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(Wired)   2002 second warmest year on record. Move along, nothing to see here   ( divider line
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2002-12-13 02:40:26 PM  
second warmest year on record.. global warming losing speed or just holding up for it's big break on broadway? for the last two weeks in louisville, ky it's been in the 30's, we've had two snow falls and an ice storm. oh and sunday it'll be 60's. weather man says it may have somethign to do with that damned dirty el nino' thingy those crappy mexicans and californians like to have every few years.. if those damned hippy tree huggers wanted to stop some warming they should figure out how to stop el nino' then i'd love em.
2002-12-13 02:50:34 PM  
corn ethanol is good for a fuel. I think there are still some other pollution issues with it, but technology CAN address those issues (the etc. part of the combustion equation).

the long term problem with ethanol as fuel, I think, is that it puts a very hard stress on the soil where you are constantly harvesting the biomass of the corn, and not returning it. You can compensate with fertilizer, but fertilizer production 1) produces a lot of greenhouse gases (doh!) and 2. does not keep the soil prime, and 3.) causes nitrogen pollution.
2002-12-13 02:51:41 PM  
Metal: Ethanol has this problem of having a ton of water with it, takes a lot of energy to get that water away from it, however, there's an easier method of getting ethanol from petroleum....

Other than that, no prob.
2002-12-13 02:57:51 PM  
2002-12-13 02:59:05 PM  
2002-12-13 02:59:11 PM  
Obviously this report was not done with data from anywhere close to New England. Holy fark, has it been cold here recently.
2002-12-13 03:01:04 PM  
the point of using corn ethanol, instrad of petroleum ethanol, is that it is a zero-emission source (since the corn growth reaquires it's CO2 from the air while growing)
2002-12-13 03:01:47 PM  

climate != weather
2002-12-13 03:07:54 PM  

I didn't think anyone said that climate scientists were morons.

Also, you have my favorite fark name after IgnatiusJReilly.

"Everyone's hugging!"
2002-12-13 03:08:28 PM  
Hmmm... If its so bleedin warm, howcome its snowing in newengland months earlier than it should be?

2002-12-13 03:11:54 PM  
It's been said twice already in this thread that weather and climate are not the same things.
2002-12-13 03:24:01 PM  
Let's talk a bit about global warming

I live in Georgia, the state bird is the Brown Thrasher.
I haven't seen a brown thrasher in years.
Know why?
Because it's too farking hot for them here, because everyone got a damn SUV and heated the world in the last 10 years
2002-12-13 03:29:59 PM  

Off topic, but I got an advance reading copy of "Lullaby" a few weeks ago and thought it was awesome. The only book of his I haven't read is Invisible Monsters. Is it as good as the rest? Also, did you read his interview on a few weeks ago. Classic stuff.

Anyway, yeah.
2002-12-13 03:30:22 PM  
Climate change is an observed fact. Regardless of the cause, here are some of the effects:

* The polar icecaps *are* melting.
* Previously permafrosted land has thawed.
* Tropical disease is spreading out from the equator, thanks to milder winters that allow insect populations to survive in new regions.
* Areas that used to receive rain now do not and vice versa.

* Late freaking start to ski season here in the PNW. :(
2002-12-13 03:34:46 PM  
12-13-02 11:49:09 AM Kylie
KC will be in the upper 60's on Sunday. Odd? Not really.


I should make a note to make the best of this.

2002-12-13 03:39:49 PM  
+++Hannibal Lecter takes a scoop out of my brain+++

Der, I think we gotta prove beyond any doubt that Hussein's hiding weapons of mass destruction before we go in there...yessiree...

+++Hannibal takes out another scope+++

...There's no question. Bush has not made the case for going in there...he's trying to finish his daddy's job...and he's in it for the oil...

+++Hannibal takes out another scope+++

Only the United Nations can verify the WOMD...we have no inherent right to defend ourselves...

