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232692 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2002 at 4:20 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-13 11:48:53 PM  
No. I like girls and all, but she's young, has a weird nose, and acne.

Crap, I'm not gonna get banned for being extremely superficial, am I?
Rat [TotalFark]
2002-12-13 11:50:40 PM  
sure, why not...
2002-12-13 11:53:14 PM  
I'm pretty sure I'd get arrested, so no.
2002-12-13 11:55:51 PM  
Hell no!
2002-12-14 12:12:20 AM  
she only 17 so thats good.the movie thing (dude wheres my car) can only prove that.and she's "up for anything" and thats good.but she's so ugly that she could make a train jump off the track and take a dirt road,so thats bad,
tell ya what get me a 5th of vodka and yes I will date her for 2 hours.
2002-12-14 12:15:15 AM  
when does she turn 18?
2002-12-14 12:57:58 AM  
I'd have to see her breastes first.

In a year of course :)
2002-12-14 01:01:04 AM  
So, like, is this what people do for term papers these days -- put crap pages like this up?
2002-12-14 01:37:22 AM  
Man, I wish my behavior was so stereotyped that everyone knew what I would type before I did.
2002-12-14 01:38:48 AM  
I know what you're going to type. It was about Jessica, too.
2002-12-14 01:40:10 AM  
The slam on people who said they'd date her is stupid. Of course I'd date her, I go on a "date" with anyone. What the hell am I doing with my friday nights??? It's cool to go out with a stranger and meet and interact. Now if the question were, "would you start a relationship with this girl?", I know the data would be different.
2002-12-14 03:29:38 AM  
I'd date her till she comes out of the closet. That's a dyke waitin to burst out!
2002-12-14 04:14:12 AM  
No farking way. Over looking her appearance, her favorite movie is "Dude, Wheres My Car?" Come on.
2002-12-14 04:25:26 AM  
2002-12-14 04:25:47 AM  
well her hair is curly...
2002-12-14 04:25:55 AM  
2002-12-14 04:25:56 AM  
Crazy Stoner girls.
2002-12-14 04:26:08 AM  
"Up for anything" + underage = We have a winnah!
2002-12-14 04:26:41 AM  
Maybe she has an older, non-ugly sister. I'd probably date this chick to get to the sister.
2002-12-14 04:27:35 AM  
The real question is would she date ME?
2002-12-14 04:28:05 AM  
2002-12-14 04:28:18 AM  
God, I'm hopeless
2002-12-14 04:29:20 AM  
America, doing what it does best.

Encouraging people to make fun of them, and then making fun of them.

Go back to your reality TV series folks. The TV screen probably has a better resolution for your entertainment pleasure.
2002-12-14 04:30:19 AM  
Sure. She's actually pretty good looking, in fact she looks like that astronaut chick.
2002-12-14 04:31:24 AM  
Lower resolution makes me cry! Ugly beast girl makes me cry! oh the dilemma! i must choose one or the other!
2002-12-14 04:32:34 AM  
i dunno if it would be worth the jailtime. she's cute, but if ima go to jail for banging a chick, she better be a yowza.
2002-12-14 04:33:47 AM  
Dude where's my car?

I'm in!

I don't think.
2002-12-14 04:33:48 AM  
That is a wig
2002-12-14 04:33:52 AM  
I'd hit it, then get 20 years to life in Federal Pound me in the arse prison.
2002-12-14 04:34:12 AM  
don't get your pants in a knot Natix. She's probably just your type. She likes baked potatoes as a favourite meal. And who can beat "Jackass" as a favourite movie?

You all just love this
2002-12-14 04:34:22 AM  
Well then, I'd like to see what you guys look like.
2002-12-14 04:35:48 AM  
No. Her favorite color being orange was the deal-breaker.
2002-12-14 04:36:13 AM  
mmm assjack
2002-12-14 04:36:36 AM  
If I was still in high school, I would probably think about asking her out but would be too afraid to ask.

I'm was just pathetic.
2002-12-14 04:36:41 AM  
ok, wait. She kinda looks like an ok-looking girl who shaved her head, then, after someone hit her in the face with a cast iron skillet, put a wig on so she could go out in public without being assaulted.

Yes, I would date her
2002-12-14 04:36:48 AM  
god dammit html geek shirts blow
2002-12-14 04:37:05 AM  
Being twice her age would probably put a wrench in the works... especially since I doubt she'd have enough bail money for me and I'd probably just end up hitting on her mom.

As far as her "Favorites" goes... we couldn't be (or have been when I was 17) more different.

Now of course if you had asked me "Would you hit it?"....
2002-12-14 04:37:25 AM  
Umm, no. In a drunk state of mind I might hit on her if she didn't tell me how old she is and didn't mention her movie preference. (and she would have to be the only girl available btw)
2002-12-14 04:37:27 AM  
god im an asshole good night
2002-12-14 04:37:44 AM  
5'3" - no good
2002-12-14 04:38:50 AM  
This chick was so ugly I slapped my mother.

2002-12-14 04:39:11 AM  
she has a really long neck, also
2002-12-14 04:39:31 AM  
I'll bet she has Man-Hands
2002-12-14 04:40:23 AM  
holy shiat! whats coming out of her neck??
2002-12-14 04:40:28 AM  

Safe bet on the man hands. Is that her nose or a penis?
2002-12-14 04:40:33 AM  
Come back in 35 years and we'll see...

2002-12-14 04:41:35 AM  
incubus? jeep wrangler? lame. no way.
2002-12-14 04:41:55 AM  
So this is what Fark has degenerated to... a glorified "Am I Hot or Not?"
2002-12-14 04:42:01 AM  
I think the nose is photoshopped, maybe it's an experiment on male superficiality. If that's not the case then I probably wouldn't.
2002-12-14 04:42:51 AM  
dunno bout her but i'll take this hottie
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 04:43:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

Seperated at birth?

BTW i can't believe that age of consent is 18 in the US, that's just silly, and drinking at 21?
2002-12-14 04:43:17 AM  
Well she has the typical adolescent taste in movies and music; Jackass, Incubus and some moron stoner flick. So right off the bat I'd have to say FARK NO.

Even I have to have SOME standards.
2002-12-14 04:44:01 AM  
this page is full of fun stuff!! look at this awesome car they have its really fun!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 04:44:58 AM  
i'll bet she has man-boobs.

2nd. do you really want to subject your self to an Mtv hellspawn? i quote "It's a Trap!!"
2002-12-14 04:45:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Points to the farker who identifies her...
2002-12-14 04:45:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-12-14 04:46:20 AM  
I was gonna just post the pic, but it's friggin huge, so it is copy and paste FOR YUO!1!​one

Mmmm, high schoolers playing field hockey in plaid skirts..
2002-12-14 04:46:55 AM  
sure, in one year, actually she's legal in my state, but something's not right. why, why would a seventeen year old who is really kind-a cute have herself up there on the web with a big headline questioning men if they'd date her. (also the fact that she's got the most basic tastes. i.e.- " dude where's my car"......c'mon, i actually have started to like that movie now, but i've never met someone who's said that it's their favorite movie,.............................except of course immature teenagers who love n'sync and crap like that for a year or so, then get a grasp on what life actually is................., she's immature. unless of course she likes U2.... then, i'd hit it.....
2002-12-14 04:47:12 AM  
Her intrests are just far too terrible. dude wheres my car? Incubus? Also she is too short. 5'3.
2002-12-14 04:47:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available] RAWR!!
2002-12-14 04:47:53 AM  
There is no U.S. legal age of consent. It varies from state to state.
2002-12-14 04:48:35 AM  
Am I the only one who thinks she hit every branch down, falling off the ugly tree?
2002-12-14 04:48:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 04:49:11 AM  
and the "Dude, Where's my car" thing isn't promising either...
2002-12-14 04:49:47 AM  
A senior from Cedar Cliff said, "She is very pretty, but looks aren't everything. I would date her because she seems like a fun person to be around and someone who would make me laugh." A Cedar Cliff junior said "I would not date her. It's not because she is not pretty or anything because she obviously is. She just isn't my type."

