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(North End Waterfront)   Man wins two lottery jackpots in same day   ( divider line
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10932 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2002 at 4:40 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-12 04:43:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I earned that lottery money.
2002-12-12 04:44:08 PM  
Not again!
2002-12-12 04:45:51 PM  
The odds of winning the lottery's Fantasy 5 game are 1-in 575,000. For SuperLotto, 1-in-41 million.

And the chance of winning both jackpots on the same day?

``This is just amazing, astronomical,'' said Stanford University statistics professor Tom Cover as he calculated the probability of the doubleheader. ``Oh brother.''

One-in-23.575 trillion.

Since when did you need a PhD in stats to multiply two numbers together?
2002-12-12 04:46:25 PM  
We've got two boys -- ages 38 and 33 -- and I think I'm going to have to buy them shoes,'' Gallina wise-cracked.

That guy is pretty funny, and very very lucky. I'm so jelouse of the rich, its not fair! (still thinks life should be fair)
2002-12-12 04:46:30 PM  
oh boy. Anyone remember the statisticians who argued about the odds last time there was an unlikely lottery result?

this is gonna be ugly, I think...
2002-12-12 04:46:49 PM  
I can do that, but I don't want to. No really, I can.
2002-12-12 04:46:55 PM  
With those odds, he'd better be watchin' out for that damn lighning!! He may make it through one strike - but two? Doubt it!
2002-12-12 04:51:02 PM  
I'd be really happy to win ONCE.
2002-12-12 04:52:47 PM  
Asshat! next
2002-12-12 04:52:55 PM  
I hope this guy doesn't know those Dexter U. grads who just got busted for fixing the horse races!
2002-12-12 04:53:02 PM  
This guy is probably going to get struck by lightning while being bitten by a shark. All of this will occur while he flies in a plane that's about to crash.
2002-12-12 04:55:13 PM  
Screw the odds...this is an outrage! He should be forced to turn that money over to me immediately...particularly because I never, ever, eeeverr buy lottery tickets and PhD's thusly rate my chances of winning at roughly 1 out of lots&lots.
2002-12-12 04:55:16 PM  
I'll get the math wars started. His odds were not 1 in 23.575 trillion because he bought up to 600 tickets.

If he bought 600 tickets, his odds of winning both lotteries were 1 in 39,291,666,667.

I think.
2002-12-12 04:56:36 PM  
Great use of the "unlikely" tag!
2002-12-12 04:56:42 PM  
2002-12-12 04:58:44 PM  
My mom won 100K on PowerBall 3 years ago.

We went to Peru.
2002-12-12 04:58:58 PM  
Anyone else notice how much he spent on tickets? $600 a month? And he was using rebate coupons for food and stuff?

Great. Another 78 year old who's been eating Alpo or something to support a $20 a day lotto habit. and he got extraordinarily lucky.

All this is going to do is encourage more people who can't afford to play the lottery to spend money that belongs elsewhere.

Not that I oppose the lottery, but truth be told, some people just can't afford to play it. Maybe a dollor or two a week, but this guy was obsessive about it...
2002-12-12 04:59:21 PM  
Yea? Well, I, uh, won a free ticket in the instant games! Top that!
2002-12-12 05:02:29 PM  
See, if I won, I could afford a spell checker.

2002-12-12 05:02:53 PM  
Another overused term, -palooza. I would like to see a ban on cliche terms, a sort of a Clichepalooza, if you will.
2002-12-12 05:02:55 PM  
It's always the retired ones that win. NEVA the mid-thirtyish/living check to check/30 more yrs of work/Fark surfing nice girl just needing to get ahead once in her life!!
2002-12-12 05:05:31 PM  
Hey Maveno, you need to borrow a few dollars or something? I meen gees.
2002-12-12 05:06:19 PM something bothering you?
2002-12-12 05:09:16 PM  
600 bucks a month for lottery tickets. Me thinks thats a bit much.
2002-12-12 05:09:36 PM  
I just won $1 on a scratch ticket. Woo hoo!!

Both of my parents are deceased. Do you think he would consider adopting me?
2002-12-12 05:10:54 PM  
Let's not get carried away here.

The 23 trillion figure represents the odds that any one person who played both games would win both. But the chances that whoever one the first one that day would win the second one (assuming there was one winner of the first jackpot, etc) is still only 1-in-41 million.

Yes, this is a coincidence, but to say it's a 1-in-23 trillion coincidence would is equivalent to saying "Oh my god, a 1-in-41 million chance!" every time anybody wins the SuperLotto. Which happens all the time.
2002-12-12 05:11:28 PM  
loosen upapalooza, Skinink
2002-12-12 05:12:14 PM  
If he can do it, so can I!
*jumps in and spends life savings on lotto*
2002-12-12 05:12:51 PM  
Yes, something is bothering me. This guy won tons of money, and I neverrrr match even a single number when I spend the money on ticket(s).