+++Hannibal takes out another scope+++

Oh, and uh...we don't have to prove a damn thing about global warming before we do something about, all this innuendo from tree-hugging scientists is plenty good enough for me......(drool, drool, drool...)
2002-12-13 03:41:42 PM  
scope = scoop
2002-12-13 03:44:29 PM  
I didn't read all of the comments, but didn't it say that "2002 will go down in the recordbooks as the second warmest year to date"? They said it was warm this year. I said it was cold in New England. No need to biatch at me about how climate != weather; I know that, shiatheads.
2002-12-13 03:48:44 PM  
Wow, Mkfreeberg, you're right. Someone with a desire to protect the environment ALWAYS is a tree-hugging, anti-war, complete idiot.
2002-12-13 04:13:08 PM  

save your breathe on Mkfreeberg. the brain that is being scooped is his own, can't you tell by how he 'hears' everything in a strange way ?

eventually you are just left with the lizard brain Mkfreeberg: me lizard, attack enemy. rock hot, good hot rock, mmmm, *cook*
2002-12-13 04:24:52 PM  
Unless you are living underground in a completely non-polluting, self-sustaining Hobbit hole lined with your own mucus and excrement then you are a hypocrite to lecture others on the damage and warming they are causing to the Earth. I always find it amusing that enviro-types will rant, scream and wail on and on about Gaia while they live the exact same lifestyle as everyone else and then look at me funny when I don't give them an ounce of credibility, time or funding. No matter who you are or where you live your lifestyle is power hungry, destructive and polluting. Although some are less so than others however none are perfect or truly better than any other.

I'm not saying I don't support the environmentalist movement because, let's face it, keeping the air, the land and the seas clean not only makes life more enjoyable but also saves lives as well. I'm just saying that I place my faith in mankind's ingenuity and technological advancement more than some guy who sounds like a reject from the '60s, wants me to walk or peddle my lazy ass around everywhere I go, asks me to pile my refuse into a nice pile of stinky shiat he calls a compost heap, paw through my garbage like a raccoon and advocates the production of hemp while telling me capitalism is bad and whining about how it's my fault everyone else on the planet is a sorry ass.

Flame of the West
2002-12-13 04:34:05 PM  
Myrna, I read a few pages at a bookstore before i got kicked out, i hope to get a copy for xmas, but i haven't read too much.....

Presently im rereading Choke
2002-12-13 04:42:05 PM  
Ok, all we need is a freaking huge heatsink that spans out into space and maybe a fan or something.
2002-12-13 05:01:39 PM  
Yep. Well you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I'd personally like to see the earth melt into a global hell. That would be cool, and might help solve some 'other' problems. Global warming will even make Illinois a tropical paradise! So burn on!
2002-12-13 05:10:09 PM  
I will explain why the "Miracle of Technology+ Free Markets" has not, nor will it ever, save the day on this issue. Pollution is a case where "diffusion of responsibility" is at its worst. Each polluting individual sees their role as so small and minor to the problem, and sees their own personal desires as so immediate and real. Their consumption habits will not force capitalists to invest in this technology.

We have technology to use fossil fuels better. we have just chosen not to accept the cost of them. The personal cost to me from the pollution I make is very tiny. and since everybody else is farkin' me over on the pollution issue, I'm not gonna do my part.

the Miracly of Technology works when advancement benefits the user enough to overcome the diffusion of responsibility.
2002-12-13 05:19:55 PM  
Since when has the weather been predictable.
2002-12-13 05:26:42 PM  
Ralph_Wiggum: Just applying that strict burden-of-proof to global warming that the anti-war people apply to the Iraq situation. I see nothing wrong with it.

Pro'ly because of my lizard brain...
2002-12-13 05:50:02 PM  
2002-12-13 06:21:20 PM  
Carbon Dioxide isn't a problem. If we switched to alternative energy next years, and ceased all CO2 emissons, the CO2 levels would return to normal within a ecde or so. The problem is longer lasting gasses that trap more heat with less gas, like methane.
2002-12-13 06:22:19 PM  
Christ, the typos.

Carbon Dioxide isn't a problem. If we switched to alternative energy next year, and ceased all CO2 emissons, the CO2 levels would return to normal within a decade or so. The problem is longer lasting gasses that trap more heat with less gas, like methane.
2002-12-13 06:40:17 PM  
Well, let's take a quick look at the options:

Assumption: Global warming is really happening.

Course of action: Work to reduce pollution and reduce emission of greenhouse gases.