WTF? Are these people crazy? It must be pretty slim pickins in Pennsylvania if they think she's "very pretty". I dunno.. Maybe it's just a bad picture?
2002-12-14 04:50:00 AM  
how stupid.
2002-12-14 04:50:34 AM  
2002-12-14 04:50:36 AM  

"The field hockey team has quite a different approach to its games. Coach Weaver came up with a traditional chant that goes, "Kill, Kill, Hate, Hate, Murder, Murder, Mutilate." Wendy E. explained the importance of the chant. "We say this chant soft, so the other team cannon hear it. It gets the whole team pumped up for the game."
2002-12-14 04:50:36 AM  
And really, who's fooling who ? If the pic showed she has well developed boobies, Farkers couldn't post fast enough to say they'd date her and more. You date Pam Anderson and her huge knockers, even though she'd give you a case of Hep C, and you'd kiss the same mouth that wrapped itself around Tommy Lee's shlong. Hippiecrits.
2002-12-14 04:51:21 AM  
she should read this article----->
Whats so bad about being single?
2002-12-14 04:51:30 AM  
man that girl is a beast. plus she's 17.

and i thought so much higher of the internet these days!
2002-12-14 04:53:05 AM  
No, I wouldn't, for several reasons:

1) I'm 23
2) I'm even slightly repelled by her looks.. so me being 17 wouldn't help.

I'm sure she's all well and nice and if she sees this comment, please remember we're all a bunch of superficial jerks and not worth killing yourself over the opinions of.
2002-12-14 04:53:28 AM  
...and why the fark did this get posted?

2002-12-14 04:53:52 AM  

the one with the beard?...people do look a lot different after a shave...
2002-12-14 04:53:59 AM no just a quick band at a booze year and some face wash later, of course.
2002-12-14 04:54:28 AM  

2002-12-14 04:54:46 AM no just a quick bang at a booze year and some face wash later, of course.
2002-12-14 04:54:53 AM  
I'd do her if she didn't talk afterwards
2002-12-14 04:55:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd hit it
2002-12-14 04:58:45 AM  
I wish you could edit posts, 'cause i want to post this as an image but it's like 500k...​one
2002-12-14 04:59:12 AM  
Let's get to the real wimmins Farkers sooo love!


2002-12-14 04:59:15 AM  
No. I wouldn't date that girl. I'd instantly propose the moment I met her. If she said yes, we'd have a wonderful life full of shopping, farking, and rhinoplasty. If she said no, I'd kill myself. No, I'd kill her, then kill myself. If I can't have her, no one can, and if I can't have her, life isn't worth living.
2002-12-14 04:59:49 AM  
Is that Lisa Loeb?

Also, I really cannot fathom how people are fans of Jackass, but that's my personal take. Two Towers will (thankfully) be number one for more than 2 weeks, and somewhat restore my faith in peoples choice of film.
Dude Where's my car? hmm, I suppose that's like Weekend at Bernies, Generation Y style.
Brave girl, for letting this article go online. Or does she even know?
2002-12-14 05:00:25 AM  
Chrisifa, you (and many IN the US), would be surprised of the actual age of consent for the various states, not all are 18:
I must admit, I was kinda surprised, as well...
2002-12-14 05:01:46 AM  
I find it interesting how many people are posting at this hour. How many of you haven't gone to bed yet, and who's just getting up? Sadly, I have sleep problems, and got up at 3:30 a.m. EST.
2002-12-14 05:02:29 AM  
Why havent I seen this on CNN? Damn liberal bias, thats why.

"t's almost impossible not to notice the new changes to the school this year. Some students have been wondering why these changes have taken place.
One key change is the closing of the blue senior lockers on one side of the cafeteria ramp by the lunchroom doors.
"With lunches coming out there, it's just too busy," said Principal Hughes.
With students grouping at lockers and socializing in that area, the area was becoming a major traffic jam. Nobody could get by. Administrators felt this change would help clear up the problem.
With the closing of these lockers, that obviously reduced the availability of lockers for students. This year there were more students than last, so that posed another problem. It was then decided with the help of Student Council that seniors would share lockers starting this year.
Not all seniors agreed with that decision.
"I think that seniors should get special privileges, and some see this as a punishment," said senior Erin K."
2002-12-14 05:02:45 AM  
This girl's favorite band is Incubus. Thats the first sign she is an idiot.
2002-12-14 05:04:42 AM  
My first Photoshop...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 05:04:47 AM  
It's only 2:00 PST.
2002-12-14 05:05:14 AM  
20/20 different time zones. And get to bed.
2002-12-14 05:06:24 AM  
JOHNDX.....thanks for the link....I'd HIT it!!
2002-12-14 05:07:29 AM  
After rhinoplasty, make-up, and a hair-do I'd consider it.
2002-12-14 05:08:08 AM  
40 Dog
You mean, your first 1/2 of a photoshop ;)
2002-12-14 05:08:29 AM  
after lLSD, a BAC of .35, and being severely beat on the head with a crowbar I'd hit it.
2002-12-14 05:08:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 05:09:02 AM  
40 Dog burned
2002-12-14 05:09:22 AM  
dude, where's her plastic surgeon?
2002-12-14 05:09:58 AM  
I'd tap that though! ^
2002-12-14 05:10:21 AM  
Yes I know i didnt create the original PS but added a new twist applicable to this thread.
2002-12-14 05:10:50 AM  
Big Dave
Not quite, I'm just messin' with him.
2002-12-14 05:11:23 AM  
tag and release.
2002-12-14 05:11:45 AM  
tap and release.
2002-12-14 05:12:21 AM  
Since there are no boobies post anywhere near the horizon.

Mmmmmmmm, Jaime

2002-12-14 05:13:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hey, ladies, how you doin' ? Looking good, Oh, yeah! I'll see you later!
2002-12-14 05:13:58 AM  
2002-12-14 05:14:26 AM  
Jtielke "After rhinoplasty, make-up, and a hair-do I'd consider it."

All that for her or for you?

Hah. Kidding. OR AM I?
2002-12-14 05:15:46 AM  
Thank god for their jelly bean review as well.
2002-12-14 05:21:19 AM  
if she smoked pot, swallowed, and played a good game of beer pong, yes.
2002-12-14 05:21:41 AM  
Conversation with "Jessica" at end of date:

Her: "And then?"
You: "No 'and then'!!"
Her: "And then?"
You: "No 'and then'!!!"
Her: "And....
2002-12-14 05:23:52 AM  
She can't talk with her a year of course.
2002-12-14 05:23:53 AM  
props Vrax
That was the only funny part of that movie.

And then and then and then and then..
2002-12-14 05:25:45 AM  
You'd think that a non-attractive person would have the mental faculties to make up for it, but "Dude, where's my car?" isn't really a good representation of that fact.
2002-12-14 05:29:24 AM  
Thanks for the link, Johndx. Now, if I could only rememer how that Flashsaver program works.
2002-12-14 05:29:31 AM  
i like this girl much more
2002-12-14 05:29:46 AM  
Bah, it's only 4:30 here!

Yay finals week next week!

Anyway, I wouldn't date her. She's kinda cute, but completely not my type. And she's jailbait.
2002-12-14 05:32:51 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

Dude, she looks cross-eyed!
2002-12-14 05:41:17 AM  
ack it hurts make it go away!
2002-12-14 05:46:22 AM  
Never mind Kubrick. Our chick Jessica has proclaimed "Dude Where's My Car" as the best film of all time.

Would I date her? No. Would I kill her? Possibly.

What a stupid biatch.
2002-12-14 05:49:00 AM  
one could easily convince her that he had two penii.
2002-12-14 05:49:49 AM  
I love to smoke the pot, but "Dude Where's My Car" makes me feel stupid for doing it.

