 PM  
Crowell When you say "bluefish" don't you mean "blue sharks"? They regurgitate to eat more... and they're certainly sharks.

Slacky, Particle Nice to see you guys understand that by diving you're inserting yourself into a food chain...

Just like surfin!
2001-08-21 12:27:25 AM  
I'm a tech diver (DIR), and I must say that this article is complete and utter bullshiat.

I don't worry about sharks at all, when i've taken trips down to FL or NC (I do most of my diving off of northeast states and in PA) i've seen them very often. First dive I was on with them in NC was with tiger sharks who had a habit of swimming under me, and there's no way you can really tell they're coming, so it kind of made my balls shrivel when I was about to descend a bit and here comes sharky..... But really if I had touched them they'd just swim away most likely.

It's total BS people, move along.

BTW, that CNN poll someone referenced is 52% worried, 48% not, or something like that.
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