And yes, I do need a few dollars. X-mas is coming up and I'm strapped already, with no gifts to give. I should just start a website
2002-12-12 05:15:24 PM  
My economics prof. last year told me that I was more likely to be struck by frozen human waste from an airplane than to win the lotto.

...but as far as I know, that's neve happened to anyone!
2002-12-12 05:21:39 PM  
Six point six million after taxes.

Good for them! I just wish I were one of their offspring for a few days :~)

True story: Girlfriend and I are in the Grand Hotel and Casino in Gulfport. It's time for us to head back to the airport, I've already converted my coins to cash, she has one $1 token left, drops it in a slot on the way out the door, hits a $10,000 jackpot. I 'bout crapped. We missed our flight but we didn't care!
2002-12-12 05:22:08 PM  
Buy everyone a lottery ticket, with the express understanding that if it wins anything, even a free Coke, it goes back to you.
2002-12-12 05:22:36 PM  
Gallina said he'll probably splurge on the children, too.


Guess the excitement went straight to his stomach.
2002-12-12 05:24:08 PM  
HE SPENT $20 A DAY IN LOTTO TICKETS? Whhhhhhaaaaaaat an iiiidiot. Sure, he did win, but in other cases, that is just stupid.
2002-12-12 05:26:13 PM  
May I be the first to say, congratulations man! Nice job!!...

...Oh, and I think your my long lost father.
2002-12-12 05:34:55 PM  
Well, at least he spent a lot of money trying to win, not like those asshats who say, "This is the first time I've ever played."
2002-12-12 05:36:01 PM  
i'll bet he spends it on more lottery tickets, blows his whole stash, and is poor again in a few years. I hate him.

Maveno, lemme know where to send the few bucks. :)
2002-12-12 05:39:23 PM  
one in 23 trillion! you idiots thats impossible. Is there not more chance that he cheated - he could be an insider in the company running the lotto, or has a friend working for them and they fix the results - unlikely, say 1 in 10 million? thats more likely than 1 in 23 TRILLION. i smell jiggery pokery going on
2002-12-12 05:39:36 PM  
Lotteries are a tax for people bad at math, and seniors.
2002-12-12 05:52:54 PM  
12-12-02 05:36:01 PM Anti_Freak_Machine
i'll bet he spends it on more lottery tickets, blows his whole stash, and is poor again in a few years. I hate him.
"I hate him".. THAT made me laugh the hardest all day! thx

Maveno, lemme know where to send the few bucks. :) Now THAT is just too sweet! :)

You know what else bugs me? When people give lottery tickets/scratch-offs as gifts. Actually, I think it's nice..but I know it's cause they didn't know what to get you and I've never won anything. Last year I got $40 worth of scratch-offs (i WAS excited, hey might win something), but by the time I scratched all the annoying lil tickets I won 3 free tickets and $7.
I bet when I retire I'll win something, but I'll be too old to be able to enjoy it.
2002-12-12 05:54:22 PM  
It is scary how many people actually spend that much on lottery tickets. I know... i used to work a lottery machine. Bunch of grumbling old farts.
2002-12-12 06:08:17 PM  
"When I win the lottery, gonna buy all girls on my block
A color TV and a bottle of French perfume
When I win the lottery, gonna donate half my money to the city
So they have to name a street or a school or a park after me
When I win the lottery"
2002-12-12 06:24:52 PM  
My friend won once, and now he never calls me....
might be because I bugged the crap out of him for a loan...

what is my point? help me
2002-12-12 06:32:59 PM  
Don't worry Maveno, if TV has taught me anything, it's that somehow, someway, your Christmas will be saved, probably by a reindeer you haven't met yet, or a snowman on his way to the north pole, who will melt to death when he stops to help you but will be brought back to life so it's really all okay.
2002-12-12 06:49:34 PM  
Why can't this Angelo win a lotto. Damnit.
2002-12-12 06:53:12 PM  
Flavorice: While what you said is true, it still doesn't change the fact that his odds of winning both lotteries when he bought the 2 tickets was 1 out of 23.575 trillion. You can't form that conditional statement half way through the event. That would be like me flipping a coin 1 million times, getting heads on each toss, and then stopping at that point, flipping once more and getting a final head for 1,000,001 total heads and saying, "See! only a 1/2 chance for that last head. That wasn't exceptional at all."
2002-12-12 06:56:37 PM  
OK, he won both the lotteries on the same day, and that's pretty lucky. Considering his age, it's even more lucky that he didn't die of a heart attack when he found out.
2002-12-12 06:59:26 PM  
Gallina. You chicken.
2002-12-12 07:13:33 PM  
Man, there are some bitter, jealous people here. Good for the old guy, I hope he leaves his wife and spends it all on 18 year old virgins, $1000 a bottle wine, and the biggest hotel suite available. Thats what I would do anyway...
2002-12-12 07:40:31 PM  
The odds of this happening over an assumed 10 year period of him buying lottery tickets is a mere 1/968869. Still amazing, though. Pretty weird that number turned out to be a palindrome.
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