At least pick a GOOD stoner movie.
2002-12-14 05:52:07 AM  
I'd probably do it with a bag over its head
2002-12-14 05:54:22 AM  
Definitely do-able looks wise, but I don't think I'd like to be trapped in a conversation with her...
2002-12-14 05:54:52 AM  
I cannot bear to look...yet I cannot turn away!
2002-12-14 05:57:28 AM  
The Incubus and the "Dude, where's my car" thing illustrate this picture quite well.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 05:58:57 AM  
Would I date her? No. Would I kill her? Possibly.

What a stupid biatch.

Someone has mom issues.
2002-12-14 06:04:10 AM  
Dear god, after reading a little more of that site, I had forgotten how incredibly stupid teenagers are.

I like to think I was a pretty cool teen, but then again, I was an idiot too. The "Pro/Con" about Spanish is amazing. The "Con" guy sounds retarded. I know that I've used my Spanish knowledge about 100 times more than I ever used Physics. I guess if this retard never leaves his hometown it won't be a problem though.

Teenagers are terrible people. They don't tip in restaurants, and they think they understand life better than those who have lived it. And they think that Avril chick is deep.

I can imagine the teen response to this post:

"Dude, you just don't know. Life has changed like sooo much since the early 90s."
2002-12-14 06:04:44 AM  
she could snort a line of watermelons with that shnoz.

spidie -
2002-12-14 06:12:19 AM  
Oh my farking god,

This is truly sad:

Ever heard of the group Poison? They were a popular rock and roll group in the 80's.

The fact that there are teenagers who haven't heard of Poison is incomprehensible.
2002-12-14 06:14:53 AM  
If 55 of 100 said they would date her then they're asking some losers because this girl is broke.
2002-12-14 06:21:51 AM  
no thanks.

I can't find attractive about anyone that has "dude where's my car" as their favorite movie

get some taste girl =)
2002-12-14 06:25:12 AM  
JOHNDX: That chick you posted looks my ex's cousin. Almost to a damn tee except that she had bigger boobs and a smaller head (she was a cheerleader - dumb as a rock too).

Poor girl. Used as someone's experiment. I'd bet money this chick doesn't have a date for winter formal (ours is later today). This is what happens when stupid corporate reality series come to the high school scene . . .

sorry if my html sucks ass. blame micro$oft.
2002-12-14 06:25:32 AM  
the more I drink the better she looks...

Hey, it's TRUE!
2002-12-14 06:40:58 AM  
I went to this school district (the other highschool though). Yes, the pickings in Pennsylvania are slim. Very slim. Especially in central Pennsylvania (Cedar Cliff is about 5 minutes from Harrisburg). It's common knowledge that if a Harrisburg girl isn't insane or retarded, she's a lesbian. (For some reason Harrisburg has a huuuuuge gay population, it's a city of under 50k with 8 gay and lesbian bars.)
2002-12-14 06:42:48 AM  
Whoever was raving about how stupid teenagers are, is right. I should know, I've been one for over 6 years. I had to go to school with them...
2002-12-14 06:55:12 AM  
Ah, Ugly. I haven't seen you around much lately. How have you been? Me? Oh, I'm fine. Looking at your Ugly ass, mostly. Well, I'll talk to you later. Keep up the good work, Ugly. You're doing a great job.
2002-12-14 07:01:31 AM  
i'd shag her mom..
2002-12-14 07:34:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

sign of the apocalypse?

2002-12-14 07:35:27 AM  
JOHNDX: Whatever dude, with a body like that, besides who's to tell where she is looking with the lights out!
2002-12-14 07:40:58 AM  
No, as a former alumni of Red Land High School, I would never touch any of the sluts from Cedar Cliff, the other high school in the West Shore School District.

/Red Land-Cedar Cliff rivalry
2002-12-14 07:50:13 AM  
I'd hit the crosseyed chick.

2002-12-14 07:53:58 AM  
No way. She's not all that hot, her choice of movies, TV, and music indicate total idiocy, and my wife would kill me.
2002-12-14 07:56:41 AM  
I would date the ogre and the cross-eyed, I think they are both cute as buttons.
2002-12-14 08:02:46 AM  
I wonder if she'll be reading this thread. I wonder if everyone else at her school will have read the thread by Monday morning.

If so, maybe we'll get a [image from too old to be available] tag on Monday when she jumps off the roof.
2002-12-14 08:06:53 AM  
Well, she's not physically or mentally attractive. Is there a third thing? She doesn't have taste or a good sense of humor. There is no hope for this girl. Plastic surgery and a lobotomy? Maybe she can just settle down with an equally stupid unattractive simpleton and play video games...and hopefully not breed.

Sorry, it was the fav movie that set me off.
2002-12-14 08:09:22 AM  
Nose + Orange + Incubus + Jackass + "Up for anything" = Get the FARK away from me, you queen of the harpies.
2002-12-14 08:11:15 AM  
Seems like a nice girl. Date her ? Not really. She is the same age as my oldest daughter. Beside the rest of these jerks here would probably be turned down by her if they asked her out. Hold out for something better.
2002-12-14 08:11:31 AM  
Sixteen is legal in my state (CT), but that being said...

2002-12-14 08:18:38 AM  
See American Beauty, Magnolia, Jacob's Ladder or any other film that makes you think instead of just stare and drool, or fall asleep while drolling. Or just die; it's not as though any of this matters.
2002-12-14 08:19:09 AM  
(For the last time)

2002-12-14 08:24:37 AM  
15 is legal in michigan :D i wont say how i know (i found out when i was 18 fyi, and am 23 now)...
2002-12-14 08:24:43 AM  
Mask, you must be one stupid, ugly mo fo. Type in all caps please, for all of your posts. Pedophile idiot.
2002-12-14 08:26:00 AM  
I would defintly. eMail me baby!! I'll give you a night you'll never forget.!!!
2002-12-14 08:26:47 AM  
If anything permanently changed how i think about females in general, that girls looks would do it.
2002-12-14 08:30:44 AM  
She's UGLY!
Besides, I like them a few years older than I.
If you went to KC public high schools in the mid-late 1990s, you wouldn't want anyone your age, anyway. Nothing but preppies, ugly chicks, and skank-tramps that would corrode your johnson clean off your crotch.
2002-12-14 08:32:06 AM  
Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
That means no
2002-12-14 08:39:06 AM  
No siree I would not, no sir.
2002-12-14 08:39:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-12-14 08:54:48 AM  
Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass
Food: Baked Potato

Drug of Choice: Marijuana

That chick is a stoner. Baked "potato" indeed.
2002-12-14 08:56:45 AM  
if she reads this i hope shes confident enough not to let it bug her. these guys can say what they want cause nobody can see them and judge them too. and i think shes pretty.
2002-12-14 08:58:10 AM  
Is that her face or did her neck throw-up?

/just jockin-off.....(Not to her mind ya :)
2002-12-14 08:58:35 AM  
Holy huge-nose-and-unevenly-receeding-hairline, Batman!
2002-12-14 09:04:04 AM  
She looks freaked man! but yah one day i could date her, don`t know when this will be....
2002-12-14 09:08:49 AM  
Poor girl needs a nose job badly!
2002-12-14 09:13:04 AM  
I think johndx's picture is about to kill a kitten
2002-12-14 09:14:13 AM  
u guys know that bad the flash from any digital camera tends to people really ugly. I have to say i think id hit it, and seeing as i am alao under the age of consent, im pretty sure thats legal.
2002-12-14 09:15:00 AM  
Date her? NO

but if there's grass on the ball
2002-12-14 09:16:21 AM  
I think she's pretty....freakin' oogly.

("oogly"...a step past ugly)
2002-12-14 09:16:43 AM  
johndx's "skirt" and "no 1" pic, no the crosseyed chick
2002-12-14 09:17:40 AM  
FYI, age of consent varies in the US from state to state
2002-12-14 09:22:37 AM  
you all scare me, lol. sure she looks good, she has good taste in music, appears to like anything humorous, possibly lacking in depth. yeah, based on looks, id date her. based on personal taste i might. based on personality, i don't know. more than 50% chance i would.
2002-12-14 09:23:08 AM  
Split personality #1

Life before discovering the wonders of Rhinoplasty

Life after visiting a doctor other than Michael Jackson's
[image from too old to be available]

Split personality #2

Shame on you all for hammering this girl's looks..."she's as beautiful as any other woman, she just needs a nosejob" - Kramer

Wait till she gets one (and loses the hoola hoop 80's earings, she'll be a hottie and won't ever talk to you again! Take that =). Actually, I am sure she is already a qt and this is simply not a flattering photo. Give her a break...

