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(Some Guy)   Move over Burgerpipe! Here comes Mac and Cheese on a stick!   ( divider line
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1139 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Aug 2001 at 3:02 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-18 03:05:25 PM  
Excuse me, did I just vomit in you? I'm sorry....
2001-08-18 03:06:57 PM  
IN you? god thats even nastier than I intended it to be....
2001-08-18 03:08:02 PM  
and where else do the mac-and-cheese pushups come from? good 'ol columbus ohio! we have the greatest shiat =)
2001-08-18 03:11:53 PM  
"Just Push n' Eat™."
Never thought I'd see that phrase trademarked.
2001-08-18 03:15:41 PM  
In 10 years, "cooking" will be a lost art...;(
2001-08-18 03:21:44 PM  
2001-08-18 03:31:03 PM  
2001, and what do we come up with? food on a stick (sigh)
sometimes I'm ashamed of my species
2001-08-18 03:33:39 PM  
MMMmmmm sounds good. Do they even need to be refridgerated?
2001-08-18 03:40:51 PM  
Tasty as the day they were extruded.
2001-08-18 03:44:34 PM  
These have been around forever. I'm on a steady diet of Macncheese and beer. It's farkin killing me. I don'yt think I can handle this shiat anymore. I'm going to farking lose it over here. More beer please./
2001-08-18 03:46:20 PM  
They look messy, very VERY messy, not one for eating while in your office clothes.
Though i can imagine some big mouthed fat twats just putting the whole opening in their mouth and pushing down the plunger.
"Yep, i can get me through 10 of these per minute, peggy-sue"
2001-08-18 03:59:41 PM  
Where are the assorted meats on a stick??
2001-08-18 04:03:53 PM  
If your twat has a big mouth, do some Kegel excercises.
2001-08-18 04:47:14 PM  
How about pork flavored ice cream?
2001-08-18 05:13:25 PM  
How about ice cream made from pork??
2001-08-18 05:21:22 PM  
Yeah I've seen those nasty thingies... ;^p

They also have beef-a-roni on a stick and this really horrible looking sausage and egg on a stick. The local Sam's Clubs and big warehouse chain foodstore carry 'em.
2001-08-18 05:47:45 PM  
"Satisfies Tremendous Pent-Up Demand for America's Favorite Foods..." Um, yeah. Tremendous pent-up demand - just push 'n eat - this is all a bit sexualized, here. =P

The site is copyrighted 1999. Have these things *really* been around for a couple years? I've never seen 'em.

Of course, it's like C.M.O.T. Dibbler - anything is more tempting when you put it "onna stick". hehe
2001-08-18 06:39:32 PM  
This isn't that incredible. The next great innovation should be Soup-on-a-Stick or Spaghetti-on-a-Yeti.

Okay, that was dumb. To make up for it, here's today's German.

auspumpen- to poop.
2001-08-18 07:34:02 PM  
"Taste tests have shown consumer acceptance of IncrEdibles as delicious meals made from great tasting ingredients and desirable nutritionals -"

...nutritionals?? what the hell is a nutritional??? and I don't even want to know about the undesirable nutritionals.
2001-08-18 07:58:10 PM  
GAGH! hack hack ahck!
2001-08-18 09:30:26 PM  
That is one of the poorest marketing sites I've ever seen.

They should at least put a white background so you don't notice the choppy cropping on the photos.

Needs more pictures too.
2001-08-18 09:32:55 PM  
This from the Q&A:

"Parents should remind their children that IncrEdibles, as with any microwave product, will be hot after heating is complete."

Uhh... Hot after heating? You don't say?
2001-08-18 11:54:52 PM  
"1999 - To kick off the 21st century, IncrEdibles , the ultimate convenience food, is introduced"

A little early for the 21st century...
2001-08-18 11:57:53 PM  
I must also mention how small those portions look. For $1.99 a pop, you'd pay about $4 for a mediocre lunch.
2001-08-19 12:07:10 AM  
CK: Don't forget, frivolous lawsuits.

"My little Johnny took your product out of the microwave after heating it like it says on the box and put it in his mouth-now he's got 2nd degree burns all over his tongue, we had to take him to the hospital, the doctor says he may suffer permanent impairment to his sense of taste oh why didn't you warn us that microwaving it may make it too hot I'm gonna sue you for a billion bucks waaaahhhh!!!"
They've happened. So now, of course, we have stupid warning labels up left right and center.
2001-08-19 12:20:55 AM  
OctorDoctopus, be more careful with your punctuation dammit!! My brain parsed "Macncheese" as "Mancheese" and well... er... ugg....
2001-08-19 12:23:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-19 01:10:37 AM  
Jraxis: Mancheese. In a tube.

You're sick, Jraxis.

There's only 4 more months until Christmas, don't forget our new ManCheese Holiday Log, with Nuts!
2001-08-19 02:39:55 AM  
What ad company moron names something like this ?(although it deserves to fail) Knowing it will always be called:
[image from too old to be available]
Just like Mom never made!
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