What will happen: Humanity will have to work harder to enjoy the standard of life and all the convenciences it does now, until then, standard of life may drop a bit.

What if we're wrong: Progress and production is slowed unnecessarily, resulting in a few trillion dollars flushed down the toilet.


Assumption: Global warming is not happening.

Course of action: Do nothing.

What will happen: Our way of life will stay the same, if not increase as we become more productive and scientifically advanced.

What if we're wrong: Oops, we cook the planet and destroy humanity.


Uh, given the choice, I'll take option two. Somehow with most climatologists on one side and most oil companies on the other, I have an urge to error on the side of caution.
2002-12-13 08:13:45 PM  
Length of time earth has been around: 4 billion years

Length of time keeping records on weather: 100 years.

I'll panic if its still the 2nd hottest after another 3.99999999999999 billion years.
2002-12-13 08:23:59 PM  
Second warmest year on record? We must've started the record last year then, because this is the FIRST!!!! I've seen snow before Christmas, up here in Detroit. In fact, I remember Decembers with degrees in the 50s, not freezing and with snow flurries. Somebody's lying here, and my guess would be the psychiotic liberals who wish to cripple the nation.
2002-12-13 08:38:15 PM  

yes, you are upset by what liberals say, therefore, they must be psychotics. They have a deep desire to cripple the nation. do understand what more therapists would say to this statement of yours right ?

oh, I see, the therapists are also in on this big liberal conspiracy to cripple the nation.... for some unspecified reason...and how ironic that the therapists are also psychotic.

yes, that seems like the most rational explanation, thanks Qonas, cleared everything up for me
2002-12-13 08:43:00 PM  

difference between climatologists global warming data and the Whiteouses WMD data: climatologists are willing to shower us with both their data and their assumptions and models. I sift through terabytes of modeling and measurement data for them. and help them with their modeling. they are very quick to attack each other for poor methods.

I'm still waiting for GWB to show his cards on Iraq having WMD
2002-12-13 08:47:12 PM  

ah yes, climatologists are all idiots obviously. how could they have missed the obvious point of 100 years being such a meager sample ? what kind of no good bums do these guys think they are getting everyone all in a huff over such a piffle of data ? scientists indeed! humf! don't deserve the title of 'scientist' I would suspect, missing such a glaring point like that. What to make of the professional journals for not rejecting their papers. I daresay, I wish you had been in the audience at some of these climate conferences! I think this rebuttal would have put the room into a raging stupor.
2002-12-13 08:50:27 PM  
Since when has the weather been predictable.

who said anything about predicting the weather ?

we're talking about the climate. The difference is VERY important, from a modeling standpoint.

weather != climate

that's why it can be a cold winter for Qonas, and still the global CLIMATE is warmer.
2002-12-13 09:14:36 PM  
ralph_wiggum is my new hero.
ralph 1
rightwinghippiehatingapatheticfarkers 0
2002-12-13 11:18:36 PM  
12-13-02 08:43:00 PM Ralph_wiggum:

Call me when your climatologists are prevailed upon to deal with classified data. +yawn+

12-13-02 09:14:36 PM Haplo4448:

"Whatever you gotta tell yourself, Joe Dirt."
2002-12-13 11:33:15 PM  
Not all scientists blindly follow the media. There are actually some who do silly things like look at the facts and then make a decision.
2002-12-13 11:33:55 PM  
2002-12-14 01:23:29 AM  
the Omni:

read it. It's old. needless to say, I di dnot lend my signature to the document.

the main problem is, the 'fertilization effect' doesn't happen. It had alot of good hypothesis and scientific merit, but the experiments didn't pan out. none of them. The fertizliation effect seemed to saturate, then reverse.

so, all bunko

lots of facts. guess everyone just stops reading when they hear what makes them feel good and do whatever it is they were already doing. change ? me ? NEVER, I'll just scrounge around until I find a 'scientist' to tell me what I've already decided to believe.
2002-12-14 06:55:09 AM  
The planet is a self-cleaning system. Over time, it will take whatever is screwing up things on the surface and get rid of them.

The planet is FINE....
The PEOPLE are farked.....

-George Carlin
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