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

for some reason I cannot help but think of Jennifer Anniston here....with the before and after.

Man, I love that cross eyed chick above...
2002-12-14 09:24:52 AM  
(Some Stoner) [image from too old to be available] High-school girl attends "Home of the Colts", has the same size nose as a horse.
2002-12-14 09:25:49 AM  
("oogly"...a step past ugly)

I thought fuggly was just past ugly. My bad.
2002-12-14 09:27:45 AM  
dagnabit! I screwed up my first link

Life before discovering the wonders of Rhinoplasty
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 09:31:03 AM  
she looks like a dude
2002-12-14 09:31:52 AM  
Some of you guys really need a freakin' life! You all know that if this girl were to unzip your pants and start giving you a BJ you would NOT put up a fight!
2002-12-14 09:36:01 AM  
Only if she'd agree to a wild threesome with me and my wife. Har!

*Whack!* (biatchslap from wife)

No. It ain't happenin'.
2002-12-14 09:43:57 AM  
Hey! That's mean!

All I get is a "connection refused"


Wait till she gets one (and loses the hoola hoop 80's earings, she'll be a hottie and won't ever talk to you again! Take that =). Actually, I am sure she is already a qt and this is simply not a flattering photo. Give her a break...

Totally agree here. When I was in high-school, I dated a girl that looked like a fatal geek/mormon combo on any photograph. But man, she was a hottie! Not in spite of the specks, but thanks to 'em. She just couldn't get along with any cameras at all...
2002-12-14 09:44:54 AM  
Michael Bolton called, he wants his hair back
2002-12-14 09:48:55 AM  
High School is tough enough as it is. Does she really need to have the fact that she can't get a date broadcast through the entire school?
2002-12-14 09:53:24 AM  
Some of you are pretty sad, do you think she put this article up on the web page specifically for you to let it be known your personal opinion as to whether you would date her?

On a related side note, I may be attending field hockey from now on.
2002-12-14 10:02:30 AM  
I can see a followup tag on her birthday - NOW would you date this girl?
2002-12-14 10:06:27 AM  
Depends on how much I've had to drink.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2002-12-14 10:15:20 AM  
Run away!

I don't know about the looks, but there are several turnoffs in the description.

1. "up for anything". My girlfriend in high school described herself as a girl who can't say "no". What she meant was, she would never tell me what she liked or disliked or what I was doing wrong. She just let her anger build up inside.

2. bring her flowers. I've never understood the flower thing. I don't give flowers. Since a girlfriend broke up with me ostensibly for not giving her flowers I consider the mention of flowers to be a warning. She's not getting any, and if she wants some she can date somebody else.

3. She likes Jackass? My ex-girlfriend had me watch the Jerry Springer show once because her friend was on, and that was actually sort of amusing, but Jackass is over the line.
2002-12-14 10:15:37 AM  
That is one hell of an adam's apple for a girl... or is it goiter? Someone should try iodized salt.

Not to be prejudgemental or anything.
2002-12-14 10:20:32 AM  
i was thinking yeah, okay, she's not too bad it might be fun and then I read:

Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass

and I was completely turned against her...
2002-12-14 10:25:21 AM  
Overlooking the underage thing, I must say that she has poor taste if Incubus is her favorite band, Hey Dude Where's My Car is her favorite movie, and Jackass is her favorite show. C'mon... I've watched Jackass and it is funny, but it is definitely not my FAVORITE show.

I don't think she is all that unattractive either. Some of the girls that I didn't think were that great looking in high school have actually become quite attractive, and the popular attractive cheerleader-types have started to lose their looks, and now have nothing to fall back on because that's all they ever knew was to look pretty.
2002-12-14 10:25:43 AM  
16 is legal in Oklahoma... I am sure that is a bad picture... So, yes
2002-12-14 10:26:20 AM  
2002-12-14 10:27:49 AM  
No way- Too young and a Coyote woman
2002-12-14 10:41:27 AM  
I'd toungue dart her fart hole.
2002-12-14 10:53:10 AM  

I'd hit it.... nothing more. I mean come on ! 5'3 " ?!?!! "She's a spinnar !!"

At 5'3" I could fold her in half and jack-off with her..... fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap.....

2002-12-14 10:57:08 AM  
Does she put out? They forgot to mention that in the bio.
2002-12-14 11:00:34 AM  
Nope, don't think so.. not my type... But i also must agree that this is prob. just a bad photo.
And a note about CONFABULATS teenager rant:
'Teenagers are terrible people. They don't tip in restaurants, and they think they understand life better than those who have lived it. And they think that Avril chick is deep. '
I am 18 and I ALWAYS Tip (very well actually) in restaurants and cannot stand ppl that do NOT tip. (This is probably because i have worked in a cafe/country club and now a bar over the past 4 years) secondly, I do not understand life, or even attept to a lot of the time. And THIRDLY Avril is not deep, she is just another Britney Spears but she won't be aroudn for as long.
/End of rant
2002-12-14 11:01:45 AM  
And my gf is 5'2" so I can't really complain about the hight though...
2002-12-14 11:03:42 AM  
But if that doesn't work, go to her friend, Ross C.,

I see poor Ross is never going to hit it.
2002-12-14 11:10:32 AM  
Mikey65: That was the funniest thig i've heard this week.
2002-12-14 11:14:10 AM  
I'd hit its mother.
2002-12-14 11:14:44 AM  
she may not be my type but in my position, I will take what ever I can get.
2002-12-14 11:14:54 AM  
Heh just to confirm, i'd hit it
2002-12-14 11:16:46 AM  
Color: Orange
Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass

Food: Baked Potato
Band: Incubus
Car: Jeep Wrangler

Holy shiat, what a winner, eh? shiatty taste in cinema and music! If you ever get in a fight, all you have to do is fire-off a few one-liners from pop-culture movies and then sing about how much life sucks and is unfair and how you hate your parents for some goddamn reason.

I actually liked Dude, Where's My Car? because of the interesting plot twists. I mean, who saw that kitchen full of pudding coming? Nobody! Pure genius.
2002-12-14 11:18:35 AM  
Of course Opera and Disco are all you need. If only someone would combine the two then I'd be happy
2002-12-14 11:23:17 AM  
I didn't read all the posts but ummm

if she likes "Dude Wheres my Car?" and is my age then...she can't be that bad of a person can she? I'd date her.

now someone gimme a six fiddie so I can take her to mickey d's
2002-12-14 11:23:28 AM  
On the risk of going to prison and being raped by inmate Brucie, I'll have to say thanks but no thanks.

By the way... what the hell kinda school is this?!? Did you see the dork pictured in the buddy club ice skating article?
2002-12-14 11:29:53 AM  
Hell yea.... you farkers that are dissen her are clueless. this one's gonna blossom into a babe soon.... get it while it's young and innocent.... says me....
2002-12-14 11:33:59 AM  
I can't believe no one has seen the similarity between her and Bill Maher. Can some one please post the two faces next to each other??
2002-12-14 11:35:01 AM  
I'd like to partake in her fallopial pudding.
2002-12-14 11:35:11 AM  
Holy shiat, what a winner, eh? shiatty taste in cinema and music!

She's... 17. Cut her some slack. When you were 17, you listened to Cannibal Corpse and masturbated into a tub of lard every Saturday.
2002-12-14 11:36:21 AM  
Damn me for daring to go to sleep and missing this thread :(

1. Cedar Cliff's other highlights: 3 of the 4 members of "Poison" (the glam/hair band) went to school there. Briefly.

2. This chick is within, hmm, 5 miles of me. There are hotter chicks that are closer.

3. Age of consent in PA is 14, as I understand it.

That is all.
2002-12-14 11:37:13 AM  
I'm willing to wager that 95% of the farkers that said "I wouldn't hit it because it's fugly" are fat fugly farks themselves. has become a farking cesspool that's used for idiots to congress.
2002-12-14 11:42:33 AM  
And to all you people calling her ugly (her poor taste in music and movies notwithstanding), you DO realize that EVERYONE (even you) looks like shiat without makeup and proper lighting, right?

I'm sure there's a better pic of her out there. How about it? Anyone willing to dredge one up?
2002-12-14 11:43:47 AM  
Hmm, well probably, but I'm turning 18 in two days, and I'm not sure how legal that all is.
2002-12-14 11:49:47 AM  
a.) underage means illegal to me
b.) funky nose
c.) jackass and 'dude where's my car' are shiat

conclusion- fark no!
2002-12-14 11:52:20 AM  
I'd rather date Maggie =)
2002-12-14 11:57:18 AM  
Out of the one hundred guys polled, only eight of them said they would need to know more about our candidate before they would be able to decide if she was dateable.

Looks like only 8 percent of guys polled have a brain. This information is about as useful as an online matchmaking service. Nothing is said as to how she acts or reacts in relationships, and even if something was said, it'd be of the "She's a kind, sweet, gentle girl..." sort, which is almost always a load of crap. For all we know, she could get off on castrating her ex boyfriends.
2002-12-14 12:04:22 PM  
I wouldn't date her, but i'd sure Hit it!
2002-12-14 12:13:33 PM  
2002-12-14 12:21:51 PM  
What really installs my aluminum siding is that this article has garnered so many responces. Besides. Did anyone stop and think that the person who submitted this article either was the person in question or was somebody who knows her? This isn't exactly "breaking news", it's a tiny article in a school's online "newspaper". I mean, for God's sakes, they have a teacher called "Mr. Kunkle".

Besides. None of the pictures I saw of these people were all too glamorous. Hell, for all we know, she's probably part of the attractive set.

People are so mean.
2002-12-14 12:30:47 PM  
Not a chance in hell. I mean, she prefers the color orange, what kind of a sick puppy is she?
2002-12-14 12:31:40 PM  
Ah, Fark. The best place to go if you want to see eternal virgins rant on about how ugly girls are because they actually look normal and aren't filled with silicone and plastic. How could I live without you, Fark?

2002-12-14 12:32:06 PM  
You all just don't understand. She goes to Cedar Crest HS. It's Harrisburg. It's in central Pennsylvania. It's not civilization. It's not like it's downtown LA or some other culturally hip location where they turn out chesty blondes like a factory.

In central PA, "Jackass" is high culture and "Dude Where's My Car" is a documentary. A baked potato is haute cuisine and a Jeep Wrangler is high-falutin' wheels.

In central PA, the art-house cinema has folding chairs and the local radio stations play southern rock as if it were local anthems.

If you were stuck in central PA, YOU'D HIT IT because that's what you do in central PA.
2002-12-14 12:34:01 PM  

Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass
Band: Incubus
Car: Jeep Wrangler

Response? No.
2002-12-14 12:44:49 PM  
I'd hit the back of the head with a sock full o' doorknobs.

"Dude, Where's My Car"?? "Jackass"??

2002-12-14 12:45:02 PM  
I'd date her and I'd hit it. She might turn out to be really nice, and you never know how a good relationship is going to start, or with whom. Of course, I have to take exception to her taste in cinema, for example. But tastes change over time. shiat, back when I was her age, my favourite film was Star Wars... fairly immature, that. Oh, wait, she's 17. I'm eleven years older. Well, all the pieces still fit... spinner... etc. And like they say, if there's grass on the field, play ball. And if not, then go out back and play in the dirt. muhahahaha
2002-12-14 12:45:19 PM  

Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass
Band: Incubus
Car: Jeep Wrangler

Response? No."

2002-12-14 12:47:52 PM  
Cedar CLIFF, not Cedar Crest, Undertoad. I'll reaffirm the rest of what you said tho :) Give her 6 months and she'll be pregnant, working at McD's (right across the street)

Also from the site:

What's so bad about being single?

By Naomi C.

Have you always been the one incessantly bothered by others to go to Homecoming or Prom, but never had a date to go along? Are you the only one left in your group without a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Is the stereotype of a single person usually that of a nerdy guy with a disturbing laugh that resembles the snorts of a pig?

What's really so bad about being single? You wouldn't have to hang out with people that your date chooses. Also, sophomore Jaime A. brought up the fact that when you are single, "You can talk to other guys without your boyfriend getting jealous."

Senior Kaylene M. said you'll "have more time on your hands."

You could spend more time with friends and family instead of having to be with one person all day long. You would also not have to worry about impressing anyone by acting differently than how you normally act. Better yet, sophomore Caitlin M. added, "You can flirt with lots of guys."

By being single, you could avoid having to pay for someone else's dinner or escorting them everywhere they wanted to go. You could also avoid having to remember one more birthday or anniversary and would not have to buy another gift for the holidays.

You would not be yelled at anymore for walking too slowly in the hallways while trying to stay side by side with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Even more so, you could keep your dignity as well as your modesty by not "expressing your feelings" in the halls.

More importantly, senior Andrew S. said you're "open to everything, not just one thing." Senior Denise Y. elaborated and said, "When you're single, you have a better understanding of yourself and others around you."

Of course, the big issue is that you will not have to worry about what happens to the relationship after high school. You could get on your way with your future away from high school without any regrets.

Although having someone to frequently worry about and shower with unnecessary gifts seems to be the norm in high school, the alternative is still the best route for some.
2002-12-14 12:56:49 PM  
She's too average looking for me, no thanks...

And what's wrong with Incubus?, they're not that bad.

/runs away before he gets flamed by the music purists
2002-12-14 01:07:30 PM  
This. Thread. Is. Wrong.
2002-12-14 01:16:45 PM  
The real question is... would you date THIS GIRL.....she's 14........ oy..... g'daymn!

2002-12-14 01:19:59 PM  
sry..... I do suck....

if this doesn't work I give up
2002-12-14 01:25:57 PM  
I must add my input. I would not date this girl, because she sounds vapid.
2002-12-14 01:28:29 PM  
BTW i can't believe that age of consent is 18 in the US, that's just silly, and drinking at 21?

Actually, that varies from state to state. There are all sorts of wierd statutory laws covering that in Indiana.

Still to be on the safe side, I'd wait a year before hitting it...
2002-12-14 01:29:31 PM  
Can't believe I made that error, Donk. Thanks for the correction.
2002-12-14 01:30:02 PM  
Alright, for those of you slamming both the movie and the music, understand that your age/generation/preference aren't everything. And those of you that hate mainstream music and think that you may be either rebellious or just old-school are conforming to not conform. Personally, I think that Incubus is quite a good band. Dude, Where's My Car? was farking stupid the first time I saw it...but I watched it a couple of days ago when I was in a really shiatty mood due to family stuff and laughed my ass off.

As to her looks, whoever it was that said that she will blossom to being a hottie is right. Most of the "less popular" girls end up becoming the ones that are worth staying with, while the popular ones stay fickle and eventually end up with some loser (no offense to any popular girls who for some odd reason peruse fark and ended up otherwise).

I'm sure that a large number of you flaming this girl would also tell me that my like for New Found Glory, Simple Plan, SR-71, Sum41, etc is horrible, or that I'm a sellout, or that I have bad tastes blah blah blah. But I like a lot of bands that I'm sure 90% of you have never heard of:
Goldfinger (If you don't know them, don't bother replying)
Less Than Jake
RX Bandits
Evanescence (Little Rock local band...excellent music)
Dead Milkmen

All I'm saying is that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but because of how fickle society hsa become, or for the most part always has been, a person's first impression of an individual is their physical appearance.

I, for one, was a dork in high school...I still consider myself a dork, but I moved away for two years afterwards, moved back, grew up, got a goatee, and now I've turned down dates from a couple of the hotter girls that were in my grade in high school, simply for the fact that they want to date me because NOW I'm attractive and have money.

I believe that anyone should be given at least one chance...hell even two.

Also, I couldn't name a song by poison, but I can name just about every song from the Dead Kennedy's, The Ramones, The Vandals, Misfits, etc.

Oh yeah...and as to if I'd date her or not: as I said, everyone deserves a chance, and I think that she may actually turn out to be a nice matter how shallow someone may SEEM in high school, they do that to try and fit in with the "in-crowd." Get to know someone on a deeper level and maybe then you'll understand that the way people act in public and the way people act one-on-one can actually be quite different.

To sum this all up for those of you that didnt wanna read all of this is as follows: GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES

That is all.
2002-12-14 01:33:41 PM  
With her looks, it would be slightly above borderline yes no. Then her favorite movie dropped it to borderline. Let me toss a coin each time you ask.
2002-12-14 01:34:00 PM  
And they think that Avril chick is deep.

Not to sound like an old fart, but who the hell is Avril?

Oh well, like the average 16-year-old knows who Jello Biafra is. The cool ones do, though...
2002-12-14 01:36:07 PM  
Wyldfyre: Propaghandi rocks!!! Props for your good taste!
2002-12-14 01:37:04 PM  
no thank you.
2002-12-14 01:38:07 PM  
Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedy's fame, and complete and total first amendment lunatic. God bless him for it too.

But that chick is fugly.
2002-12-14 01:41:41 PM  
Wyldfire, is that your picture up there? Because if not you really don't have a place getting pissed off at everyone else. Dude, Wheres my car is a terrible terrible movie. All involved need to be put on a small island by themselves, along with Pauly Shore. Of course everyone's going to make fun of her appearance. They want everyone else to think they can do better. And even if they are serious, so what? It sucks for the girl, but its natural. So, anyways, unless you're that girl, stop biatching.
2002-12-14 01:42:11 PM  
Jail bait.
2002-12-14 01:42:56 PM  

thanks...My favorite album of theirs is "How To Clean Everything"

Their most recent album (came out in 2000 I BELIEVE..or at least that's the most recent one I know of) was a bit of a disappointment after that album.
2002-12-14 01:46:47 PM  
kekko_kaman is the perfect image of what I was discussing.

Also no, that's not my picture, no anyone I know. But I do feel it's right to defend the honor of someone that I'm sure you yourself don't even know. I'm wrong in my biatching probably, but then again, what is right? The definition of right is based upon the individual. Now, if you have anything rational and partly thought out that you would like to debate, you may either carry it on here and bore everyone else out of their farking minds, or you may discuss it further with me on AIM or ICQ.

(this is suicide to give this out I know but still)
AIM: Wy1dfire
ICQ: 51798341

I'll be available most of today.
2002-12-14 01:54:00 PM  
As long as she puts out on the first date
2002-12-14 01:56:59 PM  
But seriously dude, where's my car?
2002-12-14 02:02:00 PM  
I wouldn't spit in her mouth if her gums were on fire!
2002-12-14 02:03:08 PM  
Speaking of which.. she looks like her face already caught fire, and someone tried to put it out with a wet brick.

on the other hand, she IS a snowboarder, that always turns my buttons. I think id have to paper-bag it.
2002-12-14 02:04:36 PM  
If she had about 5 more years on her.
2002-12-14 02:07:52 PM  
Am I Wyldfire? Actually, not once have I said anything about the girl. I didn't say I wouldn't date her. I didn't say she was ugly. Not once did I insult her. Ok sure I insulted Dude, Wheres my car? But so what? People make fun of movies I like to. I don't care. All I'm doing is defending the people you're attacking. Why? Mostly because 99% of what's said on fark shouldn't be taken seriously. Yet you get quite upset about it. Anyways, Dead Milkmen rock, and I am off to work.
2002-12-14 02:11:06 PM  
This post is much easier to masturbate to than the Kissinger one.
2002-12-14 02:16:01 PM  
rofl kekko. I apologize, my last response was rashly posted. I have some serious issues going on with my father and I came to read the comments (because I know that generally 90% of them are funny as hell), but after reading some of the shiat that people posted, I wanted to just post my own thoughts. It really wasnt bashing the girl herself...yes she has a huge ass nose and a weird position was bashing on her tastes in music and movies.

So yes, I'm an asshole, and as of current I may have overreacted in my post to what offended me. But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink (childish, but in its own way humorous).

Anyways, post away...I'll just idly watch :D

2002-12-14 02:20:07 PM  
hmmmm.... desperation... possibly...
2002-12-14 02:23:49 PM  
She looks alright. Can't say I'm too thrilled with her music/movie choices though. If she was closer to my age I'd consider it.
2002-12-14 02:26:41 PM  
She has a bit of the jennifer Grey thing going on. So, if she wasn't a fraction of my age with abysmal taste in movies, sure.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 02:27:01 PM  
The point of a date is to get to know if you want to further date someone. Looks play the initial role.

All you guys ripping on here are going to turn her into a man-hating femi-lesbo-nazi.

and why are they using a poor high school girl for their non-scientific scientific experiment?
2002-12-14 02:28:19 PM  
Ok, I'd try anything once.....
2002-12-14 02:31:31 PM  
i don't understand how people can quantify how much they enjoyed a particular movie, or a particular anything, especially movies though, once i've watched a movie once i practically die of boredom watching it again.

also, fifthcolumn, aren't you the one that has seen battle feild earth abd the princess diaries like 50 times each?

not to disqualify your opinion or anything.
2002-12-14 02:43:20 PM  
17 will get you 20
2002-12-14 02:50:21 PM  
"Date" her? Well...the thing is, there'd be a price cap. I'd take her to Taco Bell. But even then, she'd have to get a nose job first, which is bound to cost more than the date. And then she'd have to wait until she's legal before she could bother me. And then she'd have to make it past the ol' lady...since I'm not available...and then there's the matter of me being over twice her age.

Um, come to think of it, I'm not even looking. Bad investment for her then, I guess. So, no.
2002-12-14 02:51:57 PM  
I wouldn't hit her with Drew's C*ck...She looks smelly.
2002-12-14 02:54:14 PM  
She just might be the perfect girl... 5 holes.
2002-12-14 02:57:00 PM  
2002-12-14 02:57:17 PM  
I suppose I would if I were 17.
And blind.
And had no hands.
2002-12-14 02:59:22 PM  
Man, this is a tough crowd. She's just a 17 year old girl. 17 year olds are supposed to have bad taste in music and movies. That doesn't make her worthy of some of you Farker's horrible comments. Grow up.
2002-12-14 03:04:03 PM  
Date? No
Leave feeling used awnd sticky? YES!!!!
2002-12-14 03:11:14 PM  
Heh, she's legal in Michigan, :P

nah, she looks too young tho...with my luck, she'd still get me arrested ....
2002-12-14 03:11:49 PM  
Wyldfire- you have good taste in music

Simple Plan is horrible- they seem to be trying to hard, their live show is a sad state of affairs. I'd do anything is a great song though, they can get better with time

Sr-71- first album is average got high points with politically correct and the other radio song, the rest was a disappointment but i still listen to it once every couple months

LTJ, Goldfinger, RX bandits, NFG, and the rest are great

you should check out Brand New and Taking Back Sunday they are incredible. Taking Back Sunday is going to be big pretty soon if MTV catches on to their Cute without the E (cute from the team) video, and if Brand New ever releases 70*7 to radio they will be as well
2002-12-14 03:14:29 PM  
Not to sound superficial, but you can't really be with someone you are physically repulsed by and that chick is ugly. That is in my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. Furthurmore, everyone else is entitled to their opinion of the opinions of others. In which case, if you don't like my opinion, screw you.

By the way, i'm 17 and we have a hell of a lot more hot chicks than that and this is Billings, Montana. Come on.

There's basically three groups anyway. Chicks you'd let give you the ol servicing as long as nobody found out(biggest). Chicks you'd throw one in (big). Chicks you'd actually go out with and stuff (small). Of course there are seperate catergories but that'd take too long.
2002-12-14 03:18:14 PM  
2002-12-14 03:21:08 PM  
1 my response was Candypants (the Boobies of the thread), that's that

2 where the fark did this come from?

3 Wyldfire - There's more punk/ska people out here than you think. Although, i'm gonna agree with JoeShow's response to you, but i will say that i have a video of Simple Plan covering American Jesus, and that's pretty sweet to watch.
2002-12-14 03:28:21 PM  
OK about her looks:

1.) Hair, the hairline is receding on the left side but not the right side
2.) I bet she could eat 10 fruit flys before a bat could eat one with those radar producing ears of hers. Does she have to have a FCC permit to have such powerful radar on her person?
3.) The earrings (unless they serve an antennea function to the radar from her ears) are not very good. But they could mean her parents dress her (you wear the earrings we bought you) and thus the girl is more likely to be rebelling against her parents (=more likely to put out)
4.) Nose is a little bit to big (more of a shape problem here)
5.) She reminds me of Darlene from Rosanne.

About her personality.

1.) Her likes and dislikes tell me she is trying to fit into a certain crowd (the stupid incubus dude wheres my car crowd).
2.) Said trying to fit into a certain crowd indicates she does not feel she belongs anywhere.
3.) This creates vunerability, and desperation.
4.) These things increase her chances of being sexually active (not feeling like she fits in).
5.) What necklace is that? Is it hemp? Either way it's a hippy necklace. Pot smoker? I think so, but maybe just trying to fit into the "stoner" scene but not a pot smoker.

Verdict: This girl is not overwhelmingly happy. She might have overbearing parents (why else would she wear ugly earrings?), she seems to be trying to fit in somewhere. At least tolerant of deviance, probably interested in deviance more to piss her parents off and fit in then because of a true interest in it. All this means, of course, that she is likely to be prone to sexual activity. However, she is not acting on an equal basis, she is there to get her parents pissed off and fit into a scene. Thus, she is not likely to be a particularly enthusiastic sexual partner, or to particularly enjoy it. But, she would let you do what you want, to fit in, and also so she could be more independent of her parents. In english, you could fark her in her ass once she was of age, but don't expect her to clean it out for you first. Also, as she is trying to fit in somewhere and to reject her parents authority, she probably would become very attached very quickly which is bad if you like to have time to yourself. She is obviously poor (as evidenced by the contrast of earrings and necklace and shiatty sweatshirt) so she would a cheap date (wow, KFC, thats like so high class, dude. And, where's the car, didn't you park it?). As she seems to be trying to fit in, she'd not be particularly conversational (as she wouldn't want to express any opinion contrary to the group she is seeking acceptance in).

So, bad conversationalist, boring in bed, but open to experimintation. A rookie on the stoner/drug scene, but trying to get on board. Her looks are fine, she'd look normal most places, and above normal drunk, hugh, or with the lights off. Likely inexperienced with drugs but would try more with them. Likely very possessive and perhaps a psycho biatch. More likely though, she is to insecure to be a psycho biatch and would rather go along with anything.

**1/2 out of ****

If you'd go see **1/2 movies, you'd date this chick.
2002-12-14 03:32:59 PM  
Pennsylvania is cool. In a backwards, so-not-cool way.
2002-12-14 03:36:26 PM  
i forgot to add Frenzal Rhomb (Songs We Didnt' Write album was the only good one), Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and Reel Big Fish has always been a favorite of mine because of their farked up sense of humor. :D
2002-12-14 03:39:32 PM  
She's only seventeen
  Daddy says she's too young
  But she's old enough for me
2002-12-14 03:39:57 PM  
also...I'm from the south...currently in Memphis, and 80% of the people here are fake punkers (they like it because it's the mainstream thing now) or dont even know what punk/ska I'm assuming that the general populace doesn't know any older punk/ska. Societial stereotype, sorry.
2002-12-14 03:53:01 PM  
I am not a nugget!!!
2002-12-14 03:54:00 PM  
I live in Pa. now and it sucks.
2002-12-14 03:55:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 03:55:46 PM  
You guys are gonna turn her into a Goth. Then she'll be ugly, have bad taste and write bad poetry.
2002-12-14 04:00:34 PM  
Except for the nose, this is what Jessica will look like in 20 years:

[image from too old to be available]

(Amy Irving)
2002-12-14 04:03:37 PM  
"Would you date this monkey girl?"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 04:05:29 PM  
this girl is beat, end of story......
2002-12-14 04:10:10 PM  
I wouldn't fark her with your duck!
2002-12-14 04:18:11 PM  
i didn't realize that the censorship would switch what i typed to boobies...

in any case, my Weeners was supposed to say:
1. my response is the same as candypants' response which is near the beginning of the thread
2002-12-14 04:19:07 PM  
you can't say p0st? well that just sucks
2002-12-14 04:19:21 PM  
BEER151 has a vivid imagination. That being said she is FUGLY as hell.
2002-12-14 04:59:08 PM  
I'd let her pull on my wee-wee.
2002-12-14 05:00:19 PM  
Not that anyone asked, oh wait they did.

Would I date this girl?

(a) Too young. I prefer them to be able to drink legally.
(b) Anyone whose favorite movie is "Dude where's my car?" Needs some serious professional help.
(c) (Minxy) The capital of Penn. is Harrisburg.
2002-12-14 05:27:16 PM  
2002-12-14 05:31:32 PM  
all she needs is some makeup and she good to go on my rollercoster.
2002-12-14 05:50:59 PM  
I'd hit it. But dating is another question, for instance Incubus for a favorite band???!?!?!? What the fark. Maybe favorite sellout.

Does she know she's being discussed on I'm sure most of us would totally creep her out anyway. Bunch of dirty farkers.
2002-12-14 05:51:21 PM  
LOL Closeminded. u suk n00b lolol

Yes there are filters to stop people from typing fir** po**.
2002-12-14 05:55:52 PM  
Happily, if I was still a high school senior. Of course, that would make it the year 1978, so this is pretty much a very moot point.
2002-12-14 06:31:14 PM  
eh I'd hit it if she were legal. At least here in Cali she isn't. Not that I don't have friends that do high schoolers....
2002-12-14 06:41:20 PM  
2002-12-14 06:42:43 PM  
Yep, Dude Where's My Car is a REAL classic.
2002-12-14 06:48:24 PM  
Probably all the people who said she was ugly think that Britney Spears is the hottest.grrl.evar. Or is Britney too 'last year'.

I don't see anything wrong with her (Jessica, that is)

As to whether I'd hit it: I'd have to get to know her first.
2002-12-14 07:01:00 PM  
She's not that ugly you guys. She's just going through her awkward phase. :) I'd give her a 5/10 and I would throw some screws in her.

What's so bad about Incubus? I'm not a fan but some of their songs are OK!
2002-12-14 07:35:27 PM  
I didn't know Screech had a younger sister...
2002-12-14 08:36:57 PM  
To the Boobieser of this thread (candypants): you were dropped on your head as a baby weren't you?
2002-12-14 08:40:25 PM  
one could easily convince her that he had two penii.

"Penii"? Such word doesn't exist... It's "penises" you dumbass. Go back to school ya bum!
2002-12-14 09:20:48 PM  
When will people learn? Women are just meat for reproducing! Personality means nothing!
2002-12-14 09:24:12 PM  
Too young, interests are too generic, and she is another of the scores of girls I know who is all set to be a school teacher.

I'm sure she's nice, but I know I sound like an ass when I say 'She's like every single girl in high school right now.'

She looks okay, you people are extremely critical of her schnozz. I'm sure you're all models...
2002-12-14 09:43:44 PM  
And they think that Avril chick is deep.

Not to sound like an old fart, but who the hell is Avril?

Avril Lavigne, aka Biatch to retail workers.
Avril thinks she's trendy by: wearing a tie in their music video for whatever her first single was... and then: doing a video of going to the mall and just being dumbasses...
2002-12-14 09:44:40 PM  
Oh, yeah, to answer the title: No, I would not, I have someone already, plus I hate Incubus and 'trendy' bands...
2002-12-14 09:45:09 PM  
"Penii"? Such word doesn't exist... It's "penises" you dumbass. Go back to school ya bum!

As you wish, Azz. I hereby declare you the Authority on Penises. Your penis knowledge amazes me...
2002-12-14 10:03:42 PM  
Her choice in movies shows she has never seen a good movie once in her life. I mean, it's one thing to say "Dude" is a good movie, but to say it's the best movie you've ever seen...then either you've got bad taste, or you just don't watch anything that was made before you entered high school. yeah, that's a 'no'
2002-12-14 10:06:25 PM  
Why does she have her hair pulled back like that? It's not like you want an unobstructed view of her face.
2002-12-14 10:41:55 PM  
She'd hit it.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 10:46:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 10:54:41 PM

for those in need of info about Avril
2002-12-14 11:22:29 PM  
Well she's got it ok with the ice cream, but 17 year old biatches change like undergarments. Don't date anyone under 32.
2002-12-14 11:53:52 PM  
Isn't Cedar Cliff near Harrisburg, which is near Three Mile Island? Just a thought.
2002-12-15 12:07:29 AM  
Well, Jessica, the question is - would you date ME? I'm a bit old for you - 31. I'm starting to go around the middle - but I do have a great chest rug! Anyway, what's your background - your folks rich? You can watch "Dude, Where's my Car?" so long as I get to watch my "Anal Avengers" series. Anyway, I like to give people lots of encouragement - usually from my couch in the corner. I worry that I've got too set in my bachelor ways, but, unless you're rich, I don't think I'll change much. You may not be the sexiest chick on the block, but don't worry - you're "doable" girl. So don't even worry about it. That's gotta count for something, huh? Anyway - I'd love to show you my tattoos. My new one is coming together real nice. I'm paying for it in instalments and get a bit more done each month - it's gonna match the mural on the side of my van! Dope! Anyway, if you're into the whole gold chains and chest hair thing, give me a call!
2002-12-15 12:17:53 AM  
Fess up. Who is the sad loser who posted this thread - and why?

What a bunch of sick weirdos.
2002-12-15 12:20:58 AM  
NitneLiun. Yes, Cedar Cliff is just a few miles NW of TMI. Coincidently, Red Land H.S. (which I had the misfortune to attend for a couple of years), the other high School in the West Shore School District, is directly west of TMI. You could see the cooling towers from any of the east facing 2nd story classrooms.
2002-12-15 12:29:20 AM  
Dude, Where's My Car? Incubus?

She doesn't need a date, she needs to be euthanized.
2002-12-15 01:03:50 AM  
JJ_UK, I will claim the responsibility of being that sick loser. (btw, you got me down pretty well)

Also interesting to see that there are farkers from the area.
2002-12-15 01:15:52 AM  
Thanks for the info, Shiromori. Come to think of it, I remember seeing her "skating" video. If she was really hardcore, she would've fallen a few times. Tried something hard. Lost a few teeth.

But you have to be pretty to sing into a synth that makes your squawking remotely listenable, don't you?

/recording industry angst
2002-12-15 01:17:27 AM  
If these two aren't related, I'll eat my hat.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-15 02:19:09 AM  
I have answers!

1. Who posted this thread? A friend of mine, who may or may not confess to it.

2. Why? This was in our School's "Cliff Sentinal" which is our newsletter that we get in the mail. THIS is the sort of crap we get in our newsletter, and he wanted to show how revolting that was.

3. Probably just a bad picture: This is true, but I still don't find her attractive

4. Why havn't I seen this on CNN? (referring to the lockers) The local newspaper tends not to write articles about Cedar Cliff High School (or Red Land, for that matter), because the school board has been less than honest with news writers in the past. Newspapers hate the West Shore School District

5. And as to identifying the girls in the volley ball picture, which one? I know most of them.

6. To Central PA Farkers: Cedar Cliff Sucks, and I admit it. That's why I date CV girls.

I will be willing to field any more questions regarding this thread.
2002-12-15 02:23:26 AM  
In all honesty she isn't bad looking at all. Hey, except for the ex-cheerleaders and starting quarterbacks, everyone at 17 looked awkward (I know I did). I'd give it three years and she'll be pretty good looking - enough for all of you to actually want to do her. Heh I'd wait 'till she's legal for this state though.

Ok now seriously who the fark posted this damn thread?
2002-12-15 02:51:50 AM  
5 words: "Dude looks like a lady"
2002-12-15 02:59:01 AM  
Wyldfire and anyone else who may see this, just for the record... Age thing aside I would date this girl.
2002-12-15 03:00:45 AM  
Hmmm...her lopsided grin and squinty eyes seem to indicate that she's non-judgemental. Which is a plus, in my book. Women like this are the most fun in bed, doncha know. Not them glamour girls who aren't willing to even look at you...those tarts! to take my medication...

But I think she's cute enough
2002-12-15 04:05:10 AM  
I'll take the girl in the tight blue shirt above!! Yes please ma'am! I WILL take a slice of the wholesome goodness!
2002-12-15 04:50:34 AM  
running with blankoboy's idea...
2002-12-15 04:57:37 AM  
What the hell. Why the fark not?
2002-12-15 05:04:58 AM  
fark, maybe at the prom we can all dump pig's blood on her too.

Well now at least we know how revolting the "Cliff Sentinel" is. Ah yes, finally there is vindication and social justice against all that is revolting in the Cliff bloody buttfarking sentinel. Yeah, and bullshiat aside, I'm sure that posting this article to fark where you knew she would get ripped apart by hyenas was done with absolutely no meanspiritedness whatsoever?

The most depressing thing here: It all took place in PA.
2002-12-15 05:19:33 AM  
Beer151 is a Psych-major I presume...

Not that I'm making fun of what he wrote. I acually found it quite informative. No really. I did.
2002-12-15 06:01:14 AM  
2002-12-15 08:26:53 AM  
I admire your honesty, Artem.

How much Kleenex have you used up since posting this?
2002-12-15 08:42:01 AM  
Probably just enough to wipe Barnes' spunk off his chin...
2002-12-15 09:14:39 AM  

Thanks, Malinois. I'd missed Barnes' contribution to the thread.

What a pair of little shiats they are. They've probably been posting here under other names trashing this girl. I hope their classmates beat the living crap out of them when they get in on Monday.

2002-12-15 11:26:42 AM  
No way in hell!!!!
2002-12-15 12:51:53 PM  
JJ_UK, its really hard to keep track, with the easy availability of internet porn and all. Who's counting, anyway?
2002-12-15 01:57:39 PM  
JJ_UK: Dunno about that. For all we know this is another layer of anonymity. Barnes would have to be a complete moron to put his own picture up, and if you go to the site that hosts the pic, it's the only file accessible that I've found. Also, why isn't it labelled "me?" Something seems wrong...

Anyway, for any friends of Jessica that see this and know who did it, I refer you to the pranks thread. Enjoy!
2002-12-15 04:34:11 PM  
I seriously doubt anyone would mess with us over this whole deal. Most people either don't care about artem, or think he's hilarious. On that note, nobody really cares what I do, either. It works out pretty well that way. The only people I can see messing with us is the school board, but what can they honestly do?
2002-12-15 07:26:01 PM  
I would like to see what she does if she ever read any of this.
2002-12-15 10:12:44 PM  
Perhaps Barnes and Artemis will give us a follow-up.
2002-12-15 10:54:50 PM  
I prefer to date people whose IQ outranks their age..
2002-12-15 10:59:13 PM  
she'd have to have one hell of a personality.
2002-12-16 05:19:52 AM  
wouldn't even hit it with drew's dick...
2002-12-16 05:08:57 PM  
JJ_UK, I will claim the responsibility of being that sick loser. (btw, you got me down pretty well)"

ya, as someone who knows artem, he is a prety sick bastard (his obsession w/ gay porn and sodomy doesnt help his case either)

just thought you all should know
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